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Are you looking for GoDaddy coupon code? Refuse to pay at full price? It is a wise choice to search for GoDaddy discount coupon before you sign up a plan. If you are about to renew your domain registration, you need to pay higher fee than you first bought. It will be great if there is a GoDaddy renewal coupon code. Unfortunately, there is no renewal coupon discount. IPage also is a great service in hosting industry. You can save extra when using iPage coupon code for payment. Learn more about GoDaddy discount coupon 2019 information in this article.

About GoDaddy & GoDaddy Coupon Code

GoDaddy offers reliable domain name registration and delivers a wide range of hosting products to power the world’s largest cloud platform of individuals as well as business. People use this service to register their domain name, build a professional website, promote their products, attract customers, establish their online presence and manage their work. Currently, it has 77M domain names under management. 18M customers worldwide choose this service to power their websites and apps. GoDaddy’s featured products include Domains, Web Hosting, SSL Security, Websites, Professional Email, WordPress and Office 365 etc. This service provides fast load times, high uptime and 24/7 support. Whenever you have any problem in using the service, feel free to contact them. You may want to use GoDaddy coupon code to save money. Though it says you can save 30% with coupon code, there is no blank to enter GoDaddy coupon code during the signup process. It does not support coupon code at this time. If you need a solid web host that offers more affordable price, you can consider iPage. When you purchase an iPage plan, you can apply iPage coupon code for extra discount. You can get 75% off on hosting with iPage coupon code. It starts from $1.99 USD per month. GoDaddy’s website hosting plans start at $7.99 USD per month.

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GoDaddy Domains

Does a domain name matter? Yes. It is because a domain name serves as your unique identity on the Internet. If you need to create a successful online presence, promote your brand or business, a professional domain name is essential. GoDaddy is considered as the world’s largest domain registrar. Users can register impressive domain name on this platform. It is very easy to set up GoDaddy registered domains and does not require any technical skills. This service also provides quick and simple tools to forward your domains to any existing website. GoDaddy offers wide selection of domain names on the web. When you enter a name in their search box, its search engine searches the web’s largest pool of names and displays available options immediately. It assists you to find a suitable domain name to make you look professional and capable. That will help you boost your presence on the web and attract visitors successfully. Most extensions are available to everyone to purchase. If you want to purchase special extensions like .gov, .edu., and .mil, you must meet certain criteria or have authorization. Once you register a domain with a registrar, your personal information is showed in a public directory. Cyber criminals, advertisers and spammers can make use of the information to compile email lists and steal domains. To protect your privacy, the web host replaces your name and contact information with their partner company’s. Except for the web host, no one can view or abuse your private information. iPage also protects your personal details against snoops and crooks. GoDaddy offers .com and .org at $2.99 USD per year for the first two year. After two years, it will be $17.99 USD per year. They are the final price with Godaddy coupon code. iPage offers .com at $10.99 USD per year. They do not charge higher renew fee as GoDaddy does.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

Without hosting, your website is available for other users. You need a hosting plan for your domain name and upload your content to get your website online. After you sign up a hosting service, the web host stores your site on a server and assigns it a unique DNS. Users will be able to visit your website with the DNS serves. GoDaddy provides awesome web hosting package. It hosts your websites on solid servers for great load times and 99.9% high uptime. With web hosting package, you get 1-click install of 125+ free applications including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc. to develop and design your websites in the way you like. If your website grows steadily, it allows you to purchase additional resources with 1-click. You can purchase CPU, RAM and I/O etc. instantly to keep the website’s high performance. 1 GB database storage of MySQL Linux is offered. The web host offers 24/7 security monitoring to ensure your websites and data safe. The DDoS protection also helps a lot.

GoDaddy has flexible and easy-to-use control panel, so users can work with this hosting service easily. It offers four different web hosting packages including Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate and Maximum. No GoDaddy coupon code is required. The Economy package includes basic resources for starter sites and it starts from $7.99 USD per month. If you sign up 3 months at a time, it costs $9.99 USD per month. If you choose longer billing cycles, it is reduced to $7.99 USD per month. Deluxe package comes with more space and flexibility for multiple sites. It starts from $10.99 USD per month. Ultimate package supports more power for complex sites & heavy traffic and starts from $16.99 USD per month. Maximum allows multiple complex sites with high-res photos and video. It starts from $24.99 USD per month. There is no need to enter coupon code while the payment process is a bit complex. You need to add or remove some features or tools for best value. That is too bad for beginners. Compared to GoDaddy, iPage offers clean package with full features. You only need to proceed with your domain name and sign up directly. Besides, you also can use iPage coupon code for extra discount during the payment. The process is pretty simple.

