Nov 14, 2019 Voucher Code: 35% Off + Extra 10% Off Coupon/Promo Code 2019

Would you like to save money when purchasing a VPN plan? You need a valid voucher code to apply for extra discount. It is common that users search for coupon code before they purchase a product online. When you can pay it less, why would you pay it at full price? VPN discount coupon lets you enjoy the great VPN service at low cost. Some of you may give up looking for coupon code as many codes you found are invalid or expired. It is true that coupon only lasts for a period of time. You should pay attention to promotion information and get deal when sweet discount is available. There is no need to search for promotion information every day, simply come to our website. We display promotion information and valid voucher code timely when they are available to help our readers get biggest possible savings. You are welcomed to correct us if you find any expired information on our website. Get extra discount with voucher code. Learn how to get the best deal in this article.

What is VPN? is a Seychelles based VPN service provider that offers fast, discreet and secured VPN connections to over 20,000 clients around the globe. It is a not-for-profit company which is part of Three Monkeys International Inc. It spends one third of earnings on developing and expanding their VPN servers, and use the rest two thirds to pay contractors and the salaries of their employees. The VPN is developed with the latest technology to deliver fast, secure and stable network service to its customers. It helps users protect privacy and access restricted content safely. Pricing and Plans official coupon: 35% off + extra 10% off voucher code/promo code. VPN provider offers flexible plans with affordable prices. There are Quick, Basic, Solid and Pro four different plans. Though it doesn’t have a free trial, it allows you to purchase a 72-hour plan. It’s the Quick plan which costs $2.00 USD for 72 hours. The basic plan is 5.00 USD for one month which has more servers in three more than the quick plan. If you choose subscribe annually, it is $3.33 USD per month. 35% off is available. On 6-month membership, you can save $5.00 USD. The Solid plan comes with more features at higher price. It costs $10.00 USD for one month and is cheaper on 6-month and 12-month plans. It is about $8.30 USD per month under 6-month plan and $7.50 USD per month under 12-month plan. The Pro plan is the most expensive one with full features. It only has monthly and yearly plans. It is $20.00 USD for one month and $199.99 USD for one year. The yearly plan is 17% off and $16.66 USD per month.

Besides, the VPN provider offers voucher code to our readers. With VPN voucher code, promo code or coupon code, you will get additional 10% off on each package. The code works with all plans. For example, if you purchase Pro monthly plan, you can save $2.00 USD. It will save more on annual plans. Though there is no saving on the Quick plan on the official website, you still can get 10% off with our voucher code.

How to Use Voucher Code?

1. Visit VPN provider here.
2. Select a plan among Quick, Basic, Solid and Pro plans. Click on “Select Package” button below the plan you prefer.

3. Choose one between one month, 6 months and one year subscription. Then click “Add to Cart.”

4. Enter Voucher Code and hit Validate Code. The Total Due will be reduced.

5. Click on Checkout. Enter your email address and desired password, and select payment method to complete order.

You will receive account information soon. That’s how you can get additional discount with Voucher Code.

Why VPN? is a competent VPN which has excellent privacy features and offers various proxy technologies to online users. The company conducts not-for-profit operation and runs the service seems more committed to Internet freedom than its own gain. It has servers in 300+ locations in 57 countries to enable users to get access any content via the best connection. You will not be blocked from your favorite websites any more. The VPN supports OpenVPN with a 4096-bit DH key with an associated cipher of AES-256-CBC and an auth of SHA512. That is the best standard in the market. The company also operates their own encrypted DNS service. No third party gets involved. The provider does not log users’ traffic. Kill switch, multi-hop technology and many features works together to secure your connections and prevent your personal information falling in bad guys’ hand. It also assists you to avoid being monitored by the ISP and government.

