AVG Promo Code: 100% Valid Coupons 2020

Are you looking for the best prices for antivirus protection? Remember to pay attention to the latest promotion information and use valid coupon code for discount. Is there any AVG promo code for extra discounts? How much does AVG cost and how to get the best deal? Get your answers on this page.

What is AVG?

AVG Technologies is a famous company which provides excellent anti-virus, Internet security software and performance solutions for desktop and mobile platforms like Windows, Apple, Android, iOS. As one of the world leading digital security products, AVG has protected worldwide users from malicious websites, spam, scam, phishing network, virus, Trojan, spyware, Ransomware and more threats. As users can conduct more and more activities on the Internet, they use personal information and store important data online. That brings big convenience to people’s life.

However, hackers seize this chance to grab money as well. They spare no effort to steal users’ personal and financial information by using malware to attack users’ devices and intercept online session. To protect information and money, lots of users choose to install AVG products on their PC. AVG security products includes advanced firewall & network security for online banking and shopping, solid ransomware protection, powerful privacy protection, useful optimization tools and more practical features. The company offers services for both individuals and business, protecting their users in multiple aspects.

Are AVG products expensive? No. They are powerful yet affordable. During holidays and special events, the provider runs promotion and lets users get excellent security suite at low cost. Users can apply the biggest discount by using AVG promo code. As special offer is not available all the time, you need to get deal before it expires.

AVG Products & Promotions

As we mentioned, AVG provides various kinds of products to protect users’ device and data in many aspects. Learn about the product package detail and pick the one that suits your need. Different packages come with different features and prices. During this promotion, you can get coupon discounts on any package. On the official website, you get 20% off. AVG promo code will give you extra 15% off. To get those discounts, you need to copy valid AVG promo code on this page and use it during the checkout. When you enter AVG promo code, the total of order will be reduced automatically.

20% + Extra 15% off AVG Internet Security

Lots of users install AVG Internet Security to keep their device safe from viruses, ransomware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and other nasty malware. By making use of ransomware and webcam spying, hackers can attack users for information and ransom anytime. If you use insecure network or do not secure your online session, you may suffer data leak and ransomware attack. No matter you are regular users or businessmen with a bunch of precious data, you can suffer malware infection when using the Internet because hackers never give up any chance to grab money. AVG Internet Security package includes all-round antivirus protection. With one account, this program can be installed on multiple devices, including Windows, Mac & Android. Its antivirus, antispyware and antispam filter, Webcam Protection and Ransomware Protection features stop threats timely before they can reach and damage your devices.

How much it costs to use AVG Internet Security to protect your devices? It costed $89.99 USD a year. Currently, AVG Internet Security is 20% off. By using AVG promo code, you can get extra 15% off, and only need to pay $61.19 USD for one year of subscription. It allows you to protect ten devices with one account. Copy AVG promo code and apply for 32% coupon discount.

  • 1-year subscription, 10 devices, was $89.99 USD, is $61.19 USD with AVG promo code
  • 2-year subscription, 10 devices, was $179.99 USD, is $122.39 USD with AVG promo code
  • 3-year subscription, 10 devices, $269.99 USD, is $183.59 USD with AVG promo code

20% + Extra 15% Off AVG Antivirus Business Edition

AVG Antivirus Business edition helps you reduce the pain in protecting your team, your customers, and the future of your team. It is a powerful solution which includes advanced detection, privacy protection, firewall, online activity protection and email protection. Its users will benefit from the free tech support, remote management, file server security, smart scanner and network antivirus tools etc. to protect their endpoints and secure their business. The AVG Antivirus Business edition includes many advanced features and enhanced protections. For example, its CyberCapture identifies and stops suspicious downloading files for day-zero protection. Network Antivirus feature uses cloud-based Real-Time Outbreak Detection and proactive AI Detection to safeguard users’ PC and data from the latest threat. AVG Antivirus Business edition allows users to encrypt and store their valuable company documents and other important data on a password-protected virtual disk on their PC. When they don’t need the data anymore, they can use the File Shredder to delete them to avoid data leak. Besides, Linkscanner Surf-Shield displays a safety rating in the search engine results so as to let users click on results with confidence without worrying about malicious links.

