ZenMate VPN Review 2024: Safe And Easy to Use?

Is a VPN necessary? The answer is yes. In those days, Internet becomes more and more powerful which brings big convenience to users’ life. However, the hackers take advantage of it to attack unprotected devices and grab precious information and money. The ISPs can record your online activities and sell them to the third parties for money or other purposes. Others know who you are and what you are doing on the Internet. Your privacy is badly invaded without your knowledge. To take back your privacy, a reliable VPN is needed. Not all VPNs take your privacy serious. Therefore, it is very important to pick the right VPN. How do you know which VPN is reliable? How to pick the VPN that offers what you need and great performance? Does that require tech skill to pick the right VPN? For many users, it is difficult to decide which VPN suits their needs. In fact, you don’t have to do the tough job yourself. Our experts have tested lots of VPNs, and we have a list of reliable VPNs with features in detail based on real test results. We do the test and update information every year, so you can find valid information on our website. According to test results, ZenMate is a great VPN with robust features. It has been trusted by worldwide users with high reputation. Is ZenMate VPN the service you need? Find the answer in this ZenMate VPN review.

What is ZenMate VPN ?

ZenMate is a useful and famous VPN around the world. This VPN company is based in Berlin, Germany under the corporate umbrella of ZenGuard. It is characterized by a high level of privacy and security with high encryption, a strict zero-logs policy. This VPN is a great option for non-technical users who want an easier way to protect their online privacy because of the one-click setup. When your device is connected to the VPN, it creates a tunnel between your device and the server network with industrial grade encryption standards, delivering through the unique lightweight solutions with no configuration needed at all. Your device is protected at home or in a public WiFi. Your Internet access is unrestricted and privacy is protected.

Pricing & Discount

ZenMate provides three subscription packages, 1-month, 1-year and 2-year plans. It is 11.99 USD for one month. The 1-year plan is 67% off and 2-year plan is 83% off currently. When you visit its website via promotion link, it shows 30 days money-back guarantee while it displays 14 days money-back guarantee from another link. Thanks for the special offer from the provider. The provider offers coupon code to our readers which works with all plans. When using the coupon code, you get extra 10% off.

How to Use ZenMate Coupon Code?

1. Visit VPN provider here. Copy coupon code.
2. Click on “Get ZenMate VPN Now.”

3. Select a subscription among 1-month, 1-year and 2-year plans.

4. Click on “Apply Coupon Code.” Type coupon code and hit Enter key. The price will be reduced automatically.

5. Enter email address and choose payment method. Fill up needed information to complete order.
There you go. That’s how to use coupon code to save money on ZenMate VPN order.

Why ZenMate VPN?

ZenMate VPN provides the best in class security and encryption. It utilizes advanced protocols combined with high encryption security standards to keeps your data, traffic, and information safe and secure while browsing online. The unbreakable protection stops snoopers, hackers, governments and ISP’s from spying on your web browsing activities, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network. Ultra-fast servers in 30+ countries are provided to let you get superfast connection and unblock services from any corner around the world. Also, it allows unlimited bandwidth and server switches. In addition, it is one of the rare VPNs which has user-friendly applications for users who don’t speak English since the app can be viewed in Turkish, German, Russian, Korean, and Spanish as well. According to the provider, ZenMate VPN is trusted by over 41 million users. To be one of its users, you will be able to enjoy the fast, secure, anonymous and unlimited browsing experience.

Does ZenMate VPN Works in China?

If you live in China, a VPN is very necessary. It is well-known that the Internet censorship in China is pretty strict. The government even developed the most powerful firewall to block services and websites that are considered as a threat to them. The Great Firewall of China has banned millions of websites as well as VPN uses. It easily blocks you from accessing certain sites due to your IP address which reveals your location. Users in mainland China can’t access YouTube, Google, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other famous websites. To prevent users from using VPN, they also updated the firewall to block VPN websites and disable many VPNs.

ZenMate VPN started experiencing major connectivity issues and worked hard on finding a solution several years ago when China started to block VPNs. Later, China got even more serious about banning VPN traffic and made it all the more difficult for VPNs to provide encrypted network to users in China. However, ZenMate VPN does not give up on the fight. Though its websites are blocked in China, the app still works there. To make sure it works for you, we suggest you get deal and install VPN app on your device before moving or travelling to China. Get everything ready and you only need to run VPN app to bypass the Great Firewall of China to browse and communicate with friends freely. It is a good choice for users in China as a large number of VPN apps are completely blocked there. With this VPN, you gain private, secure and unrestricted access to the Internet in China.

Does ZenMate VPN Works with Netflix?

Many VPN have fallen victim to the ongoing crusade the entertainment company started against VPNs some time ago. Many users have been blocked from their favorite show due to different geo location. US Netflix is a popular service which is only available for users in the country. Later, users could access it abroad with the help of VPN. However, Netflix decided to intensify geo-restrictions and prevent VPNs from allowing people to cross intended borders without being caught and blocked. That is awful for Netflix fans who have to move to another country for study or work.

The good news is that ZenMate is proved to great when being used to access Netflix abroad. That is very precious in VPN market. During the VPN test, we were able to watch content on Hulu, Channel4 website, ABC, NBC and other US-only services. It is a great option to unblock US-based services.

In addition, ZenMate VPN assists you to access websites that are blocked by the government. In many countries around the world, governments and corporations often tend to censor their online content or impose geo-blocking. In those countries, you won’t be able to access some popular social media, adult sites, and messaging services with the help of the local ISPs. BBC iPlayer is another service that comes with geo-restriction. It has been confirmed that this VPN is able to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK. YouTube also is banned in some countries, this VPN hides your real location and encrypts your online activities so that you can escape from the block. You are able to unblock any website.

