How to Access Quora in China in 2024?

Do you know how to access Quora in China? I am looking for a secure way to access Quora in China. I get confused. Please suggest a way to get it unblocked.

Can You Access Quora in China?

Can you access Quora in China? What error do you see when opening Quora website in China? Is it blocked in China? According to reliable test, users in mainland China can’t load Quora. It has been blocked in late 2018. Quora is one of the most popular Q&A platforms, based in California, United States and found in 2009. It is an effective way of knowledge distribution. Every user can create an account on this website to ask a question or answer others’ questions. This platform supports answer links to author’s profile. That ensures that the questions and answers come with responsibility and reliability. Users are allowed to invite experts in related filed to answer the questions. That improves the quality of answers. This is why Quora has a large number of users all over the world. They find it is a place to ask questions and find reliable solutions. However, users in mainland China are not able to use this platform. Quora has been censored by the Chinese government. The local ISPs and servers won’t support you to access Quora there. A reliable tool is needed to bypass the blocking.

Why is Quora Blocked in China?

Quora had worked normally in China since it was founded in 2009. However, it has been added on the list of blocked websites in mainland China in late 2018. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp etc., Quora can’t be accessed directly there. Why is Quora blocked in China? Did something big happen to cause the blocking? As far as we know, Quora didn’t bring trouble to China. Neither Quora nor the Chinese government has given a reason. Blocking websites is a normal act in China. To control the information flow, the Chinese government has blocked numberless western social media platforms, video streaming websites and news platforms etc. Quora is a new victim. Why are they so strict on Internet use? Since 2009, videos, photos and statements on western social media platforms had caused riots in China that had bad influence on the Chinese government. People became violent after being exasperated by opinions, photos and videos spread on social media platform. Therefore, the Chinese government believed that it was the western social media platforms that provoked the people to turning against their government. Hence, they built a supper powerful censorship system to block any website and app that they consider as “harmful.” As Quora becomes popular, more and more users join the platforms. A topic can be discussed by lots of users from different countries. To prevent potential threat to their government, the firewall blocks it. If you need to Quora in China, you need a VPN to overcome the strict censorship.

Internet Censorship in China

It is well known that China is of the counties that have high Internet censorship. At this time, China has the most complex and sophisticated censorship framework in the world. After the Chinese government realized the power of media, they developed the Golden Shield Project to prevent their people from accessing contents they consider as a threat. The Great Firewall of China is the most important part of this project. It assists their government to filter contents and block websites effectively. What kinds of websites and contents they block? According to the test, they block websites, apps, social media, VPNs, emails, instant messages and more. For example, websites that contain depictions of violence, pornography and politically-sensitive topics will be added on the censored list. The websites or apps can be harmless, but they will be blocked once the government redeems them as a threat.

To maintain and upgrade the firewall system, the Chinese government employs over 2 million Internet surveillance monitors. For platforms they can’t monitor, they choose to block. Every time you try to access Quora in China, it stops you and shows you error instead. For domestic services, their employees keep a close eye to both local and foreign users’ online activities. Once they find sensitive topics or offensive actions, they react and handle them instantly. The government works with the local ISPs, enterprises and other parties to monitor and censor Internet activities. They use a series of advanced and complicated technologies and methods to achieve the blocking, including keyword filtering, IP address blacklists, DNS poisoning, packet inspection, and manual enforcement. Lots of key words about sensitive topics, domains and related information are added in the firewall system. The firewall can match contents quickly when users in China try to access one of those contents. It blocks IP addresses of websites or Internet-based services. If you try to access blocked websites like Quora, China’s Internet routers will refuse the requests. It also poisons DNS and filters URLs to make certain websites unavailable. In addition, the firewall inspects the actual data passing through its servers and routers so as to block any banned content. It even blocks out the Tor anonymity network and all public relays. This is why it is so difficult to bypass the strict Internet censorship in China. You need a really powerful tool like VPN to unblock Quora in China.

How to Access Quora in China?

Since the Chinese firewall is so powerful, is it even possible to unblock Quora? Yes, there is always a way out. The firewall censors your connection after it detects your Internet request to Quora and China-based IP address. Therefore, you need to disguise your online activities and hide your real IP address. To achieve this goal, you can use proxy servers, TOR and VPNs. Proxy servers are tools can be used to bypass the firewall. It assists you to unblock Quora, but it does not offer encryption. Your online sessions and privacy may be exposed to snoopers. Tor only can be used with Tor browser to enable you access blocked websites. You still are not able to connect to blocked websites on other browsers. And, it loads websites slow. VPN is the most effective and secure way to get around the powerful firewall system and surveillance. VPN is short for Virtual Private Networks. It encrypts your data and re-route your traffic via secure remote servers to give you access to Quora in China.

When a VPN works, it creates a private and encrypted “tunnel” between your device and their server. Most VPN providers utilize the latest encryption technology with advanced protocols and tunnels. VPN protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP and IKEv2 are used to disguise your traffic to escape from the censorship. As the firewall tries to block famous VPN protocols, VyprVPN creates Chameleon to perfectly bypass the VPN blocking. With solid encryption and protocol, no third party can decipher your connection to figure out what you do or stop you from accessing certain websites. VPN providers offer a collection of remote servers from different cities and countries. You can switch to any server that support Quora and there is no limit or extra charge for server switching. When you are connected to server in the US, it changes your IP address to let you appear from the US. The firewall will believe that you are located in the US, and it will not censor connections of users who do not live in mainland China. Though your Internet requests go through encrypted tunnel, you still can have fast connection. The smart servers will deliver fast and stable connection as well. You will be able to access Quora securely and privately at great speed with a leading VPN.

