Feb 13

Proxy.sh VPN Review 2018

VPN is a very useful tool for Internet users. It protects your online privacy and keeps you safe. Selecting VPN is not an easy job. We are glad to do this job for you, listing the best and reliable VPNs for you. Proxy.sh VPN is recommended by us. We will tell the reason in this article.

What is Proxy.sh VPN?

Proxy.sh is a high-privacy VPN service based Seychelles. It is one of the rare VPN providers who do publish the source code for their proprietary VPN software. This service offers fast, discreet and secured VPN connections to over 20,000 clients around the globe. The team is composed of anonymous individuals from different countries, such as Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Laos, Philippines, Russia, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand. It gathers talented and professional people no matter where they are to develop the safest network. Also, its VPN software allows the developer community to submit improvements. Free and open review of their security features are allowed. That ensures there are no hidden backdoors, malware, keyloggers, or rootkits being installed. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 13, 2018 7:47 pm and last modified on February 13, 2018 7:49 pm.

Feb 12

Cyber Police Scam Virus Locked Samsung Galaxy – How to Remove?

This is embarrassing, but I was watching porn today and accidentally clicked on a link. After that, something was downloaded. Suddenly, a warning popped up, claiming to be a Cyber police app designed to monitor illegal porn. I wasn’t even watching anything illegal, can you help? Also it locked my screen and is trying to get me to pay a fine of 500 dollars. I don’t want to pay so much money, but I want to get rid of the false Cyber police accusation.
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Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 12, 2018 4:55 pm and last modified on February 13, 2018 5:15 am.

Feb 11

VPN.AC Coupon Code: Save 46% + 10% Off Promotional Code

Nowadays, more and more users choose VPN to reclaim their privacy. It is not easy to pick a right VPN for different locations and purposes. They have to consider the functions, privacy policy and more. So, keep reading this article if you want a VPN and prefer a coupon code to save cash on VPN order.

What is VPN.AC?

VPN.AC is a Romanian-based private network service operated by Netsec Interactive Solutions. It commits on security and anonymity, offering cutting-edge features like adjustable encryption strength, high-security DNS lookups, and XOR VPN obfuscation for exceeding government privacy standards. You are safe and anonymous when browsing or transferring data. Smart VPN servers help you access geo-restricted content from where you are located. It protects your privacy from the third party as well as keeps no log of your connections. No one can steal or reveal your personal information. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 11, 2018 3:49 pm and last modified on February 12, 2018 3:59 am.

Feb 9

HideIPVPN Promo Code: 45 % OFF plus Extra 10% OFF Coupon Code 2018

VPN becomes a very important tool for Internet users. As the hackers are very rampant and spread virus to attack unprotected device for money, more and more people pay more attention to online security. In the past year, hackers even could break in the cryptocurrency system and stole lots of bitcoin. Business document always has been intercepted when users transferred via the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to get a VPN to secure your online traffics and protect precious data. We are glad to tell that HideIPVPN is a useful VPN which keeps you safe and anonymous when connecting to the Internet.

What is HideIPVPN?

HideIPVPN is one of the best VPN services one can get today. This VPN provider is focused on delivering a faster, more reliable and dependable VPN service to every person in the world. It offers you a new IP address to replace your real one and protects your connections to the Internet so as to spoof your true location, secure browsing sessions and protect Internet activity from a number of malicious online threats, including hacking and snooping. HideIPVPN enable you to circumvent geographical restrictions. You are allowed to stream videos freely from anywhere. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 9, 2018 4:10 pm and last modified on February 12, 2018 6:32 am.

Feb 8

ibVPN Coupon Code: 78% OFF Promo Code

Why should you use a VPN? In our society, Internet plays a very important role in our daily life. People use and store information on the Internet for convenience. However, the hackers seize the chance to steal precious information and private data for money. The hackers can attack you when you transfer important data via the Internet. You need a VPN to secure your online sessions.

