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Are you looking for a way to save money on Trend Micro security products? You come to the right place. We collect valid Trend Micro promo codes and coupons to help users save money. As soon as the provider updates promotion and coupons, we display them on our website. You won’t miss the best offer. When there is a discount, don’t pay the product at full price. Before you purchase a plan, check out Trend Micro promo codes to get save as much money as possible. The promo codes are valid for limited time. Sometimes, no promo code is available. The provider offers discount directly. The discount is added to your cart automatically without entering any code. You will get the latest promotion information on this page. Use Trend Micro promo codes for huge discount.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a famous security company which provides a wide range of solid products to protect users’ devices and data. In those days, malware, spyware, Trojans and other threats are rampant. They can attack insecure devices and steal users’ precious information for illegal purchase. Ransomware can take your precious files hostage and demands a ransom. It is necessary to use reliable security program like Trend Micro to protect your devices. Trend Micro provides flexible and customizable Internet security solutions. It also is known for its Smart Protection Network and security software. The company uses cut-edge security technologies and combines data storage, encryption with servers to detects and eliminates vulnerabilities & threats. Trend Micro products protect you against spam, spyware, ransomware, viruses, phishing, botnets, and other digital attackers. They help you prevent identity theft, blocks harmful websites and keep malicious programs away from you. For users who have children, they can use the parental controls to block improper contents and set time limits for web access, safeguarding their children when they use the Internet. Trend Micro provides easy-to-use software for different systems and devices. The prices are affordable. During promotion, you can use Trend Micro promo codes to apply extra discounts. Currently, you get up to 50% off on Trend Micro order.

Trend Micro Promo Codes & Coupon Discount

Trend Micro provides custom and effective protection at reasonable prices. There are products for business and home use. We mainly focus on products for home use in this article. Based on your need, you can choose from Maximum Security, Internet Security, Antivirus+ Security, Antivirus for Mac, Mobile Security for Android & iOS and Password Manager. Sometimes, there are valid Trend Micro promo codes. After you enter and apply promo code, you get more discounts than other users who don’t have a code. At this time, the provider offers sweet discounts on different packages. Let’s learn the pricing and what’s included.

Get Maximum Security at 44% Off. Trend Micro Maximum Security is the ultimate package which protects your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices from various kinds of threats. This product uses ID theft tools to secure your online data, privacy, session and transactions. It is able to catch and eliminate advanced malware and ransomware, providing real-time protection. You get parental controls to provide your kids a safe digital environment. It helps you clear unnecessary files and fix problem to optimize performance for best possible experience on your device. The service lets you choose to protect five or ten devices including Android & iOS mobile devices, Mac, Windows PC computers with one account. It costs $49.95 USD for 5 devices / 1 yr. The original price was 89.95 USD. Currently, it is 50% off. Seize the chance to save big during this promotion. It does not require Trend Micro promo code to activate discount. We will update the promotion information with valid promo codes when they are available.

Purchase Internet Security at 50% Off. If you only need protection for your Windows PCs, you are suggested to consider the Trend Micro Internet Security product. It comes with solid and advanced security features, protecting your devices in many aspects. With this product, you will be able to stop malicious download and prevent spyware & ransomware effectively. It helps users stop a huge number of viruses, malware and other threats every day. You can enjoy secure browsing experience because it identifies and blocks dangerous websites for you. It is able to authenticate wireless hotspots and networks to help you avoid scams and phishing programs. The Internet Security package also gives you parental controls to manage your kids’ online activities conveniently. Is Internet Security product expensive? No. At this time, it is 50% off. It was $79.95 USD for 3 devices / 1 yr. Now it is only $39.95 USD to protect 3 PCs for 1 year. No promo codes are needed to get Trend Micro Internet Security 50% off.

