Nov 9, 2018

Namecheap VPN Coupon & Deals: 51% Off Promos 2019

Are you searching for NameCheap VPN coupon code? VPN is a new product offered by NameCheap. It becomes popular among web developers and regular users as it delivers reliable solution at affordable price. If you would like to save money on VPN order, use our NameCheap VPN coupon code to apply for discount. During this promotion, you can get NameCheap VPN up to 51% off. Why do you need NameCheap VPN? How much does this VPN cost? How to redeem discount coupon? Find your answer in this article. Get NameCheap VPN coupon and best deal at 51% off 2019.

Why Namecheap VPN?

NameCheap starts to sell VPN recently. It delivers hosting services as well as Internet private and security solution. Why should you choose this VPN? Though it is a new VPN, it provides solid VPN package with advanced features as it is backed by the giant web host. This VPN utilizes military grade encryption to secure your connection to the Internet, so your data remains safe and no third parties can access your data even when you are using vulnerable public Wi-Fi Hotspots. The encrypted connection also prevents your ISP from monitoring your activities while it does not affect your connection speed. This VPN allows unlimited bandwidth, letting you stream any content you like, download & upload large files and conduct other activities freely, and the provider won’t restrict you. NameCheap VPN masks your IP address and switches your virtual location to another country of your choice. That helps you avoid tracking and escape from various regional restrictions & online censorship. It enables you to access the global network without limit. The VPN client is full-featured while it is simple to use. This service provides 24/7 online support to help customers fix issues timely. NameCheap also is an affordable service. With discount coupon, you can get 51% off. It starts from $2.88 USD per month.

Namecheap VPN Promotion & Discount Coupon

To save money on VPN order, you should pay attention to promotion and take advantage of NameCheap coupon codes. Sometimes, the provider runs special deal with reduced prices. They release coupon to offer extra discount. This usually occurs around big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. There also is big promotion during the company’s anniversary. Sometimes, the provider offers us discount link. You only need to click on the link, and the discount will be activated automatically. Sometimes, it requires promo code or coupon to apply discount. Once the provider sends us coupon code, we show it on this page immediately to help you save as much money as possible.

NameCheap provides flexible range of plans. You can choose from 1-month, 1-year and 2-year plans. If you need VPN for a short trip in another country, you can consider the monthly plan. Many users choose monthly plan to test the service as they can’t decide if it offers what they want. After testing the service, they can renew the plan anytime they want. Though there is no discount on monthly plan, it is still cheap. It costs $5.88 USD monthly. If you need VPN protection for long term, we suggest you sign up 1-year or 2-year plan because the provider runs promotion on these two plans. You will save 17% on the 1-year plan. You will be billed $58.56 USD yearly. It is $4.88 USD per month. The 2-year is 51% off. You only need to pay $69.12 USD for 24 months. It only costs $2.88 USD per month. The provider does not mention how long this promotion will last. We only know that it is time limited offer. You get the same package with best protection regardless of your budget. So, why don’t deal at lower cost? Seize this chance to get NameCheap VPN 51% off coupon discount.

Which is the Best NameCheap VPN Deal?

Don’t know which plan you should choose as a new user? NameCheap VPN providers only offer one package, so you only need to decide how long a subscription you want. Different plans come with different discounts. Pick the one with best value. 2-year plan is the cheapest plan in terms of monthly price. It is 51% off and costs $ 2.88 USD per month. The 1-year plan is 17% off while there is no discount on monthly plan. The 51% off discount is surely the best NameCheap VPN special deal. If you only need VPN for a short period of time in another country, the monthly plan is okay. You don’t need to pay for what don’t need simply for discount. You can use the coupon link on this page to activate discount. Check out the big promotion and use NameCheap coupons for greater savings.

How to Use NameCheap VPN Coupon Code?

First of all, use coupon link here to visit VPN provider. Secondly, copy coupon code when you are redirected to the promotion page. Thirdly, click on “Security” tab and select VPN. Fourthly, you can view VPN features and pricing there. Fifthly, select a plan you need and click on Buy Now. If you already have a NameCheap account for hosting, you can log in that account to proceed. If you are a new user, you need to create an account to continue. Lastly, fill up payment detail and scroll down to enter & verify NameCheap VPN coupon code. Finish payment with all needed information. That’s how to save 51% off with coupon.

Does NameCheap VPN Offer a Lifetime Subscription?

Fans of NameCheap may ask if it provides a lifetime subscription. The answer is no. You may hear that some providers offer lifetime account on the market. In fact, some of them claim they provide lifetime account while the accounts will be suspended after a few years. We can’t expect that we purchase an account and have VPN protection for the rest of life. This provider allows you to sign up a plan up to two years at a time. If you would like to save effort in renewing every month, you can purchase 2-year plan and choose automatic renewal subscription. With NameCheap VPN coupon code, you get 51% off. It is only $2.88 USD per month. Get the best deal and enjoy the best possible browsing experience with VPN.

Payment Methods

NameCheap VPN provider accepts flexible payment methods. You can sign up via all major popular payment methods like American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and PayPal. Visa is great choice for international customers that do not use US dollar currency. No matter which currency you use, you can purchase a plan easily. This provider accepts one payment method that few providers accept. It is Dwolla payment. If you happen to love Dwolla payment, just use it to get started with NameCheap VPN. Of course, the most popular payment method is Bitcoin which is a kind of cryptocurrency. It allows customers to make payment anonymously without leaving any track online. That is perfect for users who value their privacy. Remember to use NameCheap VPN coupon code to grab the great deal.