Worldwide Servers

Let’s continue for the ZenMate VPN review to learn more. Sometimes, you may notice the connection is slow when connecting to a VPN. It is because you may connect to specific the server which is very busy or overloaded with users. The physical distance between servers and you can also affect bandwidth and speed. However, you will not face this issue when using ZenMate VPN. It has servers in over 30 different locations that are logically disputed around the world as well as multiple servers within one location. No matter you are at home or travelling, there is always a best server for you to connect. The speed is fast and stable. The worldwide servers also include popular ones that are required to access streaming services and blocked sites. Some websites, games and other services require servers in certain country. You will be rejected if you send request from a server which is not supported by the service. ZenMate VPN allows you to select any server to fulfil different purposes. Just watch videos on hot platforms and play the hit games with your foreign friends without limit no matter you are located.

Strong Encryption

ZenMate VPN provides top-notch security for your browsing activities, downloads, and any sensitive data you may transmit, such as banking and credit card details. It encrypts your connections by using AES with a 256-bit key which is the highest standard in VPN industry. Three main types of encryption are used. They are symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption and hashing. All of them work to protect you from cybercrime.

How does it work to protect your data? When VPN works on your device, the data encryption converts the data you share online into tiny bits. It utilizes mathematical functions like algorithms to encrypt online data and can be used to secure anything from plain text to a whole operating system. An encryption key is required encrypt and decrypt data which is a line of text or symbols created out of bits. The longer key it is, the harder it will be broke. Therefore, 256 bit is stronger than 128 bit key. AES 256-bit also has been used by government and banks to encrypt their confidential data. This ensures that no one can break the encryption and gain access to your connection content without permission. AES 128-bit also is used as it seems to be more resistant to timing attacks. Likewise, it supports all major protocols and different cipher suites with PFS to ensure your online sessions are 100% secure.

  • IPSec
  • LS 1.2 (RFC 5246)
  • SSL & TLS
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • DTLS
  • SSTP
  • Anonymous Browsing

    Though some browser have inbuilt private browsers for people looking to surf the web anonymously and avoid being tracked online, they can’t secure your connections to prevent malicious attack. ZenMate VPN allows you to stay anonymous online and all of your activities online are private and secure. It hides your IP address and re-routes your traffic through one of their globally located servers. At the same time, all the traffics are encrypted with the best standard. Your browsing activities can’t be seen by the outside sources such as ISPs, advertisers, and the government. You are free of ads and government censorship.


    ZenMate VPN protects your privacy by hiding your IP address. IP address is a unique number which your device is assigned to when connecting to the Internet. It reveals your geographic location and can be seen on the website that you visit. For example, others know who you are when you are trying to download something, share files with friends or search for gift on the Internet. If you do P2P sharing while it’s not allowed in country, the ISP can track to you and send you an email. The advertiser can record what product you like and deliver endless ads. The ISP can record your browsing histories and sell them to the third parties without your permission. The government can monitor your every move online. Luckily, ZenMate VPN allows you to instantly change your current IP address to a foreign one easily. Others will not see your real IP address. That keeps your privacy safe and helps you unblock services that are blocked in your country. This VPN also provides optimized servers to support P2P and Torrent. With it, you will not get caught for downloading. Furthermore, it allows unlimited bandwidth and helps you avoid ISP throttling. The up and downloading speed are amazing.

    Besides, ZenMate privacy policy declares that data retention and privacy obligations apply to the location of the server, but not the location of the company’s headquarters. They also states, “Your IP address is processed only temporarily and only for transmission to the Targeted Website without being stored permanently in the log files of the server selected by you.” They won’t be able to provide your data as they don’t have it at all. Your private data is safe with this provider.

    Kill Switches

    Like other VPNs, ZenMate has kill switch feature. It shuts down Internet or specific apps you set when VPN connection drops. The VPN connection works stably and it may drops sometimes for some reasons. When your device is not protected, your existing browsing session is wide open. It’s a good chance for ISP and hackers who are trying to have a look at your connection. The kill switch acts as a last-ditch effort to protect your connection to make sure no one else can take advantage of this momentary opening.

    Multiple Devices

    ZenMate VPN has app for major systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. It comes with one click connect, no log and 360° protection. The instant setup lets you make it work within one minute regardless of computer knowledge. It will be done with few clicks. The interface is clear and simple. Besides, the VPNs works on browser like Google Chrome, and Opera. It fully secures all traffics on your browser, mobile device and desktop. The VPN package allows five simultaneous connections. All of your device will be covered.

    Customer Support

    ZenMate VPN has an educational and useful knowledge base through a FAQ. The knowledge base has answers to most of the questions that the users might have. Many feature questions, troubleshooting tips and basic knowledge about VPN can be found on FAQ. You also can learn its services and information about privacy and security there. However, it is upset that there is no live chat for support. To contact them, you need to fill a form and submit a request. It allows you to describe the issue clear with an attachment. You will not get instant answer, but have to wait for some time.

    Learn More How to Use Zenmate VPN in this Short Video:

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    Conclusion (ZenMate VPN Review)

    ZenMate is a very good VPN service. It takes advantage of the most advanced encryption and latest protocols with various security features to ensure your online data is completely safe. The hackers have no chance to access your confidential information. Though the company is based in Berlin, its privacy policy adjusts to the location of your chosen server rather than its headquarters. In other words, German laws won’t apply to its international servers. The provider also does not log your traffic. Your privacy is untouchable. It provides smart VPN servers to allow you to unblock Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and BBC iPlayer etc. as well as bypass government censorship for Internet freedom. You can be secure and anonymous at the same time on the Internet. Currently, ZenMate VPN offers big discount. The 1-year plan is 67% off and 2-year plan is 83% off. Another 10% off is available with coupon code. Get deal when the coupon code is still valid.

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