Trojan.Zexlex Virus Removal Guide

I get Trojan.Zexlex virus. I tried to use Windows Defender to remove it, but it came back. I don’t which step I did it wrong. Please assist me to delete Trojan.Zexlex virus off my PC.

Brief Description of Trojan.Zexlex Virus

Trojan.Zexlex is a newly discovered Trojan virus which is able to corrupt your files and disable many applications to make your system literally unusable. It attacks all versions of Windows systems. This virus can access your system by using unknown free software, spam emails, malicious websites, suspicious links, misleading popups and P2P file sharing etc. It alters your browser or even system settings to mess up your system and collect information the remote hackers want from you. You may not be able to use the PC normally and your screen is bombarded by random errors, warnings and ads. As this virus spy on your online activities, it can steal your precious information. Trojan.Zexlex virus is a big threat. We suggest you remove the virus once you see it on your PC.

What can Trojan.Zexlex Virus Do?

Trojan.Zexlex virus sneaks into your system silently. As it is good at disguising itself, you won’t notice it until it causes big problems. The basic security software can’t detect this virus as it is embedded in third party software or other programs. It changes your registry settings and injects its malicious codes to the registry files without permission. In this way, it is activated automatically during the startup and performs activities all the time when your PC is on. Trojan.Zexlex virus can block some antivirus and firewall programs to prevent being detected and removed. It also corrupts your important and vital programs. Some files may be deleted without your knowledge. Harmful can be dropped on your hard drive. That can cause frequent system crash, random restarting, hard drive failure, improper system functioning, system application corruption and even data loss.
Besides, Trojan.Zexlex virus is capable of bringing harmful viruses and malware on your computer system. Adware and other useless applications may be installed without your permission. Those applications brought by Trojan virus run secretly in the background and eat up lots of CPU resources. Sometimes, it even locks your system Task Manager to stop you from ending the malicious process. Sometimes, you are able to open Task Manager and end the suspicious processes while they appear again soon after you end them. They just are hunting there. What’s worse, this virus is able to connect your computer with suspicious sever without your consent, allowing its owners to gain access to your system and grab browsing history, login information and financial details etc. by monitoring every move on you on the Internet. Never let it happen. Get rid of Trojan.Zexlex virus right now.

Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of computer literacy. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the computer system, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Tips to Avoid Trojan Virus

  • Do not download free software from unknown websites;
  • You should always select Custom Installation no matter what application you are going to install;
  • Uncheck hidden options which attempt to install additional programs you never need;
  • Scan all your downloaded files and applications or attachments of email before you open them;
  • You should Never open any attachments of unknown or spam emails;
  • Do not visit suspicious adult/porn websites;
  • Never try to update any app from nonofficial websites.
  • Manual Removal Guide:

    This malicious Trojan virus can install itself into the computer system without your consent and awareness. It makes your computer work slowly and implants other nasty infections into the computer. To make things worse, this Trojan is a tool for the cyber criminals to invade the infected computer to steal your information. It is recommended to remove it as quickly as possible. Users can follow the manual guide here to have it removed instantly.

    1. End Relevant Processes

    (1). Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to pop up Windows Task Manager, click Processes tab

    Windows Task Manager

    *For Win 8 Users:

    Click More details when you see the Task Manager box

    Win 8 Task Manager

    And then click Details tab

    Details Tab in Win 8 Task Manager

    (2). Find out and end the processes of Trojan: Trojan.Zexlex Trojan virus

    2. Show Hidden Files

    (1). Click on Start button and then on Control Panel

    (2). Click on Appearance and Personalization

    (3). Click on Folder Options

    (4). Click on the View tab in the Folder Options window

    (5). Choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category

    (6). Click OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window

    *For Win 8 Users:

    Press Win+E together to open Computer window, click View and then click Options

    View in Computer Window

    Click View tab in the Folder Options window, choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives under the Hidden files and folders category

    View Tab in Folder Options Window

    3. Delete Relevant Registry Entries and Files

    (1). Delete the registry entries of Trojan: Trojan.Zexlex Trojan virus through Registry Editor

    Press Win+R to bring up the Run window, type “regedit” and click “OK”

    While the Registry Editor is open, search and delete the related registry entries

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘Random’

    (2). Find out and remove the associated files




    Video Shows You How to Safely Modify Windows Registry Editor:


    Trojan.Zexlex is a tricky and harmful PC virus. Its goal is to ruin your PC and steal money from you. If you notice your PC responds slowly, see suspicious popups, find unknown process under Task Manager or see other weird activities, we suggest you scan your PC for virus. Though it does not damage your system obviously at a time, it has more time to corrupt your PC to the maximum extent. Once they have your financial information or other sensitive data, they can grab all of your money and even use your personal information for illegal purpose. Never let Trojan.Zexlex virus stay long on your PC. To avoid virus infection, you need to be cautious when opening email attachment, clicking on unknown links or popups, downloading free software or visiting adult sites. Viruses are spread widely on the Internet. If your PC is infected with Trojan.Zexlex virus, you can use an advanced virus removal tool get rid of the virus. Please note that not all antiviruses have the capability to remove Trojan.Zexlex Trojan virus completely. It is very important to pick the right product. Kaspersky Lab, Norton, McAfee, Panda Security and MacKeeper etc. are recommended due to their high detecting rate and advanced malware protection. If you refuse to install security software, remove the virus manually while this method requires computer skill. It is suggested to contact computer experts for help to avoid damage to the system. Take action right now. Remove Trojan.Zexlex virus from your PC once for all.
    If you have no idea of how to process the manual removal, please contact experts from YooCare Online Tech Support for further assistance.

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