Jan 2, 2024

Latest Interesting New Apps and Updates

IYPS: Are your hand rubbed passwords actually safe?
Platform: Android
Keywords: password management, password security

Three years ago, I was finally defeated by my own passwords, I thought the combination of fixed numbers and variable letters was enough to cope with all kinds of websites, until the names of various continuing education and learning sites are more and more similar, I can no longer remember my hand rubbed passwords corresponding to which site, I was tortured once a week to retrieve the passwords physically and mentally exhausted, I finally decided to begin to use a third-party tools I finally decided to start using third-party tools to manage and generate passwords.
However, if you are still insisting on generating your own passwords, then maybe before you run out of brain capacity, I sincerely suggest that you at least check whether your passwords are safe or not, after all, it took me a week to simply change my similar passwords prompted by the system.

IYPS is very simple, all we need to do is enter our password and the app will quickly calculate the time needed to crack it and give us a visual display, in addition, the app will also inform us of the current strength of the password and give us hints and suggestions for improving this password. If you don’t mind, you can also upload files to let the app batch judge your passwords. It should be noted that IYPS is completely open source and does not have any access to the Internet, all calculations are done locally, so we don’t have to worry about security issues.

Of course, IYPS has done some extra work to make us feel more at ease, or to prevent ‘villains’. For example, we can manually control whether to allow screenshots in the current app’s interface, and when we turn it on, our screenshots will be meaningless black pictures; in addition, we can also manually control whether we want to start the Input Method’s Privacy Mode or not.

Overall, if you don’t want to rely on third-party password management software, you can at least use a tool like IYPS to check the security of your passwords to avoid potential password leakage or cracking crisis.

Noote: Open and go, it’s the ultimate simple note-taking app!
Platform: iOS
Keywords: notes

We’re used to powerful or distinctive note-taking apps, but there are many people who don’t need all these “big” features, and a simple, easy-to-use note-taking tool like Memo will become a necessity for many people. Drafts immediately comes to mind when it comes to ready-to-use, ready-to-go functionality – this old-school note-taking tool gives us a brand new page of notes as soon as we open the app, so we can get right to creating or taking notes, and through iCloud sync we can sync notes across devices – all for free, so all you have to do is pay for the extra features like action editing, workspaces, and more! You only have to pay for additional features such as motion editing, workspace, etc. Of course, not everyone likes Drafts, so if you’re not a fan, try Nooote, an equally lightweight note-taking app.

After opening Nooote, you can find that the app will directly enter the note interface, click on any place in the note interface to enter the editing state. the editing function of Nooote is also very simple, at present, it only provides three styles of bold, unordered list and sequential list, and attachments can only be inserted into the picture.

At the bottom of the note editing area, you can see the four basic functions of Nooote: Search, Bookmarks, More and New, let’s take a look at them one by one. Nooote doesn’t support project, folder, tag and other management features, it only has a simple list of notes, so search is the only feature that Nooote can use to help locate notes. In the search interface, Nooote displays the bookmarks and notes pages separately to make it easier for users to find the notes they want.

The Bookmarks button is a way to bookmark the current note and then quickly recall it in the search interface. The More button contains three functions, which are App Settings, Delete Current Page and Share Current Page. The last button is New, which is used to create a new note. Switching between note pages in Nooote is as simple as swiping left and right. Nooote is free to download and use from the App Store, and paying for it unlocks features like iCloud sync and personalized signatures for $1.99 per year or $5.99 with a buyout.

Photomator 3.2: Full HDR Photo Support
Platform; iOS/iPadOS/macOS
Keywords: retouching, image processing

Photomator 3.2 is a new version of Photomator, a well-known image manipulation tool, with full support for viewing and manipulating HDR image content.The HDR support in Photomator 3.2 does not change the existing workflow, as importing, editing, and exporting HDR photos is the same as the previous workflow for editing SDR photos, and you can seamlessly switch between editing SDR and HDR photos. All of the editing tools in Photomator, including Super Resolution, Noise Reduction, Repair, and Color Adjustment, are fully compatible with your HDR photos. When you’re done editing, your HDR edits are automatically saved back to the Photos app on your device, so you can seamlessly sync all your Apple devices using iCloud.

In addition to full HDR support, Photomator 3.2 also introduces Smart HDR, which as the name suggests can “intelligently” convert SDR photos into HDR photos, especially if you’re shooting landscapes with clouds, sun reflections, or bright light, where SDR photos may be overexposed. The Intelligent HDR function converts such photos into HDR photos and analyzes the overexposed areas and restores the original details, such as enriching the colors and adjusting the contrast, so as to revitalize the original “waste” photos.

