Namecheap Promo Code: 100% Guaranteed Coupons 2024

Every user would like use coupon or apply promo code to get discount when purchasing stuff online. Smart consumers do not pay a product at full price when discount is available. Namecheap is a popular ICANN-accredited registrar which provides services on domain name registration and various hosting. When you sign up a Namecheap plan, remember to apply promo code. Where to find and how to use a Namecheap promo code? We would like to collect amazing coupons to help you save money. Come and grab coupon discount on our website. Great news! Namecheap have made some exciting changes to their exclusive .inc offer: $250 discount* for all the users has been extended until December 31, 2019. COUPON CODE: GETDOTINC, Promo Code should be applied during checkout. Namecheap supports coupons and promo codes to let users get extra discount. It offers the best deal with excellent services at friendly prices. Valid coupon code works with any plan of Namecheap. Want great savings? Get verified Namecheap promo code to register your domain names and build your websites at even lower prices.

About Namecheap

Namecheap is a reliable ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web host which has developed a strong market share. It is founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall. It first offered domain registering service, gradually extended its services to hosting. Currently, it offers quality domain registry services, shared hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, email hosting, WordPress hosting and security & privacy protection. Its products gain great reviews and win many awards. It has over 10 million domains under management which is one of the biggest domain registrars. Namecheap provides popular domains with fully featured hosting packages, free website templates, SSL security certificates, WhoisGuard privacy protection and useful 24/7 online live chat support. Namecheap makes everything easy to build and manage your website.

Why Namecheap?

Why should you choose Namecheap? What make this service outstanding? As one of the best companies in hosting industry, Namecheap delivers fast, reliable and secure service. It kindly offers free and fast migration from other hosting providers. You can change a host as well as maintain your data securely. Its unique network infrastructure ensures their web hosting servers have 99.9% uptime. Each of their servers has at least two processors, four hard drives with raid protection and 16GB of RAM. They utilize surplus bandwidth providers, switches and routers to offer full redundancy at all levels within their network. Namecheap places light loads on their machines to let your websites operates smoothly during busy hours and you can run more complex scripts at a time. It provides a personalized and customer-oriented service. If you demand a request, it will create its own backups of your site which is very helpful. It offers monitoring, backup, and restoration services with various add-ons. Besides, Namecheap believes users have right to protect their privacy, thus providing SSL certificates, WhoisGuard and more useful tools to safeguard websites and protect customers’ personal information. This company offers competitive pricing and lets users get the best value. In addition, Namecheap releases promo codes and supports coupon. Users can save big during promotion. Why don’t you get Namecheap promo codes to pay less on the same package?

Domain Name Register

Would like to increase your online presence? A unique and memorable website name will help because it carries your brand, public image, and professional reputation. Namecheap is a leading domain registrar accredited by ICANN. It has excellent solutions to build a successful website with proper domain name. It offers a free website domain for the first year for every single one of their customers. Namecheap provides a good search engine for domain name suggestions. Before registering a domain name, you need to check if it is taken in the system. If you really want that domain name, you can make an effort to purchase it at a price. The result is not guaranteed. If you didn’t choose the extension, you can type the domain name under Bulk Options to check what extensions are available. It offers tips to help you create a good domain name which is helpful for beginners. To get a domain name from Namecheap and create your account, you need to provide contact information like your name, physical address, email address and phone number. This service allows you to register your domain name for up to 10 years. That saves you precious time in renewing frequently. If you have already registered a domain name, this service helps you transfer it to Namecheap immediately for free. All of your data will be saved and you can enjoy a better experience with Namecheap.

Currently, it offers big discounts on many popular extensions. Using Namecheap verified promo codes, additional discount is available. After the first year of free domain name registration, .com extension costs $8.88 USD per year if you sign up one year. It costs $10.88 USD per year with two years of duration, $10.78 USD per year with three years of duration, $10.68 USD per year with two years of duration, $10.58 USD per year for over five years of duration. We will take over five years of duration as examples.

  • .com: $10.58 USD per year
  • .net: $12.58 USD per year
  • .org: $12.58 USD per year
  • .us: $8.19 USD per year
  • .info: $12.48 USD per year
  • .biz: $12.48 USD per year
  • News: Namecheap runs big promotion which starts February 11th through February 18th. This promotion is exclusive for new customers. To activate this special offer, you need to use coupon code provided on this page. During this promotion, new customers get .com domain registration for only $5.88 plus free WhoisGuard for life. This product normally costs $10.98 USD. You get an unbeatable discount of 46% off the Internet’s top TLD by using promotion link and coupon code on this website.

