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Looking for Backblaze coupons, promo code and discount codes? You come to the right place. We have the latest Backblaze coupons & promotion information. It is always wise to search for discount coupon before you sign up online service. Have no idea where you can get valid coupons and promo code? You should check it out on our website. Backblaze is a popular backup service. It offers friendly price and usually provides sweet discount as well. Learn more about Backblaze promo codes & coupons and get big savings in this article.

Backblaze Promo Codes & Coupons

Backblaze is a cost effective backup service. The provider releases promo codes and run promotion to reward their users now and then. Sometimes, they release Backblaze promo codes to celebrate big holidays or anniversary. Promo codes and special offer usually are available for limited time. Therefore, you should sign up a plan during big promotion with valid Backblaze promo code. Every time the provider releases promo code, they send it to us for our readers. We display it on our website as soon as we receive it to ensure you always can get the best deal and save as much money as possible. So, is there any valid Backblaze promo code or coupon available at this time? The answer is negative, but promotion is running. Currently, discount will be activated automatically and coupon/promo code is not required. Taking the personal backup as example, Backblaze offers one package with three billing cycle options. The longer subscription includes bigger discounts.

Backblaze costs only $6.00 USD a month. if you choose to be billed every month. If you prefer more flexible billing cycle, you can renew the service monthly. For example, if you only need a service for a short period of time, just pay for it month by month until you finish the job. Cancel the account anytime you don’t need it. There is no need to pay for the whole year since you only need it for few months.

Get 17% off on Backblaze 1-year plan. For users who need backup for daily life, you can choose yearly billing cycle. This plan comes with discount. It lets you save time in renewing the account every month and save money you spend on the same service. The Backblaze 1-year plan is 17% off. It costs $60.00 USD a year. You can save $12.00 USD.

Redeem Backblaze 24% Discount of 2 years subscription. If your job always needs backup service, 2-year plan should be your first choice as it includes the biggest savings. Backblaze is 24% off. Simply use the promotion link, the discount will be activated automatically. You will be billed every two years. During this promotion, the price is reduced to $110.00 USD for 24 months of subscription. It lets you save $34.00 USD in total. This is the great deal you should not miss.

Backblaze 15-Day Free Trial

Can’t decide yet? Try the service and make the right decision. How to try Backblaze without a risk? Make use of their free trial. Backblaze generously offers 15-day free trial on any plan of both personal and business online backup packages. Beginners may have various questions and confusions before they actually access the backup service. They might concern that they would spend money on the wrong product. In fact, you don’t have to take any risk to use this service. Fully take advantage of the free trial. The provider gives you 15 days to try out the service yourself. You need to select a plan you like and enter a credit card detail to get the free trial. Since it is a free trial, why does it require credit card? Don’t worry. Your card is not charged until after the trial period is over. Besides, it is easy to cancel the account if you don’t want the service at the end of the trial. Simply remove all your files on the account and then delete your account on the My Settings page. There is no need to contact the customer support to cancel your account. If you have problem during the process, you surely can contact the customer support for help.

About Backblaze

Backblaze is a famous online backup service, offering solid backup solution to both individuals and businessmen. It has been trusted by worldwide users. Designers and IT people also choose this service to develop their cloud storage space programs and host information for important program. Why is it so popular? Is it secure? Can you trust it? As an advanced backup service, Backblaze offers robust features and delivers reliable solution to protect users’ precious data. It allows unlimited storage, and now it supports unlimited file size backup as well. It can back up everything regardless of folder type or size in your PC and external drives with your direction. There is no need to schedule a backup because it supports automatic backup. Backblaze will automatically back up all your files including documents, music, movies, photos and more. The service allows unlimited files and speed, so there is no bandwidth throttle. It also allows block-level backup and multithreaded backup for more effective solution.

Backblaze offers quick ways to restore your backup files. It gives you options to download folders via the Internet or restore them via USB Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive. It is pretty fast to recover files you need, improving your job performance greatly. Backblaze uses army quality encryption with SSL communications to secure users’ precious files. It offers multiple layers of protection in different levels for unbreakable protection. Users can feel safe when using this service. This backup service is able to restore multiple versions up to 30 days, help you locate missing computer and conduct more useful tasks. Backblaze backup service works with Windows XP and up, iPhone, and MAC OSX 10.4 or later. It supports 11 languages interface and is very easy to use. They provide live chat customer support to help users fix issue timely when using the service. Backblaze offers affordable plans and sweet discount. You can save money with valid Backblaze coupons and promo codes.

