Oct 9, 2018

Hostgator Coupon Code: 100% Guaranteed Discount 2019

Are you looking for HostGator Coupon Codes? Great news for you. You can get what you want this page. We kindly suggest you search for coupon before you purchase online because you can save a lot of money with coupon. Want HostGator biggest discount? Redeem Hostgator discount coupon. Please note that HostGator discount codes are valid for all of its plans. Get HostGator coupon code to save 75% off now.

About HostGator

HostGator is a famous budget hosting company headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas. It is found in a Florida dorm room on October 22, 2002. This company has several branch offices throughout the globe. It has over 8,000,000 hosted domains, offering shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, Windows hosting, managed WordPress hosting plans and so on. HostGator has been trusted by both individuals and enterprises all around the world because of the attractive pricing, excellent uptime and a wide range of hosting packages. Financial situation is tight? Use Hostgator discount coupon to save money.

Why HostGator?

Why is HostGator popular among individuals and businessmen? HostGator is a reliable web host and is one of the top 10 largest companies of this type. It offers fantastic web hosting categories to meet all kinds of customers’ needs. The hosting services are reliable and stable. Their servers are highly secured and 99.9% uptime. If your website uptime is low, clients or customers will be unable to find you or access your products or services. Therefore, high uptime is very important. You can expect the flexibility and power in their products. HostGator provides migration service to enable you to transfer your website from your previous host successfully for free. In addition, HostGator offers reasonable price, 45-day money back guarantee, flexible billing periods, and big discount coupon. You can save money with HostGator discount coupon on any plan. You are able to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the service within 45 days after the subscription. It allows you to choose to sign up monthly or yearly. HostGator hosting packages are powerful while they develop them to be very easy to use. The company hires a huge number of employees to offer 24/7 live chat support to provide customers instant tech support. There is no need to worry that you can’t resolve problem and fix your website in time. The excellent shared hosting plans, reliable web hosting, attractive price and quality customer service are the reasons why HostGator has so many fans. It is the right time to sign up a hosting plan because you can save up to 75% off with HostGator coupon code now.

Disclaimer: We may receive affiliate commissions that support our work after you purchase the product. Please note we do not accept paid reviews or fake reviews. Our articles and reviews are independent and based on real test results.

Products & Pricing

HostGator offers solid products at friendly prices. It starts at $2.75 USD per month. At this time, HostGator release coupon code to let you save up to 75% off. Learn about its products and prices in detail. You will know if it is what you want.
Shared Web Hosting

HostGator web hosting provides various tools. You will find website building tools, templates and more tools to launch your new website. Instant Shopping Carts, Web Based File Manager, Website Statistics, Hotlink Protection, Custom Error Pages, IP Deny Manager, Redirect URL and more can be found and fixed under cPanel control panel. Unlimited MySQL Databases, multiple programming languages, programming modules and system management are available. QuickInstall tool is included on all web hosting plans, allowing you to easily create website like blog, forum, CMS, wiki, E-commerce store and many more.
Currently, all Web Hosting plans are 60% off with HostGator coupon code. Hatchling plan starts at $2.75 USD per month. It supports 1 domain name, unlimited disk space & storage and unlimited subdomains. It has Free SSL Certificate. Baby plan starts at $3.95 USD per month. It supports one-click install, unlimited a domain names, storage and bandwidth. Free SSL Certificate also comes along. Business plan starts at $5.95 USD per month. It supports unlimited storage, bandwidth and domain names. It comes with a free dedicated IP, SSL, SEO tools, FTP Accounts, Email Accounts and toll-free number.

Cloud Hosting

HostGator’s cloud hosting pools work greatly with multiple virtual and physical servers. The servers are monitored and maintained in a highly secure environment. Its reliability, scalability and flexibility will allow you to maintain fast load times, despite surges in traffic from sales or promotions. This cloud hosting automatically stores three copies of your precious data across multiple devices to ensure they are safe and avoid data loss. With cloud hosting, your page will load faster. You will be able to manage & track your websites, monitor & allocate additional resources and create new email accounts & manage subdomains under cPanel with few clicks of buttons.

