What is RoboForm?

RoboForm is a safe password manager and form filler app that allows you to easily and securely access your logins and form fields from anywhere. To protect your passwords, you only need to create an account with a master password. You only need to remember the password to access all of your passwords. It lets you import your logins from LastPass, Dashlane,1Password and other password managers. You also can import information from browser or add them manually. If you don’t want spend time in creating a password, it helps you generate strong, unique passwords with the built-in Password Generator. The password will be safe and no one can crack it. RoboForm also helps you store and secure personal information like name, address, email, postcode, passport and more with AES 256-bit encryption. You are allowed to synchronize your RoboForm data with multiple computers and mobile devices so that you can access needed data from anywhere. When you need to log in email, social media platforms or digital wallet, it automatically logins to your web accounts with the embedded RoboForm browser. When you sign up, you can fill long web forms with a single click and easily handle multi-step Logins with the “Matching Logins” feature. When you login to websites, it automatically saves new login information. When you need a certain account and password, it’s easy to search Logins with the built-in search feature. It also has options for auto logoff and manual logoff. To manage your personal information, it lets you view and edit your logins, bookmarks, identities and safenotes anytime. To give you excellent experience, it offers password audit with security center, secure sharing, emergency access, local only mode and advanced customization options etc. All the features you need are productive and efficient. Don’t know much about computer? That’s ok. RoboForm is an easy-to-use service. It has a user-friendly interface, seamless integration account and top-of-the-line security features. RoboForm is a safe and reliable too to secure offline access to your data via the browser extensions and mobile apps.

Published by YooCare Editor on May 10, 2018 6:12 am, last updated on May 27, 2024 12:22 pm

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