Impressive Backup

Although many services advertise that they allow unlimited storage, there is actually limit when people use the service. However, things are different with this service. Backblaze truly allows unlimited storage, unlimited files, unlimited file size as well as unlimited speed. By default, it backs up all your files in your computer and external drives, except for some system files. You can select specific files you would like to backup manually. It also allows you to exclude folders of your choice or files of specified types or sizes. It could take a few hours or even a few weeks depending on your network and computing speed and the size of your files. Though it may take some times for initial backup, it won’t affect your regular job because it keeps on going behind the scenes to ensure your files are completely and wholly stored. Once your computer is on, it will back up your files until it’s finished. Backblaze allows you to automatically throttle your data connection or to manually select it to prevent the backup process can’t affect your Internet connection when you are at work. Your files are encrypted before they are sent to the provider’s servers. Others can’t access your files without permission. This service backs up past versions of your files and keeps them for up to 30 days. It offers practical solutions to help users back up files and avoid data loss effectively.

Data Recovery

If you lost data due to system crash, malware corruption or human mistake, you may need to restore your backup instantly. Backblaze offers quick access to your backup and enables you to recover your data timely. You can start the data recovery process from desktop client or through the web admin interface. Please note you will be redirected to web admin interface when you try to restore files from the desktop client. The process is very simple. Simply log in your account and select files you need to recover. The selected files will be retrieved and added to a zip file for download. You will be required to enter your private encryption key for restore files. That prevents others from invading your data or files. You will get a notification via the email when the download is done. It lets you choose to download your files over the Internet or have them put on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. You are suggested to download files if you have small set of files to restore. If you need to recover large size or all of your files, you can recover files to USB drive or an external hard drive. That helps you save precious time to download files. However, these two options charge you additional fee. Backblaze gives you multiple options that best fits your requirement. This service makes it quicker and safer to restore backup data.

How Does Backblaze Protect Your Data?

You may wonder if it is safe to let Backblaze back up your precious data. You are right to confirm the security before using a service. In fact, Backblaze uses solid technologies to safeguard your files no matter they are stored on the servers or transmitted. Backblaze states, “It uses 2048 bit public/private keys to secure a symmetric AES 128 bit key that changes for every backup “session” on your computer.” It is the AES army tier encryption that has not ever been cracked yet. It compresses and encrypts your entire backup. Then, the backup will be sent to Backblaze’s data centers via an incredibly secure SSL link. It allows you to implement and use your own encryption key as well. When you use private encryption key, you need to keep the key yourself. If you forget the key, you lose access to your account. Backblaze can’t help you reset the key either. Only you know the private key and access to your backup account. This service supports two-factor authentication for additional layer of protection. It lets you enable two-factor authentication for your backup account via SMS or an authentication app, such as Authy or Duo Mobile. Even if others grabbed your password or key in some ways, they still can’t access your account without the second factor authentication. Backblaze highly protects your important backups.

How to Get Backblaze Best Deal?


Want the best Backblaze deal? You should take advantage of Backblaze discount coupon. Apply Backblaze promo codes when they are available. Pay close attention to promotion information on this page and get deal when big discount is available. Backblaze is an ideal backup service for both personal and business uses. It offers unlimited online backup option. The provider does not limit how much the space you use, the file size you back up, or even bandwidth you use. It lets you back up large files without affecting your Internet connection badly. You can back up any type and as much as data with this service no matter they are on your computer or extern drive. It backs up different file-types based on the extension that comes with a small amount of user-management. That helps you save precious time on backup. With the multiple ways to recover data, you have options to deal with different cases. You are able to recover your important data quickly. Backblaze uses the same encryption standard that the military uses to prevent pilferage and loss of data. It gives your data unbreakable protection. Besides, this service allows you to adopt and manage an encryption key yourself. You can enable two-factor authentication for more l information of your stolen computer from Backblaze web admin to help the police locate your computer accurately. It is very easy to get started with Backblaze. To start with a free trial, you need to provide your name and email to create an account. Download client and plugin depending on what operating system and web browser you use. The installation process is simple and easy to finish. Accept the license agreement and follow the wizard to install Backblaze client software to run. You won’t need to fuss around with settings. It’s easy to set up and works in the background to keep your files protected. At this time, Backblaze offers 24% off discount. Save $34.00 USD with Backblaze discount coupon.

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