Windscribe VPN Free Trial 2024: Get 10Gb/mo for Free!

How to get Windscribe VPN free trial? Is Windscribe VPN free? To learn more about this VPN service, please take a look at the complete review about the Windscribe free trial.

Windscribe is a prominent internet security and privacy company. As we know, Windscribe is a Canadian based company which can provide the best alternative to US based clients. They are providing free VPN plan with the 10GB of bandwidth per month. The main advantages of using this VPN are that it has standard open VPN tunneling protocol and 256 bit AES encryption. Windscribe is having more than 500 servers in 60 countries. In a modern world, most of the people are willing to use Windscribe VPN because it is designed with amazing numbers of the features such as
• Kill switch
• Split tunneling
• Torrenting
• IP addresses
• Netflix

What is Windscribe?

As we know, Windscribe is the virtual private network which is especially designed to keep you anonymous in online. It is providing specific options for DNS servers and it might allow you to set custom API resolution and configure proxy for using with VPN. You can also configure manually to work with the specific applications. To grab the full experience, Windscribe browser extension is the necessary one. This kind of the extension is providing you the second layer of VPN protection which is similar to NordVPN. Fortunately, browser extension might work alongside ROBERT that is considered as the fancy ad blocker. At the same time, it is using IP address and DNS requests for blocking access to specific types of the sites. It has capability to block malicious sites. You might configure it for blocking gambling sites, social networks, fake news and porn. It has native apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux and Android. If you use this VPN then you can get native apps for Amazon streaming service and Nvidia shield. There are vast numbers of the reasons there to choose this VPN such as
• Amazing browser extension
• Installed on routers
• Free trials available
• Accept cryptocurrency
• Payment methods
• Simultaneous connections
• Worldwide server amount
• Desktop OSes
• Mobile OSes
Windscribe is having kill switch feature which is also known as network lock feature. It can provide the split tunneling which means you can able to go on the private as well as public network simultaneously. Secure hash algorithm might encrypt data and match specific public key to the identity. Windscribe protocol helps to decide how data could be transmitted around the network. If you choose Windscribe free trial then you can get advantages of using this VPN.

Advantages of Using Windscribe VPN Free Trial

Generally, Windscribe VPN is the best provider which might promise to help you to browse privately. It is having famous free version that could attract many users with the 10GB monthly data limit. As we know, top quality of the VPN is really useful to access the geo restricted streaming content by masking IP address. Once you connect to the VPN, it will assign you new IP address. Fortunately, Windscribe is having dedicated VPN servers which help users across Netflix in different countries. Whether you are looking for online gaming, streaming, Torrenting or browsing the web then using best VPN is necessary one. Windscribe is providing IPv6 or DNS leak protection which ensure that it can protect your location from others. When it comes to the advantages of using Windscribe VPN then it includes
• Strong encryption and privacy features
• Safe to use
• Windflix feature to bypass the Netflix restrictions
• Torrenting is allowed
• Supports multiple devices around different platforms
• User friendly app
Remember one thing; specific information might not be collected by the Windscribe such as source IP, historical record of VPN sessions and sites that you visited when you connect to VPN. It might collect timestamp of last activity on Windscribe network and total amount of the bytes could be transferred in the specific period. It is using unique security suite which is known as ROBERT and it is the customizable blocker and it might protect you from wide varieties of invasive and harmful content.

Top Rated Reasons to Use Windscribe VPN

With the help of Robert, you will choose from the list of content to block which includes malware trackers, advertisements and cryptominers. Once you block this kind of the feature then it might keep you safe. With the help of free version, you might get access to servers in more than 11 countries. It comes with amazing numbers of the features which includes TCP, UDP, IKEv2, OpenVPN and SOCKS5 Protocols. If you are doing some research in online then you can easily find out the importance of using Windscribe virtual private network. According to the studies says that it has special servers which is known as Windflix. This kind of the server can work on certain locations like UK and US. The main benefit of using this VPN is that you can easily stream Netflix using Windscribe. It helps to safeguard the Torrenting sessions which might make impenetrable tunnel to keep you safe. Windscribe might connect gaming console to the router. It works with the TOR through standalone app. Fortunately, you might download Windscribe apps on both android and windows devices.

Things to Know about Windscribe VPN

People are showing interest to use Windscribe VPN for many reasons which includes
• No logs
• Allows P2P
• Unlimited simultaneous connections
• Fast speeds
• Strong security
• Unblocks Netflix
Fortunately, it has free offering option which is pretty limited rather than premium options. It boasts the firewall which might protect against any kinds of leak which includes IPv6 and DNS. Once you get the Windscribe account setup then you can easily download and install app because it is completely straightforward. Once you log into the desktop client then you might that indeed Windscribe app is compact. The main screen might show you current IP whether VPN is connected or not. If you read the privacy and logging policy then you can get clear about what they collect or not. Online account management interface might allow you to apply specific features which includes anti malware filter, tracker blocking and ad blocking. To understand this service in detail then you are advisable to take advantage on the Windscribe VPN free trail because it is offering fantastic numbers of the advantages.

Efficient Information about Windscribe Free Trail

According to the studies says that Windscribe is offering excellent download speeds so you can get stable and fast internet connection. It supports massive numbers of the devices so it is completely easy to use. It provides unlimited numbers of the connections so you can easily connect to any server. Windscribe is not only the finest VPN providers across the world but it is one of the best paid for service. When it comes to the safest option for streaming performance and speed then Windscribe is the excellent option. In a modern world, vast numbers of the VPN services are available but people are willing to use Windscribe because of its wonderful features. It is completely safe to use because it comes with wonderful numbers of the benefits such as
• Simple interface
• Extremely powerful encryption
• No saved logs
• Return back guarantee
As we know, free Windscribe VPN might come with the few restrictions and limited numbers of the servers so you can use only up to 10GN for a month. If you are looking to secure network when you are planning to use it in the public domains then using this free option is the wonderful options.

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Everything to Know about Windscribe VPN

Outstanding features are available in the Windscribe virtual private network because it has wonderful and special dedicated servers which are having strict policy against the virtual private network. It is the full featured VPN software along with the impressive privacy policy. It will allow the provider to walk thin line in information which they collect. You no need to enter email address because it is backed by quick and easy signup process. If you surf in online then you can get complete information about this virtual private network. It is offering three SMB and enterprise pricing place so you can choose the best one as per your needs. This kind of the VPN is the finest option to specific customer such as large enterprise, small business, freelancers, medium business and so on. At the same time, it supports multiple languages such as Swedish, English, Turkish and Dutch. Online is the best and finest platform to get complete information about Windscribe virtual private network. If you are a newbie to use this VPN then you can read the reviews that are available in online. It is offering complete access to the geo restricted content so you can easily crack down for viewing geo locked movies and shows. It comes with the self help section which includes FAQs, setup guides and knowledge base. Moving on to their technical support then you can get three options like talk to garry, subreddit and submit ticket.

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