Jul 5, 2018

LogMeOnce Coupon, Promo Code: 50% Off Discount 2019

Are you looking for LogMeOnce coupon code, promo code or discount deal? It is always right to use coupon during online shopping. LogMeOnce occasionally offers special discounts and promo code or coupon code in the form of discount that can be used to discount your purchase. We would like to collect coupon, promo and discount information to let you save as much money as possible. Once LogMeOnce password manager new promotion is released, we will update it timely. Get information about LogMeOnce plans and pricing on the following content in this article.

What is LogMeOnce Password Manager?

LogMeOnce is an award-winning identity management platform. It has been a great welcome from inception. This tool generates & manages passwords, auto-fills web forms, prevents identity theft, backups important data, protects online privacy and performs more tasks to secure your passwords and device. It gives you proper and secure access to the stored passwords and other sensitive data whenever from trusted device. LogMeOnce password manager supports Passwordless logins, allowing you to use a photo, fingerprint, biometrics or a PIN to login your account. You will get warning when intruders try to access the vault of your confidential data and deal with compromised passwords instantly. The LogMeOnce Password Manager app is modular and customizable. It is possible to customize it to your liking and use it out of the box. There is no limit on the number of saved passwords or on the number of devices you use. At this time, LogMeOnce Password Management coupon code, promo code or discount code is not available. If it is not what you want, Dashlane is another great choice. It has high reputation and trusted by a large number of users all over the world.

LogMeOnce Plans And Pricing

From its home page, you can learn that LogMeOnce password manager offers two packages. You can choose between Business and Enterprise package. Both of them come with 30 days free trial. The provider does not offer specific prices on its websites. They only tell that the Business package starts from $2.00 USD per user per month. Its minimum users are three. The Enterprise package starts from $4.00 USD per user per month. Its minimum users are ten. According to the provider, many new features are added to the service and full access to them comes at a higher price than other competitor. You may look for LogMeOnce password manager coupon code to save money, but we need to tell you that coupon and discount is limited-time available on sales. You may need to wait for some time. Dashlane and Sticky Password include all the expected basic and advanced password manager features that security expert consider important. If you only need one user account and want protection now, you can pick Dashlane or Sticky Password.

LogmeOnce Calculator

It offers LogmeOnce Calculator to help you generate strong password. Every time you create a new account, it creates unique and random password for you. You don’t have to spend time in thinking which password you should use and if it safe. The password manager will take care of all of it. It is able to find out your weak and reused passwords, and offers assistance to strengthen them. There is no need to concern that you can’t remember complicated password, it will remember all of the passwords and carry them with you to anywhere. Simply point your finger anywhere on the circular dial, rotate, and create a new strong password. Then simply copy and paste your new password in the right spot.

Is LogMeOnce Password Management Secure?

Is LogMeOnce Password Management secure enough to protect all of your precious passwords? Actually, it provides many security features to prevent your data from being invaded. To ensure that you are the only person who can access your account, it offers a comprehensive number of login options with automatic 2FA. You always get the extra security layer of 2FA without the hassle of typing yet another password, SMS code, or a 2FA token. You get instant protection and instant access to your computer via your mobile device. All of your stored data is protected with advanced encryption technology.

You also can turn your USB into a 2FA Token. To achieve this goal, simply insert USB of any storage size into your PC and LogMeOnce Password Manager will convert it to a 2FA key which will become your second authentication factor. Without both of your password and the special USB stick, hackers have no way to access your account. If they try to target your account, they will get a warning and shirk away. It is a great deterrence against hackers. Everything is under control and your passwords are secure.

PasswordLess PhotoLogin

To satisfy you as much as possible, LogmeOnce password manager displays numerous login options from the gorgeous interface. You can choose from the PhotoLogin, Fingerprint, PIN Code and Password options. PhotoLogin is the most popular option as it is a secure as well as convenient way to log in. By pairing a mobile device, you get PasswordLess access. This login method is far more secure than entering a lone password. To use this option, simply click on PhotoLogin icon on your computer. The password manager will snap a photo and send it to your device. It still works normally if you have multiple iPhone, iPad or Android devices. As you like, you are allowed to enroll or un-enroll all of your devices any time. When receiving a secure photo on your device, it’s up to you to tap “Reject” or “Yes, It’s me!” Access will be then granted.


Hackers never stop trying to attack users’ account for money and valuable information. You need protection to keep important information safe. If hackers try to access your device or account, LogmeOnce password manager has Mugshot to stop them timely. It is able to detect wrong or unauthorized fingerprints, Touch ID, passcodes, and passwords. It will immediately snap a photo of the hacker via your front-facing camera, laptop login or webcams. It puts your hacker’s photo, video, audio, GPS location, map, time stamps and IP address in one place for your reference, and the data will be emailed to you in the background. You will be able to stop invasion and avoid loss in time.

Secure Wallet & Note

Have different credit cards and Internet bank accounts to use? You may get confused by different accounts. We do not suggest you use browser to store the information because others can steal your money when you walk away from computer and leave the computer unblock. This LogMeOnce Digital wallet keeps your credit cards and payment information secure and encrypted no matter you are at home or on the go. To protect your valuable information, it requires double-authentication to gain access to credit cards and other payment methods. There is no need to remember the long number of your credit cards, email and PayPal account. If you need them, find them in LogmeOnce password manager and you don’t have to type them one by one when filling a web form. It can match your profile on safe platforms with your permission. If you always shop online, it helps you save time during payment process with the help of instant auto-filling feature. It’s safe, secure, effective and easy to use.