Get Antivirus+ Security 25% off. Trend Micro Antivirus + Security package is a Windows solution with essential PC protection. It defends users against ransomware and other online dangers, blocks dangerous websites, filters harmful spam and prevents malicious software attacks. This product includes intuitive settings and clear status reports, allowing you to perform tasks easily. During this promotion, it is 25% off. It costed $39.95 USD one year for one device. At this time, it costs $29.95 USD to protect one PC for one year. To help you save as much money as possible, we update promotion information with the latest and valid Trend Micro promo codes once they are available.

Antivirus for Mac 25%Most users always believe that Apple products are immune to all malware and threats. However, many real cases tell us that hackers always can find a way to attack users’ devices and steal sensitive information. They make use of different bugs and vulnerabilities to access your system easily. Hence, it is necessary to use Antivirus for Mac for solid protection. This product utilizes advanced security technologies to create reliable digital environment, allowing you to shop, share files and browse the webs safely on your Mac. It protects you against dangerous attacks like ransomware, spyware and Trojan etc. The price is cheap. The original price is $39.95 USD one year for one device. Now, it is 25% off and costs $29.95 USD to protect one Mac for one year. This discount will be added to your cart automatically without entering Trend Micro promo codes.

Mobile Security for Android & iOS. As mobile devices become more and more smart, users tend to conduct most online activities on their mobile devices. They shop, make online transaction, share business information, check email and conduct more important activities on their smart phones and tablets. Hackers start to develop ransomware like fake FBI and cyber police virus to take mobile device hostage for illegal money. Hackers can use phishing network to grab users’ credit card information and money. Trend Micro offers mobile security software to protect your Android and iOS devices. It uses cloud-based Smart Protection Network and Mobile App Reputation technology to keep cyber threats away from you. The company has 30 years of security expertise on mobile soliton, protecting you against loss, phishing scams, data theft, fraudulent websites, viruses, and online threats. It offers to optimize system and makes your device work better. Mobile Security for Android & iOS costs $29.99 a year for one device. We will display Trend Micro promo codes when the provider releases ones.

Password Manager.Do you forget your passwords and have to reset them frequently? If you have the problem, you need a password manager. Trend Micro offers a password manager which helps you create, store and protect passwords. It places your passwords and logins in one secure location, so you will never forget a password. When you need to create new account, it generates strong and unique password for you. It also updates your old passwords and helps you fill web form quickly. This password manager works on unlimited devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. It costs $14.95 USD for one year. No Micro Trend promo codes are needed.

Trend Micro Free Trial

Trend Micro offers free trial for Windows and Apple Mac. Before you sign up a plan, you can apply free trial of Maximum Security, Internet Security and Antivirus+ Security packages. Many users hesitate when deciding to purchase a security package. They may concern the software would slow down their performance badly or wonder if the software offers the protection they need. To find out the accurate answer, you should get Trend Micro free trial to feel the service yourself. The provider does not mention how long the free trial lasts. It does not require credit card information to activate the free trial. Simply click “Free Trial” below price table and you will be redirected to a confirm page. Click “Continue to Free Trial”, and it will take you to download. Based on which package you need and what system you use, click related link to download software. There are step-by-step guides on how to download, install and activate the free trial software. If you still have problem in working with the free trial, you can contact their tech support team for help.

Anti-Virus Abilities

Trend Micro has done a great job in protecting users from different kinds of viruses and threats. It takes good scores from the independent testing labs and has a great reputation on the market. It is very easy to use. After you install the software, you can run a scanning for malicious programs and viruses. The smart scanning tool is very useful. You can start a quick, full or custom scans. When you run quick scan, it scans your important files. It takes a longer time to run a full scan as it scans everything your system. If you choose custom scan, you can specify particular drives or folders to check. The scanning engine matches new files on your device with known threats, so it can stop the malware before they can reach your device. Trend Micro has behavioral monitoring which watch out early indications of an attack. It is able to block downloadable malware and stop various kinds of attacks.