GoDaddy SSL Security

Is it necessary to purchase a security plan for your websites or apps? Yes. Website security is important for you and your clients. GoDaddy provides Standard SSL and Premium SSL for security. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. With a SSL certificate, it creates a secure tunnel to safely deliver information including usernames, passwords, credit card numbers as well as communication data between websites and clients. It encrypts the data your customers send to you and decrypts it when you have received it. GoDaddy’s SSL certificates utilize an SHA-2 digest method and 2048-bit encryption to safeguard sensitive data. If you run a website to promote your business or open a blog to attract fans, you especially need SSL security. If your website doesn’t have the little green lock from a trusted SSL certificate, it will be tagged as Net Secure on Google Chrome. It won’t be ranked top on search engine no matter how wonderful and useful your website content is because Google favors HTTPS-encrypted websites. A website with SSL Certificates will be ranked higher in search results. Visitors can find your websites easier. As you protect your customers’ private information, you can earn their trust and run your business effectively. If you need help, the web host offers help to install your SSL certificate, fix redirect errors as well as renew your cert before it expires. At this time, there is no option to apply GoDaddy coupon code. If you need to protect one website, you can choose Standard SSL DV, Deluxe SSL OV or Premium SSL EV. They respectively cost $74.99 USD, $129.99 USD and $199.99 USD per year. For multiple websites protections, you can choose UCC/SAN SSL which starts at $169.99 USD per year. If you need Wildcard SSL to protect all subdomains, the plans start from $349.99 USD per year. It is not a small amount of fee. If you run small business or don’t deal with financial case, iPage’s free SSL certificate is enough. It’s included in every hosting plan. When you purchase an iPage hosting plan, you also can use iPage coupon code to save money.

GoDaddy Website Builder

To create a successful online presence, you need to create and design an impressive website. Does that mean you have to learn coding and other special kills? No. A great website builder will help you reduce the burden. No matter you are building a basic website or creating a blog to promote your business, this service gets you covered. GoCentral is GoDaddy’s website builder. It provides you a straightforward and simple way to build a brilliant website. GoCentral is an all-in-one site builder that makes it pretty easy to create a professional-look website without requiring technical or coding knowledge. According to your business or personal needs, it offers tools and resources to make it everything ready. With GoDaddy, you don’t have to choose between a website and an online store because it lets you have both. After you sign in your GoDaddy account, provide your industry and the team will setup a suitable starting point for your website. It lets you add videos, images, text and more to customize your website. After you get everything ready, you can publish your website easily. When your website gains popularity, you can expand it by regularly adding an online store, setting up online appointment scheduling or bringing more traffic with SEO tools with the website builder. GoDaddy offers SEO and email marketing to help you to build your social media presence or business brand without stress. There are Personal, Business, Business Plus and Online Store packages to choose. It offers 1-month free trial on every package and provides annual billing cycle. The Personal package costs $5.99 USD, Business package costs $9.99 USD, Business Plus costs $14.99 USD and Online Store costs $19.99 USD per month. There is no need to apply GoDaddy coupon code for discount. iPage has six pages of Website Builder for all of its hosting plan. Mobile optimized site builder, WordPress 1-click installer, hundreds of templates and themes and easy-to-use setup wizards are included. With iPage coupon code, you can start your website from $1.99 USD per month.

