Jan 22, 2019

SaferVPN Review 2019 – Secure Your Online Activities

Get confused when selecting a VPN? VPN becomes more and more popular as people realize the importance of privacy protection and want Internet freedom. What people can do with a VPN? Users can wipe their digital footprint and become anonymous online. Users can use public WiFi hotspot without worrying about cyberattack as VPN encrypts their connection to the Internet with military-grade encryption technology. Users can bypass government surveillance and defeat geo-restriction to access restricted contents from anywhere when they are connected to one of the VPN servers. Users can avoid ISP throttling when downloading big size of files. Most VPN providers allow unlimited bandwidth and deliver fast connection. Users can expect great browsing and streaming experience with a VPN. Of course, there is one condition which is you need to pick the right VPN provider. Is SaferVPN a good choice? Please read this SaferVPN review for more detail in this article. You will get the answer.

What is SaferVPN?

SaferVPN is Israel-based provider and has been trusted by a robust of individuals and companies. It is committed to providing secure, private and uncensored Internet access to anyone and anywhere. To deliver the simplest, fastest and safest Virtual Private Network experience, the provider combines advanced technology and outstanding features.
It secures your online data with best encryption standard in VPN industry. Even the government can’t monitor you. The worldwide VPN servers give you many options to access different services via the best connection. Different IP addresses from provider allow you to conduct activities on the Internet anonymously, preventing snoopers and government censorship. On some shopping websites, you can get cheaper deal with special visual location.

Why do we recommend SaferVPN? It is a reliable and useful service, ranking among the fastest VPNs available. SaferVPN works stably when helping you access contents with restriction and stream videos. When we tested the VPN, it worked for a long period without drop or lag. As it allows unlimited speed and bandwidth, you can download and share files freely at superfast speed. The provider values users’ privacy and security by offering 256-Bit encryption with OpenVPN protocol as well as no log policy. The VPN package supports five simultaneous connections while many other VPNs allow three. Its client is very easy to use and works on all of the devices with major systems. Besides, it provides24/7 live chat customer support which ensures you get instant support and best experience. SaferVPN is a great choice.

Pricing & Discount

SaferVPN offers affordable prices to let you own the best private network with less money. There are several plans for you to choose. No monthly billing cycle is available at this moment. There are 1-year, 2-year and 3-year plans. The longer subscription you sign up, the cheaper price you get. The 1-year plan is 55% off. That means you don’t need to pay $131.88 USD. During this promotion, it is $4.99 USD per month and you only need to spend 59.88 USD for one year. The 2-year plan is even cheaper which is 73% off. It originally costed $263.76 USD. Now it is $71.77 USD for 24 months and $2.99 USD per month. You can save 191.99 USD in total. The best deal is 3-year plan, it costs $82.26 for 36 months, just $2.29 USD per month. SaferVPN is 80% off. Isn’t it a great deal?

24-hour Free Trial & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Still struggling? Get the 24-hour free trial. There are no differences between the basic and premium plans. The free trial comes with full functions. Besides, SaferVPN provider has money back guarantee. You will get a refund within 30 days after the subscription. You’ve got nothing to lose with this guarantee and everything to gain with the VPN software.

SaferVPN Helps You Save Money

You spend money on purchasing a VPN. Why do we say that it helps in saving money? In fact, some online prices fluctuate based on the country you’re purchasing from. You know what? It’s a closely hidden secret that companies like airlines, rental car providers, VPN package and software providers charge visitors different prices based on different country’s IP address. SaferVPN can outsmart online price discrimination by changing your virtual location. It masks your location by changing IP address. You can choose to be in any location visually offered by the provider. With this VPN, it is possible to save yourself hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your trip plans travelling to many places around the world without emptying your pockets. Sometimes, you are allowed to get free and safe app. It may cost you to download apps in your country while they are free in other countries. Get 63% discount on VPN order and cheaper prices for online shopping. It is a pleasure way to save money.

Can SaferVPN Unblock Netflix?