At this time, all HostGator Cloud Hosting plans are 45% off after applying HostGator coupon code. You can choose from Hatchling Cloud, Baby Cloud and Business Cloud. Hatchling Cloud starts at $4.95 USD per month. It supports 1 domain, 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, local caching, SSL, unlimited sub domains, unmetered bandwidth & storage. Baby Cloud starts at $6.57 USD per month. This plan comes with unlimited domains, 4 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, SSL, local caching, unlimited sub domains & parked domains and unmetered bandwidth & storage. Business Cloud starts at $9.95 USD per month. It comes with extra features and is a bit more expensive than the other two plans. This plan covers all features Hatching and Baby Cloud plans have. The different part is it supports 6 CPU cores, 6 GB and dedicated IP address.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

HostGator WordPress Hosting is a great product which is noted for super charged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN and multiple caching layers. It lets you manage your website content efficiently. The dynamic content requests will be processed at superfast speed with the help of its amazing cloud hosting. You don’t have to configure your caching and CDN because HostGator takes care of it for you. This product comes with free migration service to allow you to transfer your existing WordPress website to HostGator. No matter which service you use before, you can transfer all data safely. HostGator WordPress Hosting supports auto backup, helping you protect and back up files regularly. It is configurable for full or snapshot backups. Its user interface is clean and intuitive. The provider minimizes the complexities of more traditional web hosting to let you manage your websites easily.

HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting coupon lets you save money when purchasing a plan. You can choose from the Starter, Standard and Business plans. At this time, the Starter plan is 40% off and starts at $5.95 USD per month. It covers 1 site, 100k visits per month, 1GB backups, automatic malware removal and free SLL certificate etc. The Standard plan is 50% off and starts at $7.95 USD per month. It has 2 sites, 200k visits per month, 2GB backups, automatic malware removal, free SLL certificate and more. The Business plan includes the biggest savings. It is 57% off and starts at $9.95 USD per month. It allows 3 sites, 500k visits per month, 3GB backups, free SLL certificate, automatic malware removal and so on.

Reseller Hosting

If you refuse to deal with infrastructure matters when getting into the web hosting business, check out HostGator’s reseller hosting packages. You can create your own hosting company to offer web design, development, and other business services to your clients without taking care of the server maintenance, software, site uptime, and more. This service supports unmetered domains, subdomains, Email accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts and more. You have complete control over every aspect of your hosting business. It lets you choose resource allocation & payment methods and decide which extra services like domains and SSL certificates that you would like to provide your client. You can make money with reseller hosting with less effort on your side.

If you apply HostGator Reseller Hosting coupon code, you will get extra discount. From the pricing page, you can see Aluminum, Copper and Silver plans. The Aluminum plan is 33% off. It starts at $19.95 USD per month. You can get 60 GB disk, 600 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains and free SSL etc. The Copper plan is 41% off and starts at $24.95 USD per month. It allows 90 GB disk, 900 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains and free SSL etc. The Silver plan is 58% off and starts at $24.95 USD per month. You get bigger discount and additional features on this plan. This plan comes with 140 GB disk, 1400 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains and free SSL etc. After you earn money with a HostGator Reseller Hosting plan, you will realize that it is worth every cent.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a necessary if you need more control and flexibility around your website. To maintain and promote your growing business, you are required to scale the resources properly and install a custom configuration to make your website run normally. Would like to simplify the job? Get the HostGator VPS hosting product. It will let you host unlimited domains, create unlimited sub domains, email addresses, databases and FTP accounts etc. easily. You have full root access to your environment. It allows for custom script or application installs on your Virtual Private Server. You can use website development tools, a large number of free website templates and powerful script Installer to design the website as you like.

HostGator VPS Hosting Coupon code is available to let you save money when signing up a plan. There are Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000 and Snappy 8000 plans. It is the right time to get deal because sweet discount is available. The Snappy 2000 plan is 75% off. It starts at $29.95 USD per month. You will have 2 GB RAM, 2 Cores CPU, 120 GB Disk Space and 1.5 TB Bandwidth etc. The recommended plan is the Snappy 4000 which is 75% off and starts at $39.95 USD per month. It comes with 4 GB RAM, 2 Cores CPU, 165 GB Disk Space, 2 TB Bandwidth and more. The Snappy 8000 plan is 73% off and starts at $49.95 USD per month. It has 8 GB RAM, 4 Cores CPU, 240 GB Disk Space and 3 TB Bandwidth etc. You can choose any plan to meet your need.

Dedicated Hosting

If you need the full system resources directly at your disposal and ultimate in control, flexibility, and security, you can consider HostGator dedicated web hosting. After purchasing a physical server dedicated to your website, you will have maximum performance. You are the only customer on a managed dedicated server hosting platform. The server is pretty safe with the state-of-the-art data center level DDOS protection and an IP-based firewall. It’s free to choose HDD or SSD hard drive based on your need. It allows you to make configurations to customize your websites easily.