Is VPN Secure? VPN is definitely secure. It offers one of the most advanced security technology in the VPN industry. Its entire network is configured with SoftEther and OpenVPN with the latest encryption standards. It uses AES-256 Cipher and support multiple encryption protocols, such as OpenVPN-TCP & OpenVPN-UDP with 256 bit encryption, PPTP with MPPE 128bit cipher and L2TP with 256 bit encryption to encrypt your connections to the Internet. The encryption keys are changed every hour. This method is called forward secrecy. SOCKS, HTTP proxy and other proxy technologies also are provided. You can set it up on a computer or mobile device manually. The best encryption option that the company offers is OpenVPN protocol. Why does it mean this is safe? AES was commissioned by the US government, which needed to find a method to protect sensitive communications. It’s the highest standard. Furthermore, it utilizes other encryption methods and protocols including TOR, ECC, obfsproxy and XOR. You get unbreakable protection from this VPN.

Vast VPN Servers VPN allows you to choose from 300+ servers in 57 countries. And it keeps on expanding the servers to offer the widest and most secure VPN network. When you connect to the remote server, you will be able to access blocked services and play games that are not available in country you live. As well as a host of regular VPN locations available, some popular VPN servers are located in Iceland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Macau, Belize, Panama and the Isle of Man. When you are travelling, you will always can have the best connection.

Privacy VPN stops others from snooping on your privacy and does not record your personal information. It utilizes as much as much technology as possible to keep your information private. The service lets you establish a VPN connection via TCP and UDP. It has SSL support and a CGI proxy to use. It’s just like security standard of leading banks. With them, you can connect to websites anonymously.

The company has no traffic log policy. The only two types of information they collect from you as a subscriber is your e-mail address and your payment type. The company operates a standalone web page to its 100% no logging policy. Most of their services are run within RAM. That means a shutdown erases all data. Your traffic is not stored. As the provider does not process payments, they don’t have your payment details. Also, you can use anonymous tokens for a secure purchase or choose bitcoin for anonymous payment.

For further privacy, they offer Multi-Hop connections that let you randomly route your traffic through several servers across various nodes. All those features and operations ensure that your privacy is 100% secure.

Multi-Hop Technology VPN uses multi-hop technology to add another layer on anonymity. Multi-hop means your VPN entry server is in one location while your exit node can be in a completely different location. In theory, this provides even greater anonymity as your connection is now being routed through 2+ non-logging VPN servers. It is pretty difficult for snoopers and ISP to track users. However, the connection may be a bit slow as it uses at least double the network bandwidth.

P2P & Torrent

Most users choose VPN for P2P and torrent. If you do P2P sharing with your real IP, you may get email from ISP or other parties. In this case, you get trouble. When using a VPN, your IP address is hidden and connection is secured, the ISP does not who you are and what you are doing. Besides, does not restrict any of the activity across their services. To enhance P2P traffic, it provides access to a high bandwidth network called The Boost Network which is connected to a 50 GBPS backbone network. It is a safe and fast way for P2P and torrent. So why not take an action to get voucher code immediately to save 35% Off + extra 10% off coupon code/promo code?

Streaming Services allows you to unblock services and avoid limitations. Users are restricted to access streaming services around the world. Some of them are blocked the government. For example, YouTube, Popcorn Time and other videos sharing websites have been banned in China and other countries with restrict Internet censorship. China also built the most powerful firewall to prevent users in mainland China from accessing those services.

Other streaming services are not available users in other countries as they come with geo-restriction. Netflix only can be accessed by users in US. Only users with UK IP address can watch BBC iPlayer. There are many more services that are only open in their countries. What’s worse, those services block VPN visit recently. Even though you own needed IP address from VPN provider and connect to required servers, you still won’t be able to access the content once the web server note that you are using a VPN. Therefore, it is very necessary to pick the right VPN.

We are glad to tell you that provides you with strongly-encrypted VPN tunnels and lets you hide your real location. The firewall does not know which site you are connecting to. On the streaming website side, the firewall does not know the request is raised from its jurisdiction. The web server will believe that you are living at place where they deliver their services to. VPN is able to help you bypass limitations set by national, employee or university firewalls and unblock restrictions from services such as Netflix and others. You can stream on any platform. As this VPN encrypts your connections, you won’t be throttled by the ISP. Enjoy streaming services with unlimited speed and bandwidth.