Have to carry all certificates everywhere in case you need them to apply for something? You can make it easier. LogmeOnce password manager provides secure note to allow you to add your debit card, credit card, birth dates, passport numbers, driver’s license or ID, insurance card, social security numbers and even member or loyalty cards to the encrypted vault. You also can add short note there to record important things. This password manager encrypts data locally on your computer with AES and only you have the key to access your data. You can trust your confidential information with this service. It also assists you to keep track of any information you may need to refer to in the future and enables you to securely backup your personal information. Your backup data will be automatically encrypted and remain encrypted all the time. If you lost your device, you can restore data any time.


You may cherish your phone, iPad, or notebook and take good care of them. No matter how careful you are, you may misplace or leave your device in some place and can’t find it. The thief may steal your device for money. It is already very frustrating for losing a loved device, and you may face information leak issue. That is horrible. Luckily, LogMeOnce password manager offers a full set of anti-theft features to get a hold of your missing device. It enables you to trace your device’s whereabouts no matter you left it in the kitchen, under the couch or in the backseat of a cab. You can make it display a message and help finder to get your device back to you successfully. It’s still possible to trace it when the device has been stolen. Once you notice the device is lost, you need to send a Kill-Pill and then you will be able to instantly log out your account and wipe off any LogMeOnce data stored on it. Any access to password manager account on the remote device will be denied. To prevent others from accessing messages or other personal data on the lost device, you should remotely lock your device by forcing a password. For an easy find, simply command the device to chime remotely at top volume. You can know its location quickly and the ring can scare the thief as well. If the thief took your device and ran far away, this tool will give you the GPS location, helping you plot your device’s location and get direction on a city map. It’s okay if you don’t want to spend time in taking back the device because the password manager lets you wipe the device and restore your data on a trusted device.

Emergency Access & Password Beneficiary

LogMeOnce password manager helps you deal with unpredictable things beforehand. In case you get stuck in an emergency situation and are away from your phone or computer, it lets you grant a trusted friend instant access to help you handle emergency case. Besides, you can assign a beneficiary or provide emergency access to multiple users in case something bad happen to you. They will be able to log in, support, and maintain your digital assets. You are able to determine when they can get access and it allows you to cancel anyone’s access anytime. Before you grant access, you can see and verify the person’s photo, GPS location and metadata to avoid fault operating. Once you allow access, your friend can access your account without your master password. You will receive the trusted party’s request on your mobile device along with their photo or a Visual OTP and where they’re located.

Device Management

Would you like to remotely find, lock, unlock, pair and unpair your device? LogMeOnce password manager offers options to let you manage CPU, Device Identifiers, Display, General Information, Network, and Software on multiple platforms. You can view status of your devices with different OS on one simple dashboard. This password manager has popular user interface and users can get started with it smoothly. The provider adds “Productivity Dock” based on users’ requests. This feature is fun and easy to use. It is engineered to take full advantage of feature-rich LogMeOnce. By scrolling over your mouse, all stored apps and their icons magnify quickly for easier recognition. It provides you quick access, and lets you launch your favorite apps with a click. LogMeOnce password manager keeps track of your devices and can detect compromised ones. You will be informed in time and can lock compromised devices with simplified passcode reset. It is possible to manage your devices at every stage. This is another practical security enabler.

Easy-to-Use Software

LogMeOnce password manager is equipped with full features while it’s simple to use. It works on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac to protect your devices, passwords and identity. Its desktop edition has a clear and streamlined look. You can easily use a feature by clicking on its icons from the dashboard. To get back to where you started, just click the “home” icon. Its mobile edition is easy to navigate and turning heads, defeating many products in the market. It has start menu which leads the way once you click on the icon of the feature you need. The start menu is an innovative gateway to your data and credential protections. You can use it to locate the features in categories like Productivity, Security, Reports and General quickly. As this password manager is compatible with all major systems and platforms, you can sync your data across all of your devices and make them available from anywhere. It is one of the best password managers which has intuitive interface and is pretty simple to operate.

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Have you been bothered for creating various passwords and keeping forgetting specific passwords? Do you know what the state of security and password on your devices is? LogMeOnce password manager helps you generate random and strong password every time you register a new account. Can’t remember the complicated passwords? Don’t worry. It will memorize all passwords for you. For the existing passwords, it lets you import passwords from browsers and other password manager. It will calculate them and report the weak and reused ones, helping you change them to be strong. No more worries about keyloggers taking advantage of weak or duplicate passwords. You also can store other personal information that you use frequently. Every time you need them to fill a form, it types information for you. You have a private and safe vault. In addition, it offers more features to help you avoid being tracked, protect your online privacy, mange device, prevent identity theft and more. The LogMeOnce Coupon Code, Promo Code & Discount on LogMeOnce password manager page is occasionally offered. You can get extra savings with bundle deals, up to 50% OFF!

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