Feb 15, 2019

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 Coupon 2019: Get Extra 30% Discount

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 Coupon 2019: Get Extra 30% Discount. A smart consumer always knows how to save money when they purchase a product or sign up a service. How to save money when you purchase a security product to protect your Mac? Use Intego Mac Internet Security discount coupon. Users commonly believe that Macs are immune to cyber threat and malware. In fact, more and more Mac users suffered malware infections. They had been scammed by rogue software and lost files. You may store a lot of crucial information, important documents and precious family videos & photos on Mac. To keep them safe, you need a reliable security program like Intego Mac security to safeguard your Mac. Intego offers reasonable price. Besides, they release coupon to allow users to get extra discount. Are you looking for Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon? You come to the right place. Grab the verified Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon for extra 30% off in this article.

Overview of Intego Mac Security

Intego provides a comprehensive collection of security products to protect Macs. There are home and business products for you to choose. Under home products, there are Mac Internet Security X9, Mac Premium Bundle X9, ContentBarrier Secure X9 and Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 etc. Under business products, there are Flextivity Secure, Flextivity Monitor, Flextivity Complete, VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9. The provider offers various products to meet all users’ needs. Intego Mac Security protects your devices from all different kinds of threats and viruses. To prevent viruses, the security product scans your Mac based on your demand to stop threat before it can damage your system. To stop spyware from stealing and sending your sensitive information to the hackers, the antivirus lets you block applications from communicating with specific Internet domains. The malware won’t be able to open backdoor for hackers. Intego also offers products to let you monitor your kids, block phishing programs and optimize your Mac for better performance. There are more features and functions for you to discover.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is the latest version and it also is the most popular product. It comes with a package of Antivirus, Firewall Protection, Anti-fishing and Real-time protection. That means you will always be free from virus. The hackers make use of advanced technology to design the malware and spread it widely on the Internet. They create phishing links, videos, music and network to trick users into providing personal information or opening backdoor for virus. Malware can be very tricky and sneak into your PC secretly. As you can’t detect malware with your naked eyes, let Intego Mac Internet Security protect you. The product will constantly scan for suspicious files or applications when you conduct important activities. It automatically scans email, downloaded apps, videos and more contents from the Internet. The Mac antivirus software automatically checks for updates. You are always protected by the latest version and are able to defeat the newest threats. Intego never let harmful program access your Mac.

If you need a plan for one PC, Intego Mac Internet Security X9 costs $39.99 USD for one year and $74.99 USD for two years. It lets you choose to sign up for one, three or five PCs. The special thing of this product is it contains dual protection for both Mac and Windows. With one product, you can protect two different systems. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 includes Intego Net barrier X9 and Intego Virus Barrier X9, providing your all-around protection. To save money, we suggest you redeem the Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon during the signup. Simply type in valid coupon code provided on this page and click on “Update Coupon.” The price will be reduced to $34.99 USD. You can save 30%. Grab Intego Mac Internet Security X9 30% off coupon now.

Intego NetBarrier X9

As we mentioned, NetBarrier X9 is a very important part of Intego Mac Internet Security X9. It secures the Mac network by monitoring application activities and delivering effective anti-spyware measures. You will be able to view the detail of your applications’ bandwidth as well as incoming & outgoing bandwidth usage. You will get notification whenever an application is trying to perform an activity on the network. If there is any suspicious app, you can stop it in time. It also lets you see default profiles for the different types of networks you connect to, so you can learn which network is safe and trust to use. When you switch to a different network, the profile of network changes automatically. Even though you can’t recognize insecure network, NetBarrier scans and reports it, telling you not to connect. It also makes it very easy to ban or allow connections for specific local devices to control the devices in the house. At the same time, it helps you configure primary network channels easily. This tool is great for privacy protection because it helps you hide your PC’s IP address and other personal information when using the Internet. That prevents trackers from snooping at you and stops advertiser from collecting your browsing habits. NetBarrier X9 also works greatly in identifying rogue software when they try to access the Internet to act as zombies, send your confidential information away, or create loophole on your PC. It is able to recognize fake system alert or other Mac issues. Some Mac users might have been attacked by Javascript virus which can block Safari or Chrome with fake warning alert. It tells that your Mac gets virus and you have to call a number to contact Apple technicians to fix the issue. It even plays voice alert again and again. You can’t close the warning page because no button is provided to close it. That scares many users who don’t know about virus. They have to call the number for support. We have to tell you that they have nothing to with Apple. They create the virus to scare you into purchase their rogue security software. Do not trust the fake support or install their software. You should install Intego Mac Internet Security X9 to remove the virus completely.