How to get AVG Antivirus Business edition at a lower price? Is there any promo code for AVG Antivirus Business edition? Yes, you will get 32% off when using AVG promo code during the checkout. There is a blank for AVG promo code in your shopping cart. Enter promo code and click Apply button for coupon discount. Now, it costs $43.19 USD a year and one device is covered.

  • 1-year AVG AntiVirus Business Edition, 32% Off, was $53.99 USD a year, is $36.71 USD a year with AVG promo code
  • 2-year AVG AntiVirus Business Edition, 32% Off, was $80.99 USD, is $55.07 USD for 2 years with AVG promo code
  • 3-year AVG AntiVirus Business Edition, 32% Off, was $117.49 USD, is $79.89 USD for 3 years with AVG promo code

20% + Extra 15% Off AVG Secure VPN

As users pay more attention to their online privacy, AVG provides VPN solution to protect online users from snoopers and hackers. It is well-known that Internet Service Provider can view users’ connection to the Internet and sell users’ browsing histories to third parties without users’ permission. To take back their privacy, they use AVG Secure VPN to hide their IP address, spoof their location and secure their online session. This VPN uses bank-grade, 256-bit AES encryption to users’ online activity private and safe. Others won’t be able to snoop at your connection to the Internet. A list of anonymous international servers is available, allowing users disguise their IP address so as to unblock restricted contents freely. AVG Secure VPN works on PC, Mac, Android and iOS, so users can have privacy, secure browsing, and worldwide streaming on any device they like.

There are three billing cycles for you to choose. At this time, AVG Secure VPN is 20% off. To get AVG Secure VPN extra 15% off, you need to enter valid AVG promo code when you sign up the service. Where to get valid AVG promo code? We display the latest promo code on this page as soon as it is available, so check out promo code on our website before you sign up to save money. It will be reduced to $61.19 USD for one year. You are allowed to use AVG Secure VPN on five devices simultaneously with one account.

  • 1-year AVG Secure VPN subscription, 32% off, was $89.99 USD a year, is $61.19 USD with AVG promo code
  • 2-year AVG Secure VPN subscription, 32% off, was $179.99 USD for 2 years, is $122.39 USD with AVG promo code
  • 3-year AVG Secure VPN subscription, 32% off, was $269.99 USD for 3 years, is $183.59 USD with AVG promo code

20% + Extra 15% Off AVG Ultimate

What if you need all AVG antivirus, Internet security and privacy solution? Do you have to purchase all the products respectively? No need. There is a smart package which includes everything you need. It is the AVG Ultimate which provides antivirus pro feature, secure browsing, privacy protection, optimization tools and more useful features. The enhanced antivirus and antispyware protection, and enhanced firewall & AI-based real-time threat detection keeps users safe from various kinds of threats. The payment protection, antitheft, email protection and hacker protection let users enjoy safes online shopping, chatting, emailing and downloading. There are Webcam protection, sensitive data shield, app lock, device Lock and more features that encrypt users’ precious data and secure users’ privacy. The useful optimization tools, including automatic maintenance, startup optimizer, software updater, browser & disk cleaner, smart photo cleaner and battery profiles help users optimize their PC and other devices for best possible performance. AVG Ultimate package is expensive than other packages because it includes all powerful security and other useful features. Besides, it allows users to install it on ten devices. All devices in the house can be covered and protected. Though we say it more “expensive”, it is not that expensive. By using AVG promo code, it is only $81.59 USD a year for ten devices. It is 32% off.

