Jan 29, 2019

SmartVPN Promo Code: 15% off Discount, Coupon Code 2019

SmartVPN Promo Code: 15% off Discount, Coupon Code 2019 If you are looking for VPN discount coupon to save money, you come to the right place. You can find verified coupon code and promotion link to get the best VPN deal here. Need SmartVPN to protects privacy and keep safe on the Internet? Want SmartVPN coupon, discount and promo code to save money? We would like to collect information of reliable VPNs and their coupon codes to help you acquire useful VPNs while spending less money. In those days, more and more users pay close attention to their Internet privacy. On one hand, the hackers can attack users to steal precious information. On the other hand, the ISPs and government can monitor every move of Internet users. Last year, the Congress even allowed the ISPs to collect users browsing histories and sell them to the third parties without users’ permission. Users’ privacy has been badly invaded. To reclaim privacy, you can choose SmartVPN to hide your IP address and encrypt your connections to the Internet. It is worth to invest a VPN plan. You can cut down price with valid coupon code. Get detail information of SmartVPN coupon, discount and promo code on this page.

What is SmartVPN?

SmartVPN is a Casablanca, Morocco-based VPN service from a company named Anonymous SARL. It was created back in 2010 by the team behind France’s largest torrent site Smartorrent. It is a great tool to protect your privacy and anonymity. With this VPN, others can’t use your real IP address to find your location or access your device and personal information by using the same connection on a WiFi hotspot. Your browsing habits won’t be exposed. And, it can allow you to bypass geographical restrictions, granting you access to webpages that may be prohibited in certain countries.

Pricing and Discount (SmartVPN Promo Code: 15% off Discount, Coupon Code 201)

SmartVPN provides three plans. They are Basic, Premium and Dedicated plans. The three plans have the same divided periods with the same discounts. The cheapest one is Basic plan which starts from 3 USD per month. Under this plan, it has monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly plan. If you purchase monthly plan, it is 3.5 USD. Its quarterly plan is 5% off, semi-annual plan is 10% off, and yearly plan is 15% off. It costs 35.90 USD for one year and is 3 USD per month. The basic plan comes with servers in Germany & Netherlands, PPTP & L2TP & IKE & OpenVPN protocols, shared IP and unlimited bandwidth.

The best seller is Premium plan. It is 6.95 USD for monthly plan. The quarterly, semi-annual and yearly plans are cheaper. It is 19.95 USD for three months which is 5% off. The 6-month plan is 37.90 USD. 10% off is available. The yearly plan of Premium plan is 71.50 USD. You save 15% on it. This plan comes with servers in 17 countries, PPTP & L2TP & IKE & OpenVPN protocols, shared IP and Unlimited Bandwidth etc. Customers of Premium plan can access all of its servers.

Among the three of them, the Dedicated plan is the most expensive one. Discount up to 15% off is available. The monthly plan is 14.95 USD, quarterly plan is 42.95 USD, semi-annual plan is 81.50 USD and yearly plan is 154 USD. The reason why it is more expensive is the dedicated IP. It allows you to reserve a dedicated IP address just for you. You get access to servers in 16 countries. Servers in US are absent on this plan. The rest benefits of Premium plan are accessible.
When you are about to make payment, you can choose to use promo code to save cash. With valid promo, coupon, discount code, you can spend less money and get full features of SmartVPN.

How to Use SmartVPN Promo, Coupon and Discount Code?

1. Visit VPN provider here
2. Choose one plan from Basic, Premium and Dedicated plans.

3. Choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly plan and click on “Order”.

4. Create a Customer Account by filling up information like name of email address.

5. Next, it provides a blank to let you enter promo code. Click “Add” after you provide promo code or coupon code. The total payable amount will be reduced automatically.

6. Select payment method and click on “Order”.
7. Make payment to get VPN package.

Tips: SmartVPN promo code, coupon code, discount code are not available all the time. The provider offers coupon, promo and discount during their anniversary, Christmas and other special holidays. Sometimes, they offer discount and do not require code. This time, promo code is demanded. You get 15% off discount directly by visiting VPN provider via link on this page. Once the provider releases promo code, coupon code, discount code, we will display them in time to help you save as much money as possible.