Currently, Photomator 3.2 supports importing HDR formats such as iPhone HDR photos, RAW & ProRAW, and other ISO HDR formats, and editing and exporting HDR formats such as HDR HEIC (for sharing photos to other Apple apps), HDR JPEG (for viewing photos), HDR Still Image Video, HDR PNG, HDR PNG, HDR PNG, HDR PNG, HDR PNG, HDR PNG, HDR PNG, HDR PNG, and more. Image Video, HDR PNG, OpenEXR, HDR AVIF, and Photomator formats. If you have a Photomator subscription you might want to update to try out these new changes, and if you don’t have a subscription yet you might want to try out this pretty comprehensive photo editing tool, which is currently on sale for just $9.99 for the first year of a subscription on Black Friday.

Blackmagic Camera 1.2: Shooting Features Upgraded Again
Platform: iOS
Keywords: Video Shooting, Apple Log

Blackmagic Camera, a third-party photography app, also used the iPhone 15 Pro series with Blackmagic Camera to shoot the entire launch event of Apple in October last year, allowing the new iPhone to show off all its muscles at the same time, but also making Blackmagic Camera app more familiar to photography enthusiasts. Blackmagic Camera has become more familiar to photography enthusiasts.

Riding on the wave of Apple’s launch, Blackmagic Camera recently pushed out version 1.2, which adds support for six new languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. Let’s take a look at what other useful updates Blackmagic Camera has introduced in version 1.2 in addition to Chinese support.

First of all, Blackmagic Camera has added Haptic Haptic Feedback to the control buttons of the shooting interface, which can be sensed when dragging the slider bar, in order to improve the feedback effect and precision of adjusting parameters. It’s worth noting that Haptic Feedback is only enabled during pre-adjustment prior to recording, and is turned off once recording has begun so as not to affect the recording effect. Secondly, Blackmagic Camera supports the display of zebra stripes, peaks and pseudo-colors during recording in version 1.2. It’s as simple as clicking on the buttons as shown in the image below, and you can drag the slider bar to adjust the values. Finally, let’s take a look at some of the useful new settings added to Blackmagic Camera in version 1.2. In terms of color presets, Blackmagic Camera carries an Apple Log to Rec.709 configuration in the LUT settings by default, and also supports directly applying the LUT and the corresponding color space during recording; in terms of shooting parameters, Blackmagic Camera supports flicker-free shutter presets at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, and also adds a new In terms of shooting parameters, Blackmagic Camera supports 50Hz and 60 Hz flicker-free shutter presets, as well as a new option for the duration of delayed shooting; in addition, Blackmagic Camera supports importing and exporting camera settings presets, as well as dragging and dropping video clips between projects.

It’s worth mentioning that Blackmagic Camera also adapts shortcut commands in version 1.2, providing a wealth of action options, including recording control, parameter adjustment, interface navigation, etc., which can help heavy users get into the working state with one click.

WaterMinder Update: Interactive Widgets, Operation Tips
Platform: iOS/iPadOS/watchOS
Keywords: water logging, quantify yourself

WaterMinder has always been a great example of keeping up with the ‘trends’ in iOS releases. Back in early September, the 6.3 update added interactive widgets and StandBy support, as well as redesigned the entire Apple Watch app, bringing the overall presentation and richness of customizable items to textbook levels once again.

This time, WaterMinder provides 12 desktop widgets, covering three sizes: 1×1/1×2/2×2, and 8 of them have been adapted with interactive functions, so that even for the 1×1 widgets, which are limited in operation area, you can tap the button in the corner to open the drink candidates and realize quick recording. However, since the 1×1 animation has significant frame dropping, I personally recommend that you use the components that show the candidates directly.

For StandBy mode, the app provides 6 widgets, 4 of which are also interactive, for you to quickly record your drink information in the morning when you first wake up or before going to sleep.

In order to enrich the fun of this “drinking game”, version 6.3 also adds 25 new colorful characters to make you feel more immersed in the game, which you can choose from the character bar at the bottom of Settings > Profile. These characters are not only displayed on the app’s home screen and widgets, but also in the newly redesigned Apple Watch app.

The content and presentation of the new Apple Watch app has been significantly improved compared to the previous version, and you can find a wealth of settings in Settings > Apple Watch. First of all, WaterMinder on Apple Watch is not only limited to records, you can check today’s records, and you can also switch the presentation mode of the app. Version 6.3 provides three presentation modes on the watch side, namely character, circle, and the previous button layout, and you can change the presentation style of the drink candidates to suit different aesthetic needs. Second, WaterMinder’s dial widgets are surprisingly customizable, with values, titles, charts, and bar colors available in one of the app’s 21 color schemes.

However, there’s no preview support for custom colors, either in the WaterMinder app or the Watch app, so you’ll have to go directly to the Apple Watch to see them after you’ve made changes, and sometimes custom colors may conflict with the design of some dials and not show up, so it’s recommended that you use them in conjunction with the basic modular dials.

