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How to Get Rid of Go.deliverymodo.com Redirect?

Hey. I need help of removing Go.deliverymodo.com popups. I hate the popups. They just appear on the screen all the time when I work. I also have been taken to unknown websites. Besides, the computer becomes slower and slower. How can I fix the problems?

Brief Information of Go.deliverymodo.com Redirect

Go.deliverymodo.com is identified as a browser redirect virus which changes your homepage into Go.deliverymodo.com or other suspicious domain. It redirects you to the sponsored websites and injects ads to your browser to helps its developer generate revenue. It belongs to the harmful virus family because of its intrusive method on distributing affiliated advertisements like pop-up ads, in-text ads, banner ads, bogus system warning and drop-down coupon ads. Go.deliverymodo.com redirect virus is harmful to your computer. You should get rid of it right now.

What Go.deliverymodo.com Browser Hijacker can do?

According to the appearance of Go.deliverymodo.com redirect, it seems like a legitimate search engine that provides useful functions to you when you surf the Internet. When you open the browser, it just appears like a normal search engine and becomes your homepage. In fact, it has become a big headache for all the computer users who have it. After it infiltrates your computer, all your online browsing will be interrupted completely. Unknown plugin, extensions and other object are installed. Whenever you open any website on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, your webpage will be flooded with tons of annoying ads. In this case, it takes a long time to load a new tab. The Go.deliverymodo.com redirect is used to promote more unwanted software on your computer or to generate pay per click revenue for its developer. Also, the redirect virus has been found to collect’s personally identifying information such as your ip-address, your current location, browser type, type OS, search queries to deliver more detailed advertisements. Your financial information like credit card numbers, online login details and passwords etc. may even be stolen and shared with unknown third parties. Undoubtedly, Go.deliverymodo.com is nasty site that puts your PC and privacy in danger. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan & last modified on June 29, 2017 6:42 am | Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

What is Petya Cyber Attack? (Bitcoin Ransomware Virus Removal Guide)

What is Petya Cyber Attack? Petya ransomware virus dpreading Via EternalBlue Exploit. This ransomware attack strikes companies across Europe and US. Ukraine government, banks and electricity grid hit hardest, but companies in France, Denmark and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania also attacked. If you want to know more about this virus and remove it from your computer, please read the following blog content.

Why is Petya Cyber Attack happening and how can it be stopped?

Petya Cyber Attack is a type of malware that blocks access to a computer or its data and demands money to release it. This ransomware virus has spread Terminal operators in the United States and the Netherlands, destroyed the Ukrainian government system, paralyze Russian oil company (Rosneft) and the world’s largest communication group (WPP). This ransomware takes over computers and demands $300, paid in Bitcoin to unlock the infected computer. Symantec’s analysts point out that Petya Cyber Attack virus spread through the eternal blue (EternalBlue) loophole, it is one of the holes code file name from the U.S. national security leaks.

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Published by Matt Johnston & last modified on June 29, 2017 3:20 am | How to Guides

How to Read the New York Times in China?

The New York Times is a well-known American daily newspaper in the world. Many people around the world are reading the paper to get to know about the world. But when you travel to China, you will find it impossible to read the news on the website of the paper again. The New York Times has been blocked by China since 2012 to present. So, is there any way to access The New York Times in China?

Get to Know More about The New York Times.

The New York Times is also named NYT or The Times in short. It is one of the most famous American daily newspapers, which has established by the New York Times Company and continuously developed in New York City since September 18, 1851. Many people are reading The New York Time to get to know about the world. In 2013, it was reported that The Wall Street Journal ranked 1st in circulation of the paper’s print version and The New York Times followed. At the same time, The New York Times did better in circulation compared with other metropolitan newspapers in USA. The New York Times is ranked within world top 20 by circulation. “All the News That’s Fit to Print” is the motto of NYT. You can see it in the upper left-hand corner of the front page. The paper is trying hard in hope to be able to make you well informed of the whole world. It can be one of the reliable sources for you to gather information.

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Published by Sarah Poehler | How to Guides

How to Access OneDrive in China?

Hey. I would like to know how to access OneDrive in China. I am not able to access my business files in OneDrive because I am on a trip in China. How can I bypass the Great Firewall of China and unblock OneDrive?

Brief Information of OneDrive

OneDrive is a file-sharing service which lets you easily backup, store and share photos, videos, documents, and more – anywhere, on any device. It is pre-installed on Windows 10. Also, it also works great on all of your PC, Mac, Android and IOS. Once your files are saved on OneDrive, they are automatically tagged based on visuals. In this way, your files are well-organized and can be found easily. No matter how large your files are, you will locate them in a short time. Besides, it makes collaboration between Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote from your desktop, mobile device, and the web easier. In a word, OneDrive is very useful for Internet users. However, it is not available in China. It has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China. That means you are not able to access OneDrive with the help of local server when living in China. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan & last modified on June 26, 2017 6:10 am | How to Guides

Remove FBI virus (Step by Step Removal Guide)

Hi,there? I got a FBI thing message on my Samsung phone. My phone is totally locked and I can power it off only by taking out the battery. It says I watched illegal porn and asks to pay $500 dollars to fix the problem. Is it real police? How can I delete it without paying $500 bucks? Please help! Thanks a lot!

