Nov 27, 2020

VyprVPN Review 2020: The VPN Trust Initiative?

Have you heard of VyprVPN? Having problem in selecting a suitable VPN service? You are right to be cautious when choosing a VPN. VyprVPN is a very popular service and trusted by lots of users. Learn its detail in formation in this VyprVPN review.

Learn About VyprVPN

If you mainly want VPN to protect your privacy, you need to confirm the provider is reliable and does not collect your private information. If you want a VPN mainly for streaming, you should pick one which is fast and good at bypassing Internet restriction. If you need VPN to safeguard your online session, you should check their encryption standard, protocols, tunnels as well as uptime. Some VPN providers allow P2P traffic while some don’t. If you still can’t decide, you can read VPN review for detail information. VPNs have been widely used by individuals and organizations. Some of you may wonder what it is and what can it do. VPN is shorted for Virtual Private Network which is an excellent way to secure your Internet connections so that no one can spy on your traffic. You can be anonymous online as VPN makes up your network traffic travel through an encrypted tunnel between your device and a server controlled by the VPN service. VPNs help you access restricted content with a wide range of IP addresses and servers. You may be confused by the various VPNs in the market. Which VPN should you pick?

VyprVPN is a high-quality, fast and secure VPN with worldwide server network, robust encryption practices, proprietary software, and excellent customer service. The company was found back in 2010 by Carolyn and Ron Yokubaitis, and it is one of the oldest, biggest and most important Internet service providers. It advocates for a free and open Internet, stay on top of the newest technology, make privacy and security accessible to everyone, is transparent about its products, practices, and services. If you seek for privacy, security and access to a free and open Internet, get VyprVPN now.

Pricing and Discount

Its price is a bargain, making them a great value for your money. A 30 days risk-free trial is available. Formerly, the provider offered VyprVPN and VyprVPN Premium plans but they have closed that plans and now they have moved to single plan Monthly and Annual. They are 1-month plan, 1-year plan and 2-year plan. VyprVPN 1-month plan is $12.95 USD which allows five simultaneous connections but it only can be connected with three. If you choose to be billed annually, the prices can be cheaper. When you purchase 12 months at one time, you can save 71%. It costs $45.00 USD for the whole year and is only $3.75 USD per month.

If you get longer period, you can consider the 1-year plan or 2-year plan. It will reduce to $2.50 SD per month on 2 years plan which is 81% off, you will be billed $60.00 USD for 24 months. This plan includes additional features like VyprVPN Cloud and Chameleon protocol to provide further protection to your device. Five simultaneous connections are supported.

Good News! We are proud to announce that VyprVPN is a founding member of i2Coalition’s VPN Trust Initiative. The VPN Trust Initiative task force consists of VyprVPN, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN. The initiative is to promote industry best practices and protect online consumers.

It is upset that this provider only accepts credit card, Alipay and PayPal payment. No option is provided to purchase with bitcoin anonymously. Luckily, most of users have credit card. Alipay also is very popular in China where VPN is most needed.

Why VyprVPN?

VyprVPN provides great VPN service to users by combining all of their exclusive features and proprietary technology. It operates self-owned system to ensure maximum privacy and security. No third parties are involved. It protects your DNS requests and browsing history from third-party snooping and DNS vulnerabilities. Your connection does not rely on your ISP or any other third party DNS servers. The entire network of VPN servers is developed by its in-house engineers. VyprVPN has a technology called Chameleon which is a noticeable advantage over its rivals. This is designed to reduce the recognizability of data to people who are trying to intercept your online sessions. Also, it offers over 700 servers at more than 70 locations to let enjoy the fast, secure and free Internet connections. As it is based in privacy-friendly Switzerland, you are totally anonymous online. The five simultaneous connections are very convenient.


VyprVPN is a very reliable service and work stably at high speeds. During the VPN test, no problem with crashing, freezing up, or leaking data were found. We used it to access streaming services with restriction, download files and do other tasks. The connections are fast. No Information leak was detected. It ran for hours without drop.

Encryption Standard

VyprVPN uses a military grade AES-256 encryption to ensure that their network is impregnable. Why is it necessary to secure connections to the Internet? It is the hackers can decode your connections to steal precious information and the ISPs can record your browsing activities if your device is not protected.

When using free WiFi connections in library or bars, you are actually connecting to an unknown provider. By set up their own WiFi hotspots, snoopers and hackers can see what you are doing and what information provide on the Internet. It is not easy to tell which one is unsecured as they all seem official. Once you connect to malicious network, they will trap all of your Internet traffic for money. Luckily, VyprVPN gives you unbreakable protection. It is free to browse, transfer and have remote meeting without concerning about information leak.

