Feb 4, 2020

GOOSE VPN Discount Code: 84% Off Coupon 2020

GOOSE VPN Discount Code: 77% discount + extra 30% Off Coupon Code on 2-Year plan. An extra 30% Off coupon from GOOSE VPN is for limited offer on both monthly plan and yearly subscription. Do you want your data traffic to be protected without too much fuss? GOOSE VPN is a great option. Need GOOSE VPN discount code to save cash? You come to the right place. We are happy to provide latest VPN promotions to help you save as much money as possible. GOOSE VPN is a popular service that enables users to use the Internet anonymously and securely without limit. It hides your IP address to protect privacy, encrypts your online traffics to safeguard sensitive information, spoofs your location to bypass geo-restriction & get rid of government censorship and helps you avoid ISP throttling for best possible browsing experience. This is a risk free service. The provider offers a 30-day free trial without limit on features. Feel free to give it a shot. GOOSE VPN is an affordable service. When you purchase a plan during promotion, you will get more savings on your order. By using GOOSE VPN discount code, you save up to 84%. Check out GOOSE VPN discount code, coupon code and promo code in this article. During the holiday season GOOSE VPN is offering an amazing discount on its Unlimited GOOSE VPN annual package. Throughout the whole promo days they are offering a 3-year plan for just $467.64 $93.53 without using discount code.

What is GOOSE VPN?

GOOSE VPN is a Netherlands-based private network provider which offers complete protection of Internet traffic and the safeguarding of users’ privacy and personal information. It encrypts your connections to the Internet with the advanced technology and hides your IP address with anonymous one. The provider has zero traffic log policy. It gives you a guarantee of total privacy and anonymity. You are able to unblock services with restriction under the help of worldwide VPN servers no matter where you live. Besides, it stands out by its simplicity. You can use it without any problem even though you are a new VPN user.


Goose VPN has very good privacy measures that help its customers to completely mask their identities. It hides your real IP address for the outside world. It comes with strong privacy procedures that are great for users who use P2P and torrent. With it, your digital steps and footprints cannot be traced back to you or any of the devices you are using. This VPN gives you protection online and offline. This protection is established through strong encryption algorithms, making it near impossible for external parties to intercept and analyze your online behavior. It lets you connect to remote servers to access services that currently are not available in your country. Netflix and YouTube accompany you all the time. The provider offers affordable price with discount code. Besides, you can use GOOSE VPN on all your devices at the same time. It supports unlimited devices which is rare in the market.


GOOSE VPN lets you enjoy log-free Internet access whilst not restricting your Internet speeds. It hides your online ID and allows you to choose among any of their server locations from around the world. The provider does not use bandwidth throttling. You can enjoy the full speed of their network 24/7/365. During our VPN test, it works stably for hours without drop. Downloading speed was fast. Videos played smoothly online. P2P went on greatly. No IP address, DNS or other personal information leak was fund during the test.

Smart Servers

Goose has a sizable VPN network of 63+ locations across 28 countries. They are mainly in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. This company has 13 servers in the Netherlands and five in the UK. In the USA, the server locations available are in five cities, with three servers in New York. You also can connect to servers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel and Singapore. Though the number of servers is not huge, it is rapidly growing since GOOSE VPN has been found. That covers most of the popular server locations, meeting users’ basic need. All the servers are highly encrypted. With them, you can access US-only, UK-only and other restricted contents. Others only see the IP address and DNS of the provider instead of your own ones. When connecting to servers in US, you can access services that are only available in US and unblock services banned by the Chinese regardless of your real location.

GOOSE VPN supports the P2P protocol on some of its servers. Why is it important? If you do P2P sharing without a VPN, you may receive DMCA notices from copyright holders as a result. You need this VPN to keep anonymous for torrent. Those servers have a P2P symbol next to them. Connect to one of them for torrent downloading. You can download via torrent sites like ThePirateBay without any problems. It’s safe, private and fast. By the way, it is necessary to mention that you should not use a server that does not have this symbol next to it if you intend to download files with the BitTorrent protocol. That ensures your privacy is safe. Other servers have a play symbol alongside them which means they are optimized for video streaming.


