Perfect Privacy Coupon 2024: Get 31% Discount Off

How much rate can you get from Perfect Privacy coupon or Perfect Privacy discount? Perfect Privacy VPN offers special deals and some discounts to its users for up to 31% off. Every one would like to spend less money on VPN subscription, is Perfect Privacy VPN coupon code or promo code available? Currently, no codes necessary but one can get up to 31% off discount coupon as the codes have been added to discount. And you come to the right place to get the better deals. We show the latest VPN discount coupon information to help you save as much money as possible. Do you keep looking for Perfect Privacy VPN coupon? Get information you need in this article and get up to 31% discount off Perfect Privacy Coupon.

Why Perfect Privacy VPN?

Perfect Privacy VPN is a reliable and popular VPN based in Switzerland. It is a full-featured VPN with high reputation in the market. Its unique and advanced features will tell you why you should choose this VPN. Perfect Privacy VPN utilizes the highest standards for network security, encryption, privacy protection, and server quality. The best-in-class AES 256-bit encryption gives you unbreakable protection. This provider promises absolutely no IP, DNS, WebRTC leaks. It offers full IPv6 support, and you get both an IPv4 and IPv6 address. It has dedicated premium server selection in 20+ countries and all servers are encrypted and operated in RAM disk mode. The users-per-server ratio is excellent. You will get excellent speeds and reliability over Perfect Privacy connections. Its unique NeuroRouting supports dynamic multi-hop VPN chains for all devices. Besides, the provider offers TrackStop which actively block tracking, ads, malware and phishing domains at the VPN server level. You will be able to conduct important activities securely. This VPN works with various systems and platforms. The provider allows an unlimited number of device connections with one single account. Perfect Privacy is a great choice.

Perfect Privacy VPN Pricing, Plans & Coupons

We will get more details about Perfect Privacy discount coupon on its plans and pricing section. Perfect Privacy VPN provider offers one single package, so you don’t have to choose which package suits you. It provides flexible plans. You can sign up 1-month, 12-month or 24-month plans. If you only need VPN for a period of time, the 1-month is great. If you always need VPN protection, the longer subscription sign up, the bigger discount you get. Perfect Privacy discount coupon and promotion link also help you save money. Sometimes, the provider does not support coupon code. The discount is auto-applied to cart when you use promotion link. It offers reasonable prices and all prices are in USD or Euro.

  • 1 Month – $12.99 billed for one month, save 0%.
  • 1 Year Plan – $9.99 per month, $155.88 $119.99 billed for one year, save 23%.
  • 2 Years Plan – $8.95 per month, $311.76 $214.95 billed for 2 years, save 31%.

Perfect Privacy VPN provider accepts a wide-range of options like PayPal, AliPay, LiqPay, Bitcoin, Mobiamo, Visa and Mastercard, Amex, UnionPay, Paymentwall, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, OK Pay, Paxum and LiteCoin etc. In recent years, cryptocurrency has been very popular as it allows users to make payment privately and others can’t track back to them. If you don’t those methods, you can choose the old-school way, paying in cash by sending your money in a concealed envelope to a remote address in Latvia. That is another way to make payment anonymously.

Who Need Perfect Privacy VPN?

Users who would like to unblock certain websites that are not available in their country need Perfect Privacy VPN. The VPN will help users spoof their locations to bypass restriction set by government, corporations, school, streaming services or entertainment websites so as to access Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Netflix’s full library, BBC iPlayer and more no matter where you are located.

Users who have to travel a lot for work or study need Perfect Privacy VPN’s protection. This kind of user spends lots of time on the way and usually lives in hotel. When they need to check email, transfer document, shop online or conduct other activities, they need to use the public network. VPN will safeguard users’ connection and prevent data theft. It has been a necessary tool for businessmen.

Users who would like to hide their online activities and user information private on the Internet. That does not mean they try to plot to do something illegal secretly. Some users simply encrypt their online traffic to reclaim privacy because the Internet surveillance has been aggressive in the last few years. The ISPs work with the government to monitor Internet users. Some users simply don’t want others to know what videos they watch and what website they visit.

Perfect Privacy’s Advanced Features

Why Perfect Privacy VPN has high reputation and trusted by a large number of users throughout the world? Leaning its excellent features and you will get the answer.