Last week it was updated to version 6.4, which added a little helper called WaterMoji, so if you’re not sure what to do with any of the updates mentioned above, you can either ask WaterMoji for an answer or use the shortcut portal to change the settings. It’ll be waiting for you in the upper-right corner of the Settings page on a daily basis, and it’ll pop up to answer questions when you enable some of the new features. But if you’re a longtime WaterMinder user, you can turn off the “Show Alerts” switch in the settings to avoid interruptions.

TickTick 7.0: Mobile App Gets a Big Update
Platform: iOS/iPadOS/Android
Keywords: task management

There are a lot of to-do list tools on the market, but the most grounded one is TickTick: focusing on task management, it also provides a lot of practical features, such as clocking, focusing and so on, and you can also combine to-do lists with calendar schedules to practice “today’s tasks today” from various perspectives. This efficiency app has also recently launched its v7.0 mobile update, what kind of new features does it bring us this time?

From the overall interface point of view, v7.0 has not changed much from the previous v6.x. In the new version, when you click on a task, its detail page now has a new pop-up style, which makes it easier to view the task details. In addition, there is also an adjust order function in the task’s detail page action menu, which makes it very convenient to adjust the time of the task.

In the v7.0 update of TickTick, the calendar function has also been updated, for example, the calendar list view now supports displaying timeline, so that you can see what the schedule of a day is like with the time as the line. Meanwhile, the month view has also been upgraded to support swiping up and down in the system calendar app, so that we can see our schedule at a glance.

Another feature of TickTick, “Focus”, allows you to focus on your work for a period of time to improve work efficiency. In the v 7.0 update, it has also been upgraded, for example, it now supports “Pause/Resume” when entering immersive mode, so that you can adjust your working mode flexibly, and you can also turn on the automatic entering of immersive mode through the Focus setting.

Cashew: budget well and spend money wisely
Platform: Android
Keywords: bookkeeping

After another two months of not keeping track of my accounts, I began to wonder if I was suitable for the common method of keeping track of my accounts: accurately recording every expense, labeling, categorizing, and carefully reconciling my accounts, and then finally one day I couldn’t keep up with it, and at the same time I couldn’t help but reprimand myself for not being able to keep up with it.

Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with not being able to keep track of your expenses, perhaps we are not suited to an overly precise method of record keeping, perhaps we don’t have the time to keep track of all kinds of things, or perhaps this type of record keeping doesn’t help us regulate our personal expenses in any significant way. That’s why there are more varied ways of keeping track of our money, and today’s Cashew focuses more on budgeting.

When we open Cashew for the first time, we will be asked to set a budget for a certain period of time, which can be adjusted according to our spending habits and methods, taking into account our daily expenses. Once this step is completed, we will be taken to the main screen of the app.

In Cashew, tap the plus sign on the homepage to add an account, and the budget information will be displayed in the form of a large card in the middle of the page. In addition to the basic budget, we can further set up other budget items, such as food and drink budgets, travel budgets, etc. However, the free version only allows you to set up a single budget, and if you want to increase the number of budgets you will need to pay for a paid subscription or pay a one-time fee to unlock it.

After setting up a budget, we can record our income and expenses in the transaction screen. Compared with other bookkeeping tools, Cashew intentionally reduces the complexity of bookkeeping, basically we only need to enter the number and information. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Cashew is simple. In fact, Cashew has all the features that most bookkeeping apps have, such as recurring transactions, debits and credits, but the way it is presented has been weakened, so that for those who want to keep a detailed record, it is still easy to set up this kind of information on the bookkeeping page. Last but not least, Cashew offers very detailed statistics and a full range of icons, including pie charts, line graphs, and even heat maps.

Other updates

Calibre: Updated to v7.0, Calibre brings new note storage features, adds support for audiobook EPUB readings, and with Calibre’s “Read Aloud” button, the software automatically reads the text aloud using the book’s embedded audio, marking the sentence you’re currently reading and displaying your progress. Support for storing any additional data files associated with the book and a new exclusive Recycle Bin feature.

Mozilla Firefox: Updated to v120, the new version introduces the ability to copy links without tracking parameters, global privacy controls that notify websites that you do not wish to share data, and Picture-in-Picture now supports corner capture on Windows and Linux.

Pro Camera by Moment: Updated to v5.2, Pro Camera by Moment brings a new video engine and adds support for the ProRes video codec, Dolby Vision video, 48 MP HEIF, JPG, TIFF, and ProRAW on compatible devices. Apple Log support has been added for iPhone 15 Pro models. Also reduces latency when switching between shots and reduces the risk of dropped frames.

Files: Updated to v3 with a new design and icons, modern copy and paste dialogs, support for previewing Office files, built-in command shortcuts, and support for keeping it running in the background.

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