Payment Methods

SmartVPN accesses major credit card, AmanPay, PayPal, and Bitcoin payment through bitpay. AmanPay is a fast and secure payment solution. PayPal is one of the safest and most used worldwide payment services. Bitcoin is a perfect option to fully preserve your anonymity. It provides 7-day money-back guarantee with conditions. That’s how it states with this policy.
“All the refunds made beyond the period of 7 days window purchase shall be considered in the lone discretion of SmartVPN, only when the subscriber sworn to demonstrate the unavailability of the service or that the same was used during the subscription period or that many reasonable efforts were made to contact to the SmartVPN to resolve the problem.”

Why SmartVPN?

SmartVPN is a fast developing VPN service which is committed to providing secure and private virtual network service. It uses advanced encryption technology and offers a variety of protocols to enable you to connect to the Internet securely and anonymously. It can easily mask your IP and keep you anonymous and safe while you are surfing the web. With this VPN, your connection is protected and it retains its speed and performance at the same time as the provider utilizes best technology at their disposal in a Border Gateway Protocol. When connecting to public servers, your personal information is vulnerable to hackers and inspection. Luckily, the encrypted servers of SmartVPN protect your identity, your location, and any messages you send or file you share with partners. It also assists you to unblock restricted content and escape from government censorship to get Internet freedom. Your online sessions are protected and unimpeded. Its prices are affordable and its plans come with 7-day money-back guarantee.

Military-Grade Encryption

SmartVPN keeps your offline and online data safe with the highest level of encryption. Why is the encryption so important? Nowadays, Internet is very convenient and common. You know what? It can be dangerous. We are not saying that it can harm your body. When accessing the Internet, your IP address is publicly displayed and can be accessed by anyone on a WiFi hotspot if your connection is not protected. Others can see exactly you are communicating with someone, browsing a webpage, transferring data or checking email when using the same public servers. Hackers can use this tactic to gain passwords to your email, your social media sites, and even your bank account and confidential business information. It is particularly dangerous when you connect to unknown free public WiFi hotspot. The criminals can intercept your communications easily. You won’t suffer from information leak or identity theft with the protection of SmartVPN. It routes your traffic in an encrypted tunnel and others won’t be able to decode your online content.

Likewise, SmartVPN offers all major protocols to suit your needs and guarantee your right to privacy on any system and in any region. PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec in both IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols are provided to let you choose from. The various protocols make this VPN compatible with many devices. The OpenVPN protocol offers the most security, and its traffic is discreet, making it difficult to tell apart from the standard HTTPS connection. This means that it is difficult to block as a connection method. It is perfect for users who live a country which blocks VPN. This protocol also is used by banks and businesses to prevent potential hackers on the Internet. SmartVPN is powerful enough in security.

Server Locations

On the official website, it is not clearly stated how many servers in which country. According to the provided information, SmartVPN’s servers are located in around 20 countries around the world. A large part of its servers are located in Europe. Some are located in US, Canada, Japan and Singapore. The coverage is then somewhat sparse for those living in or traveling through much of Africa, South America, and Australia. The provider keeps expanding their servers to perfect this private virtual network. Now you can access all of its servers to enjoy global network. Though the amount of servers is not as large as others’, they cover most of the popular locations to meet users’ need. Their servers are logically located in different countries. They allow you to access geographical servers and unblock any content with geo-restriction. As most of the steaming services are only available in their countries, SmartVPN is necessary to streaming services. It also is useful for users who live in a country where the Internet censorship is strict. This VPN replaces your IP address and connects you to server you select. That spoofs your location and enables you to access content which is unavailable in your country. When you are done with that server, you can explore and switch between provided servers with simple click of a button.


Privacy is not easy to protect in this age of Internet. When you conduct activities and use personal information online, the ISPs, government, large business organizations and other third parties all are able to monitor and even restrict your moves on the Internet. They can view and store anything you browse, stream, download, and upload from the same local server. SmartVPN lets you become invisible to anyone who would monitor you or access your information using a method called Deep Packet Inspection. Even in China which has the most advanced censoring system, your privacy is untouchable. Besides, the provider has strict no log policy. They do store the connection times and total data usage for a limited time, but they do not access your online activities and information related to your identity. You are safe and anonymous on the Internet.

