Oct 23, 2019

50% Off Sticky Password Discount Coupon 2019

What is Sticky Password Discount Coupon? Is there a 50% Off Sticky Password Discount Coupon on Premium & Lifetime plans? If you are looking for Sticky Password coupon code, promo code or discount code to save money, then we may tell you there are not any codes available but One can get 50% OFF Sticky Password Premium now. The good news is you still can get discount when you purchase a plan during promotion. The provider runs promotion frequently to allow its customers save money on their products. Please note special offer does not last forever. You need to purchase a plan at the right time. The Sticky Password’s latest discount information is important. Are you looking for reliable Sticky Password promotion information? You come to right place. We would like to pay attention to password manager discount information and collect coupon code to let you get as many savings as possible. And now both Sticky Password lifetime discount and Sticky Password premium discount are 50% off. Get more information of Sticky Password Premium License 50% off discount in the following content.

What is Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is secure password manager and form filler, giving you safer and easier Internet surfing. Behinds it, there is a team of outstanding experts who deal with security every single day and have rich experience in this field. It’s equipped with advanced technology to manage all your passwords & personal data for express checkout, create extra-strong new passwords & strengthen existing passwords, automatically fill in forms for you. You can save time, keep safe and access stored data from anywhere with this password manager. Due to useful features, it has been trusted by over 2 million people worldwide. You can give it a shot and be one of them to manage your logins and password securely.

Pricing & Discount

You can choose between a free account and a paid premium account that offer additional features such as seamless syncing across devices and cloud backup. The free version offers basic features. If you are a heavy Internet user, we suggest you get a premium plan. The premium plan supports cloud sync across devices, cloud backup, local Wi-Fi sync across devices, priority support and saving endangered manatees. If you use the free version, those features are not available. It is worth to invest Sticky Password because it is useful and affordable. Currently, it offers 50% off discount and makes it even cheaper. It was $29.99 USD per user per year and now it is only $14.99 USD. You get $15.00 USD savings. There is a limited time offer. It’s the Premium Lifetime License. It was $149.99 USD per user for lifetime License. Now it is $74.98 USD with 50% sweet off. You can save $75.00 USD in total. It’s the best deal.

Sticky Password Discount Coupon code, promo code usually are available during special holidays like Christmas. At this time, coupon is not required. You can get 50% off directly. When you sign up Sticky Password, the discount will be activated automatically.

Why Choose Sticky Password?

In this Internet age, it’s a challenge to create and remember passwords for your favorite sites and apps no matter it is email, social networks, shopping, banking, magazines and other subscriptions, or school and community groups. To manage them orderly and work effectively, Sticky Password is necessary in your life. It gives you a full set of features on both mobile and desktop platforms, cloud backup and smooth cloud syncing across multiple devices. The option of syncing your encrypted password data on all your devices within the confines of your home local network also is offered to make sure that none of your data escapes to the Internet or fall into bad guys’ hands. You can put your trust in Sticky Password because it makes advantage of AES-256 encryption. It’s the world’s leading standard and also used by the military. To give you extra layer of protection, it allows you to use fingerprint authentication on iOS and Android devices that support it. That defeats many password managers in the market. It allows you to wipe out all of your personal data or wipe out your account entirely from the console without providing any reason. It’s another guarantee that your data always stays safe with you. It has approachable and easy-to-use interface which is a great option for password-manager novices and tech-savvy users alike. Everyone can get started with it easily without any problem. Sticky Password is compatible with all major systems and platforms. That means you can manage and sync passwords on any device you need. Let us go ahead to learn more about Sticky Password discount coupon to get 50% Off.

Is Sticky Password Secure?

When selecting a password manager, the first question always is “Is it secure enough?” After all, we need to place trust on it and store valuable information on it. The answer is Sticky Password is secure. It utilizes AES‑256 encryption which is the world’s leading standard also used by the military. Your data is untouchable. Besides, it offers optional synchronization via local Wi‑Fi which means your personal data never leaves your devices after you store it on this password manager. Your master password is the only key to access your password database and you are the only person who have it. Even the Sticky Password provider has not any clue of what you master password is. You are always in control. It gives you the right to delete the database manually from the cloud anytime. The state‑of‑the‑art biometric authentication and password database auto‑lock on your computer, tablet and smartphone make sure that no one except you can unblock your encrypted data. It is possible to manage your license keys and trusted devices with Sticky Password’s online console. In particular, if you’ve lost or replaced a device you can remove it from the trusted list, to lock out any possible access by a thief.

You can set a settled password to authorize any new device. It also allows you to use one-time PIN which will be sent to your registered email every time it’s required. After you set Sticky Password all on of your devices, you can configure it to stop accepting any new devices. That will prevent others who steal your email from accessing your password database.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is the use of 2 pieces of information for authentication. Each of them is from an independent source and does not affect each other. That will increase the security of your data. When it’s enabled, you’ll be prompted to enter an additional unique security code after entering your Master Password each time you unlock your database. To set up two-factor authentication, you can scan a QR code with Google Authenticator, or a workalike such as Twilio Authy or Duo Mobile.

Password Manager

Sticky Password assists you to manage your passwords and encrypt them in a safe place. Internet users all have many accounts and passwords for different platforms. For most users, it is not easy to remember all of them. You probably choose to set simple password which includes your name, birth date or letters and numbers in line. It’s easy to keep in mind, but it also is easy to guess. The hackers can guess your passwords and access your account to steal data and money. Some of you may create a strong password and reuse it on all other accounts. That also can cause information leak. Once one account is cracked, the rest will be compromised. Therefore, you need to create a random, unique and strong password for every website you use. We all know it’s the safest way, but the problem is how we can remember all those long and random passwords.

