Feb 28, 2019

ZoneAlarm Review 2019 – Solid Ransomware Protection

At this Internet age, more and more precious information are used on PC and one the Internet. If your PC and connection to Internet are not protected, hackers can attack your PC and steal precious information. Antivirus is the most popular product to secure data on PC and mobile devices. There are a huge number of security products on the market. Some of them are expensive. Many of them are affordable. There even are free programs available to protect your PC. Not all the products are equipped with the same technologies or features. The most expensive product does not present the best product. Just pick the one that is suitable for you. Great product can be cheap. So, how to pick the right product? Have you try many products to figure out the right one? No need. We have tested lots of products for you. You can learn if the product offers what you need by reading our reviews that are written based on real-time test results. Start reading with this ZoneAlarm review. Hope it can help you.

Brief Description of ZoneAlarm

It is reported that there are millions of cyber attacks every years. Worldwide victims suffered numberless loss due to cyber attacks. By creating more and more aggressive malware, hackers can grab lots of money every day. They make use of advanced technologies to implement virus, malware, phishing, scams, and other schemes to grab anything valuable from victims. Users need powerful antivirus program to keep their devices safe. ZoneAlarm is a famous security suite chosen by worldwide users. It safeguards users’ devices against malware, viruses, Trojans, phishing links, spyware, spam and other threats. ZoneAlarm received high scores for blocking pesky viruses and deleting stubborn malware from independent AV-Test. It is a popular product owned by Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. This security product uses a mix of Check Point’s own code to avoid different types of vulnerabilities and delivers solid protection. It also offers multiple layers of protection by combining matching of malware signatures, heuristic analysis and behavior-based detection. ZoneAlarm updates their cloud database constantly once they discover new threat. That means you get real-time protection. This security product protects you against viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots and rootkits. To keep you safe from the latest threat, it provides web & email monitoring, network file scanning as well as mailbox file scanning. ZoneAlarm also helps you protect privacy by allowing you to set up the Do Not Track feature to stop advertisers or other third parties from collecting personal information without your permission. It is a great product with helpful and solid features.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

ZoneAlarm provides different security packages for different needs. You can purchase a package with full features or choose a particular package for only the features you need. If you are looking for a package with all features, you can choose ZoneAlarm Extreme Security. It covers all functions that other packages have and includes a collection of extra perks and protections. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security protects users from various types of malware and attacks by using advanced antivirus technology. The software opens and analyzes attachments and files in a cloud-based environment to detect potential threat before they can access your system. WANNACRY and other tricky ransomware will be stopped in time before they can do any harm to your PC. This security company has up-to-date antivirus database to fight against known and unknown malware. They use solid firewall to monitor users’ incoming and outgoing communications to block hackers, trackers and spyware effectively. The security product utilizes high encryption to secure your connection to protect your information on public WiFi hotspot. Advanced anti-phishing protection is available with this package. It prevents identity theft and information leak. Besides, it offers online backup. You can back up your important files to avoid data loss due to hard drive issue, ransomware corruption or natural disasters. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is the best package while it is still affordable. It is $44.95 USD a year to protect five of your devices. When the company runs promotion, you also can get sweet discount.

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall is an essential PC and Internet security solution. As the malware becomes more and more aggressive, users have to purchase particular product to fix particular issue. If you only need antivirus protection, simply pick the antivirus suite. If you want multiple protections, you can choose the combination of antivirus and firewall. You can save time in selecting two products as well as save money on the combination of them. The antivirus software is keen and powerful enough to safeguard you against malicious threats and attacks. It monitors your inbound and outbound traffic for suspicious activities. Malicious programs can be blocked timely. If you use Chrome, you can install the anti-phishing extension to keep your Internet privacy safe. So far, only Chrome browser extension is available. If you download malware by accident, there is a Kill Controls that can disable the malicious files & programs instantly. Once you are targeted by the hackers, they will spare no effort to gain access to your system and files. The good news is that the ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall package comes with Full Stealth Mode. When you turn this mode on, it makes you invisible to hackers. In this way, they can’t attack you no matter what advanced techniques they use. Likewise, ZoneAlarm uses powerful firewall to secure your identity and Internet privacy. Unlike other products, it develops two-way firewall to stop both inbound and outbound attacks. It can block intruders no matter they try to spread malicious codes with incoming traffics or make malware sends out precious information. The advanced firewall can catch them easily. Your precious data is highly protected. ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall give users multiple protections against different types of malware and threats. It is $39.95 USD a year for five devices.

