TorGuard Free Trial 2024: Get 7-Day Free Account Now

Want to know about the TorGuard free trial and how to use it? Strong torrenting support and larger server network increase the success rate of the TorGuard platform. VPN service of the TorGuard is really privacy-friendly service across various categories. The main attractions of this service include, but not limited to a strict no-logs policy, P2P support, a built-in adblocker, robust security, responsive customer service, and the overall ability for bypassing the tough censorships devoid of being detected.

New and regular users of the TorGuard VPN get the complete protection of their privacy while using torrents. They get the prompt assistance and the first-class services mainly because 3000+ servers available in 55 countries. You can make use of the custom apps for android, iOS, Windows, Mac and setup instructions for Linux at any time you prefer this VPN service.

TorGuard is Good for Torrenting

Torrenting is one of the main benefits for users of the TorGuard beyond doubt. The “Tor” in the name of the TorGuard refers to torrents. The secure torrenting is the main part of the service from the TorGuard. TorGuard successfully supports the P2P file sharing on servers in its large and secure network.

If you make use of the TorGuard VPN, then you can get different benefits from the secure torrenting. TorGuard is entirely compatible with the uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze and qBittorrent. Port forwarding is also supported by the TorGuard for improving the torrenting file transfer rate.

TorGuard is Safe

Users of the TorGuard are well protected with the robust security nature of this VPN service. The first-class VPN service masks the IP address and protects the data with the secure encryption. Built-in DNS as well as IPv6 leak protection along with the STunnel obfuscation feature in this VPN system hide the fact that its users are using the VPN.

If you like to be smart, comfortable and successful in your approach to escape tough censorship as well as bypass the VPN bans, then you can prefer and use the TorGuard hereafter. An automatic kill switch offered by the TorGuard keeps users’ data secure even though their VPN connection suddenly drops.

All users of the TorGuard can set up an app kill list and reap benefits from it along with a master kill switch. This facility immediately closes every app on the list when the VPN disconnects. There is no DNS leak while users are connected to the TorGuard.


Users of the TorGuard free trial facility are satisfied with the maximum freedom from the TorGuard to select their preferred encryption technique and secure the overall protocol. AES 256-bit encryption is one of the most secure options available for users of the TorGuard. If you like to use the faster and less secure encryption option, then you can choose and use the Blowfish 128-bit encryption or AES 128-bit encryption. Multiple security protocols like OpenConnect VPN, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec are supported by the TorGuard. However, OpenConnect VPN is the fast protocol which masks the VPN traffic of users to look like the usual SSL traffic.

Use the Free Trial Facility and Money-back Guarantee Option

TorGuard provides a 7-day free trial. Once you have decided to use this free trial facility, you must email your recent VPN bill from the existing VPN service provider and exclude the VPN newcomers. This is because you can get 30 days TorGuard free on any VPN plan later. If you use the 7-day free trial and cancel the old VPN, then you have to send the email proof of such VPN cancellation to the TorGuard.

Once TorGuard has verified such cancellation, it provides 30 days free on any VPN plan for such users. People who sign up at the TorGuard can get the absolute assistance on time as expected. They can take advantage of various payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin, card and gift card. Everyone who gets the money-back protection from the TorGuard can feel confidence to use it and make use of every opportunity to reap benefits from it.

Do not Make Any Compromise On the Privacy

The privacy page of the TorGuard restricts itself to a single sentence ‘TorGuard does not collect or log any data from its VPN or Proxy services.’ Individuals who look at the basics of this privacy policy of the TorGuard can get the complete assistance and use every chance to be successful in their way to get the desired benefits.

People who pay attention to the technical side of the VPN service offered by the TorGuard are amazed about advanced features. For example, several stealth and obfuscation technologies aim to get users of the VPN to be connected regardless of the location which detects as well as blocks the usual VPNs.

All users of the TorGuard VPN can manually control their encryption algorithm, authentication method and port. They ensure that built-in blocking of WebRTC as well as IPv6 leaks in the TorGuard VPN prevents them to give away any clue to their identity. They take advantage of a kill switch which blocks the entire Internet access when the VPN drops.

The Windows Client can launch a program without any human intervention when the VPN connects and close it soon after it disconnects. This facility is helpful to make certain that the overall changes on online are well protected. There are several options to help individuals who do not wish to spend enough time to set up the VPN system. The user’s knowledge as well as experience plays the main roles when such user is willing to efficiently use the VPN.

It is the suitable time to understand everything offered by the TorGuard and use the best suggestions for enhancing your approach for using this system. You will get the complete assistance on time to properly set up the TorGuard and get different benefits from the excellent privacy and security.

As a network novice, you may like to access and use the simple yet effective resources as efficient as possible. Simple settings and user-friendly apps associated with the TorGuard nowadays increase the overall curiosity of many people worldwide to prefer and use the TorGuard free trial facility accessible on online. This is advisable to spend enough time and understand basics and advanced aspects of the auto-connect facility for accessing the insecure networks, DNS leak protection and global kill switch.

How to Start Using the TorGuard Premium Option

People who have used the TorGuard free trial these days are eager to sign up for the monthly VPN plan available at a competitive price. They can opt for a card payment as there is no longer any support for the PayPal. They can provide their name and contact details for the successful sign up process on online. This is advisable to check every aspect of the payment form available at the official website of the TorGuard.

Keep in mind that TorGuard uses some of your account details to automatically fill in some payment details like the billing address. You can make essential changes in this stage of the payment form when you find any single character error or any major mistake in the postcode. You must edit and save the account details.

People who have successfully signed up at the TorGuard can access the Download page. This page includes all the links as well as setup instructions for various mobile operating systems and computer operating system based apps like iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac. Many people worldwide use the Windows in our time. They can feel comfortable when they download, install and launch the client within a couple of seconds.

There is no automatic option in the TorGuard. This option is useful when the client selects the nearest location of users on its own. The client’s location picker now plays a good role by making up for this. You may think that you can easily filter a list of countries based on the continent or sort by the overall distance from your current location. However, you have to keep in mind that how often you have used each location.

This is worthwhile to use the effective and simple method to view your favourite servers. Newbies get confused with the cluttered interface with all categories of intimidating options displayed like an STunnel enabled switch, Cipher, Tunnel type and Port / Auth.


• Expert-level configurability
• Large network
• Unblocks Netflix
• Live chat support


• Not recommended for beginners
• Clumsy app interface
• Poor support website
• Could not unblock the Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer and Disney+


TorGuard is largely configurable system with loads of unique and powerful options. However, it is not built for ease of use. Every user of this system must be an expert in the VPN sector to take advantage of this service. TorGuard really excels at add-ons as an array of options like streaming and residential IPs for several countries to unblock just about anything in the destination nation. You can use a 7-day TorGuard free trial and make a good decision about how to reap benefits from a proper use of the best suitable VPN system.

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