  • 1-year AVG Ultimate subscription, 32% off, 10 devices, was $119.99 USD a year, is $81.59 USD a year with AVG promo code
  • 2-year AVG Ultimate subscription, 32% off, 10 devices, was $239.99 USD, is $163.19 USD for 2 years with AVG promo code
  • 3-year AVG Ultimate subscription, 32% off, 10 devices, was $359.99 USD, is $244.79 USD for 3 years with AVG promo code

20% + Extra 15% Off AVG TuneUp & AVG Driver Updater

If you are looking for an effective and affordable way to optimize your Windows PC, learn about AVG TuneUp and AVG Driver Updater. Your PC may gradually become slow after using it for a period of time. It is because more and more software, junk files, invalid codes, cache files and other similar data pile up on your PC. If you don’t recognize between system files and useless files, it is difficult for you to clean up your PC. Besides, out-of-date software can slow down your PC performance. How to fix those problems to optimize your PC? Get your AVG Tuneup package which includes all-round automatic maintenance. It helps you find and remove browser traces, tracking cookies, cache files, log files, trash contents, duplicate files, junk files and memory-sucking files to save memory and speed up your PC effectively. With your permission, AVG Tuneup updates your programs to the latest version automatically, letting you enjoy the advanced features and security protection all the time. It also can extend your battery life and increase the system performance.

AVG Tuneup comes with affordable price. Currently, you can get 32% off on AVG Tuneup order with a valid promo code. Copy AVG promo code and paste it in the right blank during checkout, and you will get the biggest coupon discount.

  • 1-year AVG Tuneup Subscription, unlimited devices, 32% off, was $49.99 USD, is $33.99 USD a year with AVG promo code
  • 2-year AVG Tuneup Subscription, unlimited devices, 32% off, was $99.99 USD, is $67.99 USD for 2 years with AVG promo code
  • 3-year AVG Tuneup Subscription, unlimited devices, 32% off, was $149.99 USD, is $101.99 USD for 3 years with AVG promo code

Does your PC freeze, crash and slow down? Would you like to speed up your PC and fix all common problems at less cost? You can consider AVG Driver Updater. It scans for outdated, missing, or corrupt drivers on your PC automatically, and offers to back up your drivers for restore. If needed, it provides you official drivers from reliable brands according to the unique profile of your PC. It installs drivers one by one to reduce problems like software conflicts, printer problems and connection issues. AVG Driver Updater also helps you update your sound drivers, check for the latest graphics drivers and fix connectivity issues to give you smoother gaming, streaming, and media editing experience. There are more useful features to be discovered by you.

How much does AVG Driver Updater cost? On the official website, it is 20% off. To get more discounts, you need a valid AVG promo code. The promo code you get on this page will give you extra 15% off. Copy the code when you are redirected to the official website, and apply for extra discount.

  • 1-year AVG Driver Updater subscription, 1 PC, 32% off, was $39.99 USD, is $31.99 USD a year with AVG promo code
  • 2-year AVG Driver Updater subscription, 1 PC, 32% off, was $79.99 USD, is $63.99 USD for 2 years with AVG promo code
  • 3-year AVG Driver Updater subscription, 1 PC, 32% off, was $109.99 USD, is $87.99 USD for 3 years with AVG promo code

AVG Money-Back Guarantee

Can’t decide yet? No worry. AVG is a risk-free service. It provides 100% money-back guarantee on their products. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a refund within 30 days of the purchase. You should test service and make a decision within 30 days. After you submit your request, the provider will terminate your subscription and refund 100% of the price you paid. There is no risk to take when getting started with this service. For the biggest discounts, use AVG promo code when you sign up a subscription.


AVG provides Internet Security, Antivirus Business edition, Secure VPN, Ultimate package, TuneUp, Driver Updater and more products to give their users solid protection and fix various kinds of problems. It blocks and remove virus, Trojan, spyware, ransomware, spam and other harmful threats to keep users, data, devices safe. It protects your Internet privacy, frees up your hard disk, scans for PC performance problems, restore your PC to peak performance, and checks for real-time security updates for around-the-clock safety. By learning the package detail and combining your needs, you can pick the suitable package. To get the best deal, AVG promo code provided on this page will help you. When you enter and apply AVG promo code, you get extra 15% off and the price will be reduced automatically. Be a smart consumer, and never pay at full price. Get the best AVG security suite to protect your device at affordable price with AVG promo code.

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