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall

As the malware and virus are changing all the time, even the best antivirus program can’t 100% stop all of them. Therefore, security company offers extra products like firewall to safeguard users in different aspects. If you only need advanced firewall, the ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is a great choice. It is equipped with the latest technologies and comes with more advanced features than normal firewall. ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is good at blocking network attacks and preventing your installed applications from executing malicious codes. It is smart and powerful enough to locate and stop aggressive attacks like timing, raw data access, as well as SCM and COM attacks that many other firewalls fail to fight with. ZoneAlarm experts adjust the security and network settings in the right way to defeat the threats effectively without affecting your PC performance or interrupting your job. The Pro Firewall can handle various issues and situations to close possible backdoors that hackers may make use of. It monitors both your incoming and outgoing traffics to stop intruders at the front door as well as catch threat sending your information out. It also monitors programs on your PC closely and can detect suspicious behavior timely. With advanced techniques, ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall can defeat aggressive threat that is able to bypass traditional anti-virus protection. It offers zero-hour protection that prevents tricky & silent malware from accessing your system and avoids data & financial loss as well. That defeats many competitors on the market as many security programs fail to detect threat that causes silent outbreaks. Besides, the firewall starts to shield your operating system during start-up. Your system is always protected even the PC is not completely on. It does not give attackers or malware any chance to access and harm your system. It only costs $29.95 USD a year to install ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall on five of your devices.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

There are many kinds of viruses and malware that can attack unprotected devices. Ransomware is an ever-increasing threat and has been a big headache for Internet users in those years. Luckily, ZoneAlarm provides Enterprise-Grade protection against Ransomware threats. It sneaks into your devices with third party programs. It encrypts users’ files and takes them hostage. To again access to your files again, you are required to send them hundreds of dollars via a Bitcoin payment. The choose Bitcoin payment because it is impossible to track where the ransom is going to. The hackers can’t be track or caught. Every 10 seconds, there is a new victim of ransomware. As ransomware is very tricky, many security products fail to stop them from corrupting victims’ files. For example, the Petya ransomware avoids detecting by faking a system crash and pretending to be running CHKDKS on reboot. With the cover, it can encrypt your entire hard drive without being detected. The Petya ransomware not only corrupts your files, but also stops you from accessing your system. We are glad to tell you that ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware can detect and stop Petya ransomware samples before it can damage your files and system. According to our test results, ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware is able to stop and remove famous ransomware like Bad Rabbit, Petya, WannaCry, Locky, Cryptowall and Cerber etc. When we tested this product, it eliminated ransomware samples and fixed corrupted files & settings to get rid of infection completely. It won’t leave behind any small leftovers. The anti-ransomware program analyzes suspicious activities accurately based on their up-to-date database, so it is able to block malicious attempts to lock your PC, stop corrupting processes and restores encrypted files immediately. It saves you from paying a large amount of money to take back your files or gain access to the system. ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware is compatible with different types of antivirus solutions. It offers two billing options. If you choose monthly, it is $1.95 USD a month for one PC. If you choose yearly, it is $14.95 USD per year for one PC. The price is very affordable while the product is pretty solid.

Compatible Devices & Platforms

ZoneAlarm is compatible with all major systems and platforms. It protects your PCs, tablets and smart phones. You can install the application on your device as well as add its extension on your browser. The installation is quick and simple which only takes few minutes to install and set up. Simply follow the wizard. There is no complicated configuration to through. The application is light and it does not slow down your PC obviously. It runs at the background and does not interrupt your work or study. The user interface is clean and you can find tools you need easily form the main window. Once you install the ZoneAlarm software, it can detect your existing antivirus program. Luckily, it embraces other legit security products and does not require you to uninstall them. There is rare conflict between them. You don’t have to give up one security program to let another one work. ZoneAlarm security suite is powerful and very easy to use. You can decide how many devices you would like to protect. All of your devices can be covered.

Customer Support Options

It is common that you run into problem when using a problem. At that time, customer support is very important. ZoneAlarm offers useful customer support to assist users to fix issue timely. There are multiple options to choose. In their support center, you can find useful information in the Full Knowledge Base. The information is categorized with titles, so you can find the right information quickly. If can’t find solution or want direct answer, you can start a live chat, submit a request or join their user community. It is possible to talk with their support agents directly and get problem fixed immediately. They are friendly and patient to help customers. You can share experience with other users on their community. The customer support is always available to help you fix problem you have when using ZoneAlarm security program.

How to get ZoneAlarm Special Offer?

Conclusion (ZoneAlarm Review)

ZoneAlarm offers advanced and affordable security products for both home and business users. It utilizes advanced techniques and high level of security to deliver solid solution. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, Pro Anti-Virus and Firewall are excellent products. They are highly equipped and meet users’ different needs. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is a very popular product as it contains all necessary and extra features to safeguard your PC and precious data while it is not expensive. Pro Anti-Virus and Pro Firewall also is very helpful. They offer unique and effective security solution. ZoneAlarm products are able to defeat known and unknown threat with advanced cloud database. Aggressive ransomware and attacks are blocked timely, helping users avoid data & financial loss. The security products block phishing programs and malicious traffics before they can harm your device. The firewall monitors your Internet traffics for suspicious activities and stops malicious processes quickly. If you need an effective and solid security solution, ZoneAlarm is a great option. It safeguards your devices & files against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing scam and more harmful threat. If you have any problem in using the service, you can contact their customer support easily. The security software is light and simple to use. They work on many systems and platforms. The prices are friendly. They offer free trial on their popular products. You can give it a try without paying a penny.

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