Nov 20, 2018

DigitalOcean Promo Code 2019 – Get Extra Coupon Discount

Are DigitalOcean promo codes available? Does DigitalOcean accept coupons? Need DigitalOcean discount coupon to cut budget? You do the right thing. When you can purchase a product at discount, don’t pay it at full price. DigitalOcean supports promo codes at this time. Fail to find valid code after visiting so much websites? You should come to our websites first. We have the latest DigitalOcean promo codes and coupon information. Use verified DigitalOcean promo codes to get the best deal with us.

About DigitalOcean

Unlike traditional web hosting, DigitalOcean specializes in SSD cloud servers. It offers a globally available, reliable and high-performance cloud service for worldwide customers. As SSD cloud servers are faster and more reliable than regular servers, lots of developers who need fast servers choose this web host to power their websites. DigitalOcean provides developers the highest levels of freedom and customization to launch their websites and apps. It offers Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora and FreeBSD server software for you to choose. It has data centers all over the world, including San Francisco, Singapore, 2 in Amsterdam, and a new datacenters in London, England. You can choose the datacenter and how much memory you need. DigitalOcean provides you the usage of IPv6 which is the latest version of Internet protocol usage. This web host will give you the most suitable performance for your project at affordable price. It offers predictable pricing and there is no hidden fee. If you need to scale up or down, you can finish it with a few simple commands. DigitalOcean product has user-friendly interface and dashboard. Both beginners and experienced developers can get started with it easily. Every customer can use the round-the-clock technical support. If you have any problem, contact them anytime. Would like to save money during payment? Apply DigitalOcean promo codes for extra discount.

How will You be Billed?

Pricing is an important factor when select a suitable web host. DigitalOcean supports flexible billing methods so that customers only need to pay for what they use. It combines hourly and monthly billing methods depending on how much you need. By default, all Droplets are billed hourly at the beginning, up until a monthly cap of 672 hours. If the time you use your server fewer than 672 hours during that month, you will be billed for each hour you used. If you use the server more than 672 hours during a month, you will be billed monthly. You don’t have to do the complicated math to decide to choose hourly or monthly billing. It switches the methods automatically based on the time you use your server. You won’t overpay for resources you don’t use and won’t be limited to use server during peak seasons.

DigitalOcean plans are packaged with solid features at friendly prices. For example, the standard Droplets starts at $5.00 USD per month and $0.007 USD per hour. Useful features and tools are included in hosting packages. You will have SSD, DNS management, pre-built app images, automated backups, Cloud firewalls, choice of several Linux distributions and FreeBSD etc. It provides enough resources you need to develop a professional and successful website or app. DigitalOcean accepts all major popular payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. If you live outside the US, Visa is a great choice. PayPal is widely used and is a convenient payment method. If you are looking for additional payment options like Wire Transfer, purchase orders and ACH, contact the provider if one of the options works for you.

How to Use DigitalOcean Promo Code?

First of all, visit DigitalOcean official websites via coupon link on this page. The provider offers coupon link to our visitors for special order. Create an account and add your profile. Then, the provider will credit your account with $100 USD for using coupon link. Next, add your project goals, so the provider gives you suitable hosting products. After you pick products, enter and apply DigitalOcean Promo Code on the checkout page. The total cost will be reduced automatically.


DigitalOcean calls its Cloud Servers as “Droplets”. The provided cloud servers are built upon hex core machines with dedicated ECC RAM and RAID SSD Storage. It offers standard droplets and CPU optimized droplets. Droplets are resizable, SSD-based virtual machines that can be customized to meet developers’ different needs. They come with add-on storage, monitoring capabilities, and advanced security to ensure sharp performance and best possible experience. When you start your project, you can purchase standard droplets and choose a basic package. With the increasing demand, you can spin up new machines any time you want. If you don’t need old droplets, you are able to delete them. DigitalOcean supports global image transfer. Customers can spin droplets in different datacenter regions. Its private network allows your separated droplets in the same datacenter to communicate with each other without bandwidth limits. DigitalOcean offers flexible packages and you can get the package you need at reasonable price. We suggest you redeem DigitalOcean promo code for extra discount when you purchase a plan.

  • $5/month: 512MB of Memory, a 1 Core Processor, a 20GB SSD Disk, 1TB of transfer
  • $10/month: 1GB of Memory, a 1 Core Processor, a 30GB SSD Disk, 2TB of transfer
  • $20/month: 2GB of Memory, a 2 Core Processor, a 40GB SSD Disk, 3TB of transfer
  • $40/month: 4GB of Memory, a 2 Core Processor, a 60GB SSD Disk, 4TB of transfer
  • Spaces

    Need spaces to complement local and network storage? DigitalOcean provides S3-compatible object storage with a built-in CDN to enable customers to store and deliver vast amounts of content. You can reuse existing tools & code and meet your infrastructure needs with a simpler architecture. It lets you use S3 tools, utilities, plugins, extensions, and libraries to manage and adjust your space. This web host has multiple datacenters to allow you to create your space near your Droplets and visitors. The high scalability allows you to add and grows space as much as you want without restrictions. You can deliver images, JavaScript & CSS and enable CDN with geo-edge caching quickly to customize your project effectively. DigitalOcean only provides one plan on Spaces. It costs $5.00 USD per month. You will get 250 GB of storage, 1 TB of outbound transfer, unlimited uploads and unlimited spaces. Compared to other providers, you can get over 90% savings on storage and bandwidth costs with DigitalOcean. You know what? DigitalOcean promo codes are available. Using valid discount coupon, you get extra savings during the payment.


