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Fake MS Tech Support Number? How to Fix it?

I was on my desk top and it was locked out with a number to call. I believe my computer has been hacked already because I unsuspectingly actually called the number in question to have my screen unblocked. I remember pressing the flag looking box and the letter r together and upon doing so, the “tech” took control of my computer until it came time to pay for what he called “level 7 tech support to remove or correct the problem”. I asked him to just leave my screen locked if I had to pay for it because I didn’t have that kind of money in the 1st place. He then said to just call the number back when I had the funds to pay for the services to correct my problem. What do I do now? Help!

I was surfing on the Internet and all of a sudden, a warning message pop up saying that Mirosoft Detected Security Error due to suspicious activity found on my computer and asked me to call a toll free 800 number. It claimed my personal and financial information is compromised. I was so scared and turned off the computer immediately. What is happening? Is it real? Shall I call the number? Please help!

Computers Are Hacked by Fake MS Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up—What to Do?

When the users’ PCs are attacked by the Fake MS Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up, what should they do? Should they dial the number provided by the warning message to ask for tech support, which is free of charges as the virus says? As a matter of fact, the Fake MS Tech Support Number Scam Pop-up is undoubtedly a ransomware or scam virus developed by hackers to cheat money of the victims. The ransomware pushes victims to call the 800 number by locking up their computers. On the phone call, the cyber criminals will instruct the victims to do certain operation in order to get full control of their computers. After the computer is completely controlled, the cyber criminals will ask for payment to provide tech support. If not, the computer will be totally controlled by the hacker and they can do whatever they want on your computer. If this happens, your data will be put at extreme risk. It is very dangerous for you to use the computer to do anything again. Besides, in many cases, the victims report that although it says the number is toll free, they lose money on their phone card and the bill is much more than before. Therefore, when you come across this scam virus, you should not call the number, should not follow any intructions provided by the “technician”. On the contratry, you are recommended to talk to an expert to ask him/her to held deal with it properly.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | Fake Alert Removal Guide

How to Listen to Google Play Music in China?

Hey. I would like to listen to Google Play Music in China. I have stored all of my favorite songs there so that I could listen to them when traveling. However, Google is blocked in China. It is so boring because I have no friends here and even can’t listen to my songs. Please help.

What is Google Play Music & Why It Is Blocked in China?

Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service which allows you to store up your favorite songs for free. You can upload your own song collection, create playlists and listen to them on Android, iOS, and the web anytime no matter where you are. If you have a subscription to Google Play Music, you can stream over 30 million songs and skip as many songs as you want when listening to music offline. It has the family plan which allows your family to share the same plan at a low price. Google Play Music also makes it possible for you to transfer music to a specific device. Besides, you can listen to the radio for free which is cataloged by users’ mood, activity, or favorite popular music. You can get what you want quickly on Google Play Music.
Google Play Music is very useful and popular among music lovers. It is the default music player on Samsung Galaxy S8. However, not everyone can listen to Google Play Music. Why is this happening? It is because this service is blocked in some countries and regions. As we all know, Google Play Music is operated by Google. In which country and region Google is blocked, Google Play Music is blocked. For example, Google Play Music is not available in China because Google is banned by the Chinese government. The Great Firewall of China has been built to prevent users in China to accessing some foreign websites and services which have been considered as harmful to Chinese government and people. That includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other famous services. Does that mean it is impossible to listen to Google Play Music in China? If it is possible to use it, it is legal to access Google Play Music, Facebook and other banned services in China? Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan | How to Guides

What is Bitcoin and How to Buy-Sell Bitcoins?

What is Bitcoin and How to Buy-Sell Bitcoins? Digital currencies which are not in ties with either the government or the bank is known as Bitcoin. The users can spend the Bitcoin anonymously.

These coins are generally created by the users by mining them. They basically lend the computer power to verify the transaction of the other users. These users, in turn, receive the bitcoins. Bitcoins can also be purchased or sold with the exchange of currencies like US dollars, or even other currencies can be used. The worth of the bitcoins is now even more than gold ounces. These coins are digital. Bitcoins were the best currency choice for those cyber attackers who were capable of crippling the computer network all over the world in earlier days. When the Ransomware of the attackers was in action, the victims were held hostages, and their data was encrypted, they demanded the payments in bitcoins so that the attackers could access their computers.

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Published by Matt Johnston & last modified on July 24, 2017 8:54 am | Bitcoin

What is ICO (Initial Coin Offerings)?

What is ICO (Initial Coin Offerings)? Initial Coin Offerings or ICO is a means which helps in raising funds for cryptocurrency ventures that are new.

ICO or Initial Coin Offerings is generally used by all the startups in order to bypass the raising of capital that is regulated as well as a rigorous process required by the banks or the venture capitalists. Percentages of cryptocurrency are generally sold in ICO campaigns to the early backers in projects for an exchange of legal tender as well as other cryptocurrencies. But, this is done mainly for Bitcoins.

