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FBI Scam Locked Up My Android ZTE Phone – What to Do?

Can you help me unlock my android ZTE phone? I was on Facebook and the FBI app popped up and said I owe them money. Now it won’t let me on the power button where u turn it off ain’t popping up. What Do I do?

Phone is Locked up by FBI-Is It Real?

Do you see a FBI warning on your phone? Have you been accused of viewing illegal porn on a FBI phone lock? Is your phone locked by a police warning? If your answer is “Yes”, it means your phone has been attacked by a piece of dangerous ransomware that invades your phone when you are watching video on the Internet or browsing unwarily. It steals the name of FBI to swindle money out of innocent users. Hence, we also call it FBI scam virus. Its variants have different names in different countries. The fake police warnings also are written in different languages according to the location. The scam virus is a huge risk for the infected phone due to its fraudulent purpose to steal victims’ money and precious information.
The FBI lock claims that you’ve performed something against laws by visiting and distributing banned pornography including movies, music and other content or downloading illegal software online on purposes. No matter how authentic it looks like, don’t trust the fake FBI warning. The warning message is just a scam to trick you into paying for a fine. However, they are not the FBI. They are the hackers who will not help unlock the phone though you sent them the fine. In order to unlock your phone and keep your information safe, you should remove the FBI scam virus as soon as possible. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Read New York Times in China on iPhone 7?

Hi. I have problem in reading New York Times on my iPhone 7. It just worked fine last week when I was at home. After I settled down in China, I was about to read some news and found it failed to load. I restarted the phone many times but no luck. Any suggestions?

Can’t Load New York Times in China?

If you are a user of New York Times travelling in China, you will note that you can’t load it normally with the help of the local server. It has been banned in China. New York Times is an American daily newspaper. It has many users all over the world as it is a huge library of various contents, including regular news, editorials, sports, features and many other sections. It has apps that are designed for iOS, windows, android and Mac. You can read news on any device you want anytime.

However, it’s difficult for you to get to New York Times if you are living or moving to China no matter you are using an iPhone 7, Samsung S6 or Mac. China is one of those countries which are foremost in stipulations of implying technology. Like it says, its government is using the technology to prevent its people from accessing the controversial contents. The government says they are protecting its people’s thoughts and nation unity. No matter what’s the reason behind the block, they created the strictest firewall of the whole world which is known as the Great Firewall of China. It is officially known as Golden Shield Project which is one of the greatest manifestations. It has blocked a lot of western services and websites like New York Times, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google etc. Internet security in China is actually indestructible because it is censored and monitored by the most dictatorial firewall in the world. Due to high restriction policy and regional boundaries, you can’t read news on New York Times easily. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Watch YouTube on Samsung S8 in China?

Hey. I would like to know how to watch YouTube on my Samsung S8. I will go on a trip to China for a long holiday and I don’t want to the laptop. I am thinking to post interesting videos of life in China and continue to watch TV series that I have paid for. How can I unblock YouTube on my Android Samsung phone in China?

Brief Information of YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms. It is owned by Google which allows users to access videos created by users from around the world. It has music (videos), tutorial guides, TV shows & films, documentaries, product commercials / endorsements / reviews and many more contents. You can watch, download latest videos online. At the same time, you also can post your own videos to share with your friends on the Internet. It has a large number of users throughout the world due to huge video library.
However, YouTube has been blocked in China since 2009. It was one of the social media websites that firstly got blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Users of YouTube can post their own videos to express their points freely. This is considered as a threat to the Chinese government. Thereby, the Chinese government tends to block any content that may be critical of the Communist regime, or which may corrupt people’ thought in China.
The Golden Shield Project was created to prevent users from accessing the contents that are considered as bad. China has only few ISPs while all of them are controlled by the government. Upon request, those ISPs block various western websites and services like YouTube at the ISP level. No one is allowed to use those ISPs to access YouTube, Facebook and other blocked websites. If you are travelling in China, it is difficult for you to watch YouTube and contact your friends, relatives through international social media websites. Internet censorship in China is really a hard nut to crack. The Interne is monitored by the strictest firewall in the world-the Great Firewall of China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Visit Dailymotion in China on Windows OS ?

Hi, I need your help. Here is the message I have been constantly sent while trying to visit Dailymotion on Google Chrome in China. Why does this happen? Can you help me fix it?
This site can’t be reached
www.dailymotion.com took too long to respond.
Checking the connection

Know More about the Dailymotion.