    DigitalOcean launched Kubernetes to allow businesses and developers to deploy and manage container workloads in the cloud easily, using cost-effective Droplets as their worker nodes. It lets developers add and remove worker nodes from node pools as well create additional node pools at any time. Developers can create a dedicated managed cluster within few seconds and keep full access to the cluster with existing toolchains. As cluster operates like private networking, communication within cluster is private and safe. It grants you access through web UI, Kubernetes API, and kubectl. The scalability and flexibility of Kubernetes enable you to design and improve business or project efficiently at reasonable cost. You are able to integrate block storage and load balancers for better solutions. When you deploy apps to Kubernetes, the cost is based usage of Droplet worker nodes, load balancers, and storage. If you are a beginner or only need the service for a test, you can choose a single node cluster using a $5/mo Droplet. This service allows you to scale your project by adding worker pools of various Droplet sizes and attaching persistent storage to meet more demand. If you expect discount, apply DigitalOcean promo code provided on this page. You will get the best deal.

    Load Balancer

    Load Balancers are fully-managed service with high uptime that is easy and fast to be deployed. It works with high performance to prevent application or hardware failures when spreading traffic across available resources. It increases your application’s availability and make it easy to scale horizontally by distributing incoming traffic across your resources. You are allowed to b distribute load via two different algorithms. They are round robin and least connections. Round robin is the most popular algorithm and it is also the default option. You can split incoming traffic between multiple backend servers to increase overall capacity and scale your app. DigitalOcean Load Balancers also support HTTP/2 to reduce page load time and resource usage. Your clients will have better performance. It enables you to manage account and provision within seconds through API. Through API, you also can create a new Load Balancer and add Droplets conveniently. To ensure solid security, this service provisions and renews SSL certificates automatically through Let’s Encrypt without extra charge. It is a flexible and powerful tool when scale is needed. If you purchase this service, you will be billed hourly at $0.015 USD. There are no bandwidth limits. You also can deploy a DigitalOcean Load Balancer for $10.00 USD per month. Remember to redeem DigitalOcean promo codes for sweet discount.

    Block Storage

    DigitalOcean Block storage works just like a hard drive on your computer. It is a convenient way to manage additional storage for your Droplets. Blocks can be formatted and attached to CoreOS, Debian, Fedora, Fedora Atomic droplets and Ubuntu automatically. Your data in the blocks is stored across several server racks separated from your droplet and encrypted with advanced security technology. Your data is transmitted to the Droplets over isolated networks. That gives you redundancy to reduce the chances of data loss in case of hardware failure and keeps your sensitive information secure as well. This service enables you to scale the blocks and transfer them to different droplets in real time. You can upgrade anytime when your business demands higher performance and resources. It gives you options to freely add storage space and adjust compute & storage to suit the needs of application, backup, database, file storage, service and mobile etc. Block storage is provisioned in units called volumes. It allows you to partition, format, and manage volumes with familiar tools and techniques. You are able to use conventional HTTP requests to manage block storage volumes through API in a programmatic way. DigitalOcean offers Block Storage volumes from 1GB up to 16TB. It lets you resize the volumes and move block storage between different droplets anytime you want. You only need to pay for provisioned capacity without investing in extra formulas you don’t need. Are you looking for highly available and scalable SSD-based Block Storage to your droplet? Get started with DigitalOcean now. It costs only $0.10/GB per month. You will be billed only $20.00 USD per month if you need 200 GB. The good news is that DigitalOcean promo codes are available. Copy code and use it during checkout.

    Video Guide On How to Get DigitalOcean Special Offer

    Conclusion (DigitalOcean Promo Code 2019 – Get Extra Coupon Discount)

    As a web developer or businessman, you may spend lots of money on signing up with various service. How to spend money wisely while enjoying the high quality of service? You should make use of DigitalOcean discount coupon. Entering valid coupon code, extra discount will be activated. It is the same product while it costs you less. DigitalOcean is a leading web host that delivers cost-effective, reliable and robust solutions. Their droplets are optimized for computationally intensive workloads and run separately on top of compute-optimized hardware. The products are scalable and billed at reasonable way. The provider offers eight different datacenters around the world, you can deploy your websites and apps at lightning speed and offer your client amazing performance. So far, 150,000+ businesses and 1 million developers around the world use DigitalOcean’s secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. DigitalOcean does not have cPanel. You can log in via SSH or a web-based console to manage your account and configure your setup by using Linux commands. If you would like to use cPanel, you need to install it yourself. Luckily, the provider develops their products to be very easy to use. DigitalOcean allows you to deploy pre-built applications and skip the installation & configuration. That means you can deploy your code directly and put efforts on your project. It offers various pre-built applications including Discourse, Django, Docker, Dokku, Ghost, GitLab, LAMP, LEMP, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Ruby on Rails and WordPress. DigitalOcean offers helpful support via ticket system. You can submit a ticket with your issue via email, and you will get a respond soon. The support is not always available. Only large account that consumes over $500 USD per month has access to the 24/7 instant support. On the official websites, you will see over 1700 tutorials on development and system operations. They are written in detail and very simple to understand. It is the right time to get deal if you are looking for reliable hosting solution. Sweet discount is available at this time. By using DigitalOcean coupon link and promo code, you will impressive discount. Redeem DigitalOcean coupon code for savings when it is still valid.

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