May 5, 2019

What is SugarSync?

SugarSync is a simple yet effective way to sync, share, search and access all your documents, photos, videos, music and other files. It allows you to sync and securely access your files from the cloud at amazing speed. To work with the service, you only need to add your folders to SugarSync. It can automatically sync your folders as you require, so you can access your important folders from any device next to you. SugarSync can detect changes you make to the folders and update the backup instantly across all your devices through the cloud. It lets you manage and share your files the way you want. You can edit a file on PC at your office, and continue the work on your personal PC at home from the exact point you stopped at office. This service helps users to collaborate on team projects as well. Team members at different cities or even different countries can share folders effectively at less cost. They are able to save, view, and edit certain documents across multiple devices with permission. SugarSync enables you to remotely remove all synchronized files from any PC or Mac in the event of loss or theft to prevent information leak and data theft. The service uses TLS to transfer your files, and your files will be stored in the cloud in an encrypted format using 256-bit AES. Others won’t be able to view or steal your files. If you lose data due to malware corruption, hardware issue or human mistake, you can quickly roll back all files and subfolders you had with the help of this service. SugarSync works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, Windows and Mac devices. It is a great service that is worth to invest.

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