When you type the key words “famous video sharing sites” in the Google search box, you will see that Dailymotion is listed among the most well-known video sharing services in the world. Compared to YouTube, which is believed to be the largest and most popular video sharing website on the earth, Dailymotion may seem smaller and less known. But for French users, they may favor Dailymotion much more than any other giant video sharing websites. Dailymotion is a famous video-sharing website whose headquarter is located in Paris in France. Since the founding of the company in March 2005 by Benjamin and Olivier Poitrey, Dailymotion has developed continuously and significantly. The service has reached markets out of the French territory. Apart from head office in France, Dailymotion also has global locations in such metropolitan cities in the world as London, Singapore, San Francisco, Abidjan and New York City. If you visit the website as a tourist, Dailymotion allows you to search and watch your favorite contents. For registered users, they can share anything that they find it interesting and complies to the rules of the service by uploading the content to their account and publicize it. If you have account of Google+ or Facebook, you can sign in easily with them. The content on Dailymotion is typically categorized by Music, Gaming, Sports, News and Movies. Users and independent creators play an important role in supplying various videos. Meanwhile, its premium partners make a great contribution to provide quality and stable resources. To enjoy the feast of tons of wonderful content, you can either visit its website by typing the www.dailymotion.com in your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other web browsers or download and install its application that is widely supported on various devices with all kinds of operating systems like android phones or tablets of Samsun, LG, Motorola, ZTE, etc., Iphones or Ipads of Apple Company, devices running Windows 10 and Windows Phone.

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How to Unlock Android Phones/Tablets Hacked by Fake FBI Prism Virus?

Now, there is a FBI warning on my Samsung Android phone. Can’t do anything with it, even restart or power off the phone. It is frightening. I have some issues to confirm. It says I have to pay a penalty of $500 dollars because of violating Law by watching illegal porn. Is it true? Should I pay the penalty? I didn’t do anything illegal. And I lock up my phone, is there any way to unlock it without paying $500 dollars?

More Information about the Fake FBI Prism Virus.

When your device is locked up by the FBI prism warning, saying something like your device is locked because of watching or distributing illegal porn, and you have to pay a penalty of $500 dollars to unlock it, it signifies that the device has been hacked by a violent scam virus. The ransomware, which is called Fake FBI Prism Virus in the industry, is a piece of malware developed by cyber criminals to extort money from its victims. The virus is proved to be able to attack almost all devices running Android OS systems including phones/tablets of Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Kindle Fire, ZTE, Huawei etc.. The Fake FBI Prism Virus is not new. As a matter of fact, the virus has developed greatly and there are many different variants prevailing across the world in different countries. The variants are slightly different in appearance and exactly the same in essence. All the variants disguise itself to be a powerful law enforcement agency to scare victims and drive them to pay an unreal penalty of a certain amount as fast as they can by accusing them of visiting illegal content like child porn on the internet. But the law enforcement agencies the virus pretends to be vary in different cases. For variants in America, the agency is usually the Federal Bureau of Investigation; while it can be the UK Justice or Metropolitan Police in United Kingdoms. The amount of the penalty is also different, it can range from 100 to 500 dollars or pounds or euros. Anyway, no matter what it claims to be, how serious the case looks, if you have done nothing wrong or illegal, there is no need for you to feel much too panic and end up paying the ransoms as it demands because all the story is just a nonsense. It is a trick that the hackers plays to squeeze money out of you. Actually, you can turn to an expert in this field to help you remove the virus and unlock the device at much lower cost. Read the rest of this post »


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What Are the Advantages of Using Bitcoin Currency System?

Bitcoin is a new currency system in the digital age. Users can enjoy many benefits or advantages by using Bitcoin currency system. In this article, we will mainly talk about what benefits or advantages users can enjoy by using Bitcoin cyptocurrency system.

Brief Introduction to Bitcoin Digital Currency.

Bitcoin is not only a digital currency used widely all around the world, but also a convenient digital payment system that is now supported by a lot of vendors in many countries. It is called a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means there is no single administrator to manage and control the distribution of the currency. For example, in China the People’s Bank of China is not only the central bank in the financial system of China, but also regarded as an agency of the administration. It controls the circulation of RMB on the globe. It is a peer-to-peer payment system and there is no intermediary between users when they are dealing with each other. The users can transact directly and the transactions are verified by network nodes.

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How to Use Google Services in China?

Why can’t you use Google services in China? Is there a way to access them safely in China?

Brief Information of Google Services

Google is one of the most used search engine around the world. There are Google Maps, Google Play, blog ger, Hangouts and other remianing Google services that are also very popular in many countries. However, the remaining services of Google have been banned by the Great Firewall of China. No matter you are a Chinese or foreigner user, you can’t use Google services with the help of the local server in China. You have to bypass the strcit Internet censorship and unblock Google.

Why Googgle Services are Blocked in China?

In 2009, when Google had taken over almost one-third of the search market in China. However, it also was the time when the dispute started. China demanded some of the overseas websites to be removed from the Google.cn. Google denied it and said no to apply the filters on its search result. Later, some of the alleged Chinese sponsors stating that Google serves were trying to hack some of the officer’s accounts. Therefore, Google ended all activities in Mainland China.
As we all know, the Internet censorship in China is very strcit. China has always been liable to give its citizen a secure and healthy environment. According to the government and the rules of Chinese Internet services, every web content that can be the threat for the people of the country must be blocked. Therefore, there are lots of services and websites like Google blocked by the Chinese. The Golden Shield Project was built to stop users from using Google services. Now whenever someone tries to search something on Google while staying in China, the sites that are related to information regarding China will show error and not be accessible. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Safely Watch Netflix in China?