If you have any questions about how to safely Access Quora in China, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Best VPNs for China

As the firewall blocks VPNs as well, it is very necessary to pick a VPN that delivers fast, reliable and secure services within the Chinese Internet infrastructure so that you can access Quora successfully. How to pick the best VPNs for China? First of all, the provider should have a high reputation. You need a reliable VPN to ensure your Internet security and privacy. Check if they collect or store users’ online activities. You are suggested to sign up with a VPN provider that promise zero traffic log. Secondly, connection speed is very important factor for VPN. If a question on Quora has lots of comments, you can load them quickly. You won’t want to wait several minutes to load the answers. A great speed will let you browse contents freely with less hassle. Thirdly, make sure if the VPN is blocked in China. Besides, it is supposed to work stably and have high uptime. Many VPNs fail to work the firewall as it becomes more and more powerful. Some VPNs still can bypass the firewall while their websites are blocked. The firewall cuts off the way for you to download VPNs. Therefore, confirm it works in China and install it before you fly to China. One of the best VPNs like ExpressVPN can circumvent the firewall firmly and its websites can be accessed directly in mainland China.

Fourthly, unlimited bandwidth will be great. Without limits, you can upload on the platform to describe questions or answers or download files to store solutions freely. There is no need to worry about high fee of bandwidth usage. Fifthly, select a VPN that offers less than 128-bit encryption. It will be great if it supports 256-bit encryption. You need to ensure that the encryption is strong enough to safeguard your safety and privacy when using Quora and other blocked websites in China. Sixthly, choose the provider that offers server in Asia like Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Macau and Singapore. As they are close to mainland China, you can expect superfast connections. Besides, servers in the US and Canada also are great options. Seventhly, provider that offers free trial and money back policy is a great choice. With free trial or refund guarantee, you can test if the VPN works greatly in China without risking your money. Last but not least, the VPN should be compatible with all major operating systems and devices as well as support multiple simultaneous connections so that you can access Quora on any device you have at any time. Besides, the VPN needs to be easy to use. How does a complicated tool can make users’ life easier? VPN provider’ customer support is very important. It will be perfect if the support is 24/7 available, so you can contact them any time if the VPN fail to work in China.

Free or Paid VPNs?

How do VPN providers generate revenue when they offer VPN for free? Some of them are really generous while some of them collect users’ browsing histories and other personal information to make money. Don’t risk your precious information for using a free VPN.

Besides, free VPNs do not guarantee the security or the privacy a top-tier VPN does. As we all know, the Great Firewall of China is the most advanced on the earth while most free VPNs come with limited features and functions. Many of them are not equipped with the necessary technologies to bypass the firewall. To enjoy a pleasure browsing experience in China, a premium VPN is necessary.

Is Using VPN & Quora Illegal in China?

As users don’t want to get trouble with the government, they would like to ensure it is safe to use VPN and Quora in China. Is it illegal to use Quora in China? The answer is no. Currently, there is no law or regulation forbidding organizations or individuals from using VPN or Quora. In fact, it is not practical that the Chinese government would completely ban the use of VPNs across the country. Many Internet companies have to use VPN to communicate with their foreign client as the firewall bans all the famous social media platforms and emails. Government agencies and schools also need to contact and cooperate with foreign ones. In this globalized society, you can use VPN and Quora safely in China.

Other Benefits of Using a VPN
VPN becomes a necessary product in those days. As the government and ISPs can view and monitor your online activities easily, you need a VPN to protect your privacy. Don’t let anyone sell your privacy for money or to conduct illegal activities. A VPN will wipe your digital footprint and anonymize your online activities. Snoopers and advertisers won’t be able to track you. Your privacy is untouchable. A VPN also encrypts your connection to the Internet. When you are using public WiFi network, the hackers, and spammers can view your private communication and steal your precious information. VPN encryption makes your connection unbreakable. You can check email, make online transaction and perform other private activities securely even though you are WiFi hotspot at hotel or airport. A VPN can be used to unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other websites that come with geo-restriction in China. Solid VPN connection will protect you from censorship measures, government surveillance, direct advertising, snooping, malicious attacks, malware developers, and other dangerous or threatening agents or circumstances. There are more benefits wait for you to discover. Grab a VPN to access Quora in China now.

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Conclusion of How to Access Quora in China

Accessing the Internet in China can be frustrating as a vast number of western websites and apps are blocked there. Quora is not the only service that are blocked by the firewall. The strict Internet censorship make foreigners’ life very convenient in this country. Foreigners who go to China for trip, study or work have difficulty to get job done or keep in touch with their family and friends. Local users can’t use foreign websites like Quora to express themselves or find interested information. VPNs are helpful tools that delivers data encryption and rerouting services to assist users in China to unblock Quora and other famous websites & apps. Your IP address will be hidden. Your online session will be encrypted and data will be protected from cyberattack. You can access the global network freely with remote servers. Get a reliable VPN to bypass the powerful content filtering, censorship and surveillance to access Quora in China now.

Kindly Reminder: If you have any question regarding how to Access Quora in China and how to Set up VPN on your device, you are recommended to live chat with YooCare online expert for help.

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