Jun 10, 2020

b.VPN Voucher Code: 20% off Discount, Coupon Code/Promo Code

In those days, VPN are very popular among Internet users. You can find numerous options online to consider. For b.VPN, you may need coupon code to for more discount. More and more users agree that it is necessary to invest a VPN for reliable Internet security solution. You know what? You can purchase a great VPN at less cost. The same VPN package while the price is reduced. When purchasing VPN, you need online coupon codes and discounts. We would like to sort reliable VPN providers and offer latest discount and promotion information. We will provide b.VPN coupon/promo code in time to allow you to make the right choices and save big every time. b.VPN Voucher Code: Upto 20% off Discount, Coupon Code/Promo Code 2019

What is b.VPN?

b.VPN is a top-notch customer-oriented VPN service based in Netherlands. Its team is a strong believer in adult’s right to unrestricted knowledge and communication. This VPN provides secure and anonymous web browsing and the provider does not keep any logs of their users’ online activities. With it, you will be able to hide your true geographic location. Your connections between your device and the VPN are coded with unbreakable encryption. So, there is no chance that you could be traced by any party and even your ISP. Its SSH feature is particularly well-suited to tackle the filtering systems used in countries such as Iran and China. It enables you to unblock geo-blocked streaming services as well as VoIP applications in any country. This VPN is the right choice for users who would like to surf the Internet anonymously as well as maintain online privacy.

Overview of b.VPN Prices and Coupon/Promo Code

b.VPN Voucher Code: Upto 20% off Discount, Coupon Code/Promo Code 2019

b.VPN provides three paid plans to meet your business and personal needs. The packages grant you access to all of the provided VPN servers at any time without restrictions or limits over speed, download or usage. Don’t know which plan you should choose? Irresistible discounts are offered for longer subscription periods. The price starts from 7.5 USD per month. It is 9.99 USD for one month if you purchase monthly plan. You can get 15% off on the 6-month plan and 20% off on 1-year plan. It costs 50 USD for six months and 90 USD for one year.
b.VPN Coupon/promo code is given during holidays and other special periods. With them, you can save more on its order.

How to Use b.VPN Coupon/Promo Code?

STEP 1: Add the plan you need to your shopping cart. Make sure that the plan fulfills all requirements to use b.VPN promotion code you have.
STEP 2: Go through checkout process. It has coupon code or promotion code option on many pages and you can look for the option to enter code.
STEP 3: Copy and paste the b.VPN coupon code in the box next to the product and click “Apply” or “Submit”.
STEP 4: Confirm the coupon is truly entered and working which is reflected in your total price. After you enter and apply coupon code, the price should be reduced automatically. If not, navigate back through the checkout process and try again.
STEP 5: Choose payment method and fill up needed information to complete order.

Free Trials

  • Trial period for Desktop applications on Windows and Mac: 90 minutes daily, selected servers, no registration required. You only need to install the application and connect. Then, you’re good to go.
  • Trial period for Mobile applications on iOS and Android: 3 days fully-featured, all servers, 6 simultaneous connections, install the app, register, login and connect.
  • Secure Payment Methods

    B.VPN accepts credit card, PayPal, WebMoney, Mint, OneCard, CASHU, iDeal, Fanapay among others. Users in China are given the option to pay via Alipay. In addition to the usual payment methods, this provider accepts potentially anonymous payment via Bitcoin to keep your information private.
    b.VPN Voucher Code: Upto 20% off Discount, Coupon Code/Promo Code 2019

    Why b.VPN?

