Apr 13, 2020

MacKeeper Coupon Code 2020: 74% Discount + Extra 30% Off Promo Code

Best Verified Coupons & Deals at MacKeeper. Some of you may think that there is no need to install a security program to protect your Mac. In fact, the malware becomes more and more aggressive. Besides, Macs do need cleaning tools. Your Mac will operate greatly with a piece of security software. MacKeeper is one of the most respected security software. It safeguards your Mac and precious information. Do you need coupon code to get huge MacKeeper Coupon Savings? You come to the right place. We would like to collect and display the latest MacKeeper coupon codes, promo codes and discount codes as soon as they are available. You will spend less money on its order with valid MacKeeper coupon code provided on this page. MacKeeper Coupon Code: 74% Discount + Extra 30% Off Promo Code.

What is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is a leading International Software Development Company. The company never stop working on developing breakthrough technologies to deliver the advanced security solution. They work closely with top certification organizations to develop independent and advanced security software with trusted sources. MacKeeper’s innovation and the high level of technical expertise have been recognized by the world leaders in technology in those years. It is a very useful tool to prevent and remove various malware on Macs. It safeguards your important and protects your privacy on Mac. It is designed as a comprehensive service to help you make the most out of your device. It will remove junk files, uninstall unneeded apps, and clean your Mac’s RAM without putting any personal files at risk. MacKeeper’s rich feature set demonstrates a vision for security that goes far beyond antimalware.

Pricing and Discount Coupon

MacKeeper provides three plans. They are basic 1-month plan, premium 12-month plan and premium+ 24-month plan. The 1-month plan only has All-in-One System Utility and it costs $ 11.96 USD monthly. By using MacKeeper coupon code, it is $10.46 USD. If you purchase premium 12-month plan or premium+ 24-month plan, you have full access to all features, including All-in-One System Utility, Full Version Activation, Anti-Theft Tracking, Security Updates, Personal Tech Advisor, 24/7 Expert Support and Long-Term Saving Plan. The premium 12-month plan is 57% off. It is $76.32 USD for one year and $6.36 USD per month. After applying MacKeeper coupon code, it will be $ $66.78 USD for one year. The premium+ 24-month plan is recommended as it includes the biggest savings. It is 74% off and costs $95.04 USD for 24 months. It is $3.96 USD per month. After using MacKeeper coupon code on this page, it will be $83.16 USD for 24 months. It is only $ 3.47 USD per month. Redeem on your favorite MacKeeper coupons and discounts now. Do not miss such a good chance to save money. MacKeeper Coupon Code: 74% Discount + Extra 30% Off Promo Code.

How to use MacKeeper Coupon Codes?

1. Visit MacKeeper from this page. Copy MacKeeper coupon code.
2. Select from basic 1-month plan, premium 12-month plan and premium+ 24-month plan. Click on buy.
3. Click on “Check to enter coupon code” and paste code you copied. Click on “Apply.”

4. The Total will be reduced. Fill up payment information and finish the payment. That’s how to save money with MacKeeper coupon code.

Please note that the extra 30% off coupon discount will be activated automatically during the checkout when you use promotion link to sign up. You can save time in entering coupon discount code. By the way the coupon code offered on this website is valid as well.

Why MacKeeper?

You will see a lot of different antivirus software on the market. Getting the ideal software to suit your needs depends on a variety of factors. According to users’ review and our test result, MacKeeper is an advanced utility for Mac which combined cleaning, optimization and security software with live support service. From its websites, we know that it has been trusted by 14,063,488 users all over the world. This company is always on the lookout for breakthrough technologies including Mac antivirus software, Mac Internet security software, and Mac encryption software. You get protection in many aspects with one software. It has 18 features in one app, including files recovery, disk usage, data encryptor, backup, duplicates finder, update tracker, memory cleaner, adware cleaner, Internet security, human assistance, fast cleanup, anti-theft, smart uninstaller, shredder, files finder, login items, default app and geek on demand. It is definitely a bundle of most important system utilities managing routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean and running fast. Besides, MacKeeper’s products come equipped with a unique “human assistance” feature to help non-tech savvy customers solve even the most complex Mac-related problems with just a few clicks. The support is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week available which ensures that you always get instant help no matter which country you are located in. Its software is pretty easy to use and it is possible to disable pop-up ads in MacKeeper. What’s important, MacKeeper products come at reasonable price. It starts from $3.47 USD per month. Valid MacKeeper coupon code will help save extra 30% off based on 74 % off discount from its homepage. Redeem MacKeeper coupon code to save money.