  • This special offer is for new Customers to Namecheap only.
  • Premium domains are not eligible for the promotion.
  • This discount is valid for first-year registration of one domain while the offer is active.

  • Sharing Hosting

    If you are a beginner, you are suggested to purchase Namecheap shared hosting package. Multiple sites share a single physical server. That keeps the cost low. Each user has access to provided features like databases, disk space, monthly traffic, FTP accounts, email accounts, and other add-ons. So far, it is the most cost-effective way to build a small website and blog that does not require complicated configurations or high bandwidth. With the growing of your website, you can upgrade the package. After you purchase your Shared Hosting Package, you will get a free domain name for the first year. In the Welcome Email, you will see instruction to set up hosting. Look for website builder under cPanel and choose your domain. Namecheap offers almost 200 fully-equipped website templates and provides up to 50 free PositiveSSL certificates for web security. Simply choose your desired template, build and publish your website in minutes. Namecheap’s website builder allows you to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps etc. to perfect your website. The website builder now is available in 45 languages and your website layout will adjust to all devices automatically. You are allowed to add various payment methods to promote your online store. Pick a plan and redeem Namecheap 50% promo codes to save big during this promotion.

  • Stellar: Starts at $2.57 USD per month
  • Stellar Plus: Starts at $4.41 USD per month
  • Stellar Business: Starts at $8.24 USD per month
  • Dedicated Servers

    For advanced customers who prefer to manage and configure servers themselves, Namecheap offers dedicated server packages. With dedicated servers, you have optimal security and maximum bandwidth. You own root access to a physical server instead of sharing it with several customers. The intensive resource enables your website to handle considerable amount of daily traffic without any problem. It is surely more expensive than shared hosting packaged. Besides, it requires certain knowledge of Linux and the command line to make your website operate properly. Of course, that will not be a problem for an advanced customer. The provider has high uptime guarantee. You will have faster & more reliable resource and higher performance. Namecheap provides special offers with 25% off using code.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Explorer: CPU 4 Cores x 3.4 GHz, $894.88 USD per year
  • Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3 Voyager: CPU 4 Cores x 3.5 GHz, $1088.88 USD per year
  • Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 Enterprise: CPU 2×8 Cores x 2.1 GHz, $2038.88 USD per year
  • VPS Hosting

    Namecheap offers VPS hosting package with excellent reliability and speed. It uses SSD drive storage to provide you about 20x faster than normal hard disk storage. Its VPS plans are hosted on the superfast networks in Phoenix, Arizona. You can enjoy amazing page speeds. It offers faster speed than many dedicated servers provided by other services. It gives you full root access along with a choice of operating systems and optional cPanel. You are allowed to pick self-manage, half-manage or have Namecheap fully manage your server for you. If you choose self-mange, you have root access to the server. If you let Namecheap fully manage it for you, you only have reseller access to the server. There is a verified Namecheap 25% off promo code on VPS hosting package. Applying the code, you get extra 25% discount on any plan. View the prices with coupon discount below.

  • VPS Pulsar: Starts at $14.07/month with 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 40 GB SSD RAID 10, 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • VPS Quasar: Starts at $24.07/month with 6 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 120 GB SSD RAID 10, 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • Reseller Hosting

    Would you like to earn income through a reseller plan? Namecheap runs special high-power reseller servers. It allows you to sell plan to your customers to generate revenue. With the resources Namecheap allocates to your account, you can design your own hosting packages. The packages you design is independent from your own package. It supports anonymous name servers. Hence, your customers will not know you’re reselling services. It is not a matter as long as you offer reliable package. Quality of Namecheap servers is guaranteed. This service allows unlimited domains & sub-domains and provides full priority support to help you in every aspect of the process. You can make money easily with less effort. Grab Namecheap reseller hosting deal with valid promo codes.

  • Nebula: Starts at $14.41 USD per month with 25 resold accounts, 30 GB disk space, Unmetered GB Bandwidth, Free cPanel/WHM
  • Galaxy Expert: Starts at $23.70 USD per month with unlimited resold accounts, 90 GB disk space, Unmetered GB Bandwidth, Free cPanel/WHM
  • Universe Pro: Starts at $33.37 USD per month with unlimited resold accounts, 150 GB disk space, Unmetered GB Bandwidth, Free cPanel/WHM & WHMCS Starter
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