    Why should you choose b.VPN among the various VPNs in the market? b.VPN is a great services in delivering secure, fast and free network to Internet users. It provides high speed servers in different locations with hundreds of dynamic IP addresses. You are able to connect to the global servers and access to all your favorite online content regardless of your real location. It is possible to stream much higher quality content at a much faster speed rate as the network provided by b.VPN is much more rapid than your average connection. Different VPN protocols like L2TP/ OpenVPN (TCP, UDP, SSH & SMOKE) and AES-256 with SHA-256 hash authentication are utilized to encrypt all your connections to the Internet. Unlimited bandwidth is supported. That means you can own the private and secure network, and enjoy the fast connection speed at the same time. It uses dynamic IP address to hide your online identity and offers DNS leak protection. No logging policy is provided to guarantee your privacy. The ISP will not able to sell view your privacy, let alone selling your privacy to the third parties. Allowing P2P sharing is another advantage of this VPN. This provider not only offers friendly prices, but also provides free trial. No credit card is required to get free trial. Discounts are given on two of the popular plans. It allows up to 6 simultaneous VPN connections per account. 24/ 7 customer support is available to ensure that your issue always can be fixed in time.

    Military-Grade Encryption

    b.VPN provides normal and strong encryptions. The normal one is Blowfish-128 cipher with SHA-1 hash authentication. The strong one is AES-256 with SHA-256 hash authentication which is highest standard in VPN industry. Likewise, this VPN supports OpenVPN (TCP, UDP, SSH and SMOKE) and L2TP/IPsec protocols. OpenVPN is the recommended protocol which is developed with the latest technology. All OpenVPN connections use RSA-2048 and perfect forward secrecy. b.VPN goes the extra mile when it comes to securing a user’s connection. It adds an extra obfuscation layer for each sent/received packet. This feature is Smoke protocol. You can access the Internet safely no matter you are at home, travelling, connecting to public network. This VPN will not allow anyone to decode your online data and steal precious information.


    b.VPN takes its users privacy very seriously. To keep your privacy 100% untouchable, it never keeps logs of users’ traffics. Given the fact that the developer company is based in Netherlands, the provider is in no way bound to keep records of the user’s online activity. In this way, they have no data to provide to the government even when being forced. Besides, DNS leak protection option is in-built all B.VPN applications and it is on by default. The advertisers, hackers, ISPs and government won’t be able to invade your privacy as your online traffics are secured with the military-grade encryption. Your privacy stays with you.

    b.VPN Voucher Code: Upto 20% off Discount, Coupon Code/Promo Code 2019

    Smart VPN Servers

    b.VPN provides 18 servers in 11 countries. Though the number of servers is not as large as of some providers, its servers are logically located to meet all your needs. It has 7 United States VPN servers, 2 United Kingdom VPN servers, 2 Germany VPN servers, 2 Netherlands VPN servers, 2 France VPN servers and 2 Saudi Arabia VPN servers. It also has servers in Japan, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Singapore, Sweden and India. The VPN lets you to connect to remote servers to spoof your real location so as to access services that are not available in your country. Usually, servers in US and UK are used to unblock US-based and UK-based streaming services abroad. Servers in Singapore and Japan are great options for users in China as they are close to the country and allow you to get faster connections when accessing blocked services. Servers in Netherlands should be your choice if you use VPN for P2P sharing and torrent. By the way, your connections to any of its servers route through OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec protocols. That means your torrent sessions, streaming connections and other activities are secured with the best encryption. You can be safe and private to get unlimited access On the Internet.

    Unblock Streaming Services

    b.VPN is optimal with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and various streaming services.
    This VPN hides OpenVPN connections inside a TLS/SSL tunnel. OpenVPN data is wrapped inside an extra layer of TLS/SSL encryption is tough to break into. As TLS/SSL is the encryption used by HTTPS, it is very difficult to tell it apart from regular HTTPS traffic as VPN connections routed through these TLS/SSL tunnels. Even the most advanced techniques such as Deep Packet Inspection used by government are unable to sneak through this TLS/SSL layer of encryption. Hence, OpenVPN encryption inside it won’t be detected by government or web server. You are able to defeat many forms of VPN block including government, school and streaming services blocks. This feature is great for your privacy and anonymity and the VPN is a great choice for users in places such as China that attempt to block VPN use. It enables you to access Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, WhatsApp and more famous services no matter where you are located.