Powerful Antivirus

MacKeeper uses advanced security features to protect your Mac from phishing scams, malware, spyware, adware, and viruses. When you browse the Internet, you can be attacked by viruses any time because the hackers can hide viruses anywhere. After clicking on a malicious popup or visiting fishing website, ransomware can be downloaded immediately. You don’t have enough time to stop it, and the ransomware just locks and encrypts your files quickly. As the hackers use advanced technology to encrypt your files, it will take months or even years to decrypt which is a big cost. In other words, it’s almost impossible to recover files that are corrupted by ransomware. Though the hackers claim that they will give you decrypting key after you pay them $ 500 to $ 1,000 USD, there is no guarantee that the hackers will do what they say. If you store important business files or precious family photos on the infected computer, it will be a disaster.

Luckily, MacKeeper gives you top-of-the-line security measures and regular updates. You have real-time protection no matter you are browsing, shopping, banking, checking email, transferring personal files or conducting others activities. It lets you manually create lists of potentially dangerous websites and create lists of your most trusted websites that won’t be blocked. Your system will be immune to Adware, malicious browser helper and other potential threat. If your Mac is attacked by a piece of aggressive malware, your apps and even system may take forever to respond to a click or a keystroke. In this case, MacKeeper helps a lot. It can detect and remove all malicious files completely and permanently. If you get ransomware, it locates and isolates the programs to prevent more files from being corrupted, then delete them immediately. Your Mac will get back to normal. If you still have any problem in virus removal, you can contact the professionals. They are 24/7 online and can help you fix the issue remotely. You get complete fix guarantee with MacKeeper.

Anti-Theft Tracking

It is really awful of losing your loved Mac. You might store important files on it. Others could access and abuse your sensitive files. We have good news for you. MacKeeper can help you track and take back your lost Mac. Its anti-theft technology has helped to recover hundreds of lost and stolen computers. It is able to collect your Mac’s current geolocation and network details and you can view the information in the Kromtech account and in the Track My Mac app on iPhone. You will get detailed report in case anyone tries to log in to your Mac. An iSight snapshot of the thief will be included in the report. The report of the device location and together with any snapshots updates every 5 minutes. Moreover, it allows you to lock or unlock your Mac remotely by using your iPhone. There is no need to worry about information leak. If you lost your Mac, Log into your Kromtech account or Track My Mac app. Then report your Mac as lost or stolen. Track your Mac’s location and get the reports. Show related information to the police and let them help you take back you device easily.

Security Updates

Hackers develop new threat and update old malware every day to swindle money out of innocent users. They make use of system vulnerability and software bug to get access to your Mac easily. Therefore, it is very important to update your system and software when new package is available. Don’t have time to check if update is available or install update? MacKeeper will take care of it for you. You will not miss out on any important security patches or software upgrades for most of your applications. The malware will not have the chance to compromise your system and access your precious data. Besides, MacKeeper has Update Tracker that checks each application installed from the App Store or any other source on your Mac for available updates. It scans apps you download for threat and prevent virus from installing on your Mac. The hackers are able to disguise the malware as legit app and put it in app store. The malware can block your device and grab your personal information after you install it. Some of you might click on a link shared on Facebook and malware was installed quickly. MacKeeper keeps malware away from you.

Block Unwanted Programs

Have you been bombarded by annoying ads wherever you go online? Just can’t focus on your work as a flood of ads appear on your screen now and then? MacKeeper assists you to remove adware and puts the focus back on your favorite sites. Sometimes, you may notice that your browser homepage is changed into unknown domain. After that, you barely can use it to search for useful information because various ads are injected to the search results. When you click on one of the results, you will be redirected to a website that has nothing to do with what you want. Suspicious browser extensions, toolbars and banner etc. are installed to slow down your browser and monitor your online activities. Your browsing histories later will be sent to their developer and may be sold to the third parties for money. With MacKeeper, you won’t suffer those issues. Its adware cleaning feature can locate, mark, and remove browser plugins/extensions and other advertising-supported software that generates advertising such as pop-ups, redirects, and JS-injects. It blocks unwanted programs and gives you a clean and safe browsing experience.

