A Detailed Review about VPNArea Free Trial

Actually, VPNarea is a Bulgarian online privacy service and it greatly supports both Torrenting and Netflix. It has the perfect building blocks to offer the security that is essential and has some tools to assist the requirements of any user. The VPNArea has so many applications for each single major device that includes android, iOS, windows and Mac. You can even connect up to five different device connections at a time. When you are using this device, you must have unlimited access; because there is no completely downloading, throttling or other restrictions.

Excellent Features of VPNArea

The VPNArea provides a risk free trial to those who interested in several features as well as full service of their product. With a seven day refund policy applied to every buy, you are assured to obtain a refund in case you decide that the VPNArea is not only for you. Also, you do not depress, while it is one of the good around and also it is value an attempt. Below are the excellent features of VPNArea that include:

Access streaming sites
You can access your most favorite content from anywhere with this special streaming server.

Change IP to 70 countries
You can get unlimited access to the quick VPN network. So, you never oversold and great speed optimized.

No logs shared IPs
They do not even record any logs on VPN or DNS servers. You just stay mysterious by simply using a same IP address as beneficiary members.

Connect 6 devices share account
You can even enjoy the service up to six devices at the same time or just share your account with a friend.

Go quicker with IKEv2 VPN
Apart from a super safe open VPN protocol, they also offer you with IKEv2 VPN that enables for 50% to 100% quicker speeds than you will ever look with any other VPN providers.

Unlimited bandwidth
You do not even have to worry on your data consumption and there are no limits.

Ad blocking and malware prevention
The block ads and end your ISP from viewing what deals with you to visit with DNS servers.

Kill switch system
The kill switch will safeguard your IP in case of VPN disconnection.

Server load monitor
With this software, you can view how busy the server is before you connect to it.

Speed test
You have to test the ping and download speed to discover out the quickest server for you. Even thousands of hours are invested in crafting ideal software with several bonus features.

P2P allowed
You can also download P2P content even on the servers in almost all countries even in Canada/ USA.

Account sharing
Probably, the only VPN is available that enables account sharing with family/ friends/ colleagues as well.

Stealth VPN/ stunnel
When you are in UAE or China, the obfuscation choice will mask your online traffic to appear like normal traffic with a support of stunnel.

Log DNS servers
Your DNS requests turning domain such as Google.com into IP are not logged, so thanks to the DNS servers.

Duel VPN servers
They have duel VPN servers, where your usage will go not via one, but via two VPN servers of hours.

No IPV6 and WebRTC & DNS leaks
The WebRTC and IPV6 and DNS can leak your genuine IP address despite having a VPN and not with the software.

Unknown payment/ signup
It only needs a username, email address and password. You can also even pay with a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

VPNArea in home security systems
The VPNArea software application is highly safe. It is secure; because it has some neat in home security systems installed in it by default. Any user who likes to use a safe piece of software will acknowledge the VPNArea’s work in this section. Let you discuss on.

VPNArea’s anti-webRTC system
Primarily, this system fixes the webRTC leak on any operating systems such as windows. This webRTC leak is more importantly a browser exploit. It can also release the secret information such as IP address and location of any user, even if that user is connected to a VPN service. All VPNArea gets free of this issue by simply fixing a webRTC leaks through its individual webRTC system.

Anti-DNS leak system
You just see that the VPN service encrypts your traffic. Also, it blocks your internet service providers from spying on you as well as monitoring your traffic as well. But, the normal VPN service does not even block the internet service providers from knowing the perfect names of websites in which the user goes to.

Pricing and plans of VPNArea

The VPNArea usually provides three tiers of service monthly, six month subscriptions or annual subscriptions. When you choose a top tier, you must pay less and its monthly plan is $9.90 per month. But, if you select 12 months plan, you will pay very less and where you obtain the great deal is at 36 months for $2.99 per month. Though, the only obstacle is that you have to pay the whole years in advance. In addition to, the VPNArea also provides a 30-day money back guarantee, if you decide that you are not satisfied with this service. The other best part is that they respect their policy of obscurity by providing both conventional payment procedures along with mysterious procedures such as Bitcoin.

VPNArea Trial account- Attempt VPNArea Risk-Free 30 Days

At present, VPNArea is providing a 30 day free trial period for new customers with a money back guarantee. For more details and to sign up for VPN access, you can simply log into the VPNArea. To cancel, you just contact their support during the initial 30 days of service and also request a refund as well. Along with this 30 days trial period with money back guarantee, also thanks to the VPNArea team for providing a special discount to the visitors on their VPN service. To take a benefit of this offer, you must enter the coupon code on a signup page. You can also use the promo code to save up to 15% off on any terms such as monthly, semi-annual or annual.

Furthermore, VPNArea is providing a special offer and discount to all new customers. You can also even enjoy the annual unlimited access for only $51.92 that works out to simply around $4.33 per month. While the costs of six month term are $44 and its monthly access is $9.90. Besides that, the VPNArea special does not even need a coupon code. To take advantage of this, you have a chance to review the service details and features by just clicking on a pricing button. Then, you can also select a monthly, six month or annual account term. During this checkout, you must enter a coupon code as to save an extra 15% off. Some of the VPNArea specials are including the following:

  • Monthly price- $8.42 $9.90 per month
  • 12 months special- $50.15 $59.00 for six months
  • 36 months special- $91.49 $107.64 for 3 years

VPNArea and its dedicated IP with private server

VPNArea always allows its customers to augment their subscription packages. It also enables them to perform that via an additional charge of $15 per year. For an additional charge, the users can include a dedicated IP with the private VPN server right into their current package. This means that the users are fully free to select their VPN servers from many more countries. Moreover, the cost of extra dedicated IP will be fully based on which country you are signing up to. It must be also mentioned that the VPNArea has fairly improved the cost of its dedicated IP.

But still, the VPNArea requires staying competitive in the market, but also needs to make a profit to keep the business running. Even at just $15 per year, VPNArea is one of the most cost-effective VPN services available as distant as dedicated IP is concerned. More possibly, VPNArea is one of the few and its VPN services are providing its users a fully private VPN server for free of cost. Overall, the VPN servers have a dedicated IP address that impresses more interest from the techies of this globe.


• 24/7 live support
• A cell phone app worked effortlessly
• Completely autonomous iOS app for iPhone/ iPad on app store
• A desktop app for windows and Mac
• Customer service seemed genuinely interested in supporting
• Privacy is protected that they are not a part of 14 eyes and do not log information


Download instructions quite confusing should be followed closely for program to work

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Ultimately, the services provided by VPNarea are very amazing. Of course, the VPNArea practices are a most favourable policy, so anyone can make purchase and get one week to think that whether it is a right VPN service for you or not. If you are not satisfied with this service, you can receive your refund money within 30 days.

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