GoDaddy WordPress

To build a successful website, WordPress is a necessary building tool. WordPress is a very popular platform for website developers. It comes with a large number of free themes and plugins to assist developers to create a professional websites with less effort. GoDaddy provides optimized WordPress package to simplify the design process. Pre-built sites and drag & drop page editor are offered to let beginners get started with this service without any problem. You are able to add powerful features with a few clicks. GoDaddy offers impressive performance and uptime. Your clients will be satisfied with the great experience. If you choose managed WordPress plan, you get automatic setup, backups and WordPress software updates. Its team helps you setup WordPress and backup your precious data. With one click, you can launch your blog and restore your data. Your WordPress core software and security will be updated automatically. You have more time to focus on your project. The WordPress package includes a free domain with annual plan, email and award-winning 24/7 support. Their hosting experts are 24/7/365 available to help you fix issue. You also get a free Microsoft Office 365 email when you purchase an annual plan. If you already have a website, you can transfer it to GoDaddy’s server with less effect on uptime by using the one-click migration tool. There is a WordPress SEO plugin which handle your website’s basic SEO needs. In this way, your website or blog will get noticed by Google and other famous search engines easily. That will promote your website and business greatly. The process does not require tech skill. GoDaddy provides Website Security to help you detect and delete malware before they can harm your websites or clients. Solid security will help you increase your reputation. Based on your need, you can choose Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate or Developer package. They respectively start from $8.99 USD, $12.99 USD, $19.99 USD and $24.99 USD per month. You will get the lowest price when you sign up 36 months at a time. No blank is offered to enter GoDaddy coupon code, so it is the final price. iPage offers WP Starter and WP Essential packages. WP Starter is as low as $3.75 USD per month. WP Essential starts at $6.95 USD per month. If you use iPage discount coupon, you will save more money.

iPage is Great Alternative Option

GoDaddy is the most famous domain registrar as well as a popular web host. It does provide great service. Of course, there are cons of this service. According to recent research, users choose another web host for the below reasons. Some users stop using it because GoDaddy charges an additional fee for custom name servers. Some users think it provides a limited hosted package and photo storage. Some users don’t like the fact that GoDaddy offers email as an upsell package. Besides, GoDaddy charges an additional fee for WHOIS guard, so some users turn to another affordable service. So, what is the alternative option of GoDaddy? We recommend iPage. iPage is a solid and reliable service. It does not provide a wide range of products as GoDaddy does, but its products are excellent and recognized by worldwide customers.

Whether you are a beginner or a web veteran, iPage is an excellent option with a list of fantastic features and tools. It is one the best values in web hosting, featuring easy setup and high reliability since 1998. It has extensive security and mirrored storage for data protection. Its customers enjoy the amazing performance and uptime all the time. iPage offers fast and flexible dedicated server to power your website. It provides fully managed support to simplify your job. It offers transparency prices. There is no need to worry about overage charges. The hosting plans are scalable. You can expand your website any time as demand increase. iPage provides affordable VPS hosting and cPanel support. Beginners can get started with VPS hosting package easily. It allows users to deploy, grow, and scale website instantly. Pre-installed scripts including CGI, Perl, Rails and Curl are offered. This web host also supports high-speed mirrored SAN storage. If you are looking for affordable and simple-to-navigate host for your website, iPage is a great option. Its WordPress hosting packages come with unlimited disk space and email accounts, free domain with purchase, a huge collection of free WordPress themes and plugins, free SSL certificates, enhanced security via SiteLock, You will get up to 60% faster website with W3 Total Cache pre-installed. Besides, iPage offers useful website builder for free to let you start your personal blog or business website in minutes with 100s of professionally designed, customizable themes. You can apply iPage coupon code for extra discount when you purchase a web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting or register a domain name. Its hosting packages start at $1.99 USD per month.

Video Guide On How to Get iPage Hosting Special Offer

Conclusion(GoDaddy Discount Coupon 2019)

GoDaddy is a popular service that offers leading hosting packages and domain registration. You can purchase a wide range of products on this platform. It helps you register a memorable domain name with the powerful domain search engine. GoDaddy hosts your website on powerful servers. It has 99.9% uptime guarantee and delivers fast page load times. Your clients will always be able to find your websites or products and have great website experience. On its websites, you may see that you can use promo code for discount. However, there is no place to enter GoDaddy coupon code. Its website builder is very helpful, but you need to notice that you can’t change the themes without losing your content once you picked one of the pre-made designer templates. You should think twice before you choose a theme. You may see many popup specials on the screen frequently due to the promotions and upsell tactics. That will upset you when you try to navigate around the website to execute tasks quickly. Its hosting packages start at $7.99 USD per month. It offers domain name registrations at low price for the first one or two years. You will be charged several times of the price when you renew the plan. If you need a more affordable product with excellent features, you can consider iPage which is a reliable and solid domain registrar & hosting service. The service offers high uptime & performance, solid security features, fast page load time, flexible domain management services, around the clock customer support and dynamic DNS performance. Remember to use iPage coupon code for extra discount during the signup process. The hosting plans starts at $1.99 USD per month during promotion. Want to save money? Get deal with iPage coupon code now.

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