    WordPress is widely recognized as one of the most popular tools to create a successful website. Namecheap delivers satisfied WordPress hosting solution. It provides thousands of themes and plugins, allowing you to create a beautiful and powerful website right away. Of course, you can upload content and design the website in your own way. It offers intuitive interface to let you write, edit and publish your content conveniently. You are allowed to manage WordPress websites like creating backups, altering domain and gaining access to your files through SFTP in a single dashboard. Namecheap enables you to put your website on maintenance mode to ensure everything gets ready when you show your site to your visitors. Its WordPress hosting package will power your website with the latest and reliable cloud technology. It offers competitive WordPress Hosting package. If you would like to save money, get deal with the latest Namecheap promo codes. You can get up to 50% discount during the promotion.
    EasyWP Starter: Starts at $3.88 USD per month

  • 1x installed WordPress website
  • 10GB of storage
  • 50K pageviews
  • Easy Backups and Updates
  • 24/7 Namecheap Support
  • Rock-Solid Security

    Website security also is an important factor when selecting a web host. Namecheap has an outstanding technical in-house security system with the best hardware and software firewalls. They actively test their defensive measures to detect any vulnerability and tweak in time. Namecheap use SSL certificates to protect your sensitive data and communication data between your website and the visitors. SSL is a technology used to encrypt communication between users and a website. It encrypts your connection to prevent snoopers from intercepting your usernames, passwords, credit card information or other precious information. SSL certificates become a necessary because Google has cracked down many insecure websites on its search engine. Its solid security package also helps your website gain high ranking on search engines.

    WhoisGuard of Namecheap

    WhoisGuard protects your name, postal address, email and phone & fax number and stops hackers, spammers, online fraudsters and marketing companies from contacting you or stealing your confidential data. Fraudsters won’t be able to crack your account by answering the security questions according to your detail personal information. Things go differently with WhoisGuard’s protection. Others can view that your domain is already hosted, but they can’t get any necessary information to gain access to your account or transfer your domain to another registrar without your permission. This tool also masks your email address and filter suspicious emails to avoid spam. It is one of the best global domain privacy protection options.

    Data Centers Options

    NameCheap allows customers to choose data center. It has data centers across two continents. Based on your websites and locations of visitors, you can decide where you would like to store your websites. For example, if your visitors mainly come from Africa, Middle East or Europe, UK server should be your option. If you develop the website mainly to serve visitors from the Americas or the Far East, you should choose US server. NameCheap defeats many competitors on the market because most of them do not provide data center options.

    Ease of Use

    All customers prefer an easy-to-use solution. No one wants a complicated solution which does not help at all. Both beginners and advanced customers want easy solution so that they can manage their websites at less effort. Namecheap is the solution you want. It has straightforward layout. Every feature and tool is well-organized. Its clean construction minimizes the time your website takes to respond. It allows you to make changes and leave the website at fast speed. Under cPanel, you can add and manage your files, set up email accounts, edit DNS records, view the stats of your sites and use website builder to build your website immediately. In case you meet any problem is using the service, contact Namecheap via the live chat. The support team is 24/7/365 online. When we contacted them for support, we found the support agents were very patient and helpful. They offered effective solution and satisfied answer quickly. If you have any question related to domain or hosting, simply click on the live chat button and you will get answer immediately. It is a pity that phone support is not available. If you would like to fix the issue yourself, view the video tutorials, popular articles and FAQ for direct answers.

    Video Guide On How to Get Best Namecheap Deal

    Conclusion(Namecheap Promo Codes & Discount Coupon)

    As a leader in hosting industry, Namecheap offers cost-effective and high-performance domain registering and hosting services. It owns awesome network of robust DNS servers across the US and Europe to deliver highly reliable service. Fast speed and high uptime are guaranteed. You will be able to develop your websites successfully. It uses PositiveSSL certificates which provides 128/256-bit encryption. It only takes minutes to set it up. Others won’t be able to invade your privacy or steal your confidential information with the solid protection. Its cPanel is clear. It is easy to navigate to wanted sections. From there, you have full control of your website. Namecheap has a support team which is consisted of professional and knowledgeable staff. The support is 24 hours available a day. Whenever you meet a problem, you can get instant assistance. This service also is a good budget hosting option. It costs less than a dollar a month for web hosting. You get a free website domain for the first 12 months along with a hosting solution. All plans have 30-day money back guarantee. If you are waiting for a time to get the best deal, it’s the right time. Namecheap offers sweet discount to celebrate their 18th birthday. You will get up to 50% off with Latest Namecheap Promo Codes. Old customers save extra 18% on domain renewals. Save now! As Namecheap promo codes are only valid for certain of time, get deal when discount is still available for big savings.

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