Data Encryptor

Some of you may need to hide part of your data on your hard drive. It is not enough to set a screen lock to protect your privacy. When you walk away and forget to turn off the screen, others can have a look at your confidential information. MacKeeper offers help to let you encrypt sensitive information to prevent data leak. You only need to create and account and set up a password. Next, you can log into the Data Encryptor tool. It lets you add files that you want to hide and unhide them anytime. You are the only person who has password to this tool. The hidden files are only available for you. Nobody can retrieve them from the Finder or Terminal. If you use a Mac with multiple users, it is a useful feature you need.

Files Missing

Did you lost a photo or important document by mistake? Can’t recover your files corrupted by malware? Data-control features are added to conventional functions of MacKeeper antivirus software. They help you take lost file back, and further remove malware that might be hiding it. You will get secure control over the files on your hard drive, like encrypting and hiding them safely. It is possible to completely destroy a sensitive file that you never want other to view. Simply use the MacKeeper Shredder to select and shred it permanently. In case you accidentally remove a file a file-recovery feature can scan your hard drive to see what it can recover. Or you may change your mind after you delete a photo, you can get it back with one click if the photo is the list of recoverable deleted files. This feature is very welcomed as users usually delete files by mistake and there is rare tool that can help them recover.

Mac Cleaner

You are able to use the advanced option of Memory Cleaner to set up automatic cleanup. It will automatically optimize and monitor your Mac’s RAM memory while you are performing your daily tasks. Mackeeper removes junk files that take up hard drive space and slow down your Mac quickly. After you use your Mac, there will be unnecessary and duplicates files, such as temporary caches, logs, unused language packages and legacy application parts. Those files are useless to your system while they can take up your space and make your Mac slow. Mackeeper assists you to remove them without impairing application performance. Besides, it acts as smart uninstaller to let you uninstall software completely. You may drag the software you don’t need to trash directly. In this case, you may only sweep the old applications under the rug. Its preferences, caches and logs stay behind on your Mac’s hard drive while they do not operate or serve your Mac any more. Therefore, you need Mackeeper’s smart uninstaller to remove applications, widgets, preference panes and plug-ins completely. It also helps you control which applications launch every time you start it. It will speed up your Mac and reduce the boot time of your Mac.

24/7 Expert Support

MacKeeper offers freemium software to let you enjoy the complete set of features that users need. Installing the software is an easy job as it’s just an ordinary Apple installer package. The user interface is clear and easy to navigate. The software does not serve any ads. Not like some security software, it does not slow your Mac. In fact, it is able to improve your performance. You are able to view your Mac’s health at a glance every time you run MacKeeper to help you monitor your Mac’s current condition. If risky items appear on your Mac, contact them for support. They offer support to help users fix issue. If you have any questions regarding MacKeeper application, you can search for answers on their FAQ or Manual pages. If you still can’t find your answer, submit a request from their website. If you have emergency problem, you can call them. The phone numbers are offered on the website. They are 24/7 online. You will receive remote tech support if the problem can’t be fixed easily. MacKeeper has the Find & Fix module that allows the professionals to remotely scan and repair any Mac-related issues. You get a direct line between your Mac and the professionals. All of their experts have achieved specialized certifications from Apple. Your problem will be resolved quickly.


MacKeeper Coupon Code: 74% Discount + Extra 30% Off Promo Code. MacKeeper is a piece of legitimate and trusted security software that is recognized by major AV labs. It looks after every aspect of maintenance, be it cleaning, security, data control or optimization. A large number of users choose it to secure their Macs. As an advanced antivirus service, it has helped lots of users prevent and delete numberless of adware, malware and spyware. By keeping ransomware away from your Mac, you won’t lose your precious files or have to pay a big amount of money. It offers help to encrypt your files on hard drive to protect privacy and clean unnecessary files to speed up Mac. It assists you to track and take back your lost Mac with smart anti-theft feature. MacKeeper also help you update system and software to shield your Mac against any threat. Amazingly, it helps you recover files that you deleted by mistake. Its software is very simple to use and it does not require any complicated computer knowledge to operate the app. If you have any problem in using the product, contact the tech support. The Apple verified professionals are always ready to help you. If you need an antivirus program for your Mac, get MacKeeper now. You can save up to 74% off at MacKeeper order. By applying MacKeeper coupon code offered on this page, you get extra 30%. It only costs $83.16 USD for 2 years. It is only $3.47 USD per month. Grab MacKeeper 30% discount coupon now. You will get $35.64 USD savings. Get deal before MacKeeper coupon code is still valid. Note: MacKeeper discount coupon will be activated automatically when you use promotion link to purchase a plan. Extra 30% off will be added to your cart automatically, and the condition is a promotion link.

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