IP Anonymity

Your IP address is a unique address which can be used to determine where you are located on the earth. Every time you connect to a website, the first query goes to a DNS and your connection can be viewed by some parties. The web server sees your IP address when you visit their website. Snoopers and advertisers can track you according to IP address you leave online. The ISP knows your IP address and what you do on the Internet because you rely on their servers. What’s worse, the ISPs are allowed to sell users’ privacy to the third party without permission. That means anyone can purchase the record of your online activities and know exactly what you do online. That’s terrible. Besides, the firewall or streaming services can limit you access to some contents based on your IP address. You may not be able to access your favorite websites after moving to another country. Don’t worry. NameCheap VPN will help you fix all of those issues. It allows you to connect to remote server and change your virtual location. You will be assigned a new IP address at random very time you use VPN. The IP address shown to public also is used by lot of users around the world and can’t be used to track back to you. This VPN also supports DNS leak protection and encrypted connection to prevent any chance of personal information leak. NameCheap VPN provider is a privacy activism that believes Internet should be free and open. They have strict privacy policy and do not track or store your traffic log, so they won’t be able to reveal your privacy to any party. Your privacy stays safe.

Military Grade Encryption

Your data security and privacy can be compromised easily when using the Internet especially on public shared WiFi hotspot. Hackers can create phishing WiFi hotspot to grab victims’ financial information or simply connect to unprotected public network to capture valuable information, like passwords, email addresses and credit card detail etc. To keep you safe on the Internet, NameCheap VPN provides best-in-class encryption to secure your connections and safeguard your data. It delivers your data through private VPN tunnel. Without decryption key, others can’t intercept your session. ISPs and hackers are kept away from your private information. This VPN also protects you from targeted and indiscriminate attacks intended to grab sensitive data. The encrypted “tunnel” slows down your connection slightly, and you won’t notice it. It is possible to maintain secure without sacrificing speed.

Global & Fast Network

Would like to browse the web at high speed without limit? NameCheap VPN makes it possible. It has servers in over 40+ locations around the world. The provider owns and operates their servers and network independently. They generously invest on developing and expanding their network with high speed and powerful servers. You are allowed to choose any server location. We suggest you connect to server which is close to your real location to achieve the best possible connection. All the servers are fast and encrypted. That is perfect for streaming, transferring data and online gaming. You can watch HD video and load large size of video game without buffer. When you download large files directly, your ISP can packet sniffing to restrict your browsing and slow down the connection badly. You have to wait for a long time to download a HD video. So, don’t let your ISP throttle you. Get NameCheap VPN package with coupon to enjoy the best possible browsing experience at lower cost.

Unblock Restricted Content

Many streaming services come with restriction set by geo-location in those days. They are restricted to certain countries. If foreigners try to access the contents, they will be rejected. Netflix and BBC iPlayer are the best examples. People who have to move to another country for work or study can’t move with their favorite shows. Besides, some governments block certain websites and application for different reasons. For example, China, Russia and Tukey have strict Internet censorship and powerful firewall to prevent their people from accessing contents that they consider as “bad.” Many famous websites like Google and YouTube are blocked in those countries. To defeat geo-restriction and get rid of government censorship, connect to one of NameCheap VPN’s servers. You can appear as if you are coming from other countries like US and UK where there is less Internet limit. You won’t be rejected by your favorite websites with those virtual locations. You can travel with your favorite applications and access the global network freely from anywhere.

Easy-to-Use Service

NameCheap VPN is created to make users’ life more convenient, so they design the VPN client to be very easy to use. The easy setup and clean user interface allow both experienced users and beginners to get started with this service within few minutes. Simply sign up a needed plan with NameCheap VPN coupon code and download client according to your system. This VPN works with Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS. The provider allows five simultaneous connections with one account. You are allowed to set up VPN on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone and have all of them protected. You only need to follow the wizard to install and set up VPN. The process is very easy. If you have any problem in using the VPN, head over to their support center. They provide 24/7 customer support. You can contact them via live chat or email. Live chat is recommended if you need instant respond.

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Video Guide On How to Get NameCheap VPN Special Offer

Conclusion (Namecheap VPN Coupon & Deals: 51% Off Promos 2019)

NameCheap VPN provider delivers reliable, secure and ultra-fast solution. It secures your connection with unbreakable encryption. You are always safe even when you are using public WiFi hotspot network at coffee house, bar or airport. It masks your IP address and wipes your digital footprint, and your privacy will be highly protected. The provider promises that they never access or store your traffic log. They will not reveal your personal information to other party. This VPN allows you to choose between servers in 40+ countries and change your virtual location. That helps greatly if you need to access blocked or restricted contents. Even though the websites are not available in your country, this VPN spoofs your locations, allowing you to access any content from anywhere. You can enjoy fast, free, safe and private browsing experience. If you are waiting for a great VPN with affordable VPN, NameCheap VPN is the one. Currently, the provider offers up to 51% off coupon discount. When you use coupon link on this page, you will automatically see the savings applied on the checkout page. Get the best deal with NameCheap VPN coupon code now.

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