Kill Switch Feature

The kill switch feature is very important though VPN works stably and rarely drops. Even the best VPN on the earth can drop for some reasons. Therefore, the provider adds this feature to ensure that your device is always protected. It protects your identity by blocking off the Internet on your device if the VPN fails to work. That only ever affects your Internet access for a few minutes at a time as the VPN connection will restore soon. Besides, you can set one special app to be shut off when VPN connection drop. Internet of the rest apps will work normally.

Why does it shut down Internet when your device is not protected by VPN? It is because the transmissions will be sent out with your real IP address without VPN. For example, VPN does not operate by accident in the middle of torrent. At this time, the ISP will see your activities and who you are. You may get caught. Therefore, the kill switch holds up your sessions until they can be sent down the re-established tunnel to the VPN server.

Multiple Devices uses a custom VPN client called Safejumper. The client is compatible with all major systems. Its app is available for Windows, Mac OS X, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. It is beautiful and stable developed with open source and built-in OpenVPN. You can use the OpenVPN GUI on Windows and Linux. An app called Tunnelblick is available for Macs which is a generic OpenVPN interface. The one works on iOS devices is called OpenVPN Connect. Though there is no OpenVPN app on Android, users still can download OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe from Google Play. It’s free. VPN is also friendly terms with Boxee Box, Linksys routers, D-Link routers, DD-WRT, TP-Link, ZyXEL routers, Tomato, PfSense and apparently any other Linux platform. Gaming consoles are also supported, next to Raspberry Pi. Overall, your selections are far and wide. VPN setup is easy which can be done within one minute. It allows you to effortlessly select the network location and protocol you want to connect to with few clicks.

Concurrent Connections offers the ability to connect on three devices at the same time. Though it is less than others who allows five connections, it is enough for regular users. If you would like protect all devices in the house, it is suggested to set up VPN on router. All users who connect to the network are protected. There are no limits on which type of device you can connect or on how many devices you can install their apps on.

Customer Service provides 24/7 customer support through their online ticketing system. No live chat support. To contact them, simply fill out their ticket form. In the form, you can categorize your plea and even attach files to illustrate your point. Direct e-mail is another option. They also can be found on Twitter and Github. Additional information and answers to common questions and inquires can also be found in their Blog, FAQ’s and Knowledgebase Page. In addition, this service is available in about 30 different languages. It’s not a problem if you don’t live in the safe country with the provider.


The VPN company’s head office is located in Seychelles which is considered one of the best countries in regards to protecting online privacy and anonymity. Even though it is a part of the Commonwealth, there are no laws affecting the VPN company. The provider has few responsibilities towards the state and the government can’t force them. Also, they can’t provide customer information as they don’t keep traffic log. That means your personal information is in a lot safer hands.

Payment Method provides lots of payment options and some of them give you anonymity. You can choose credit cards, PayPal, prepaid card, SMS/phone or other common customary payment methods. And, you also can opt to buy “tokens” which are credits that can be gifted, traded, or used. With this method, you don’t need give any personal details at all when you create a VPN account. Also, the provider does not retain any information on token buyers, so there is nothing on file about these customers. For cryptocurrencies, they have chosen Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and Dogecoin for alternative crypto-coins. They all further increase your anonymity when using the VPN. Others can’t trace you according to payment information.

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Conclusion of Voucher Code: 35% Off + Extra 10% Off Coupon Code/Promo Code

Would like to sign up a VPN service plan? You should use voucher codes for big savings if you decide to get this great VPN service for protecting online privacy. is a great VPN provider when it comes to securing and protecting your privacy and identity online. Its state of the art encryption technologies is at par with the best VPN providers in the world. They have first class policies when it comes to protecting their user’s privacy and anonymity. Bank-grade encryption, other secure technology and the zero log policy ensures that no one can access your private information without your consent. The huge collection of VPN servers enables you to get Internet freedom. You can access any content and browse anonymously at amazing speed from anywhere. P2P and torrent are safe and fast. Surprisingly, this useful service comes with friendly prices. It offers up to 35% on the website. Besides, you can save another 10% off with voucher code. Please note that the discount coupon is time limited offer. Get deal before it is expired.

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