Feb 21, 2021

How to Uninstall FLV-Media Player Completely Step by Step?

Failed to uninstall FLV-Media Player completely? How do you remove it from your system in easy step by step guides? Can you recommend a great removal tool for new computer users?

Want to download the latest version of FLV-Media Player

Actually, most of the media players will not support .flv format videos that are downloaded from YouTube. But, the FLV media player provides an easy solution. It is a direct media player with one single use, i.e. playing .flv files. To open a file, you can press Ctrl+O, browse to a file that you need to play and simply open it or else double click an .flv file from within a windows explorer. Also, you can drag and drop the files into a player. Even the player allows you to play several .flv files, just drag many files to a player and then it play each in its personal window. Generally, you can control a video play through usual controls or a wide variety of shortcuts in keyboard. Also, you can toggle back and forth between the normal model and complete screen mode. One essential thing to note is that you might run into issues while installing the software on the windows vista. If this is a case, you just right click an installation file and select run as administrator. This can solve the issue as easy as problem.

If you need to play the flv video files, but do not have an appropriate FLV player, now, the free FLV player is a great media playing software that can assist you enjoy the FLV/F4V/SWF videos on PC with the excellent sound quality and high quality picture as well. Basically, the term FLV stands for Flash Video, which is a type of media file that utilizes the Adobe Air or Adobe Flash Player to send audio/ video through the internet. In recent days, the FLV is widely utilized on the web streaming sites such as Daily Motion, Vimeo and YouTube and many more. You can also view several videos online that are available in FLV format. But still, FLV cannot even be played by several default media players. First of all, you want to know how to play FLV files. At present, there are plenty of FLV players available that even include free FLV video players given on the market. You can also discover the best FLV players for android, iPhone, Mac and windows PC devices. This FLV video file is also opened with web FLV, VLC or flash player. With FLV file, you can also convert to GIF, MOV, MP4 and others with cloud convert to any video converter.


FLV or flash video is a format used to play the animation and video on the internet. It actually invented with Macro media Flash software that was developed by Adobe. Typically, the FLV files can be played in an online browser or simply in a standalone media player. The major advantages of FLV are its familiarity, its skill to make small, but the best quality files and also its flexibility as well. Since, the FLV is a most famous file. It is also becoming a standard file format for several news websites and video sharing websites as well. The basic reason for this file is that the FLV can be easily seen in any web browser, which also utilizes the browser plugin or Adobe Flash Player and nearly the entire modern browsers, which come with a preinstalled plugin. The file format of FLV is cross platform, so it can be played on PCs that are running Linux, Macintosh or Windows.

Moreover, the FLV format also generates much minor files than several other video formats and also gives a top level of compression without more loss of quality. Along with, the FLV files incline to load as fast as possible even on a slow online connection or an older PC. Even the video and audio streams are distinct, so the FLV files always incline to have the best video quality and sound quality as well. Furthermore, the FLV format is also a streaming format, but increasingly downloads. But, the entire file does not even have to download, before it can start to play and the video can be easily started and stopped from any point. The controls of a slider and buttons in a player permit the viewer to play, stop and go forward or back in a video. Most of other video formats can also be simply converted to FLV format, if they were not initially made in the flash. In addition to, many of the famous video editing software packages can export to FLV, but the FLV format is not simply for video. Also, it can be used for animation, banner ads and presentations.


The FLV files also have some disadvantages. Making flash content can be time consuming as well as costlier. The flash files are not even documented by the search engine spiders and hence, they do not even include to the optimization of a site. The viewers might experience lengthier weighting times to access an online page with the flash, particularly if the visitor is using dial up connection. The initial difficult is also in FLV file. Between the versions five and eight, the flash video went over a couple of main changes that needed more upgrade work for the creators. Now, the flash has settled down and there must not be any lot of massive changes on horizon, but the macro media or adobe has yet to agree that this format can go for several years at a time without even needing the creators to play a catch up.

If you are not happy with it and want to uninstall FLV-Media Player completely from your computer, just follow the guides below.

How to Uninstall FLV-Media Player Completely with Step by Step Guides?

If you don’t have any computer skills, you probably feel frustrated when trying to uninstall this software. However, we have two solutions for you, they are manual removal and automatical removal guides.

Option 1: Uninstall FLV-Media Player manually. There are three methods to choose on Window 10.

Method 1: Uninstall this app from Start menu.

Step 1: Click Windows icon at left bottom to open start menu.

Step 2: Look for the FLV-Media Player. Right click on its icon, select Uninstall and confirm the task.

Method 2: Uninstall it from Settings.

Step 1: Click Windows icon at left bottom, and select Settings to open.

Step 2: On Settings screen, double click Apps. Select Apps & features on the next window.

Step 3: You will see the installed software. Look and select FLV-Media Player there. Click Uninstall from the popup menu. Confirm the uninstalling.

Method 3: Uninstall FLV-Media Player from Control Panel.

Step 1: Click search box on taskbar and type Control Panel. Click Control Panel from the popup list.

Step 2: Click Uninstall a program under Program menu.

Step 3: Select the FLV-Media Player app and click Uninstall. Confirm the uninstalling.

After uninstalling the software, it is time to remove all its leftovers. To get started, you need to open Registry Editor. Press Windows key + R, type regedit, and press Enter. Next, click Edit at the top of the window and select Find. Then, enter FLV-Media Player in the search box and click Find Next. Finally remove all entries detected.

  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ CLSID \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ Interface \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Shell Extension \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UserData \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Classes \ CLSID \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Classes \ TyperLib \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Shell Extension \
  • HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall \

After you remove all the registry files above, then it is gone.

Option 2: Uninstall FLV-Media Player with Uninstallor

You are suggested to remove programs and apps from your system by using Uninstallor. Uninstallor is a useful uninstaller which helps users uninstall persistence software, adware, bloatware and other unwanted programs effectively without leaving useless files and folders after the uninstallation. Below are the guides to use Uninstallor to uninstall it completely.

Step 1, download and install Uninstallor onto your computer. Run it and select “FLV-Media Player” and click on Analyze to start.

Step 2 Click Uninstall Now button to continue uninstalling.

Step 3 Click Remove Now button and click Yes to clear leftovers after uninstalling.

Uninstall Completed! FLV-Media Player has been removed completely from your computer.


Therefore, the FLV files have become ultimately famous for several reasons. It can be utilized for several uses, for instance, web animations, banner ads, online presentations and movies, etc. The flash files can be simply seen by more than 90% of online visitors. Normally, these flash files can be very small and easily downloaded as well. Due to its file format and smaller size of a flash, it can be seen through a broadband as well as dial up and also on older and slower computers. Also, the wide variety of numerous kinds of video files can be simply converted to a flash format. However, if you don’t want it leave on your computer, just uninstall FLV-Media Player completely with the methods here.

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