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How to Remove Facebook Child Porn Virus?

Hey. I need your help. The Facebook child porn virus attacked my Samsung S8+. It claims to be the FBI, saying I violated the laws for watching child porn. I swear I didn’t watch anything like this. I was looking a birthday present for my girlfriend. Now, the virus blocks my phone and won’t allow me to do anything. I want my phone back and to get rid of the fake FBI warning. Please help.

Brief Information of Facebook Child Porn Virus

Facebook Child Porn Virus is a term used to describe a dangerous Trojan virus which is created by the cyber criminals. The infection first started spreading among high school students on the East Coast. Now, it has been spread widely. People got it from the share videos, games and other programs on Facebook social media platform. it corrupts your system files and programs files to mess up your device function and programs’ running. There are lots of malicious havoc that it can create on your device. It ruins device with a help of tricky messages that have been circulating on Facebook for years. According to reliable report, this malicious program has already been shared tens of thousands of times and has received more than 15,000 likes. Therefore, there are lots of victims of this Facebook child porn virus infection all over the world. This nasty virus steals the name of the authority, such as FBI, US Marshal, Cyber police, Metropolitan Police, NSA, DOJ, NCA and Garda Síochána etc. to scare users into paying a penalty of $ 500 USD. It is an international virus. The name of the authority and language of the warning is different in different place. No matter who it claims to be, it is fake. Its owners are not the police, but the cyber criminals. Do not trust it. It is a piece of dangerous malware. You need to get rid of it to protect your money and device. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Remove FBI Virus from RCA Android Tablet?

I have the white screen virus on my tablet with the fbi message. They took a picture of my face and say pay this fine. And the message said I had some images on my tablet of child porn, and it showed me and I never had those images even on my tablet! Long story short, I wanna use my tablet again and get rid of it, I have an RCA Android. It even won’t let me shut it down. What do I do? Please help.

Is Your Tablet Locked by FBI Warning Virus?

Is your phone or tablet blocked by a police threat? Have you been fined by a FBI waring on mobile device for watching illegal porn? Are you wronged by an unexpected popup while browsing on your tablet? If your answer is “Yes”, your device has been attacked by a dangerous virus. The warning is not sent from the FBI. It has nothing to do with the real police or any other legit agency. Instead, it is made up by the hackers to scare you.
Many victims lost money due to this FBI virus. They believed that the FBI warning is real, thinking that they were in trouble with the police. In a way, the warning looks authentic. It has the logo and seal of FBI. On the waring page, it claims the police scanned your device and detected some suspicious files. You have been caught due to attendance of the forbidden pornographic sites. Some pornographic images also are displayed on your screen. It says those images are the proof that you violated related law. Specific laws are listed, telling what punishment you will receive. In order to make it look real, it collects your basic information, such as name, location, IP address, device, contacts, and picture etc. and shows them on the warning page. That makes victims think it is the police who are able to monitor their activities and grab the information. Besides, the FBI virus blocks the device completely and does not allow you to do anything, like someone is controlling it. It does not go away though you turn off the device for a long time. It still comes back right after you turn it on again. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Watch Amazon Prime Video in China on iPhone 8?

Hey. I heard that China is absent from Amazon Prime video’s global rollout. I am moving to China and need to use Amazon Prime videos for work. How can I fix the problem to watch Amazon prime video in China? Any suggestion?

Why can’t You Watch Amazon Prime Video in China?

Amazon prime video is a popular video-on-demand service which is launched by Amazon. With the popular shows such as Jeremy Clarkson’s “The Grand Tour” and transgender comedy “Transparent”, it has been developed very well and expanded its streaming service to reach over 200 countries and territories. You can enjoy the videos in United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and Japan. However, it leaves out China. Due to the copyright restrictions, Amazon prime video can only be watched in specific countries. Though it has the largest population and huge entertainment market in the world, is notably absent from the global rollout. If you are located in China, you can’t watch Amazon prime video with the help of the local ISPs.
In fact, there is another reason why Amazon video is not available in China. It is because the Internet in China is extremely high. After the riot in 2009, the Chinese government dealt with online statement cautiously. They blamed the false rumors that provoked people into chao. They believed that the fake rumors were spread out of control on social media platforms, videos-sharing websites and other similar services. Therefore, they started to monitor Internet users’ activities. At the same time, they developed the Golden Shield Project to block western websites and services that deemed to a threat to their unity and society. The Great Firewall of China was built to prevent user from accessing the listed websites. Even though Amazon video was offered in China like YouTube, it will still be blocked by the firewall. Read the rest of this post »


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How Can I Use Netflix on Samsung Galaxy Tab in China?