Is the FBI Message Real? How It Infects Your Devices?

It has been years since the FBI warning message was developed by hackers to attack all kinds of devices. The FBI alert, in which the victims are accused of watching pornography, is a nasty ransomware programed by cyber criminals to pretend to be real law enforcement authorities. It has been confirmed by now, this virus can corrupt such devices including various android phones/tablets of all types of brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and so on, Iphone, Ipad, computers of all versions of Windows systems like Windows XP, Windows 7 etc. As soon as infected, the device will be locked up immediately and completely. The victims can’t use their android phones/tablets to do anything as before until the virus is totally removed. They are not allowed even to turn off the devices, regardless of running a security tool to scan and kill it. For Iphone/Ipad users, the situation is better, but they are not able to use Safari to surf the Internet without thoroughly getting rid of the FBI ransomware. Actually, although the FBI virus is violent, you can get it off your devices completely at rather lower cost than the unreal fine it demands you pay to unlock the device by turning to an expert in this field to deal with it manually. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Sarah Poehler | How to Guides

How to Use Netflix with a VPN?

Netflix is one of the most famous service providers of streaming media in the world. Subscribers can access wonderful movies and tv shows on demand on the website. It has become more and more popular as time passes in the last several years. Subscribers in such countries or nations as Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and a lot of European countries can use this service at present. But if you travel to China and try to use Netflix from there, you will just fail to do so although everything is working well while you stay in your homeland. So, how to use Netflix in countries like China?

Why You Cannot Use Netflix in China?

It is not a secret that a number of websites or services are blocked by Chinese government. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Hulu, New York Times, and Washington Post etc. are all targets being blocked in China. Whoever you are, Chinese citizen or visitors from other nations, you will not be able to use Netflix in China. Not like Facebook and many other websites, the reason why Netflix is not reachable from within China is totally different. When you type the www.netflix.com into the address bar on your web browser and hit Enter key in hope to enjoy a premium film on the website from China, you will receive nothing after a long time except a message like “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet. Enter your email & we’ll let you know when Netflix is available.” Yes, you may have guessed it. The reason why users can’t use Netflix in China is not because it is being blocked by the Chinese government, but because the Netflix doesn’t provide its service in the country. It is using a technology called geo-restriction to prevent users in China from accessing the content. A list may have been built up to identify and check which country you are from, if you are from a country that Netflix is not supporting right now, you will be partially or fully refused to access its service.

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Published by Sarah Poehler | How to Guides

How to Access Google Play in China?

I am in China now and I have been here for a month. Google Play doesn’t work at all. Docs, Sheets, Keep etc. All Google services are blocked. I can’t find apps that I paid before. Some of the paid apps are not available in China. That really drives me crazy. How can I fix the problem and access Google Play again? Please help!

Can’t Access Google Play in China?-How to Fix?

Google Play is the one-stop-shop for Android apps, music, movie rentals and purchases, and e-books. It combines various apps into one entertainment hub like a library. Once you purchase music, movies, books, and apps at Google Play, those items will be stored in the cloud. They will take space on your android device or computer. You also can use them on other device, like tablet and desktop which is very convenient. Google Play is very popular among users who travel a lot. They can access all files that are stored in the cloud whenever and wherever they are. However, there is a big problem. Google Play and other Google related services are blocked in China. You can’t load Google Play, let alone accessing files via Google Play. You have to bypass Chinese GFW and unblock Google Play. So, is it possible to bypass most powerful firewall in the world? Yes. It is possible. The most used and efficient way to bypass Chinese GFW and unblock websites like Google Play, Facebook and YouTube is using a VPN. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan & last modified on June 21, 2017 6:02 am | How to Guides

How to Remove “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” Message?

I should have not visited this website. This is embarrassing. I don’t want to say anything about this but i don’t know how the get rid of it. I have tries many ways but not work. I was on my iphone and watching porn things, all of a sudden, a message appears saying something like “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity”. The Safari is soon locked, saying i need to pay £100 via paysafe card to unlock the device. It threatens to delete my photos, videos etc. and send me in prison if i don’t pay because i watch illegal pornography. I am very scared. Can you help me? Is it real police department? I want to pay if issues can be settled after payment. But can i fix it with money? This is really horrible. Please help me! Many thanks for any reply quickly!