Solid Encryption

Internet connection encryption is very necessary especially when you need to use payment detail, online accounts & passwords or other confidential information on the Internet. Hackers can make use of advanced technology to intercept your sessions and steal valuable information when you are not protected. To keep you safe on the Internet, Perfect Privacy VPN utilizes 4.096 bit public key encryption for the key exchange and AES-256 bit for encryption of the traffic data. It’s the same encryption standard used by leading banks. So far, no one can crack AES-256 bit encryption. When you connect to unknown network, it scans for threat and prevents you from using phishing network created by cyber criminals. When you use public network, it encrypts your all your connections to the Internet. Hackers only see encrypted content and won’t be able to read them without 256 bit encryption key. You can conduct online activities at peace mind.

VPN Protocols

To make sure you can perform various activities successfully, Perfect Privacy VPN supports OpenVPN protocol, along with IPSec and SSH, plus SOCKS5 proxy and PPTP proxies. OpenVPN is a reliable and recommended protocol as it comes with the highest encryption and fast speed. The provider is proud of being the very first of company to offer self-configurable multi-hop VPN chains with the OpenVPN protocol. That increases security largely. IPSec protocol is another encryption option which is standardized by the IETF. The provider supports SSH2 tunnel and combines this tunnel with AES-256 bit encryption for maximum flexibility. This tunnel works with specific apps. SOCKS5 proxy can handle all kinds of traffic. It can be used either separately or in combination with a VPN. As SOCKS5 proxy does not come with encryption, it is not suggested to be used separately unless you don’t need encryption. PPTP offers fast speed because it is less CPU intensive. The drawback is it is less secure than other protocols. If you only want fast speed and do not require encryption, you can choose this protocol.

Privacy Protection

After realizing their privacy has been invaded badly, users take measures to protect privacy actively. Currently, VPN is the most popular and effective way to reclaim privacy. Perfect Privacy VPN offers great anonymity and privacy protection you need. It assists you to prevent IP address leaks, DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks etc. When you are connected to a VPN, your real IP address will be replaced by one offered by the VPN provider. Your Internet request will be rerouted to encrypted server of your choice. That disguises your connections, so the ISPs and others can’t spy on you. Besides, Internet Kill switch is added to the VPN client. In case the VPN connection drops, it shuts off all Internet-connected applications and disconnects you. In this way, others will have no chance to snoop at your connection even when you are not protected. The privacy policy of VPN provider also is very important. According to their zero logging policy, the provider does not log or store your IP addresses, any traffic, or any other type of information that can be used to track back to you. They can’t share information or data they don’t have with others. Therefore, your privacy is guaranteed.

Server Locations

Perfect Privacy VPN provides outstanding servers in 26 countries worldwide. Though the amount of VPN servers is not as large as ExpressVPN’s, its servers are logically distributed around the world, covering all the popular regions and countries. It is worth to mention that the provider only uses dedicated servers and renounces virtual servers. The servers are in the location as it advertises. You can access the global network by switching between different servers in United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. After you pick a server location, your communication data will channel through that server and you appear from that location. The location spoofing help you hide your location and defeat geo-restriction. Unlike other providers, most of its servers have IPV6 address and bandwidth up to 1000 mbps. Your privacy is protected while you still can enjoy the fast speed. You are suggested to connect to server which is closer to you so that you can get the best possible connection. For example, you should connect to server in Hong Kong when you need to unblock restricted content in mainland China.

Unblock Geo-Restriction

If you always use foreign websites or travel a lot, you may notice that there are many geo-restrictions on the Internet. You may not be able to use the famous social media platforms or search engines as they are banned by your government. This case may happen in China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and more countries with strict Internet censorship. Due to different reasons, governments in those countries have built strong firewall system and blocked a large number of websites and applications. Perfect Privacy VPN has the ability to fight against the massive advancements in surveillance technology around the world. In order to bypass the censorship, this VPN offers worldwide servers along with IP addresses to fake your location and connect you to blocked contents. After you move to a different county, you can’t watch your favorite show any more because the show is only available in your own country. The VPN works in the same way when it helps you to unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more content with restriction. Though those services block VPN, Perfect Privacy VPN is still able to work with them. It uses advanced technology to make the web servers believe that you are located in the “legit” place. You won’t stumble over upsetting geo-restriction when using the Internet no matter where you are with Perfect Privacy VPN.