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Published by Matt Johnston & last modified on July 24, 2017 8:50 am | Initial Coin Offerings

Case Study on Ethereum

What is Ethereum?To study the essentials of Ethereum, it is very important to know what Ethereum is. It is basically a computing platform which features smart scripting or smart contract functionality, whose distribution is based on the blockchain concept and is a source open to the public. The main functionality is related to the facilities of the online contractual agreements. Making use of the nodes which are public and based on networking at international level, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) generally executes the scripts. The concept of this Ethereum was first proposed in the late quarters of 2013 which was followed by the initial release which took place on 30th July 2015. The working of this concept of Ethereum is based on the operating systems placed by Linux, Mac, Windows, POSIX, and Raspbian.

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Published by Matt Johnston & last modified on July 24, 2017 8:57 am | Ethereum

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook In 2017?

Hey. I would like to use Tinder in China. I can’t use it because I am not able to create a Facebook account to set up Tinder because Facebook is blocked in China. Can I use Tinder without Facebook? If not, how can I access Tinder here?

Brief Information of Tinder

Tinder is an excellent social dating application that has taken the world by storm. It’s the amazing place where people meet. There are about 50 million users on this dating platform. That’s a lot of fish in the sea to choose from! Lots of couples find each other on this platform every day. You can view others’ profile and learn about your date briefly on Tinder. The profile on Tinder is authentic. If your profile quality is good, someone will just swipe right on you. You will get a date you always want soon. Most users choose Tinder because it is such an effective way to meet people. You will find cool people, users nearby and other interesting people there anytime you want.
Unluckily, it is not so easy for users who live in China to use Tinder. It is blocked in China. You may notice that you are required to link your Facebook account to Tinder when you first install Tinder. Also, Facebook is blocked in China. You have to bypass the Great Firewall of China and unblock Tinder and Facebook. Why you have to link to Facebook? That is a shield against abuse and also prove that you are a real person. Tinder loads your profile on Facebook and learns more about you to raise the success rate. However, someone thinks it is not good for their privacy and tries to find a way to set up profile without Facebook account. So, is it possible to use Tinder without Facebook? We will talk about it later. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan & last modified on July 9, 2017 1:39 pm | How to Guides

How to Remove YAHOVER.WORM Virus?

Hello. Need help of removing YAHOVER.WORM virus. My computer was hacked by this virus last night. I thought I could remove it with the antivirus, it came back again this morning. It messed up my computer. Please help! I want YAHOVER.WORM virus removed right now.

Brief information of YAHOVER.WORM Virus

YAHOVER.WORM virus belongs to the Worn family. It is able to duplicate and update itself to help its owners grab money and precious information from victims. This worm virus is able to handle the attack secretly without letting you know. It has been spread widely on the Internet. Malicious web sites and free software released by unknown guys on the Internet are possible to contain the YAHOVER.WORM virus, so it can attack computers from all over the world. If you access those sites or install free programs from unknown sources, your computer can be easily infected, even if the computer is equipped with an antivirus program. It has the ability to bypass blocks from many antivirus programs. This is why your antivirus didn’t work when the sneak in to your computer and corrupt the system. These type of malware is also able to take up a lot of system resources and your computers’ memory, which seriously declines the performance of the computer. You can hardly use the computer, because everything seems to be very slow in the computer, including Internet access. More importantly, you may see that a security alert pops up constantly saying the computer is in a bad situation. It can also infect other files, steal personal information, and spam your contacts to spread itself to other users. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan & last modified on July 8, 2017 6:10 am | How to Guides

How to Remove FBI Porn Virus on Phone or Tablet?

I was watching porn today when a message popped up saying that I have successfully downloaded the pornhub app (when I didn’t) and I tapped the message and brought up the virus screen . The virus was demanding $500 to unlock my phone. I tried pressing the home button, back button, closing the app, and even restarting my phone but nothing works . My phone won’t even shutdown completely. They even have all my contacts numbers and a picture blurry picture of me that I never took. Please help me out.

My phone was locked by cyber criminals and don’t know how to get rid of it says I gotta pay $500 I saw the illegal porn site in my file because I was curious to see what it was. I downloaded it and then my phone got locked by cyber criminals now I don’t know what to do please help me fix this problem.

I was downloading a singing app. and this showed up it showed me horrible pictures of naked dogs and girls and other disturbing stuff, I was literally in tears a few seconds ago… I got locked out and I cant get back in, can someone please help me. I was so scared because I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong, I’m pregnant so imagine the fear of a mother, having to go through something so humiliating before my child is born . So, someone please please please help me I would appreciate it so much.