In order to safeguard your anonymity and your personal information online, GOOSE VPN utilizes a 256-bit encryption technology, offering solid protection and encryption. This is equal to the length used by the best VPNs in the industry and it is uncrackable. You can be assured that you can’t be hacked or monitored on the Internet. As we know, others will be able to see what you are doing once you are connected to the public Wi-Fi hotspot. Hackers even create fishing hotspot to steal valuable information. Thanks to the powerful encryption of Goose VPN, they only see the encrypted content. It redirects all your Internet traffic through a heavily encrypted tunnel. It is possible to make use of public Wi-Fi spots securely.

Likewise, Goose VPN gives you access to the OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP VPN protocols. The multiple protocols make this VPN compatible with all major device systems. Out of these options, we recommend OpenVPN. It offers the most comprehensive security and strongest privacy protection of all of the available VPN systems. To use it on Android device, you can download OpenVPN client from app store. The app is free and very easy to use. You can connect to any protocol for different purposes. In addition, firewalls and special software are designed to prevent and avoid spam, viruses and DDOS attacks. You can trust security of GOOSE VPN. Your online and offline data are safe with this VPN.

Defeat Firewall & Geo-Restriction

When connecting to the Internet, your IP address is sent to your ISP and every website you visit automatically. On the basis of this information a website and national firewall can determine where you are and which content you can and cannot see. In some cases, the websites do not let you access them as their services are not available in the place you live. For example, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and Pandora etc. are restricted in certain countries. Sometimes, you may be stopped by firewall. It prevents you from visiting contents that are banned by the government. For example, the Great Firewall of China blocks Google, Instagram, WhatsApp and more famous services. Once it detects China-based IP address, it disconnects access to the banned websites. Luckily, you can determine your IP address and location with Goose VPN. The provider has a host of different IP addresses for you to choose from. You only need spend few seconds on selecting a new IP address and connecting to server that helps you visit your favorite websites. Its dedicated streaming servers guarantee access to popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. You also can circumvent the most complicated firewall to get Internet freedom in China.

Get Cheaper Price with GOOSE VPN

Online shopping is a convenient solution for all consumers on the earth. You can compare prices and get the best deal. You know what? The same company may offer different prices on the same items according to your location. For example, some airplane company sells tickets to different countries at different prices. It may be much more expensive when you purchase from US than from China. You may save several hundred dollars with an IP address from US. Therefore, you can use GOOSE VPN to mask your location to save cash when purchasing a plane ticket or other products online. Isn’t great when you spend less money to get the same service? Yes.With GOOSE VPN discount code, promo code you can save up to 84% Off coupon.


GOOSE VPN takes your privacy serious. On one hand, it uses the most advanced technology in VPN industry to protect your privacy and accepts anonymous payment method. You won’t leave important information to allow others to track you on the Internet. On the other hand, the provider has great privacy policy. The policy clearly states that Goose doesn’t cache, collect or store logs of users’ internet activities. The provider does not throttle your bandwidth usage or slow down your connection at any time. Also, the service doesn’t store your originating IP address or any information about the servers you use within a session. You can browse the Internet and sign in on websites without being logged. With the protection of this VPN, you won’t be tracked by the sites you visit or which online actions you perform. The hackers, ISPs and government can’t spy on you and invade your privacy any longer.

Easy-to-Use VPN

Goose VPN is compatible with various systems. No matter which system you use, it’s always ready to protect you. The provider is very proud of its easy-to-use software. Its interface is intuitive and easy to configure. Everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be and the various features and settings are organized in a compact manner. It also has automatically setup if you don’t like tinkering about. Though the service is simple to use, it kindly provides setup guides. Along with the regular Windows, Mac, Android and iOS clients, it also provides instructions to set up routers, Synology NAS devices, Chrome OS systems, Linux, even Raspberry Pi 3 (Kodi). Surprisingly, there’s no arbitrary device limit with this service. No matter you have nine, ten or more devices, you can connect to them simultaneously. One account supports all devices and it only costs $41.91 USD for one year by applying with discount code. It is worth every cent.

Customer Support

Goose VPN’s customer support is fast and competent. It lets you contact them via live chat, ticket system, email, Facebook and Twitter. You can get quick but exhaustive answer from tech support via live chat. If you submit request via ticket, you will receive response from a support member within few hours. The support agents are 24x7x365 online. They are patient and helpful. Feel free to contact them if you have any problem. You also can find information about the VPN or related issues in the FAQ page, neatly organized in several categories.