Perfect Privacy VPN offers TrackStop to help you block unwanted programs and protect your PC form dangerous malware. TrackStop protects you against tracking cookies, malware injected by banner ads, phishing websites, browser fingerprinting and any other program which is harmful to your privacy and PC security. It also is a very useful parental control tool because it is able to block thousands of harmful websites at the VPN server level and safeguard any device that is connected to the VPN network. This feature does not require extra browser add-ons, extensions or plugins. You only need to activate it in the VPN client. Using Perfect Privacy on a router will block ads and tracking on your entire home network. It is a very practical feature.


NeuroRouting is a major breakthrough and unique feature of Perfect Privacy VPN. It basically is a dynamic, simultaneous, server-side and multi-hop VPN configuration. It routes all traffic across numerous hops in the VPN network. That ensures that your online traffics stay in the encrypted VPN “tunnel” as long as possible. The number of attack points will be greatly reduced. Your traffic will not be exposed in the best case. This feature is activated server-side and the chosen servers are dynamic. It works very similar to the Tor network. When it’s activated, it automatically chooses a server closest to websites or services you are trying to access. If the routing changes, it detects and adapts immediately. Depending on your destination, it changes the external VPN IP address for you. You don’t have to do it manually. This makes it very difficult to track users.

P2P is Allowed

Many users would like to download via P2P. However, P2P and torrenting are banned in many countries due to copyright issue. If users in those countries get caught for P2P and torrenting, they may be punished in different ways. Since P2P and torrenting are in a grey area, you need Perfect Privacy VPN to protect your identity from ISPs and other agencies. It allows P2P sharing and provides port forwarding that you can use with torrent apps. It also blocks the most popular torrent trackers in the United States and France, so you become anonymous and safe when you torrent. In some countries, P2P and torrenting are not banned. However, the ISPs may throttle or slow down your Internet speed once they view that you are downloading via P2P and torrenting websites. You have to wait for hours to download a movie. Luckily, Perfect Privacy VPN encrypts your connections and hides your activities on P2P and torrenting websites. You can access the big library of open resource and maintain the high internet speeds you deserve.

Easy-to-Use VPN Service

Perfect Privacy offers free VPN apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X desktops and iOS and Android devices. Simply download VPN apps to suit your system. It is very easy to install the VPN and set it up. Just follow the setup wizard and you don’t have to do complicated configuration. Detailed step-by-step installation guides of different platforms can be found in the Perfect Privacy members area. The user interface is neat and clear. You will be able to find options to switch protocols, cascade your connection, turn off firewall, and activate DNS leak protection easily. Perfect Privacy offers support through the FAQ section, forum and email. Live chat support is not available. If needed, the support team helps you fix issue through TeamViewer. You can chat with the experts via the software and view the whole process.

Video Guide On How to Get Best Perfect Privacy Coupon & Deal

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Conclusion of Perfect Privacy Coupon: Get 31% Discount Off

As a smart consumer, you should sign up a plan with Perfect Privacy VPN discount coupon or via promotion link to save money. Perfect Privacy is a trusted VPN provider. It is located in Switzerland which is a perfect jurisdiction for VPN provider. Its anonymity and user data protection are top-notch. It utilizes solid encryption and advanced VPN protocols to give your unbreakable protection over the Internet. Shared IP addresses and worldwide servers are provided to disguise your identity or hide your activities. The provider has no log policy to promise that they don’t access your traffic log or collect your sensitive information. Bitcoin payment is accepted, and others can’t track you with payment information. Your privacy will be highly protected. The global servers allow you to unblock BBC iPlayer and Netflix from anywhere. This provider allows unlimited P2P file-sharing. You can enjoy the secure, private and fast downloading. Perfect Privacy allows unlimited number of simultaneous connections. You can protect all devices in the house with one single account. The intuitive user interface, comprehensive guides and cross-platform support will let you get started with Perfect Privacy VPN without any problem. Currently, big Perfect Privacy discount coupon is offered. You can save up to 31.05% for $0.30 per day for securing your connection.

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