IPVanish VPN Review 2024: Pros and cons of using IPVanish VPN

If you want to learn more about IPVanish, then please view this IPVanish VPN review here to get what you expect. IPVanish is a most famous virtual private network service based in the United States, more than 1300+ servers placed across 75 countries. This IPVanish frequently comes up in the online discussions around virtual private network services; because of their no bandwidth caps, reliability and severe no-log policies. Its VPN services are compatible with closely each device and operating system imaginable. They also have dedicated apps for android, windows, iOS, Mac OS and fire TV. For several tech-savvy users, they also permit the consumers to set up an IPVanish configuration manually on Window’s phones, Chrome Book, Ubuntu as well as on your routers. In addition to, IPVanish also supports the entire major virtual private network protocols and also even permit the users access to download free SOCKS5 web proxy.

Advantages and disadvantages of IPVanish VPN

IPVanish Pros

Quick speed

The IPVanish provides respectable upload and download speeds. When you have connected from EU to EU, they only suffocated your speed by 18%. However, it is quite tough to justify the price of their service, when you compare the US speeds that they provide with the speeds of other least costly service.

A decent working app

Installing this IPVanish app is a pretty smooth direct process. Once you launch this software, it will immediately apparent in which the IPVanish provides an easy to use and intuitive interface. Now, they also provide a kill switch for Mac and window users. Moreover, they build it simple for you to discover all you want and then offer you a lot of options and settings to model around with.

Nil traffic logs

Unfortunately, the IPVanish has no logs policy. They have been in news in the past for handing and logging through data for the user. But, this does not provide the users who utilize their complete belief in them. If you are mysterious online, IPVanish is one of the fewer VPN services that obtain you on as close to the complete obscurity as possible.

Strong encryption

IPVanish relies on a similar encryption protocol, i.e. AES-256. It is widely used by many of the world’s superior safety agencies and government sectors. With the consistently growing number of brute force cyber attacks, this is a huge benefit for the users.

Download free SOCKS5 web proxy

As like several VPN providers, the IPVanish enables the user access to many unique protocols such as default open VPN, L2TP and PPTP. Commonly, the open VPNs are a most recommended protocol, since they provide the quick speeds, which do not even sacrifice security or privacy, which they do come with a disadvantage.

Moreover, the IPVanish also provides instant access to the server to use a special proxy server protocol called as socket security or SOCKS. This protocol also enables you to enjoy the similar benefits of the standard VPN without even having to download any software of your device. The only reason for using SOCKS proxy is able to accomplish the quicker speeds than the traditional one.

Torrenting is allowed

With IPVanish, it is not only Torrenting, but also it is deliberately optimistic. Unlike several other VPN providers, the IPVanish has doubts on customers by using their service to torrent freely and privately. For an average VPN user, this feature is a main bonus.

Ten device connection limit

One of the most favourable features of IPVanish is that they enable you to connect up to 10 devices at the same time. Many of the VPN services such as best companies like ExpressVPN can limit your instantaneous connections to three devices. With IPVanish’s generous 10 device limit, you, your family member or even your kids can browse as safely and securely as possible.

TOR compatibility

The Orion Network or TOR is a network that encrypts as well as relays your traffic data throughout many servers and also make sure that it is quite complex to track your real time location. For those who want severe security measures, TOR enables you to make a second layer of security with the current VPN to improve your privacy and also guarantee that your identity and location stays private.

IPVanish Cons

Third party reviews are a combined bag

The IPVanish really have issues with their service and their customer support. Actually, they draw a lot of complaints in the online community. It has obtained over 17 customer complaints and also they have failed to respond or resolve to minimum four of those complaints. As per review, the IPVanish is distant from ideal, but it is a high quality VPN with the strong customer service.

Falsely advertised as 24/7 support

One of the greatest concerns while using a VPN is that the customer service of industry is disreputably undependable. Their marketing and advertisements promise the users that they will provide access to 24/7. For beginners, they do not even have a live chat option.

IPVanish plans and pricing- Reasonable but not cheap

One of the best things on IPVanish is that they do not dilute their services by providing the conventional tiered packages. Also, there is no IPVanish platinum or IPVanish bronze. Instead of, each customer obtains perfectly the similar service with only dissimilarity being a length of the time for that they have access to that specific service.

Bad client application

From excellent design to more options, one can say that the IPVanish application is minimalistic and streamlined. Unluckily, there is a lack of several very essential functions make it appear ill-conceived, instead of modernized. From lock in to single encryption to a lack of server organization, the soberness in design has been take a tiny too distant.

Unusual server location data found

When you are connected to the IPVanish servers, the speed test often attempt to pair with the servers that are very far away from the location you are being displayed as on. Typically, it pairs you with the nearby server to your location.


By reading the content in this IPVanish VPN review you may take the detailed information about this great VPN service. The IPVanish is worth for your price. This app is highly recommended for P2P fans, security conscious users, US and EU based users and video streaming.

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