Before purchasing a plan, you should know that HostGator Dedicated Hosting coupon code will help you save money. There are three plans for you to choose. They are Value Server, Power Server and Enterprise Server plans. The Value Server plan supports 4 Core/8 Thread, Intel Xeon-D CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD and unmetered bandwidth. It works with Linux and Windows OS. At this time, it is 37% off and starts $119.00 USD per month. The Power Server plan comes with 8 Core/16 Thread, Intel Xeon-D CPU, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD or 512 GB SSD, unmetered bandwidth, supporting Linux and Windows OS. It is 44% off and starts at $139.00 USD per month. The Enterprise Server plan is the most expensive one and it also includes the best suit. It includes 8 Core/16 Thread, Intel Xeon-D CPU, 30 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, unmetered bandwidth, working on Linux and Windows OS. This plan is 48% off and starts at $149.00 USD per month. The special offer does not last for a long time. If you want to save money, get deal when the HostGator coupon code is still valid.

Application Hosting

HostGator’s Application Hosting is one of the best products of this type. You can use it to create a blog for your business, start your own forum, use a CMS, wiki or open an eCommerce store. It runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP etc. This service is compatible with a huge number of applications and software. It offers the same package with web hosting product. HostGator coupon code is offered to let you get extra discount. The Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan all are 60% off.

Windows Hosting

HostGator provides Windows Hosting solution with convenient and easy-to-use Parallels Plesk control panel. It lets you manage your hosting account easily, helping you create websites, manage email addresses and deploy applications to a server. It supports unlimited sub domains, FTP accounts and Email accounts. MySQL, Access Databases, Microsoft SQL and other additional features are provided by this service. Their Windows servers have 99.9% uptime guarantees, ensuring your websites run regularly.

No matter you choose the Personal or Enterprise plan, you get 20% off with HostGator coupon code. The Personal plan comes with single domain, unmetered disk space, unmetered bandwidth and shared SSL certificate etc. It starts at $4.76 USD per month. The Enterprise plan includes five domains, unmetered disk space, unmetered bandwidth, FREE positive SSL and FREE dedicated IP etc. It starts at $14.36 USD per month.

Website Builder

If you would like to create your own website, HostGator’s drag-and-drop website builder is what you need. HostGator offers 100+ mobile-friendly templates in more than 20 categories. You can choose categories like photography, restaurants and portfolios. It has pre-built sections and pages to give you a head start before you customize and design your website. Six pages, free SSL and web hosting is included in the basic website builder package. You can choose from the basic, pro and business package. When using HostGator coupon code, the basic package starts at $3.95 USD per month. The pro and business plans come with unlimited pages and more additional features like embedded HD video, revision history, custom favicon and Google analytics integrations etc. The pro package starts at $16.90 USD per month. The business package starts at $28.94 USD per month. This price is really friendly.

HostGator Security

HostGator delivers satisfied security measures to keep any size of websites safe. As most browsers crack down on insecure website, website security is a necessary if you would like to operate your website normally. On one hand, it offers SiteLock which is a third part protection for websites. It is included in some plans for free and cost low fee as add-on in other plans. SSL certificates are provided by HostGator. Most plans has free version of SSL certificates. You also can purchase the premium version. Of course, the free version does not offer the same level of security like the paid one does. The state-of-the-art DDOS protection, an IP-based firewall and more tools are used to keep servers safe. You can trust HostGator security and give it a shot. They offer affordable prices with sweet HostGator coupon.

Video Guide On How to Get Hostgator Discount Coupon up to 75% off

Conclusion (Hostgator Coupon Code: 100% Guaranteed Discount 2019)

Want the best Hostgator deal in 2019? You need the latest Hostgator promotion information and discount coupon. The promotion link also is important. Get deal during bit promotion to save big. HostGator offers outstanding products, hitting every important point customers need. They offer competitive prices, comprehensive plans and intuitive user interfaces. HostGator is known as one of the top choice for both new and experience customers. Their full-featured packages allow you to manage your website efficiently. The unmetered resources enable your website to respond to visitor spikers. The dynamic content can be processed at pretty fast speed. The service has a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is the high standard for web hosting industry. You can operate your website amazingly. It is possible to avoid experiencing downtime and you don’t have to reboot frequently to gain better performance. They take care of everything for you. HostGator products are well-designed and very easy to use. It requires less effort to operate your website successfully. No matter which country you live in, you can have instant tech support whenever you meet a problem because HostGator offers 24/7/365 support via phone, live chat and ticket system. If you don’t like those methods, you also can find quick answers from a knowledge base of 680+ articles and 500+ video tutorials. HostGator kindly offers 45-day money back guarantee. You should note that most competitors in the market offer a standard 30-day money back guarantee. HostGator extends the trial period up to 45 days. It is surely enough for you to test the service and acquire the unique advantages of this service. If you get deal now, you can get up to 75% off with HostGator coupon code. Do not miss such a great chance to save money.

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