Unblock Streaming Services

If you love streaming movies and TV series and other videos in daily life, you should get SmartVPN. If you are fond of online gaming, connect your device to this VPN. You may notice that not all streaming services are accessible in this global society. Government ban and service restriction are a headache for videos lovers. When selecting a SmartVPN server located in a specific country, it is basically like connecting to the Internet from that location. This VPN makes ISPs and streaming websites believe that you are located in the service-supported place by hiding real location and encrypting online sessions. The powerful protocols also defeat VPN block to unblock services that ban VPNs. It is an effective way make the most out of your spare time on your favorite website. There is no need to worry about geo-restrictions telling you what you can and cannot watch or do on the web. In addition, SmartVPN offers better routing for gamers. It brings less latency in many cases. That means you can enjoy better performance in multiplayer games.

This VPN also helps in unblocking social media platforms, picture-sharing sites, search engines, email platforms and more. It will lower your international calling costs by choosing the location you’re calling from. Once connected to this VPN, you can bypass firewalls and all of your video and audio conversations will be encrypted. Just use your favorite websites, search any information you need on Google, stream videos and send email safely and freely.

SmartVPN Promo Code: 15% off Discount, Coupon Code 2019

SmartVPN Instant Setup

SmartVPN is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The VPN setup is very easy and can be done within minutes regardless of your computer knowledge. Here are some guides.
How to Set up SmartVPN with OpenVPN on Windows 10?
1. Download and Install OpenVPN :
– For the 32-Bit version Click the link OpenVPN 32bits
– For the 64-Bit version Click the link OpenVPN 64bits

2. Validate the download by clicking Save File.
3. Start the installation and wait until OPENVPN is installed, and then download the configuration files from your client interface and extract it to the following path: C: Program Files\OpenVPN \config .
4. Once done, click Start, click All Programs, select OpenVPN and then OpenVPN GUI.
5. In the Windows task bar, you should see the OpenVPN logo.
6. Right-click on it, select the server you want to connect to and click Connect, you will be asked to authenticate using your SmartVPN login & Password.
How to Set up SmartVPN with OpenVPN on iOS?

1. Run the App Store, search and install the “OpenVPN Connect” application
2. Due to the limitations of IOS, you have to email yourself the config files, First, Download and extract the config files on your computer, Choose one of the configs and send them via email to the address you’re using on your iPad/iPod/iPhone.
You must send The .ovpn File and and the certificate (.CA File).
3. Once you received it on your Email, Select it and choose the option “Open in OpenVPN”
Note that there’s a limitation of 50 servers that can be imported in the OpenVPN client.
4. Enter login data (username and password) into “User ID” and “Password”. Tap the Connection button to connect.
5. The app will now attempt to connect to the VPN.

Tech Support

SmartVPN does not provide live chat support. You can get support on FAQ page and contact them via a ticket. On FAQ page, it has General, Account & Subscription, Connection and Configuration sessions. They list the questions and answers they most frequently received to let you get instant answer. If you have trouble configuring your VPN connection and can’t find solution on FAQ, submit a ticket for support. If you need more information or for any commercial type of partnership, just contact them and they are happy to help you.

SmartVPN Promo Code: 15% off Discount, Coupon Code 2019

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Conclusion (SmartVPN Promo Code: 15% off Discount, Coupon Code 2019)

When using SmartVPN promotion link to purchase a plan, the coupon discount will be activated automatically. SmartVPN manages a network of VPN servers around the world. You will be able to bypass geographic restrictions to access the virtual world, using any websites and services that may be restricted from any corner with network. It keeps your privacy intact and your online data secure with most advanced encryption technology while it does not impact your connection speed. This VPN has some of the best raw speeds around with reliable connections to boot. Like the provider says, it protects you on the mixed public network from hackers, advertisers, ISPs, government and other third parties like it provide you with the sails and the protection to navigate any sea and any port you want on a vast ocean with many islands. You can choose a plan from Basic, Premium and Dedicated to meet your need. Its prices are pretty affordable. It starts from 3 USD per month. With SmartVPN promo code, coupon code, discount code, you get 5% off on quarterly plan, 10% off on semi-annual and 15% off on yearly plan. Get deal to protect privacy and access to Internet freedom now. The longer subscription you sign up at a time, the biggest savings you get.

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