What Is the FBI Porn Virus Like? FBI Cyber Bug or FBI Cyber Lock?

The FBI porn virus has been confirmed by many technicians in the computer security area to be a type of ransomware which is a little different from the kind of ransomware like the the worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack on May 12, 2017 and the 2017 NotPetya cyberattack on June 27, 2017 that encrypt the data of the victims and demand a payment via Bitcoin. The FBI porn virus is developed by hackers to cheat money from victims by locking up the infected phones or tablets. It pretends to be a law enforcement agency like the police department of the country and requires the victims to pay a nonexistent fine ranging from $100 to $500 USD due to accessing illegal pornographic content like child porn. If the fine is not paid, the virus threatens to take the victims into justice and they will suffer a 5-8 year prison sentence. FBI, the abbreviation of Federal Bureau of Investigation, is a well-known law enforcement agency in United States. The cyber criminals who develop the FBI porn virus take advantage of this agency by stealing the logo and title of it to drive victims into horror and panic so that they can move to pay the unreal fine as fast as they can. This trick is really nasty. And it is reported that some victims end up falling into the trap and paying the fine finally as the FBI porn virus required. Some users may have watched the pornographic content; some may have not. However, it does not change anything that the FBI porn message is actually a scam virus in essence. Nobody can put you in jail. You can unlock your phone or tablet at rather lower cost in a more reliable way by turning to an expert in the field to completely remove the virus. So if your device is found infected with the FBI porn virus, you should keep yourself calm and talk to an expert in the cyber security area as soon as possible instead of becoming so nervous as to suffer a financial loss by paying the unreal fine without getting anything better.
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Published by Sarah Poehler | How to Guides

Don’t Know How to Get Rid Of OneVanilla FBI Scam on Android?

Hi. I happened to be on my Android Kindle fire and I was watching a video when an ad popped up, saying I needed to update my media player. So I did. It turned out to be totally wrong. The screen went black and this thing about the FBI popped up suddenly. It said my tablet was and would always be locked by the FBI until I paid 500 dollars via OneVanilla card. I was accused of doing illegal things with the tablet, but I can say I never watched kid porn on there ever. Now I find out that it is a scam virus. Don’t know how to get rid of OneVanilla FBI scam on android Kindle fire. Please help!

Brief Information of OneVanilla FBI Scam on Android

Is your android device locked by a FBI warning? Can’t use your device because the police warning takes over the whole screen? Have been fined for watching illegal porn on android? Is it true that you are in trouble with the FBI for illegal activities or contents? No, it is a scam. The OneVanilla FBI scam is generated by a piece of ransomware. It is a risky and aggressive virus. Its owner is not the FBI or any other legit department. The cyber criminals are the real persons who are behind this scheme. They create and spread virus to attack mobile devices. By stealing the name of FBI, Cyber police, Department of Justice, it scares users into paying a non-existing fine via the OneVanilla card. If your device is locked by the OneVanilla FBI scam, do not pay the fine as it demands. According to the victims of FBI scam virus, they didn’t take their devices back and the virus was still there after 24 hours paying a fine of $ 500. It is useless to pay the so-called fine. We strongly suggest you remove the OneVanilla FBI scam virus manually to unlock your android device to avoid more loss and further damage. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan | How to Guides

How to Access Kakao Talk in China?

I am unable to receive or send anything using Kakao Talk anymore. I thought something wrong happed to Network, but other apps are working fine. It seems like the general consensus is that Kakao Talk service is blocked in China. I used it solely to talk to my wife back in Canada. Real pain, considering FB is blocked as well. How can I use Kakao Talk again here in China? It is awful that I can’t talk to my wife frequently as we live so far away from each other. Please help me access Kakao Talk in China. Thank you!

What is Kakao Talk & Why is it Blocked in China?

Kakao Talk is a free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones with free text and free call features which is developed in Korean. It has been very popular among the Internet users since it was launched. People use it to call and text friends and family for free no matter how long the distance between the users. You can share photos, videos, music, document and location etc. with your friends. You can create a group chat to invite your friends to the join the chat freely. There is no limit of the users in one chat group on Kakao Talk. Now, there are Kakao Talk apps available for iOS, Android, Bada OS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha and Personal Computer.
However, the bad news is that Kakao Talk is blocked in China. The Great Firewall of China was built to prevent users from using foreign-messing apps, social media platforms and other similar services. The Chinese authorities stated that the ban of those apps and services is in the interest of national security and to block the unsavory aspects of cyberspace. They block Kakao Talk as part of the efforts to fight against terrorism because they believe that the messaging app is the place where terrorism-related information is circulating. They demand users to abide by laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and ensure the authenticity of the information they provide. This is the reason why Kakao Talk is blocked in China. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan & last modified on July 4, 2017 12:09 pm | How to Guides

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