    P2P Downloading

    b.VPN allows P2P downloading activities. P2P is very welcomed among Internet users while it’s banned in some countries due copyright issue. Some may get caught and have to pay a fine for violating copyright laws. It is not worth to take this risk. However, VPN makes P2P downloading anonymous and safe. It hides your IP address, prevents DNS leak and connects you to the server of a country where P2P is permitted. Your connections to the Internet are highly encrypted. The ISPs or other third parties will not know who you are and what you are doing. Therefore, it’s secure to do P2P sharing and torrent with this VPN. The VPN also helps you avoid ISP throttling. At the same time, it does not limit your speed and bandwidth. You can enjoy the superfast speed on the Internet. A Hollywood movie can be downloaded so fast and you don’t have to wait for a long time to transfer data to your partner.

    Smoke Tunnel

    b.VPN not only supports OpenVPN inside an SSH tunnel, it also offers another technology technology aimed at defeating VPN blocks. It is a custom protocol named “Smoke” which adds extra obfuscation for every packet. It is said to be effective at evading the kind of state-level VPN blocks found in places such as China, Iran, Oman, Turkey, and Russia.
    With this feature, you will be able to bypass the most powerful firewall, the Great Firewall of China, and unblock all blocked services in China. As we know, the Chinese government has blocked millions of western websites and services that are considered as a threat to them. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more famous services have been added on the list of China firewall. It has been updated instantly to block VPN to stop users from accessing those services. Many VPNs have been disabled by the firewall. It is horrible for both Chinese and foreigners there. Luckily, the SMOKE Tunnel of b.VPN is able to defeat VPN block and keeps helping users in China to breathe free Internet air outside the country.

    Multiple Devices

    b.VPN is indefectible with all operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Its clients are powerful and easy to install. You can set it up on Windows computers, Mac, iPhone, iPad as well as Android-operated tablets and smartphones. The instant setup required no professional computer knowledge which can be done by few clicks. You also can change settings to suit your network for extra need easily with the very-easy-to configure interface. You are allowed to use this VPN on two devices with one single account. You are allowed to establish connections with b.VPN servers on six devices at the same time. Three of the connections will use OpenVPN and other three connections will use L2TP protocol. This feature comes with all plans and all b.VPN servers.

    Helpful Support

    b.VPN lets users contact them via live chat, FAQ, phone number and email. Its friendly support team is also available on live chat. It uses the live chat widget which pops up few seconds after you are on the website, always being ready to answer your question and help you fix the issue. The agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter which time zone you are in, you can get instant support anytime you need. Before contacting the team, you can head over to “How does it Work” page and try to search for answers to your questions and queries on its “FAQ”. It has knowledgeable and detail information for common queries and issues. It is a very convenient way to find clear and practical solutions for VPN use.
    b.VPN Voucher Code: Upto 20% off Discount, Coupon Code/Promo Code 2019

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    Conclusion(b.VPN Voucher Code: Upto 20% off Discount, Coupon Code/Promo Code 2019)

    b.VPN is an ideal virtual private network provider for both individuals and businesses. It is one of the most crucial means for individuals to defend their right to protect their online security, privacy and freedom against the increasing surveillance. It also is very important to businessmen. The VPN applies the highest encryption standard to secure online sessions so that can contact their partners via email, have online meetings and share confidential business data via the Internet safely without information leak and cyber-attack. You should know that business information is money that must be highly protected. This VPN also is a great tool to open blocked websites or to bypass Internet censorship. You can travel around the world with Netflix, BBC and your other favorite services. Internet freedom is possible in China. P2P is supported and you don’t have to be afraid of getting caught. How to get such a great VPN to secure online privacy and unblock streaming services? You only need to create an account, install the application on any device you want and log in to your account. Just enjoy the benefits of an immediate, advanced, unrestricted and highly secure access to its global network of servers for better Internet browsing no matter where you are. By the way, discounts are available on two plans. The 6-month plan is 15% off and the 1-year plan is 20% off. With b.VPN coupon code, you can save more cash. Get deal now.

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