Mar 16, 2020

Read NordVPN Review 2024 and Make an Informed Decision

Read an unbiased review of NordVPN and make an informed decision. The advanced features of Virtual Private Network (VPN) nowadays create an encrypted tunnel between the computer and server. The entire web traffic is properly routed through this tunnel. Individuals who use the VPN can make certain that no one can sneak a peek at their data. They are happy to use this system to prevent the malicious network operators from intercepting information and using DNS poisoning techniques to trick them into visiting phishing web pages. They are confident to recommend this system to their friends who ask about how to protect the web traffic from being monitored by the ISP as ever-increasing chances that ISPs sell anonymized user data. It is the right time to be aware of everything associated with the NordVPN and make positive changes in your approach to prefer and use the appropriate VPN.

Basics of the NordVPN

As a personal virtual private network service provider of good reputation and with happy customer base, NordVPN attracts almost everyone and increases their overall curiosity to directly prefer and use this VPN service. This leading company provides the desktop applications for the Linux, Windows and macOS and also mobile apps for iOS and Android. This company also provides an application for the Android TV.

Users of the wireless routers and NAS devices can make use of the manual setup option. NordVPN efficiently routes the Internet traffic of users through a remote server run by the service and hides the IP addresses and users. This system properly encrypts the incoming and outgoing data. Technologies used by this company for the purpose of encryption are OpenVPN and Internet Key Exchange v2/IPsec.

You may search for the best-in-class nature of the general-use VPN server or server for a particular purpose at this time. You can contact this company and get the professional guidance to fulfil your requirements regarding the server selection and investment. You will get loads of benefits from the double encryption, P2P sharing and connection to the Tor anonymity network.

Benefits and drawbacks of NordVPN

Individuals who explore everything about the advantages and disadvantages of the NordVPN can get the complete guidance and make a good decision to directly choose and buy one of the most suitable VPN servers as per their requirements. They think smart and use the best suggestions to compare and narrow down a list of choices regarding the virtual private network servers offered by this reputable company.

The maximum privacy and security

NordVPN is suitable for everyone who is very conscious about their privacy and security of their data. This company is headquartered in Panama which has no data retention laws and its government does not carry out any Internet surveillance so far. This company does not require retaining logs of activities of its users. This company provides the best location for the privacy and includes the superior encryption standards. NordVPN uses the 256-bit advanced encryption standard. This company also uses the PGP keys in the customer contact for protecting the account details. These PP keys can be used for encrypting the communications between the customer and NordVPN. These keys are practically unbreakable.

Kill switches ensure 100% privacy

Two types of kill-switches exist at this time. Every user can select whether to close an app or entirely terminate the Internet connection that is system wide kill switch. They get loads of benefits from the kill switch when the connection to the NordVPN server goes down. This is because the kill switch brings the Internet communications to a screeching halt. The mobile version of the kill switch stops everything. However, the Mac or Windows version of the kill switch lets users to choose what app stops communicating when something happens.

Double VPN

NordVPN comes with the double VPN. Users of this VPN get an additional layer of protection as a proper approach for linking two VPN servers. Computer or any mobile device of users of the NordVPN first connect with one VPN server and then connect with another VPN server before reaching the destination. The destination IP of users goes through two changes and data get encrypted two times for the purpose of double protection.

An easy way to connect 6 devices on many platform types

NordVPN supports users to connect 6 devices like two Smartphones, two tablets, laptop and computer. Every user of this VPN is happy to get different benefits from six simultaneous connections at the same time per account. They can individually secure all their devices and throw it on their router as per their wishes.

The maximum speed

The overall speed of the NordVPN is so impressive worldwide. Users of the NordVPN conveniently stream 4K videos devoid of any problem. They are satisfied with the YouTube streaming for 2k and 4k high definition without compromising their expectations.

Disadvantages of NordVPN

It is the right time to concentrate on the main disadvantages of the NordVPN. Torrenting is only supported on some servers. There are three options namely Dedicated, Onion over VPN or P2P and DoubleVPN. Though these facilities support users, NordVPN does not support torrenting.

Individuals who are torrenting fans these days are disappointed as the limitation of certain servers. If they use the client app as the one of the NordVPN has for the operating system Windows, then they experience the slowdown of the app. This is because this system takes awhile to hook up to a server.

OpenVPN configuration of the NordVPN is not entirely user-friendly. This is because users have to download the ZIP file of the servers of the NordVPN so as to get the configuration file for each server which has two configurations for UDP and TCP respectively. NordVPN does not make any service guarantee and have phone customer support.

Though NordVPN is privacy-centric, full-featured VPN service with a solid reputation, the VPN offered by this company is an expensive and not available with the complete customer support. This VPN is not user-friendly with large geographic reach. The visual server map of the NordVPN could use additional functions. There are only 6 simultaneous connections allowed in NordVPN.

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After reading this review of NordVPN and you must understand if you will need this VPN service and you can make an informed decision. Like many other VPN services, NordVPN has disadvantages but it still has many advantages, it provides more than 5400 servers in many countries, and the price is affordable. With NordVPN, you can unblock many blocked sites and apps wherever. So you can give it a shot!

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