Mar 30, 2021

How to Uninstall Format Factory Thoroughly from Windows 10?

Do you want to uninstall Format Factory thoroughly from your Windows 10? How do you uninstall this program manually? Can you use a thirty-part removal tool to remove it?

A complete view of Format Factory software

The Format Factory is multimedia file converter software and it is able to convert many media file types to other file types and also it will support converting between many different video formats, audio formats and image formats and also converting to CD / DVD and to mobile format conversions. This broad functionality will make it interesting for the users and this is especially used when only one software program needed for you for doing many media conversions.

This application is specially made with the mind of using it easily and also especially for the doing conversions and this can be handled without knowing about frames, formats, bitrates. If you want to convert videos into formats like mp4 for example it includes the feature that selects a desires size and quality and also this will be supported for many software so that you can easily do the conversions by just setting the conversion parameters correctly and the conversion is done automatically.

Features of Format Factory software

If you are an experienced user you can convert the setting to the custom settings where you will be given options for accessing all the conversion parameters which includes resolution, bitrate, and so on. This software will a huge batch conversions and even folders and multiple files will be picked at once the process was added to the queue of processing. Here it is possible for you to mix the file formats that are in the queue and all these processes will be handled well by this software.

The version that is released recently of this program will display some of the conversions options right on start and also it will support the files types that are more than videos and also this will include documents. The first thing that you have to do is to select the device and also the format for conversion process as this software supports and divides the conversion into 2 types such as video and audio. If you have completed your selection process, then you can one or more files that you wish to convert and this can be done in the new that pops out and here you can also configure the setting according to your wish and this is not required if you think that all the parameters have been set to your satisfaction.

Some other options that you will have for selecting are different output folder for saving your converted files and also you set the names for the converted files. While you are working with this Format Factory software you will notice many features like tag lines, AV MUX or watermarks, and so on are available where the tag lines can be used in the images that are converted and here you can use the text, color, size, and font of the tag line. And the conversion speed is very fast and very efficient and also this can be used for repairing damaged backup DVDs and video files. Since you know all its features, do you still want to uninstall Format Factory thoroughly from your computer? Or you will go further to read more?

The Process of Converting Files Formats by using Format Factory

For using Format Factory software for converting the file format the first you have to find the software that is available on the inert and then you have to download it and install it on your personal device in which you are going to convert the files. This software is available for free and it is best in its services and conversion process and also you need not to worry about the security as it is a completely secured platform for converting many types of file formats. The official link is also available in its official website and also there are many version available so that you can choose the one that is suitable and available for you.

After you have installed this application successfully to your personal device, then you can start your conversion process and for doing this conversion you have to simply drag the file to the destination place and then you have the select the correct format that you have to convert the files that you have chosen from the applicable conversion options for the particular file. Here you can add many files for converting and also you are allowed to choose the destination for saving the converted file. If the conversion was completed you will be intimated with a notification sound and pop up notification box that explains the completion of the conversion process.

There are many advanced features in this software like batch rename, audio joiner, video joiner and a mass media file information section and also there are many settings that you can use while you are doing the conversion and all these things will make the conversion very and easy and also completes the process with satisfaction.

Advantages of using Format Factory conversion software

This Format Factory is available completely free for you so that you need to spend your hard-earned for the conversion process. This app has a clean and easy user interface so that you can easily understand the working process of this software and use it. It will support a huge range of media files so that you are able to convert many file types and there are many additional features like MUX features, audio joiner, video joiner, and so on.

Disadvantages of using Format Factory conversion software

This app can be used only for windows and some of the context menu options seem to have some compatibility issues with windows version 8.1.

If you are not satisfied with it and want to uninstall Format Factory completely from your computer, just follow the guides below.

How to Uninstall Format Factory Thoroughly?

If you are newbie for PC, you probably feel frustrated when trying to uninstall this software. However, we have two solutions for you, they are manual removal and automatical removal guides.

Option 1: Uninstall Format Factory manually. There are three methods to choose on Window 10.

Method 1: Uninstall this app from Start menu.

Step 1: Click Windows icon at left bottom to open start menu.

Step 2: Look for the Format Factory. Right click on its icon, select Uninstall and confirm the task.

Method 2: Uninstall it from Settings.

Step 1: Click Windows icon at left bottom, and select Settings to open.

Step 2: On Settings screen, double click Apps. Select Apps & features on the next window.

Step 3: You will see the installed software. Look and select Format Factory there. Click Uninstall from the popup menu. Confirm the uninstalling.

Method 3: Uninstall this app from Control Panel.

Step 1: Click search box on taskbar and type Control Panel. Click Control Panel from the popup list.

Step 2: Click Uninstall a program under Program menu.

Step 3: Select the Format Factory app and click Uninstall. Confirm the uninstalling.

After uninstalling the software, it is time to remove all its leftovers. To get started, you need to open Registry Editor. Press Windows key + R, type regedit, and press Enter. Next, click Edit at the top of the window and select Find. Then, enter Format Factory in the search box and click Find Next. Finally remove all entries detected.

  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ CLSID \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ Interface \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Shell Extension \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UserData \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Classes \ CLSID \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Classes \ TyperLib \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Shell Extension \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall \

After you remove all the registry files above, then it is gone.

Option 2: Uninstall Format Factory with Uninstallor

You are suggested to remove programs and apps from your system by using Uninstallor. Uninstallor is a useful uninstaller which helps users uninstall persistence software, adware, bloatware and other unwanted programs effectively without leaving useless files and folders. Below are the removal guides.

Step 1, download and install Uninstallor onto your desktop. Run it and select “Format Factory” and click on Analyze button.

Step 2 Click Uninstall Now button to continue.

Step 3 Click Remove Now button and click Yes to clear all leftover files.

Uninstall Completed! Format Factory has been removed completely from your computer.


Thus, Format Factory is one of the best all in one conversion program especially for windows as this will support a huge range of media file types and also document file types. Format Factory is completely a fast and user-friendly media conversion tool or software for windows and if you are looking for a free video converter, then this Format Factory will be an ideal one and you can contact customer support team anytime you want. Convert your files easily with the help of Format Factory software. However, if you don’t want it leave on your computer, just uninstall Format Factory thoroughly with the mentioned methods.

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