May 12, 2020

SaferVPN Free Trial 2020: Activate Your 24-Hour VPN Free Trial!

Want to know the latest updates of SaferVPN free trial? Many people around the world think about how to get the VPN free trial to test out the service devoid of any risk. They can take note of attractive things about the SaferVPN Free Trial and get an overview about the VPN service from the SaferVPN Company. Every user of this 24-hour free trial facility with no credit card requirement is satisfied and many of them willing to prefer and invest in the paid version of the VPN service. SaferVPN also provides 30 days money back guarantee to all paid VPN service users. You can feel free to use this facility and begin a step to reap benefits from the VPN.

About SaferVPN

SaferVPN is the trustworthy company specialized in the VPN services which let users to surf the web without compromising their privacy. Users of the Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems can access and use the VPN from this company. SaferVPN is available with extensions for users of the Firebox and Chrome. This leading company sells the best-in-class routers with the advanced services built-in.

It is the suitable time to connect up to five devices at the same time with the same account of the SaferVPN. This company operates over 700 premium VPN servers over 34 countries. This is an important reason behind users of this company’s VPN. You can enjoy the full Internet freedom regardless of time and location when you have started using the SaferVPN service.

Attractive Things about the SaferVPN

SaferVPN supports users to easily hide away from their real IP and surf the web on an encrypted connection. They are happy to access the websites and content on online unavailable in their region. They make certain that their activities on the web are not monitored and their personal details are never shared with anyone regardless whether they use the secure home Internet or public Wi-Fi.

Once you have decided to use the VPN and make your browsing experience secure and swift, you can prefer and use the SaferVPN VPN service. The best-in-class facilities of the SaferVPN give different benefits for every user. For example, this VPN system automatically chooses the VPN protocol suitable for the network of its users.

Feel Comfortable and Safe While Using the VPN Service

Data encryption related issues play the important role behind the overall benefits for users of the VPN. SaferVPN encrypts the data and traffic with the first-class nature of the 256-bit bank-level encryption. This VPN service also adds an additional layer of security to ensure that users’ personal information and also communication are entirely protected from thieves and hackers.

Once anyone has preferred a 24-hour free trial from the SaferVPN, he or she is willing to prefer and invest in the paid version of the VPN service from this company.

Individuals who sign up at the official website of the SaferVPN feel comfortable as the hassle-free method to sign up. They get different payment methods like the Bitcoin, credit cards and PayPal to choose and use one of these methods to pay for the VPN service. They take advantage of different levels of anonymity when paying for the VPN service from this company. They are happy and confident as every paid SaferVPN VPN plan comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

VPN Plans from the SaferVPN

SaferVPN provides three main paid VPN plans for its customers. The first plan is for one month VPN at $12.95. The second plan is for one year VPN at $5.49 per month. The third plan is for three years VPN at $2.50 per month. Keep in mind that the one month VPN plan from the SaferVPN is expensive when compared to other two VPN plans.

If you are eager to get the safe, fast and simple virtual private network at the competitive price, then you can contact the official website of the SaferVPN right now. You will get the absolute guidance and use the SaferVPN free trial facility at first. You will be encouraged to invest in one of the paid VPN plans from this reputable company.

What are the Payment Methods Available at SaferVPN?

SaferVPN supports different payment methods include, but not limited to the PayPal, Visa, Mint, Bitcoin, Alipay, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express and WebMoney. You can choose and use one of the most suitable payment methods to pay for the VPN plan offered by this company. Well experienced and dedicated personnel of this company make certain online security and privacy of all customers. They provide the anonymous mean of payments.

If you search for the payment method which provides you 100% anonymity, then you can prefer the Bitcoin. You do not require specify your real name, billing address, card number or any other personal information while using the bitcoin to pay for the VPN service. You have to specify your email address and pay for the suitable VPN plan without delay and complexity.

Use a 24-hour Free VPN Trial

SaferVPN provides 24 hours free VPN trial facility which is very helpful to potential customers with an interest to test the VPN from this company. You may think about any limitation on the speed and bandwidth in the trial period. There is no such limitation in the 24 hours of free VPN trial offered by the SaferVPN. This is because this company provides no limit on the free VPN trial users’ speed and bandwidth. You can access to 700+ high speed servers in more than 34 locations worldwide and get more than expected benefits. Users of the free trial facility can find out whether the VPN from the SaferVPN delivers the most expected performance, safety and speed.

Many men and women take note of SaferVPN VPN plans with 30 days money back guarantee. They are confident to make use of the paid VPN plan due to the 30 days money back guarantee. This is because they use this facility to explore the VPN service in different aspects. For example, they check out the categories of activity logs are kept and encryption methods used in the VPN service. You can feel free to prefer and use the SaferVPN VPN free trial facility. You do not require providing your credit or debit card details for using this free VPN trial facility.

Why Choose the SaferVPN?

All beginners to the VPN services from the company SaferVPN nowadays think about why they have to choose and invest in one of the VPN plans from this company. They can focus on the following details about attractive things associated with the VPN services from this reliable company.
• 5 simultaneous connections
• 700+ servers in 34 countries
• Automatic Wi-Fi protection
• Kill Switch
• Unlimited traffic bandwidth & data usage

Every user of the SaferVPN VPN can connect multiple devices in the convenient way. They enjoy the overall benefits of using the VPN in an efficient way. They can get 5 simultaneous connections on any VPN plan they have chosen from this company. SaferVPN operates more than 700 advanced servers in 34 countries all through the world. Users of the SaferVPN VPN can connect with any of these servers and get a different IP address. They can use such IP address to access any geo-blocking content in their region or while travelling. They must understand that they only get the best server nearby their location.

Kill Switch

SaferVPN provides the Kill Switch facility to all VPN clients for the purpose of additional layer of protection. If you enable this feature, then it disconnects you almost immediately after the Internet connection drops for any reason. The main purpose of this facility is to avoid your Internet Protocol being leaked. Users of the VPN with the Kill Switch feature can maintain their anonymity and make certain about their security.

Automatic Wi-Fi

Automatic Wi-Fi protection is another attraction of the SaferVPN VPN services at this time. Users of the SaferVPN take advantage of this facility to browse over the public Wi-Fi devoid of fear or worry about their privacy. They download the SaferVPN app and let this app to turn on the VPN protection automatically. They get the complete protection against the cyber security threats and online identify theft related issues.

No limitation on the speed, bandwidth and location switching

Users of the SaferVPN VPN service take advantage of the unlimited speed, bandwidth, and location switching. They are happy to prevent their ISP from throttling their service. They get 100% satisfaction as no one monitors how much data they use. SaferVPN supports unlimited server switching facility and access to all servers available devoid of reservation irrespective of the VPN plan.

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Make a Well-informed Decision

Individuals who consider how to get their online activity private can focus on everything about VPN plans from the SaferVPN right now. They get the best guidance at any time they contact the official website of the SaferVPN and make positive changes in their way to prefer and invest in one of the most suitable VPN plans. They get rid of obstacles on the way to use the first-class virtual private network service at the competitive price. They will get 100% satisfaction from the SaferVPN free trial and affordable VPN plans.

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