SaferVPN has not fallen into the victims to of Netflix VPN block. During a short period in the past, it wasn’t able to help users get access to Netflix outside US and Canada. However, this provider never is satisfied with network. They keep working on improving system and expanding services all the time. Now SaferVPN is Netflix compatible, allowing you to watch videos on this platform anytime from anywhere. Its app also makes the process of connecting to a Netflix-suitable server extremely easy. Simply select the “US Streaming” server which uses residential US IP addresses from the server list. There is no issue to stream Netflix, Hulu and all other services in the US. No matter you are travelling or moving to another country, Netflix will always be available for you.

Superior Bank-Level 256-Bit Encryption

Is it necessary to get encryption as common Internet users? You may think only businessmen need to secure their connections to the Internet. In fact, all Internet users need it. Most Internet users would to shop online, so they use financial information, email address, phone number and other personal information via the Internet. The hackers can steal those information and money by spreading malicious software. Isn’t it a serious problem?
You still can have secure network with SaferVPN. It creates an encrypted tunnel by utilizing 256-bit AES encryption, 2,048-bit RSA keys, and SHA256 authentication. Your personal and private data are protected over any connection. It’s the same standard used by bank, school, and government departments. The protection given by SaferVPN is unbreakable.

VPN Protocols

SaferVPN provides all major protocol including IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. Why is protocol important? When using a VPN, the protocol decides accurately how your data routes between your device and the VPN server. As there are different ways in which the data is encrypted and the technology has updated over time, the provider offer multiple protocols to ensure your browsing experience as swift and secure as possible. The different protocols have different specifications, offering benefits to users. For example, some focus on speed while others prioritize privacy and security.

Among them, IKEv2 is the fastest protocol while it is not supported on old platforms. L2TP/IPSec is built-in to most modern operating systems and good at bypassing restrictions by networks or ISPs. PPTP is great for streaming videos and OpenVPN has the highest security standard and performance overall.

Don’t know which protocol you should choose? That’s not a problem as SaferVPN app automatically picks the right VPN protocol best suited to your network from all available protocol types. This feature is set as “on” by default to avoid selecting problem. Of course, you can turn it off in Settings and select one manually.

Anonymous IP Address

A larger number of anonymous IP address from different locations on the earth are offered by SaferVPN provider. If you don’t hide your real IP address, it reveals your location. The hackers are very rampant in those days. Denial-of-service attacks, online monitoring and IP spoofing are always caused by IP address leak. Others know your name, location and ISP according to your IP address which can be viewed when and after you browse. Who monitor you? On the Internet, the search engines, government, website owner, employers, and Internet Providers monitor your online sessions for various purposes. You may suffer targeted advertising, identity and financial theft and government databases Get SaferVPN to surf the web with an anonymous IP address, stopping snoopers, hackers and government agencies from viewing your unique online identity, preying on your personal and financial details, knowing your location, or accessing your personal data.


If you connections are not protected, the ISPs and government know exactly your name and see all your online behaviors. What’s worse, your browsing histories have been recorded and shared to the third parties. The Congress permits the ISPs to sell the personal data to the third parties without your consent. Your privacy has been invaded badly. Luckily, an anonymous IP from SaferVPN allows you to hide your location, sensitive details and online sessions from the prying eyes of Internet service providers and third parties looking to sell your data. As your traffics are encrypted, the government agencies like the GHCQ and NSA can’t spy on you.

Besides, this provider respects your privacy in and out the website. They do not log or monitor your VPN traffic. No one can force them to offer data that they don’t have. SaferVPN provider accept bitcoin payment, allowing you make payment anonymously. That ensures that you can maintain complete privacy. Get SaferVPN to reclaim your privacy.

Perfect Forward Secrecy
Perfect Forward Secrecy is an important feature of SaferVPN which increases encryption security. Its encryption standard is higher than weaker encryption protocols that use the same VPN encryption key over. It creates a new and unique encryption key at the start of every session. When it works, the encryption keys change every 60 minutes which is an additional layer of preemptive security. It lets you own the safest protection.

