Jan 28, 2019

AirVPN Review 2019

VPN becomes a very important tool nowadays as more and more users realize the importance of privacy protection. With a VPN, your data will go through private and encrypted servers. That means you don’t have to rely on your ISP’s servers. As your data goes through VPN provider’ server, they can access your data. Therefore, you need to pick a reliable VPN provider to ensure they do not invade your privacy. Reliable providers offer strict zero traffic log policy. They promise they do not access or store your private activities. If you mainly want a VPN to protect privacy, this point is very important. Based on real-time test results, we make a list of reliable providers with high performance. AirVPN is great option for Internet users. It connects you to remote servers and encrypts your online activities to keep ISP, hackers, government and other parties away from your privacy. You also can defeat geo-restriction and bypass government censorship with this VPN. Learn about it’s amazing features in this AirVPN Review.

What is AirVPN?

AirVPN is an Italy-based and privacy-focused VPN service owned and operated by a group of great experts. It is started by a small group of activists, hacktivists and hackers in 2010. In the beginning, it started as a free service. Soon it added a commercial side aimed to keep the project financially sustainable and allow full-time dedication to security network. This VPN offers top-notch encryption and smart DNS routing for bypassing most forms of geo-restrictions. An excellent feature set is provided to ensure maximum privacy and security with a high degree of flexibility and control over the connection. You can be sure that your personal details are protected with AirVPN.

Pricing & Coupon Code

AirVPN offers a total of five subscription packages including three days, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and annual. The plans are very flexible. If you only need VPN for a short term, this provider allows you to get a period of three days, one month and three months. The prices are shown in Euro. The longer subscription you get, the cheaper it is. The three days plan is 1€ and one month plan is 7 €. No saving is available on these two plans. The three months and six months plans are 28% off. It costs 5 € per month. The one year plan is 35% off and it can be 4.5 € per month.

Besides, you can get additional 10% with a coupon code which is provided on this page. The code works with all plans including three days and one month plans. In this way, it is 0.9 € for three days, 6.3 € for one month, 13.5 € for three months, 27 € for six months, 48.6 € for one year. Get the best deal for the best private network.

How to Use AirVPN Coupon Code?

1. Visit VPN provider here. Copy coupon code.

2. Click on “Get AirVPN” on its homepage and you will be redirected to a page to select next page.

3. Click on “Create Account”. Fill up email and prefer username & password to finish register.

4. View and click the plan for your need. The one year plan is recommended as it is 35 % off.

5. Click on “I have a coupon to use” and then hit “Apply” after entering needed code.

6. The Total will be reduced automatically. You can save extra 5.4 € on its annual order.

7. Select payment type and click “Confirm My Order”
8. Fill up required information and complete order.

Why AirVPN?

AirVPN offers military degree of encryption at fast speed with high performance servers in many countries. Every protocol is welcomed. It supports VPN over Tor and VPN through SHH and SSL tunnels, adding to the overall user experience. This VPN has no traffic limit and no time limit. The connection is stable with minimal turbulence during peak hours and such. As it has no maximum speed limit, you can stream videos on many platforms quickly and safely. Also, P2P file sharing is embraced which is a huge plus for many users. This company has transparent policies on bandwidth allocation. They have no log policy which means there is no overlooking or overselling. Your privacy is safe. With full compatibility regarding OS and devices, you can expect nothing less than top notch security and supreme consistency. In additional, AirVPN is affordable and offers coupon.

Strong Security

AirVPN matches its superb privacy policies with some of the best encryption to give you private and safe browsing experience. It uses AES-256-CBC with HMAC-SHA1 for authentication for data channel ciphers. AES-256-GCM with HMAC-SHA384 for authentication, AES-256-CBC with HMAC-SHA1 for authentication, 4096 bit RSA keys size and 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman keys size are used for control channel ciphers. It helps you avoid timing attack. By using perfect forward secrecy, a new and unique Diffie-Hellman key is generated for each session. Even if one of your sessions is somehow compromised, all others remain secure.