I have a message like “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” on my Ipad. It is frightening and i am very worried. So i turn off the Ipad in case of more damages. It demands 100 pounds to unlock Safari within 24 hours. It seems problem can be fixed in this way? But if I don’t pay, it says something like police will come to house to arrest me and i will be sentenced in prison because i watch illegal porn content. This is unbelievable and ridiculous. I was just watching normal video clips on a website. Suddenly, this thing shows up and take control of the Safari. Anyway, I want to know if they are real law enforcement department? Is the message real or just a scam? How can I get rid of it without paying 100 pounds? Please help me! Thanks!

Is It Real? More Information about the “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” Message.

The “Your device has been blocked due to illegal activity” alert has been confirmed to be a piece of scam virus developed by hackers to corrupt Iphone/Ipad to rob the victims of their money. This type of scam virus often pretends to a law enforcement agency of the nation to lock up the victim’s Iphone/Ipad to threaten the victim to pay an unreal fine to resolve the issue. The victim is usually accused of violating relevant national law because of carrying out illegal activities such as viewing child porn video, accessing prohibited websites and illegal use of pirated content etc. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on June 20, 2017 4:13 pm | How to Guides

Suspicious Activity Malware Preventing Access to Internet – How to Fix?

Need help! The malware attacks my browser and prevents me from accessing Internet. It says suspicious activities have been detected on my computer and asks me to call Toll free for help. I watched porn video on the internet before. Is watching porn the so-called suspicious activities? I might get my computer infected with virus from it. Many programs on my computer have been disabled. I have no idea what I should I do to fix it. If I call the given number, will it really help? It’s a brand new computer and I don’t want to lose it. I don’t know much about virus. Please help me out! Thank you in advance.

Brief Description of Suspicious Activity Malware Preventing Access to Internet

Do you see pop-up about suspicious activity malware which prevents you from accessing to Internet on your Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox? If your answer is “Yes”, your computer is infected with malicious malware. Firstly, we have to make it clear that the malware we are talking about is the program which displays virus alerts on your browser. Suspicious activities detection alerts are the real computer threat. Behind the alerts, it’s not the useful tech support or antivirus. It’s the cyber criminals who are trying to grab your money. The truth is, the suspicious activities alerts are fake. They are issued by people with the help of malware to promote fake tech support for illegal money. Though it mentions certified Microsoft technicians, they don’t help you fix the issues because they are not computer technicians and don’t have the ability to remove virus. If you call the given number, the trained salesman will try to persuade you to purchase useless product. Hence, do not call the number and spend money on useless product. You can remove suspicious activities malware alerts manually. Locate related programs that cause fake alerts and delete them completely. Read the rest of this post »


Published by Emerson L. Sullivan | Fake Alert Removal Guide

How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets with a VPN?

I heard that VPN can help find cheap airline tickets. Is it true? How can make it? This is really fantastic for me. I am a guy who travels for business a lot by airplane all around the world. If it is true, that will help save a lot. I would be happy to invest a service like this. But how to find cheap airline tickets with a VPN? Thanks a lot for any reply!

How Can VPNs Help Conclude the Best Deals?

Some travel websites present their offers online based on your geo-location which is recognized through the cookies and your IP address. For example, if you live in USA and need to reserve an air ticket from New York to Washington DC, travel sites will provide prices on their websites of US version; while when you change your IP to a different country like Norway, you will see a website of Norway version. Sometimes it can result in good bargains. Sometimes this way alone may help little to get decent prices. But it really makes sense if you get to know the following information. Many consumers may have such an experience that the more times you check the price of a flight, the higher the airfare may become. Sometimes some striking red words just drive you into panic and hurry you to conclude the deals although the ticket cost $100 more dollars than your first sight of it because those red words are telling you there is only 1 seat left, if you don’t pay now, you might have missed the flight even though you would be willing to pay rather more later. Why and how does this take place? This is the fact. Travel sites take advantage of cookies to keep track of browsing behavior and record how many times you check the price of a flight. More checks read from the cookies will probably cause a sudden and significant fare increase. This well explains why a flight originally advertised for only $300 may increase to a significantly different amount like $400 or more.

How to find cheap airline tickets with a VPN? Virtual Private Network, VPN in short, is a technology that can help replace your original IP with a different one depending on where the VPN server you choose. Therefore, if you use a VPN on your computer to access a travel site and choose a US server, the travel site will recognize you as a user from USA rather than from UK even if you actually stay in UK. So, a VPN service provider with a wide network of servers in different countries will be more competitive in this sense. Because you can check prices on more versions of travel sites. Besides, you also need to delete the cookies the travel sites plant on your computers. In this way, travel sites will fail to identify your real location and get to know how many times you have checked the price of a flight.

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Published by Sarah Poehler & last modified on June 17, 2017 3:28 pm | How to Guides

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