Many users brought in viruses after they accidently opened unknown websites. Luckily, this security product identifies the malicious websites and displays a big Dangerous Page warning in the browser, suggesting you close the window. There is a Pay Guard component which launches a solid protection to safeguard your online financial transactions. Criminals won’t be able to view or steal your financial information. Trend Micro catches and blacklists phishing sites effectively to keep fraudsters away from your credentials. You also get a warning when you connect to insecure wireless network.
Trend Micro combines Windows Firewall with Firewall Booster to prevent botnet-type attacks. It has Folder Shield which defends your important files against ransomware attack. If your computer is corrupted by malware, it lets you create a Trend Micro rescue disk on a DVD or USB drive to reboot and clean the device. You can take back your computer and files without paying ransom to the bad guys. Besides, Trend Micro is able to detect and stops coin-mining malware, file-less malware, and tech support scams. You always get up-to-date protection as the company sends out daily malware-definition updates to its antivirus software.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has been very common in those. The hackers not only attack important agencies like government, bank and school, but also infect ordinary users, corrupting their important files. You may lose your precious photos and videos forever due to virus infection. The good news is Trend Micro provides advanced ransomware protection. It has real-time protection component which wipes out ransomware timely to prevent it from corrupting your files. The Folder Shield component defends your files changes in protected folders and on USB drives against unauthorized changes. Its behavior monitor watches out your file activities. Once it detects suspicious activities like encrypting, it terminates the behavior to avoid further damage. By default, your Documents and Pictures folders are added to the protected list. Of course, you are allowed to add more important files and folders to the list for the best possible protection. As the ransomware is changing all the time, it may be able to sneak in the device by making your system vulnerability. To prevent data loss, Trend Micro maintains a secure backup of files residing in the protected folders. Even if the ransomware has the chance to encrypt your files, you can recover your files easily. With Trend Micro ransomware protection, you won’t lose your important files or need to pay the expensive ransom.

Parental Controls

If you are parent, you may need assistance to monitor your kids’ online activities to stop them from stepping in the wrong ways. When purchase a security package from Trend Micro, you can protect your devices as well as safeguard your kids from improper contents on the Internet. You can’t control the contents that are available on the Internet, but you can block improper contents on your kids’ devices. It allows you to set a schedule for online time on specific programs, track your kids’ browsing histories and prevent access to inappropriate websites. With the detailed reports, you can help your kids develop a healthy habit. When you set up parental control, it requires you to define a password to protect the suite’s settings. Without the password, your kids won’t be able turn off the protection. The Parental control is easy to set up, and you only need to follow the wizard to go through the process. You can select an age range and set it to block websites in 30 categories arranged in four groups. Don’t worry that you don’t know what kinds of contents you need to block. Trend Micro configures an appropriate collection of blocked categories after you select an age range. You are able to set limits on when and for how long the kids can go online during weekdays and weekends. It lets you create a list of programs that your kids can access during the time, so your kids can focus on homework.

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Conclusion (Trend Micro Promo Codes & Coupon Discount)

How much discount you can get when you sign up a Trend Micro package? If you get deal now, you get 50% coupon discount. Does it require Trend Micro promo codes to redeem discount? No. The discount will be activated automatically during checkout. If valid Trend Micro promo codes Trend Micro are available, we update the promotion information timely. is a global leading service in security software and solutions, creating a safe digital environment for users to exchange digital information. Trend Micro products have less impact on system performance. It is easy to download and install Trend Micro on your device. There is no complicated setup for beginners. It is simple for advanced users to customize the software as well. After you finishing installing, it requires a restart. The antivirus and security products protect your data and device by detecting and wiping out viruses, malware and other threats effectively. The prices are friendly. There are products for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and multiple devices. Choose any package you need. The PC Health Checkup assists you to optimize system performance. It helps you turn off some startup programs which slow the boot process. It finds out and clears junk files and duplicate files that waste your PC space regularly for better performance. It fixes common issues to get everything running at top speed on your device. You also can use the tool to clean up privacy data on web browsers, instant messengers, Microsoft Office & Windows, and media players. You get great price at this time because it lets you save 50% during this promotion. Get Trend Micro 50% coupon discount now.

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