High-Speed VPN Servers

SaferVPN offers 700+ high speed VPN servers in 34+ worldwide locations. Unlimited server switching is allowed. No matter where you are located, the best connections always are available with the wide range of VPN servers. You can get faster speed on certain websites as well as safe access to restricted services. The smart servers allow you to access content using Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and other online platforms. In addition to the standard servers, dedicated “streaming” servers for US and UK are provided for faster download speed. Just connect to any of the global servers and enjoy completely unrestricted access online via the fastest and most stable connection.

Blazing Speed and Unlimited Streaming

SaferVPN provider manages unique VPN network and uses special code to provide users with the fastest experience. The provider does not limit your bandwidth and speed. The VPN also assists you to escape from ISP limit by encrypting your connection in a tunnel. It is possible to browse the Internet free of throttling, download caps or bandwidth limits. That makes it a great option for P2P, gaming, streaming. P2P networks are efficient ways of exchanging large files while they are illegal due to copyright in some countries. Hence, it is very important to shield their privacy with a reliable VPN. During SaferVPN test, speeds are high and uploading and downloading files is easy. When playing video games, it loads quickly and plays smoothly which is a big pleasure.

For streaming, SaferVPN enables you to stream on all platforms no matter they are currently available in your countries. For example, you can access Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music on the go without location restrictions holding you back. YouTube can be accessed though it has been banned by your government because the VPN routes you to remote servers. The high streaming speeds make it possible to load videos fast and smoothly regardless of your location.

SaferVPN Sport

What would you do when you can’t watch your favorite games as a sport fan? Get a VPN. Is it true that you never can watch foreign sport channels? No. SaferVPN helps you access Live stream the English Premier League, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Ice Hockey, and more. Catch up with the hit sport games and be the first one to watch your idols’ latest match among your friends.

SaferVPN Restricted Content

Why is there restricted content? Governments, schools, and some workplaces set restrictions on the online content that you can access on the Internet. The restrictions work according to your physical location. When you are in the set location, listed contents are not available to you no matter they are popular or not. To unblock restricted content, select an IP address from worldwide servers offered by SaferVPN. In this way, you are able to trick any government or web server into thinking you’re in a location which is free of Internet restrictions! If you live in China, Turkey, Russia or other country with high Internet censorship, a VPN is needed to get Internet freedom.

Smart Wi-Fi Protection

The hackers set up Wi-Fi hotspots near cafes, bars, airports and other public places to steal money and previous information online. How to keep safe when using public network? Get SaferVPN. It will automatically detect that the network is not secure and encrypt your connections. This is great especially when you forget to run VPN app at public places. You are always protected.

Easy-to-Use Apps on All Platforms

SaferVPN has sleek and seamless apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox. The five simultaneous connections allow you to protect all of your devices with one single plan. There will not be any problem to use this VPN even you are newbie. Setup will be finished right away by simply selecting a location and clicking on connect. You can access a free and anonymous Internet in seconds! If you don’t want the default automatic connection settings, you can switch servers and protocol, turn on automatic WiFi protection and kill switch features and more in settings menu. The kill switch is suggested to be on because it shuts down the Internet connection when the VPN drops. That avoid IP leaks and keep your identity safe.

24/7 Customer Support

SaferVPN provides 24/7 customer support via Live Chat. You can contact them via ticketing system and social media as well. Usually, the agents reply immediately on live chat and within a few minutes on Facebook messaging. Live chat is suggested for emergency. Contact them anytime via live chat or email if you have any questions or concerns. The knowledgeable team will answer your questions and fix your problem instantly

Learn More About How to Get SaferVPN Special Deal In This Video:

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SaferVPN is one of the fastest VPN. It enables you to get unrestricted access to the Internet by offering worldwide VPN servers and IP addresses. The ISP and government can’t restrict your activities. The prying eyes can’t snoop on you. The no traffic log policy and anonymous payment option ensure your privacy is completely safe. When the VPN works on your device, your data always goes through a safe and private tunnel with the 256-bit bank-level encryption, automatic Wi-Fi security and proactive VPN Kill Switch. Streaming on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Spotify go fast and smoothly. This VPN helps you access Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber even in countries with strict censorship. SaferVPN is powerful while its prices are friendly. Big discounts are available. The plan with best value currently is $82.26 USD for three years. In other words, it is $2.29 USD per month and you save $313.38 USD in total.

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