Mar 9, 2021

How to Remove Windows Media Player Completely in Windows 10

Can not remove Windows Media Player completely? Don’t know how to remove it from Windows 10? How do you stop it on your computer?

Explore everything about Windows Media Player

As a beginner to the Windows Media Player, you have to know how to properly use this software and make a well-informed decision to get an array of advantageous things from this software. This media player is designed for successfully playing the video, audio, and viewing pictures on your device while using the operating system of Microsoft, Windows Smartphone based devices, and Pocket PC. The best editions of this software were released for the Mac OS X, Classic Mac OS, and Solaris. This software has the best stuff to copy music to and rip music from compact discs in the format of the audio CD and data discs with the playlists such as the MP3 CD.


Windows Media Player is rich in features to play music and video as efficient as possible. If you like to play the unprotected songs of the iTunes library and flip videos, then you can choose and use this software hereafter. You will get an array of advantageous things from an efficient use of the Windows Media Player and be satisfied with the best approach to use this software devoid of complexity in any way. Many men and women worldwide make use of this software to sync digital media files to the portable devices, organize the digital media collection, shop online for any category of the digital media content. Regular updates of this software guide you to make a good decision and encourage you to use it with no doubt.

Windows Media Player replaced the early application known as the Media Player. This application is added with some features further than the usual audio or video playback. This media player is available for the Windows XP and available in the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. The default file formats are the advanced systems format, Windows media audio, Windows media video and its own XML based playlist known as the Windows Playlist. This media player uses the digital rights management service in the Windows Media DRM form. The latest version of this software is Windows Media Player 12. The following details explain you about the important features of the Windows Media Player.

    • Core playback and library functions
    • Virtualizations
    • Format support especially Windows Media Playback Mobile
    • Disc burning, ripping, and playback
    • Portable device sync
    • Enhanced playback features
    • Shell integration
    • Extensibility
    • Media streaming
    • Online features
    • Skin mode


The instant search tool is one of the most important and impressive features of the Windows media player. You can research different aspects of this powerful and smart tool at any time you like to be successful in your way to use it. You have to type in the search term or a part of the word to get the results usually broken down by the album, artist, and so on. The extra keystrokes will narrow these results. All users of the most modern windows media player can keep the millions of the media files with no doubt and delay. They get different benefits from a proper use of the Windows Media Player and make positive changes in their way to use this software.

An enhanced file management performance of the Windows Media Player plays a leading role behind the increased interests of everyone to directly prefer and use it with no doubt. You can concentrate on various aspects of this software and follow the complete guidelines to use it in the professional way. You will get loads of advantageous things from an efficient use of this software and be encouraged to recommend it to others.


Windows Media Player is an outstanding software program designed to listen to music files or CDs. You can watch the DVDs with this modern yet user-friendly software and shop for online media from anywhere at any time. This free software has some drawbacks. You can pay attention to the important drawbacks of this software and make a good decision to use this software in the professional way with no doubt. Windows Media Player is not designed to stream the video in a proper way over the slow connections of the DSL. This software is limited because to which portable gadgets this software can synchronize to. This software would not synchronize to the Zune of the Microsoft and an iPod.

The small album cover art of the Windows Media Player is another drawback for its users. This software has no volume normalizing facility. This renowned software is limited to the MP3 and Windows formats. This software is entirely inflexible MP3 file as well as folder naming and known for its less flexibility in the sound quality selection. It downloads the picture of the CD cover in the range of 200 x 200 pixels. However, other leading CD ripping programs download images better than it. This nature increases in the overall size of the picture and decreases the ability of the user to read small type and see the small artwork details. The two format choices of the Windows Media Player are the Windows Media Audio and MP3. This software offers 18 levels of quality and exactly four levels.


Windows Media Player is a good option for music as it comes with the own music visualization. Everyone with a desire to make use of this software is advised to know how to properly use every facility and enhance the level of entertainment further. This software is bundled with the Microsoft Windows. This software is available for users of the Windows 95 and later versions of the operating systems of the Microsoft Windows. Different versions of the Windows Media Player give 100% satisfaction to all users. This highly versatile program is designed to listen to music files, view videos, and stream audio files in particular Internet radio. Every user of this software does not require any third-party app to play the music. They can use this software to rip their CDs to the hard drive of their computer, burn DVDs or CDs, and to synchronize files to any portable device such as an MP3 player.

Kind Reminder: Windows Media Player is part of an upgrade or a standard Windows 10 installation. New installations (or new computers with Windows 10 installed) will also have have Media Player installed too. So this will work in both situations.

To remove it, click on run and search for “Turn on or off Windows Features”. If you select the top option, you will see a window open up. From here you can expand the “Media Features” section, and uncheck “Windows Media Player”. However, when you want to remove other programs or software from your computer, but don’t know What can you do if some of the programs are not installed properly, you can try Uninstallor.

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