Netflix provides you with the benefit of watching anything, anytime and anywhere. The picture quality of the shows or content is really good. Different choices from different genres are available, and one can pick up from that and enjoy them in full HD. It provides individualized packages where one can see programs of their own choice. As they always update the content, so there is always something new for you to watch. You can also download the Netflix app and watch programs anywhere. As Netflix service is not available for China yet, you can’t watch Netflix sitting in China. A technology named geo-blocking which tracks your geographical information is used by Netflix to restrict the countries where Netflix is not available as it can detect the place of the user and their IP address.

Why you can’t use Netflix in China?

1. Control the dissemination of information
We have seen in other countries and regions how quickly information can spread on social media without local authorities being able to do a thing about it. Had it not been for Facebook, Netflix , Twitter etc. the “Arab Spring” wouldn’t have unfolded so rapidly. Control of information is key in 2014. The dissemination of information is what makes governments fall or remain in power today. Therefore, by blocking Facebook, Twitter etc. and replacing them with Chinese alternatives (Weibo, RenRen etc.), the government has a much tighter grip on information flow. They can, to a significant extent, decide who is allowed to say and share what information online. A strong online presence and ability to interfere when necessary is a key component in the government’s application of soft power. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access Hulu on iPhone 8 in China?

Can you use Hulu on your iPhone 8? Is there any error when you try to access Hulu in your city? Many of you may not be able to watch videos on this platform because it is only available in the US and Japan.

Why can’t You Access Hulu in China?

Hulu is a famous American video website which offers free access to legitimate TV shows. It provides video resources to users via authorized point seeding mode. Now Hulu has developed a video player, My Media Player, based on Adobe AIR applications that allows users to watch various TV shows in Hulu without browser. The video program of Hulu can be released simultaneously on aol, MSN, Fancast.com, MySpace and yahoo. Its rich TV content, high quality video and fresh interface make it be on a par with the great local TV stations. You can watch the Live TV, Hulu originals, Exclusive past seasons, Current-season TV, Movies and Kids etc. on the platform. It has apps for iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox. You can enjoy the video library conveniently, but there is limit. You have to be located in US or Japan because it is only open to these two countries.
Besides, Hulu also comes in the list of the online live streaming website that may show the content that is not suitable for the viewing of the Chinese people. They believe that the content may not only provoke the people, but also can corrupt the mind of the young generation. Hence, the Chinese government has stopped Hulu with the Great Firewall of China. Read the rest of this post »


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How Can You Use Hangouts in China on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Hangouts can save your phone minutes, screen your calls before answering them or let certain calls through to you automatically without them having to wait. If someone is bugging you, block their number and let them think your number has been disconnected by choosing that option. It’ll act like your personal assistant, w/o the cost of one. What a great phone number & you can have it notify you on any of many numerous type computers all at once or in a certain order of succession or on one TV’s for instance, they just need internet access. It’s also a standard texting and messaging app, but Hangouts was merged with Google Voice. It now gives you the ability to make video and voice calls, giving you a nifty all-in-one solution. And all of the improvements from sending multiple photos to sending your location to your friend(s), to even the animated emoji gumdrop gifs that you could send dubbed “stickers” (which are still cute as hell)!

Why you can’t use Hangouts in China? How to do?

The government controls are extremely strict in China. Because on those platform like FB or Google, there are too much information ‘revealing’ the dark side of the CCP government. Some of them may be true, but there also existing some rumors which are posted intently by some anti-government forces. If all those information can be got without any censor, the stability and the current policy system will be threatened. Not just the government, all the citizens are not willing to see any instability of the policy system and the society in China. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access FB in China on iPhone 8?

Many users complain that it is very inconvenient to browse in China. They can’t access FB which they consider it as a normal and necessary application in daily life. It is because the Internet censorship in China is high. The Great Firewall of China has been created to prevent users from accessing the blocked websites and services. In this article, we will talk about how to access FB in China on iPhone 8.

Brief Description of FB

Launched in 2004, it has crossed over one billion users all over the world. FB is one of the most famous social media platforms. You can contact your family and friends freely. You also can communicate with your teams as long as you want without worrying about the high fee. As it is an international app, you can make friends with foreigners without going abroad. On this platform, you can share and learn the most interesting things with your friends and even strangers. It is a useful application. The problem is FB is blocked in some countries like China.
In the face of affluent technology, the Internet security in China is very strict to the rest of the world. In 2009, there was a big riot which affected the unity and stable society in China. To prevent its people from affecting by bad thoughts, China has put up a national Internet security or Internet filter called the Great Firewall of China. Many social media platforms and steaming services which are deemed to be harmful have been added to the blacklist. This firewall works effectively in the proper cities. It has censored and restricted certain foreign websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Whatsapp, New York Times and many other western websites. Therefore, FB is unavailable directly for an Internet user in China. You cannot access Facebook’s website or the official app on your mobile device like iPhone 8 or Samsung. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Use Twitter in China on iPhone8?