The solution is to get Sticky Password. It helps you generate unique and strong passwords every time you need ones. You don’t have to spend a long time in thinking if you use this password before, if it is long or safe enough. This password uses advanced technology to calculate password security, so it will always give your strong password. You can choose password strength among Weak, Normal or Strong. Using the default settings, you get 20-character passwords using all sets like letters, numerals and symbols. You can adjust the length, though, from four to 99 characters. Those settings result in passwords in the Strong range.

This password manager lets you import existing passwords from browsers, phone and even other password managers. Once you add passwords you want it to remember, it organizes them with clear category and all the data are secured with the highest encryption. Every time you need them, it will show you. Besides, it calculates your existing passwords and marks the weak ones, offering help to upgrade them. To check the strength of your existing passwords, click Quick Access in the menu at left and then click the Security Dashboard tab. You get a list of all sites with passwords in the Weak range along with sites with duplicate passwords. With one click, you don’t have any weak or reused password. If one of your account is compromised, you will get alert in the first time and will be able to change password to avoid loss timely.

Practical Backup

Sticky Password offers an encrypted password database backup for you in the cloud in case you lose your device or data. It’s an optional feature. Only if you want, it stores your data on its cloud server. Losing a device already is awful and you have to make sure that other won’t be able to access your personal data. Besides, you may want to take back your passwords from the lost device. Luckily, this password manger lets you wipe all data on it and there is no need to worry about information leak. As the cloud backup keeps several previous versions of your password database for you, you can find them on password manager database easily. It helps you reduce as much loss as possible.

Form Filler

Sticky Password helps you store important data and use them to fill form with your permission. You can add a collection of data elements like personal details, snail-mail address, online contact information, and business details, as well as a finance page that can store credit cards and bank accounts. This password manager uses high encryption standard which also is used by leading bank and government agencies, so you can feel free to store your important data there. If you always shop online, you may store your credit card, email and more valuable information on your browser. That is less secure than you store it on a password manager. After you store password on browser, the criminals can use aggressive virus to attack your device and grab information. Snoopers who sit in front of your device can abuse your credit card to transfer or make payment after you lost your device or walked away. Sticky Password automatically captures your login credentials when you visit a secure website for the first time and then autofills your credentials when you return. When you need to sign up by using different emails or addresses, it lets you switch between different accounts easily. You are able to select a different names, contact information, billing addresses and credit-card numbers. It also allows you to save contact and address information for other individuals, such as colleagues and business partners. When you need to fill a form, it puts an icon in the fields it can fill, and offers a menu of available identities. You can save time in remembering several long addresses and filling long online forms. With several clicks, you can finish signing up and registering within minutes on secure websites.

Sticky Password offers secure memos to let you save data types including drivers’ licenses, passports, and credit cards. It allows you to create, edit and remove memos freely. Please note that secure memos don’t work for filling forms. They just store important information for you and enable you to access them anywhere and anytime they need.

Work across all Major Platforms

Sticky Password works on your PC, Mac, Android / iOS tablets and smartphones. At the same time, it supports 16 browsers on all 4 major platforms. If you would like to sync data, it allows synchronization via local Wi‑Fi, provider’s cloud servers or manual offline synchronization if you want. USB portable version which is the perfect portability is supported as well. At this time, Sticky Password for Mac allows you to synchronize your confidential data with Apple’s iCloud Keychain password management system. You also can sync your iOS, Wndows, and Android passwords with your Keychain, and vice versa which is very convenient.
Once the password manager software is installed, you will need to choose a master password. This is the one and only password that will not be saved anywhere but in your memory. If you forget it, Sticky Password can’t recover it for you. Unlike some other password managers, you can’t reset your password. You will have to start over by creating another account with a master password. You should keep the master key in mind. It disappears into the background, only needing to be active when you are using it, so it won’t disturb your work.

Top 5 Best Password Managers In The World

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#4 Read Review iOS, Android, Safari (Mac), Chrome and Firefox (Mac and Windows) Offers Trial Version $14.99/Year View Deals
#5 Read Review Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Offers Free Version $12.00/Year View Deals


Sticky Password Discount Coupon: Get 50% Off Premium & Lifetime. Sticky Password is a robust and reliable password manager which securely stores all your passwords and organizes them for easy access and management. It combines the best aspects of cloud-based and locally-based password managers, offering the convenience of the former with the security aspects of the latter. This password manager is a great tool to generate strong passwords when you need them and sync passwords using Wi-Fi. It provides military-grade AES 256-bit algorithm to secure you data and supports biometric authentication and fingerprint scanning for an additional protection layer. Its free trial is useful and the premium one is more powerful. The premium plan gives you the option of syncing your devices automatically through Lamantine Software’s secure cloud network, or doing so on your personal Wi-Fi network, which means your data never escapes to the Internet. This password manager helps you fill form with the stored information with your permission on secure website. You store important and frequent used information on this password manager and access them no matter where you are. Both its desktop and smartphone applications are user-friendly and feature-rich, and the browser extensions work without interrupting normal browsing behaviors. It is reasonable that Sticky Password is very popular throughout the world. Currently, the provider offers sweet discount to let you save money. You can get up to 50% off and save $75.00 USD. It is only $74.98 USD per user for lifetime. Redeem on your favorite Sticky Password coupons and discounts now! Don’t miss this Sticky Password Deal and get the highest Sticky Password Discount Code today. Take advantage of this offer to get 50% off as it is limited time offer.

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