What is ibVPN?

ibVPN is a Romanian VPN provider. Its name is the abbreviation of Invisible Browsing VPN which offers private, secure browsing with no activity tracking and no traffic limitation. It encrypts your connections to the Internet with the best encryption standard and advanced protocols to keep you away from snoopers. You are able to browse anonymously and safely. This VPN allows you to bypass government censorship and unblock geo-restriction with smart DNS and shared IP. The provider offers reasonable price. If you get deal now, you can save up to 78 % off for its anniversary campaign. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 8, 2018 3:31 pm and last modified on February 12, 2018 6:30 am.

Feb 7

How to Unblock Google in China?

Google has servers and has been used as the default search engine in many countries. However, it does not work in China. Google shut down its server in mainland China. The Chinese government also bans Google. In this article, we will tell how to unblock Google from China.

Brief Information of Google

Google is the most famous Internet search engine which is used to find a variety of information. It uses a computer program called a ‘web crawler’ that keeps a close watch on the billions of websites available on the World Wide Web and examines their content to find ‘keywords’. Then, it indexes these to make the websites easier for the search engine to find. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 7, 2018 5:38 pm and last modified on February 11, 2018 2:16 am.

Feb 6

Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Live With a VPN

Do you know what is the 2018 Winter Olympics location? It takes place from 9 to 25 February 2018 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. How to watch Winter Olympics 2018 live streaming online? How do you stream the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics games? Well, you can watch Winter Olympics 2018 PyeongChang Live online with a VPN. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Matt Johnston on February 6, 2018 7:13 am and last modified on February 6, 2018 7:15 am.

Feb 5

Unlock Mobile From “Send email to cybercrime@europe.com for illegal pornography” Warning

Hi. I need tech support. Last night, I found an interesting short video shared by my friend on Facebook. I clicked on the link to view more. Then, a police warning popped suddenly, saying that I violated the laws for watching illegal porn. I have to pay €300 and send email to cybercrime@europe.com, but I swear that I didn’t view anything like that. Please help me out. How can I unblock mobile from “Send email to cybercrime@europe.com for illegal pornography” warning without paying the fine?

Is “Send email to cybercrime@europe.com for illegal pornography” Warning Real?

“Send email to cybercrime@europe.com for illegal pornography” warning is fake. It is issued by the cyber criminals instead of the real police. If you see a warning webpage that occupies the Safari or other web browser screen and demands payment for the supposed possession of illicit material, your device has been attacked by a malicious virus. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 5, 2018 3:24 pm and last modified on February 8, 2018 3:39 am.

Feb 2

Private Internet Access VPN Coupon Code: Promo Code for up to 64% OFF 2018

What is Private Internet Access? Private Internet Access is a US-based VPN located in Michigan. It is a great VPN service which devotes to maintaining the highest standards of privacy while simultaneously providing the most solid, top speed VPN network. This VPN protects your privacy and confidentiality with a hidden IP address and encrypted traffic. It protects you from hackers and snoopers with high grade of encryption. You can escape from ISP and government’s monitor. It also is used to overcome Internet access limits. Its smart servers let you access all of your favorite websites no matter where you are located. The price is affordable. Now, you can save up to 64% and it is as cheap as $ 2.50 USD per month. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 2, 2018 5:34 pm and last modified on February 6, 2018 2:37 am.

Feb 1

eBay Plans to Cut off PayPal as its Main Payments Processor

eBay plans to cut off PayPal as its main payments processor. That means one of the most storied partnerships in tech industry is coming to an end.
eBay and Paypal have been partners for 15 years. On January 31, 2018, eBay announced that it will stop working with PayPal as its back-end payments service in 2020. It will move a small percentage of its payments volume to a new partner later this year. Read the rest of this post »

Published by Andrew Gonzalez on February 1, 2018 3:35 am and last modified on February 1, 2018 4:11 pm.

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