Intego VirusBarrier X9

Intego VirusBarrier X9 gives you real-time antivirus protection, watching all file activity to make everything under control. It comes with a free antivirus and malware removal tool for Mac named VirusBarrier Scanner. By using the original Mac anti-malware scanning engine, this tool scans all files on your device or specific location where malware usually hide, keeping your Mac free of cyber threat such as Mac virus, browser hijacker, Unix viruses, JavaScript virus, Microsoft Word and Excel macro viruses, Trojan horses, worms, ransomware, spyware, adware, hacking tools, dialers, rogue software, keyloggers and Cross-Site Scripting etc. The interesting thing is it is able to detect Windows virus to prevent the hackers use your Mac as virus carrier to spread to your friends’ or family’s PC. You are allowed to schedule malware scan or perform quick scan every day for maximum protection. It can locate virus which hides in archive files and document directories on both Mac and iOS devices, scan your email for viruses on all major email clients and checks any external drive once it is mounted. The scanner runs with a light footprint and finishes the job quickly. To get faster result, it lets you mark trusted folders to speed up scans. If any malware is founded, you will get email notification. Intego VirusBarrier X9 offers multiple options to handle malware. You can set it to get rid of malware automatically, quarantine the malware for later action or you ask it what to do on a case-by-case basis. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 enables you to view Mac antivirus history logs, so you can know how it protects you and helps you fix issue.

ContentBarrier X9

Intego Mac Internet Security’s ContentBarrier works a Mac parental control tool which assists you to protect your kids from inappropriate Internet content. In this age, kids commonly are more tech-savvy than their parents. They can conduct many activities on the Internet. Parents may not have time to monitor them or some of them think it is too difficult to keep track of their digital lives as they know little about computer. However, there are many inappropriate contents including gambling websites, pornography and adult video games on the Internet. Sometimes, those contents may pop up and attract the kids. Sometimes, the kids may search for those contents for curiosity as they heard from adults. To prevent those contents from corrupting your kids, install the Intego Mac Internet Security X9 and use ContentBarrier to supervise your kids effectively. Its friendly and useful settings assist you to restrict the types of websites your kids can access, limit the amount of time they can be online, and even record screenshots and keystrokes to help you monitor their activity. It can block objectionable chats and stops your kids from revealing financial information to others. You will be able to notice what’s going on with your kids and talk to them timely.

Intelligent Firewall & Mac Cleaner

When your Mac is connected to the Internet, the hackers spare no effort to make use of your vulnerability to access your system. They design malware to grab your confidential information via the cyber-criminal gateways like IP Address and open ports easily. The malware and viruses have been constantly updated with the latest technology. There is no guarantee that one device or system is completely safe from virus. No matter you are using Windows or Mac, you need antivirus protection. There may be built-in firewall on your PC, but it is not enough. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 offers intelligent and location-aware firewall to safeguard your Mac. It secures outgoing data from your Mac to prevent criminals from intercepting your sessions and stealing information. It keeps monitoring applications network using. You will be informed if any connection is opened without your permission or knowledge. This tool also blocks unknown visitors in their database. No backdoor will be opened for the malware or hackers. It can switch to different mode of firewall based on what you do on the Mac to give you the best level of protection.

To improve your Mac performance, Intego offers Mac Cleaner to assist you to remove useless and duplicate files regularly. No matter which system you are using, your PC will become slower and slower after you use it for certain of time because junk files come into being when the PC runs. You may store more and more files on the PC. There will be cache files, unnecessary installation package, uninstalled applications’ leftovers, duplicate files and more unneeded files that occupy your PC hard drive and slow down the PC. This Mac cleaner is able to scan for these kinds of files and remove them completely without affecting the system files to free up disk space. At the same time, it helps to organize your files in clear category. You will able to gain quick access to most used files by creating smart folder.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

It is worth to mention another product of Intego –the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 which is the best deal. It provides all features users expect from a security product. This product comes with VirusBarrier X9, NetBarrier X9, Mac washing machine X9, ContentBarrier X9 and Personal backup 10.9. By offering antivirus, anti-phishing, firewall protection, Mac cleaner and parental control etc., it delivers complete protection, security as well as effective security solution. Your sensitive information will be safe, the Mac system will be free of virus and the performance will be high. As this is a full-featured product, it is more expensive than Intego Mac Internet Security X9. It costs $69.99 USD for one year and $129.99 USD for two years for one PC. Of course, you can purchase the license for three or five PCs. Want discount? Apply the coupon code, you will get 30% discount.

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Conclusion (Intego Mac Internet Security X9 Coupon 2019: Get Extra 30% Discount)

Intego is a reliable security company and offers trustworthy security software for Apple and Mac users. They offer award-winning and highly trusted security products to users throughout the world. The products are considered as the optimum solutions for safeguarding, optimizing, and organizing Macs. Among them, the Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is the best seller. It is good at preventing malware and never gives malware any chance to access your system. In case you download malicious application by mistake, it is able to locate and control it quickly. It secures your communication and connections on the Internet, so you can share important data with your partners, download software and shop online securely. There is no need to worry about information leak, identity theft or cyberattack with the protection of Intego Mac Internet Security X9. The provider design the software with great simplicity to make it effective, straightforward and unobtrusive just in the similar way how other Mac applications are developed. It is very easy to install, set up and operate. The provider offers step-by-step guides for installation and setup, so it does not require experience to get started with this service. If you have any problem in using the product, contact their agents and you will get instant support. At this time, Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon is available. Redeem the Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon code, and you will get 30% off. It only cost $34.99 USD to give full protection to your Mac for the whole year. Grab coupon to save money. Coupon can be expired after a period of time, so get deal when Intego Mac Internet Security X9 coupon is still valid.

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