Brief Information of Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular Internet television networks with 104 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV. It had been rated as the most satisfactory website to customers continuously for many times. You can watch Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, Wii, Xbox360, PS3 and other game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more. It is very convenient to access your favorite videos without commercials or commitments anytime and anywhere you want.

Netflix is not Accessible in China?

However, it is not easy for users in China to access Netflix. They can’t visit that websites freely like users in US do. It was not the Chinese government but the Netflix authority itself that haven’t launched the service in China. If you tried to open Netflix in China, you might be told that Netflix service is not available in your country. The stated reason was that there are many complexities in getting the permission to show the multimedia content to the Chinese people. The censor board is quite strict and will not pass any content that might hurt of spoil the minds of the Chinese people. However, even now in China the Netflix have failed to get the authority.
As a matter of fact, lots of western websites and services have been blocked in China. Although the first series of Netflix got an incredible response from the Chinese audience yet the government felt it not right. This is the reason, the Netflix is still surveying about the content that should be shown to the Chinese public, and the government is still strict toward the censorship on the viewable content. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access Epoch Times in China?

Hey, there. I receive this error page when I visit Epoch Times in China.
This site can’t be reached
www.theepochtimes.com took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
I read news of this newspaper in New York every day. It was good before I came to China? Why can’t visit it now? What is wrong with it? Can you guys help fix it? Thanks a lot.

Know More about the Epoch Times.

Epoch Times is a newspaper built in 2000 by John Tang together with a group of Chinese-American Falun Gong practitioners. The company is headquartered in New York City and available in multi-languages. The print editions are published in Chinese, English and nine other languages. At the same time, the online editions are available in 21 different languages. China is an important market for the Epoch Times. The newspaper has been published in Chinese communities and now is widely distributed in there. Apart from China, it is also provided in about 35 other nations either free-of-charge or sold in low prices. The editions available include weekly print editions and intranational regional editions. Such sections as world and national news, sports, business, travel, health and automobiles, op-eds, entertainment, arts and culture make up a typical issue of the paper. Epoch Times covers topics of general interest and shows a focus on news taking place in China. It also shows interest in human rights issues in the country. There are two sources that the newspaper relies on to get news about China. On one hand, it supports a network of sources inside China; on the other hand, expatriates who lives in the West become one of its news sources. Peter Kent, Canada’s Minister of the Environment, former journalist, producer and anchorman, wrote “Bold, encouraging, thoughtful, Epoch Times has become one of Canada’s premier publications. For ten years now, the award-winning newspaper has been building bridges between communities and covering the stories that are shaping our world… Epoch Times immense success is a testament to the public’s appetite for a fearless independent voice. I’d like to commend Epoch Times for a decade of journalistic excellence” It is reported that Epoch Times have won many media awards, together with those won by its staffs, the newspaper have gained 10 awards with the New York Press Association Awards for design excellence and National Ethnic Press & Media Council Awards for human rights coverage included. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Get Rid of FBI Phone Lock?

I had been fined for watching porn. Please help me get rid of FBI phone lock. I am so scared!

What is FBI Phone Lock?

Do you have FBI phone lock when browsing the Internet, watching a video or downloading a piece of software? Your phone is blocked by the “FBI” for watching illegal pornography. You must be freaking out when facing such a FBI warning. Please calm down. In fact, this warning is not issued by the FBI or any other legit law enforcement agency. It is a harmful virus created by the hackers. Your phone has been attacked by a scam virus. The FBI phone lock takes over your screen saying that your phone is blocked due to involving in viewing, spreading and storing child porn and illegal pornography. You also may be accused of violating copyright. To unblock your phone, you must pay a penalty which ranges from $100 to $500. For this reason, people also name it ransomware.
This kind of scam virus has been spread widely all over the world. It steals the name of law enforcement agency and police to scare users into paying non-existed fine. The variants of FBI phone lock pretend to be different police and agencies in different countries and regions. In United State, it may claim that it is FBI, NSA, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Cyber Security Cyber Police. In United Kingdom, it pretends to be United Kingdom police/Cyber police, PCEU, ICSPA or Cheshire Police Authority. In addition, the scam virus also steals the names of AFP, CSIS, RCMP, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and so on. Though the FBI phone lock virus may have different names, they share the same characters. They are aggressive powerful enough to attack all mobile devices with Android, Windows or ios systems. As we said, FBI phone lock is only a scam virus which helps cyber criminals swindle money out of innocent users. If you get the FBI threat asking for a fine on a phone, do not pay fine. Just remove the virus so as to get rid of fake FBI phone lock. Read the rest of this post »


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