Likewise, OpenVPN is offered on ports 80 TCP/UDP, 443 TCP/UDP, and 53 TCP/UDP. AirVPN supports connecting to the Internet through both SSL and SSH tunneling. That wraps the OpenVPN encryption in an SSL or SSH encrypted tunnel, hiding the fact that VPN is being used from any deep-packet inspection attempts. That means even the most brutal techniques of monitoring, censoring, throttling and traffic shaping will be defeated. Others can’t see your traffic on a unique port. The protection of AirVPN is unbreakable.

Smart VPN Servers

AirVPN has more than 200 servers with high bandwidth lines and top hardware in 35 datacenters across 19 countries in 3 continents. Some of the servers are in Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA etc. Every VPN server has its DNS server. This VPN is very fast and consistent performance across the majority of its servers. It allows you to stream HD video whilst downloading multiple files at superfast speed. The smart servers also can be used to avoid censorship and bypass geolocation. You can access government banned websites and content with geo-restriction even though you live in a country with many Internet limits.


AirVPN is operated by is exclusively by activists, privacy, data protection and security issues aware persons as well as lawyers with high competences in privacy. They utilize the best technology to secure defense your privacy. They maintain their own DNS servers. No third party gets involved. Your personal information always is protected. This VPN also supports “doublehop” which regularly switches your IP address to prevent your location from being tracked. The ISPs and government only see your new IP address and encrypted connection. They do not know who you actually are and what you are doing. They can’t monitor every move of your online activities any more.

This VPN also lets you connect to its service through the Tor anonymity network. In this way, the provider cannot “see” your real IP address, only the one of whichever Tor node you are connecting from. This is a strong extra layer of privacy. At the same time, it allows you to make payment via cryptocurrency. No credit card information is required.
In addition, the provider has no log policy. They don’t keep log of your traffic. For example, data will be deleted as soon as they are no more necessary after data transmission. In the middle of data transmission, your data is encrypted with high encryption. The snoopers will not be able to see or decode it. The provider clams that they will not locate servers in countries which have laws which would force Air to violate the aforementioned European Union directives. It takes advantage of latest technology with many security features and measures to ensure your privacy will not fall into others’ hands.

Network Lock

AirVPN has Network lock which acts like kill switch. When it is enabled, it creates a firewall that prevents any traffic from entering or exiting the device outside the VPN tunnel to its servers. If you forget to enable it, that’s OK. This VPN still does a great job on DNS leak protection without Network Lock enabled. It is another layer of privacy protection.

P2P & Torrent

AirVPN welcomes P2P file sharing and torrent. P2P is very popular among Internet users while it is not supported in many countries. If they got caught, they got trouble. This VPN hides your real IP address with anonymous one. Hence you won’t be tracked for P2P sharing. As your traffic routes through a private tunnel, the ISP does not see your downloading content and speed. Your torrent speed will be excellent as you are free from ISP throttling. This VPN helps you out towards enjoying unique live streaming without any speed loss or quality deterioration. It is a safe and anonymous way to do P2P and torrent.

Defeat Restrictions

AirVPN not only secure your connections, it helps you defeat restrictions to get Internet freedom. There are two major kind of restriction users may face. One is government ban. The other is geo-restriction.
Though Internet originally has no national border, many limits have been set due to various reasons. In some countries like China, Russia and Turkey, the Internet censorship is pretty strict. Users there can’t access most of the famous foreign websites and services. China even created the Great Firewall of China to block millions of domains, stopping users from using Google, YouTube and more popular services. Luckily, AirVPN disguises your real IP and connects you to remote servers. The firewall does not block request sending beyond mainland China. VPN is really a useful tool for people in country with strict Internet limits.