Can you access Twitter in China? Do you have any problem to tweet when travelling in China? In fact, it was not only the Facebook that was blocked by the Chinese Great Firewall in 2009. You can’t access Twitter with the help of ISPs in China. As many foreigners move to China and the Chinese would like to communicate with people from different countries, access to Twitter and Facebook is needed. Therefore, people create tools to make it available for users in China. In this article, we will talk about how to use Twitter in China on your device.

Brief Information of Twitter

Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging service that allows registered users to broadcast short posts called tweets. Twitter users can broadcast tweets and follow other users’ tweets by using multiple platforms and devices. Tweets and replies to tweets can be sent by cell phone text message, desktop client or by posting at the Twitter.com website. You can use it for both personal and business use. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends and quickly broadcast information about where you are and what you’re up to. You can call up friends to have dinner together by post a tweet. Others will reply and give you answer instantly. You don’t need to call one by one. For business, Twitter can be used to broadcast your company’s latest news and blog posts, interact with your customers, or to enable easy internal collaboration and group communication. It is one of the most popular social media platforms with lots of fans all over the world.
However, users in China are not able to access Twitter. You can’t tweet like what you did in US or UK. Yes, it is true that the Internet does not work the way it works around the globe in China. The Great Firewall of China was made to keep users away from some social media platforms and streaming services etc. around the world. Twitter that has been added to the list of the social sites that might provoke the riots happened in 2009. Due to Chinese Internet censorship, Chinese people are not allowed to tweet on the Twitter or post on Facebook. They use similar China-based websites and services. After blocking the different online social media platforms in China, the Chinese government has given the reason. They said that social sites like Twitter have been blocked by the Chinese Internet censorship is for the social well-being of the people. They considered Twitter, Facebook and Google etc. as the thread which can corrupt their people. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access MyTube in China on Windows PC?

Are you used to use myTube in the daily life? myTube is a YouTube app built to keep your video playing no matter what. MyTube is a free open source software that enables you to search, stream, bookmark and download your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. By lightly fading the video into the background, you can continue to watch while you read comments, browse channels and videos, and everything else you can do in the app. If you can do something in the app, then you can do it while watching a video!

Why you can’t Access MyTube in China? How to do?

China is the earliest as well as the great civilization and China has succeeded in making them the ‘First World Country.’ It has advanced in every aspect of science, technology, security, arts, etc. And there is no doubt while considering China to be one of the superior countries. But with advancing technologies, there are many countries creating many apps, but China still chooses not to use them no matter how popular the app is for the security of the country and its people. China has secured to create a benchmark in the history of technology or electronics. In China using of many popular app or websites are banned like Facebook, twitter, Google, etc. The country has ensured proper security to prohibit the people of China to restrict the use of these apps or websites, but still, it is hard to keep an eye on every people as you can’t keep the people aloof from the world. Read the rest of this post »


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How to Access Shutterstock in China on iPhone 8?

I would like to know how to use Shutterstock in China on my iPhone 8. I always contributed my works to it for money in the past, but I can’t use it after I moved to China. What problem it is? How can I fix it?

Brief Information of Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools provider based in the United State. It provides high-quality licensed images, videos, and music that are available for a large number of users all over the world. You can download images from its website and also can contribute your works to Shutterstock. If your works meet their demand, you will get money. That helps inspire the creative professionals to create more works by providing diverse content to various organizations around the world. Images from Shutterstock is royalty-free. If you need some of them for your blog, website or video, you need to pay for them. Every week, it provides free images and videos on the homepage. You can enjoy them freely.

Why can’t You Access Shutterstock in China?

If you lived in or travelled to China, you would note that Internet censorship is pretty high in China. The Carriers, ISPs and firewall all help the government to monitor users’ online activities. The 2009 Riot brought bad effect to the government and people’s lives. The incident made the authorities of China believe that their people’s thoughts were corrupted by the rumors on the Internet. Therefore, they created the Golden Shield Project to blocked some of the western social media and video & image sharing platforms. Those websites like Shutterstock are deemed to be a threat to their unity and development because rumors and controversial politic views can be spread on them widely and quickly. They also would like to promote similar China-based services by blocking Shutterstock so that they can monitor them effectively. In a word, you can’t use Shutterstock with the local server in China. Read the rest of this post »


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