Mar 9, 2018

How to Remove Warning from iPhone/iPad?

I need help of removing warning from my iPhone X. It said illegal activities have been detected on my iPhone. I swear I didn’t do anything like that. Now my Safari is blocked and I have to call Apple for help. I was about to call, but my friend told me that it’s a scam virus. He told me that you guys helped him fix the same issue. Please help.

What is Warning? is a fake Apple warning which hijacks users’ browser, prompting victims to call for tech support. The warning claims that your mobile device has been locked due to illegal activities. In fact, the warning is brought by the scam virus which you might pick on malicious website.

In those days, there are many warnings and system errors on IOS devices. One warning pretends to be from, saying that your IOS crashed due to a third party application in your phone. As IOS has limit on third party app, you may think it’s true. Sometimes, it says IOS crashed due to unwanted websites visit. There is a problem with the configuration of your IOS. It sounds like technical issue, but it is still fake. Sometimes, the warning says your IOS device might have adware/spyware virus, threatening your credit card, banking information, email password & other account password, private pictures and webcam etc. may be accessed and controlled by the criminals.

Sometimes, the warning demands Update Information in the name of Apple. It states that your device has been seen in the viewing of pornography. For safety, they have limited access to the browser. To restore the work, update your detail to verify identify. The weird thing is the update information includes card number, security code, name on card, billing address and other payment information. Obviously, it is a scam virus which is trying to steal your money on card. According to users in China, they saw an alert telling their devices were locked and they needed to wait 47 years to unblock. Some popup warning claims that a suspicious connection to steal personal data (logins/passwords, banking details, etc.) has been detected. Hence, access to the Internet has been blocked. To solve this problem, you are suggested to contact technical support via a telephone number provided. Sometimes, the warning pretends to be from the FBI or cyber police to force victims to pay a fine of 500 USD. Please be aware that all those popups are false.

What can Scam Virus Do?

Behind those popups, they are the criminals, but not Apple support or police. The criminals attempt to trick victims into calling and paying for services that are not required in the name of Apple support. They use browser hijacker and JavaScript virus to scam users. This kind of potentially unwanted programs continually record users’ IP addresses, URLs visited, search queries, and other similar data relating to web browsing activity. The data might contain personal details that developers share with third parties. It’s too bad if they misuse it to generate revenue illegally. That probably leads to serious privacy issues or even identity theft. Besides, a flood of coupon, banner and other similar ads will pop up on the screen now and then. Once you click on one of them, you may be redirected to malicious websites and bring more threat to damage the device. It is very necessary to get rid of the virus which displays warning, IOS crashed alert and other false error.

Back to warning, it states that your iPhone has been locked due to detected illegal activities. It urges you to call Apple Support to unblock it. On the top of page, it has the Apple logo with black background which looks authentic. Next, a toll free, +44-808-169-8360 is provided. A picture of two tech support agents in front of the computer is shown there, saying “We are here to help.” From the appearance, it looks like friendly and helpful. In fact, it’s the warning owner who hijacks and corrupts your browser. They are not helping but trying to steal money from you.
Many victims thought the warning was real and contacted the fake tech support. They were asked to pay several hundred dollars to fix the issue. It is probably because the warning can be dismissed. It is not like the normal browser notification. It does not disappear though users turn off or restart the device for several times. Like the Apple really detects something and is controlling the device. Actually, the information has nothing to do any legit tech support.
According to victims, some of them called while they were told the number did not exist. Some of them connected to the so-called tech support, people who claimed to expert asked for illegal activities or system error on the end of the line. Some victims complained that they spent 300 USD, but the popup does not go away. The fake tech support will not help fix the issue. They are only interested in your money.

Screenshot of Similar Warning

Since calling the fake Apple tech support can’t help you get rid of warning, manual removal is an effective solution for this. Just delete the browser hijacker virus behind this fake warning manually. Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of tech skill. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the cellphone, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Guide to Remove Warning from iPhone/iPad
1. Turn on airplane mode on the infected device.
2. Locate malicious files related to fake battery virus warning.
3. Remove them one by one.
5. Restart the device and turn off airplane mode.


The warning is totally a scam. The warning is issued by the browser hijacker virus which has been developed to collect users’ browsing histories and various accounts & password. The criminals use fake alerts to trick users into paying for fake Apple support or a fine. Besides, they also can generate revenue by selling your personal information or misusing information to conduct illegal activities. To stop the criminals, you should not call the number as it demands. You need to remove warning virus to unblock your browser. As the virus has been updated constantly, it is able to block security program. To take back your browser from fake tech support warning, get rid of scam virus manually.
Suggestion: Manual removal is a skillful and risky job, if any mistakes are made during the removal process, you may damage your phone immediately. If you are not sure how to start, please contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.

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