For geo-restriction, AirVPN is doing good. Netflix is a massive repository of TV shows and movies which is a classic example of restricted content. It has invested heavily in technology that allows them to detect that you’re using a VPN, and then prevent you from accessing any content. With more and more streaming services blocking users from bypassing their geo-restrictions by using VPN and other geo-spoofing technologies, many VPNs gave up. However, this VPN still work with streaming services. It uses DNS routing system which “double-hops” your connection through internal servers in order to bypass VPN block. You can access BBC iPlayer, Hulu and more streaming services freely abroad.

Browse Anonymously

As the Internet becomes more and more powerful, people start to pay more attention to privacy protection. It is well-known that the ISPs can view and record all your online moves. The government is able to spy on you too. Hence, most users prefer to browse anonymously to prevent others from tracking them and monitoring their activities on the Internet. Some of them simply do not like to leave any type of digital footprints when browsing. AirVPN is very helpful when it comes to maintaining anonymous. It masks your IP address and stops others from seeing your activities. IP address is important it acts as your online ID. Once you surf with your real IP address, others know who you are. Luckily, this VPN provider offers different IP address from different countries. Choose the US-based one, you are in US from others’ view. In this case, you also can escape from the government censorship as you don’t live in its “jurisdiction” any more.

Public Network Protection

Free public WiFi hotspots are very convenient that let you watch video and share files on the way. However, some of the public networks are not safe. Some of them have been set up by hackers to grab money and precious data once users use the fishing network to conduct private activities. If you travel a lot or always stay at public place, you need AirVPN to secure your online sessions. It encrypts your traffics in a tunnel with the latest technology when using public network. The hackers can’t decode the key to your connections, let along stealing money. With the VPN protection, you can check email, bank balance and even transfer document to your partner securely at hotel, airport or coffee house.

Compatible with All Devices

AirVPN provides its own custom client which is a free and open source OpenVPN wrapper codenamed Eddie for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux etc. Eddie comes with dynamic server selection with ping and load info, built-in speed testing, detailed stats andVPN kill switch. Manual OpenVPN setup guides for a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and routers also are provided. This provider allows you to simultaneously access your VPN account through a maximum of five devices provided that the connections are established with different VPN servers. That is enough for average users. If all devices are connecting to the same network, you can set up VPN on router to protect all devices in the house.

Payment Method

To buy an AirVPN plan, you need to register with an email address. If you refuse to give your regularly used email, just use a disposable email account to do this. Other than that, no personally identifiable information is needed. This VPN provider accepts credit card, debit card, prepaid card, PayPal and Bitcoin payment. Credit card and debit card are widely used. Prepaid card and PayPal are good for anonymous payment. Of course, Bitcoin is the best option to keep all your details private. It would have no way of identifying you after signing up via Bitcoin.

Customer Support

It’s easy to contact AirVPN for support. Click on “Contact Us” from the homepage. You can submit your request directly to its representatives. You will get answer or support soon. Besides, there is a forum where you can expect to find the solution to the issue that you might have about the use of VPN. The FAQ section also is really enlightening which is divided up by topic. They provide an extensive knowledge base on the website so that you can find your answer easily. If you can’t find the answer, just contact the representatives directly.

Video About AirVPN

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AirVPN provide a high quality and state-of-the-art encryption private network. You have military level of protection as can enjoy the fast Internet speed at the same time. You should note that your privacy has been invaded badly. The Congress allowed the ISPs to record and sell all of your browsing histories to the third parties without your consent. They invaded your privacy while that is “legal.” That’s not fair. You should get a VPN to reclaim your privacy. By providing DNS servers, this VPN helps you escape from Internet censorship and other limits. You can access your favorite show no matter you are located. AirVPN lets you enjoy P2P file sharing and live streaming without block. With VPN over Tor, SSH and SSL alternatives, Bitcoin as payment method and no logs stored, it offers you completely anonymity. We are glad to that tell you that the price of this great VPN is friendly. It starts from € 4.5 per month and the yearly plan is 35% off. Currently, a coupon code for extra 10% off is available. Get deal for air to breath the real Internet when the coupon is still working.

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