Apple Jing’an Store Opened

Apple Jing’an is the eighth Apple Retail Store in Shanghai, the 57th in Greater China, and one of the most highly anticipated. It’s been seven years since the store was closed for renovation in 2017, and on March 21st, Apple Jing’an will finally be opened.

To celebrate the opening, Apple has designed a special logo inspired by Shanghai’s city flower, the Magnolia, to highlight Shanghai’s innovative and pioneering spirit; the Magnolia is currently in bloom, so if you come to the store in the near future, you’ll still be able to smell the faint scent of the flower. If you visit the store in the near future, you will be able to smell the fragrance of the Magnolia flowers. On the day of the opening, Apple will also provide tote bags, badges, and stickers with the logo as opening gifts for free to users who enter the store; it is worth mentioning that these peripherals are also scented with Magnolia flowers, which is a testament to the sincerity and detail of Apple’s opening in Jing’an.

Located across the street from Shanghai’s landmark Jing’an Temple, Apple Jing’an offers a glimpse of the store by walking up the steps and through the sunken plaza, which also takes full advantage of the sunken plaza’s geographic features by retaining the eight pillars of the original location to create the store’s grand circular atrium.

On the upper level of the Apple Store, you’ll find the full range of official Apple devices, including the Apple Store’s classic Apple Music video wall on the left side of the upper level, as well as the AirPods and HomePods audio devices. On the right side of the upper level, you’ll find the classic Pickup area, where you can conveniently pick up your Apple devices directly from the store after making an appointment to pick them up online.

By the way, the upper floor of Apple Jing’an also offers a relatively hidden Boardroom business meeting space, which is convenient for business customers to come and discuss their business needs. The space provides a coat storage area and a meeting table to meet the needs of business customers. Currently, Apple Jing’an is the only Apple Retail Store in Shanghai that offers a Boardroom.

As we descend the steps, the entirety of the Apple Jing’an store unfolds before our eyes, with a soaring circular atrium that immediately catches your eye and makes you stop and look. Apple’s signature use of stone and wood continues in this new store, whether it’s the hyperbolic wood paneling system on the ceilings or the use of sustainably sourced granite wall coverings from China, the visual impact of the store is seamless and integrated. These materials – whether it’s the hyperbolic wood paneling system on the ceilings or the sustainably sourced granite walls from China – make the store visually appealing, while still reflecting Apple’s long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability.

On the lower level of Apple’s Jing’an store, in addition to continuing to experience Apple products and devices, customers will find product support at Genius Bar desks, which are equipped with an excellent lighting system that allows customers to experience the devices and get the support they need. Above the full-height, circular atrium, an artificial lighting dome automatically adjusts color temperature to accommodate different lighting needs.

Through the equipment and customer support areas, the most notable feature of the atrium space is the Today at Apple area, complete with a Video Wall, and Apple Jing’an will be inviting some of Shanghai’s most prominent artists, musicians, and creatives to conduct Today at Apple classes for a few weeks after the opening.

We took part in a fun and interactive class inside the store, where illustrator Aki Jiang from local creative project The Shanghairen Shanghai Magazine led us through an illustrated map of Shanghai’s landmarks and a walking tour of the new Apple Retail Store in Jing’an, using an iPad and Apple Pencil. We also learned a lot of interesting techniques for applying Procreate and iPadOS features in the class. If you’re in or around Shanghai, you might want to sign up for one of the upcoming series of Today at Apple classes that will be held after the store opens.
Apple Jing’an has a staff of more than 150 people who can serve customers in English, Japanese, Korean, German, Mandarin, and Chinese, in addition to Chinese. For domestic customers from all over China, Apple Jing’an can also communicate with users in 25 dialects and provide personalized service.

The opening of Apple Jing’an will undoubtedly be another milestone for Apple in China, both in terms of its top-of-the-line configuration and its distinctive geo-design, all of which make Apple Jing’an even more special and noteworthy. We look forward to seeing Apple Jing’an explore more creative possibilities and demonstrate its spirit of innovation alongside Shanghai.

Published by YooCare Editor on March 23, 2024 2:04 am, last updated on April 11, 2024 3:05 am

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