GOOSE VPN Discount Code & Pricing

GOOSE VPN provides limited and unlimited VPN plans. The limited plan allows 50 GB bandwidth with full feature and it is $2.99 USD per month. There are 1-month, 1-year and 2-year plans under the unlimited VPN package. If you would like to sign up every month, it is $12.99 USD for one month. If you purchase 1-year plan at a time, it’s cheaper. The 1-year plan is 62% off, it was $155.88 USD for one year, now it is only $59.88 USD. It is $4.99 USD per month. You can get up to 84% Off coupon – GOOSE VPN discount code for 2-Yr Subscription, but it is limited offer.

GOOSE VPN offers more discount when you apply a discount code during the payment. Currently, the provider offers our reader with additional discount. With GOOSE VPN discount code, the 1-month plan of Unlimited Goose is $9.09 USD per month. The 1-year plan is $41.91 USD for one year and $3.49 USD per month. That means you can save $104.99 USD in total. It’s the best deal. Get GOOSE VPN when the discount code still works.

Refund Policy

GOOSE VPN provider has friendly refund policy to let you use the service without risk. All new GOOSE VPN accounts have a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. There are conditions should be met to get a refund. You need to submit a request within 30 days after the subscription and the data you used should be less than 100 MB. It’s reasonable. Sometimes, refund of payments for subscriptions where bandwidth usage exceeded 100MB is at the discretion of the GOOSE VPN management. You may get a refund with overused bandwidth in case you experience ongoing unresolved technical problems with GOOSE VPN software. It is very great.

Free trial

Another strong point to GooseVPN is its fully functional free trial. Like other providers, there is a 500 MB data limit. This is completely fine as the trial is designed to give you just enough to make up your mind. Give it a shot with the free trial and you will know you love it.

GooseVPN offers flexible payment options to let users from anywhere purchase their plans without any problems. It accepts credit card, debit card, PayPal, Mint pre-paid card and Bitcoin. With Mint, you can go into a store and put cash on the card. In this way, there is no link between the payment card and your name or address. Bitcoin is also a perfect option for complete anonymity. Besides, the VPN company does not log your IP address when you sign up for the service, so there is no link between you and the account. Users who refuse to leave track on the Internet should pick GooseVPN.

How to Use GOOSE VPN Discount Code?

1. Please Visit GOOSE VPN page here to copy discount code and then view the plan details.
2. Scroll down and select a plan you need.

3. Create a VPN account with email, or Facebook or Google and set a password.

4. Click on “Do you have a discount code” and enter code you copied. Then, hit Enter key.

5. The total will be reduced. Choose your payment method to pay.

That’s how to use discount code to save money on Goose VPN order. Get online protection and Internet freedom while spending less money.

Video Guide On How to Apply With Goose VPN Discount Code

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Summary of GOOSE VPN Discount Code: Up to 84% Off Coupon Code. Goose is a reliable and no-fuss VPN. Green hands can get started without tech issue. It performs greatly and offers great value, complemented by a handy free trial and amazing customer support. In those years, the company has proved it’s a solid long-term provider with its transparency to the user and ambition to keep improving its service. It grants you access to a special network of secured servers, guaranteeing anonymous, safe and encrypted Internet traffic. With the highest encryption standard, you don’t need to worry about information leak and cyber attack. They can’t decode your online sessions to steal confidential information and money. This VPN keeps you safe and anonymous with a no-logs policy. Besides, the company is situated in the Netherlands, a country known for its liberal and progressive political climate. There is no threat to your privacy. At the same time, it also unblocks restricted content and even has servers tailored for streaming service. You still can breathe the free Internet air even you are in a country with high Internet censorship like China and Tukey. Want protection from this great VPN. It is the very right time to get deal because sweet discount is available. GOOSE VPN offers flexible plans. It does not let you select the feature package. Instead, it offers one package with three billing cycles. Its 1-month plan of Unlimited Goose is $12.99 USD per month and the 1-year plan is $59.88 USD for the whole year, the 2-year plans is $71.76 USD for two years before using discount code. You can save $104.99 USD on the year plan. If you are not a heavy VPN user, you can purchase the 1-year plan, it only costs 19.92 USD a year. Want unlimited VPN plan. The 2-year plan is the best option, its original price was $311.76 USD but if you use GOOSE VPN discount link, you can take it at $50.23 USD. It is a huge saving. Get deal when GOOSE VPN discount coupon is still valid.

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