How to Unblock iPhone/iPad from Scam Virus?

Hi, completely freaking out! I was web searching and a porn site popped up. By accident I clicked a link that I didn’t intend to click on. Although not sure it matters even if I was looking at porn – idk) anyway then the website clicked out (exited) so I clicked my browser to start up again and a white page appeared saying it was from the Department of FBI Cyber Crime and I had to pay $100 for viewing child pornography? Also the criminal charges would be taken against me? I am a twenty year old girl not some creepy person. How can I unblock my iPhone from the scam virus?

Brief Description of Scam Virus

If your browser has been blocked by, your device is infected a piece of scam malware. It takes your browser hostage and demands a fine to unblock. In order to get money, it steals the name and logo of FBI Cyber Crime to threaten you. The scam virus can sneak into your device fast and secretly when you are browsing as usual. When it’s ready, it delivers a fake pop-up via your browser and takes over the browser. Not like a normal browser notification, it does not disappear after you view it. No button is provided to close the pop-up. Though you click “OK” button for so many times, you can’t close

On, it accuses you of viewing illegal content. On that White page, you would see a small passage beside the FBI logo like this,

Your Safari browser has been blocked up for viewing and distributing illegal materials prohibited by the criminal law of the United States of America, called pornography with elements of child pornography, rape and zoophilia.
In order to unblock your Safari browser, you are obligated to pay a fine in the amount of $ 100.00 with iTunes Prepaid Card.

After that, a dialog box pops up, saying that Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid. A “OK” button is provided, but it actually does not work. That dialog box does not go away after you tap OK because the cyber criminals are trying to make you believe that you will not be able to get rid of it until you pay the fine. Sometimes, it displays information about you typically include details such as your IP address and a familiar icon of the browser you’re using. Even creepy, it shows picture of you or your family and Contacts on your device. That definitely makes people believe that it’s real.
In fact, we have to tell you that it is a scam virus developed by the cyber criminals to swindle money out of you. No matter how authentic this pop-up look like, it is a bogus message made up by the criminals. You didn’t do anything wrong that violates the laws and do not have the obligation to pay a penalty. In order to take your Safari back, you need to get scam virus off your device.
Many people would be curious why can’t get rid of scam virus after they quit Safari. It just does not work though they restart the device. It is because your browser has been hijacked. Every time you open the browser app, the scam virus pops up immediately and takes over your browser. You can’t close that page in a traditional way. Sometimes, you even can’t open a new tab on Safari. Just get stuck on
Once your device is infected with scam virus, webpage’s script will invoke a JavaScript alert which displays this fake message. The cyber criminals set up the webpage’s script to make sure that the alert will keep appearing again and again. Why does the white small dialogue box reappears all the time? It is because the fake alert is not an actual “Window” and can’t be closed in the same way you close other normal websites. Instead, it is brought by the JavaScript virus. You have to remove scam virus manually to unblock your device.

How Did You Get Infected with Scam Virus?

The cyber criminals spread scam virus widely throughout the world via the Internet. Every one who uses Internet would probably be attacked by this virus. How your device got infected? Firstly, you might click on a malicious link. The link may be on adult websites, pop-up ads or in a spam. The criminals would describe the link with attractive words and pictures to make you click on. In fact, that link would bring you virus. Secondly, you might download malicious app, such as media player and game software. The criminals would put virus in apps and spread them on the Internet. If you downloaded the malicious app, scam virus was brought to your device. Thirdly, you might open an attachment in a spam. The cyber criminals design and dispatch spam with virus to innocent users every day. If you clicked on attachment or link in spam, virus was downloaded.

Since sending email won’t help you remove this scam virus, manual removal is an effective solution for this. Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of tech skill. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the cellphone, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Screenshot of scam virus and other similar virus



There is no doubt that the alert on is a scam virus. Its owners are not the Department of FBI Cyber Crime or any legitimate law enforcement agency. Though it may look like a pop-up notification on Safari, it is surely not from Apple. It was sent by the hackers who would spare no effort to steal your money. There are no law violations or charges against you. Many people chose to send code of prepaid card to the so-called FBI to get rid of trouble. Actually, your Safari would not be fine though you paid the fine as it required. Many victims said that their Safari was still locked after they paid. They had waited for several days while the scam virus was still there, locking Safari. In order to avoid being scammed, you should not trust unknown pop-ups, especially the ones are about police and fine. Do not be scared by the scam virus. It has nothing to do with the real FBI. You can unblock your Safari by removing the virus manually without paying the non-existed penalty. Do not worry about the court or jail. No charge will be there against you. The only thing you have to is virus removal. According to computer experts, manual removal is most effective way so far. Take actions right now. Stop scam virus before it can do more damage to your device. Remove it completely to prevent it steal your sensitive information on device.

Can’t remove the virus and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging your mobile device? please contact YooCare Expert for further removal help.

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