Servers & Locations

VyprVPN offers 700+ worldwide servers in 70+ locations across 6 continents, including Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America. Unlimited server switches are supported. You can owe the huge collection of servers that are logically located. There is less chance you may connect to an overcrowded server which can reduce performance. The wide sever locations make it easier to get a nearby server when traveling

It lets you choose one from 200,000+ global IPs to replace your original one. Others can’t track you according to IP address you left on websites because they only see IP address from VPN provider. The ISPs and government will not be able to monitor your activities. The anonymous IP also is good for P2P and torrent that are not allowed in certain country.

The company places a higher emphasis on security, providing DNS servers. It protects you from “DNS man in the middle” attacks. When you are attacked, they can block your Internet access to a particular website or online application by redirecting you to a different destination. That will bring in more threats to ruin device and steal money. VyprVPN enables you to use network safely.


VyprVPN supports all three major protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP including in all plans. OpenVPN protocol is highly suggested due to its outstanding speed and security. There is no limit to switch protocol. Simply use any one to suit your network.

Alongside the three protocols, Chameleon is offered which is rare in VPN industry. This feature comes with the premium plan and is not available for basic users. Chameleon works by scrambling OpenVPN metadata to ensure it’s not recognizable via deep packet inspection. DPI is the most common method of inspection which is used by government. With this VPN, you are able to bypass enhanced government interference, remain the best encryption and get through normal VPN blocking and bandwidth throttling. VyprVPN is ideal for users in countries with authoritarian governments who monitor their citizen’s behavior online.

VyprVPN Streaming

VyprVPN is great for streaming. Users need different streaming services for different contents. Some of them are blocked in some countries and regions. Others are available while they require high-quality of Internet connections. This VPN spoofs your location with new IP, connecting you to remote servers and making region-locked streaming content available. It also encrypts your sessions to avoid IPS throttling, allowing you to load videos at amazing speed. A large number of streaming platforms can be accessed without limit. The smart servers and encrypted connections let you steam any content fast, securely and anonymously.

VyprVPN Netflix

VyprVPN is popular in many countries as it is one of the rare VPNs that are able to bypass Netflix VPN block. Netflix has lots of fans while only users in US and Canada are authorized to use this service. In those years, it further bans connections via VPNs. VyprVPN still can help you unblock abroad because of the Chameleon protocol which is designed to circumvent sites and services that block VPNs. It is possible to unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more from anywhere.

VyprVPN China

It is a headache to deal with Internet in China. The government strictly monitors Internet users with many regulations. The complicated firewall was born with the Golden Shield Project, censoring all online activities in mainland China. You can’t access YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and other millions of websites. Can you image a life without YouTube and Google? That’s how most users in mainland China live. Some of them can’t stand such boring life and choose VyprVPN to avoid censorship. The VPN company claims that it is particularly useful in areas where the government has enacted strict controls over internet access, such as China, Turkey and Russia. Though China has been actively cracking down on VPN use, VyprVPN is powerful enough to circumvent the firewall.

VpyrVPN Cloud

VpyrVPN Cloud is a user-friendly, super secure VPN server deployment solution. It supplies an additional layer of security when accessing public or private cloud servers. That does not require hardware. It allows a company to secure an access point that allows employees to enter internal networks. Minimum server space is 1 GB of memory. It is currently working with Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, and VirtualBox.

VpyrVPN Cyphr

Cyphr is a personal messaging system that doesn’t record any personal information. By using public/private key pairs to achieve ultimate security, it is able to protect your conversations from prying eyes like third parties, cellphone providers, and even Golden Frog themselves. Only you and the person who you send message to can view the content. That means you can communicate through this system without having any data traced back to you. This improves your mobile security no matter where you are.

Superfast Speed

When you search for a VPN, fast speed is a very important factor. Using a VPN usually slows down your browsing speed simply because your Internet connection is taking a more circuitous path. Fast VPNs like VpyrVPN slightly affect your connection. You won’t notice an annoying buffering. You can enjoy the fastest and safest connections at the same time. The OpenVPN protocol ensures you can access any website you want without your Internet service provider throttling your Internet connection. The browsing experience will be smooth with fantastic speed. That is good for streaming, torrent, Skype and other services that require great speed and a stable connection.

Multiple Devices

VyprVPN has apps for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. A special APK is provided onto Android TV devices, further extending your protection. As this VPN allows up to simultaneous connections, you can protect all of devices. Or you can purchase one plan with your friends and share the account. The instant setup allows you to use the VPN within minutes without any problem. On client, the “Connect to fastest server” button which chooses the best server on-the fly based on the ping results is very useful. It lets you get the best connections and doesn’t require complicated computer knowledge. When the VPN works, your current IP address is highlighted. Your NAT firewall status is showed clearly. You also can view the preferred VPN protocol and details that other clients usually bury deep in their settings dialog. It is easier to operate the client.


VyprVPN’s privacy policy is transparency, straightforward and short. The company doesn’t log your traffic within a session or perform packet inspection. The no log policy ensures that your privacy will not fall into the third parties’ hands. Others can’t get any information about you from the provider as they don’t keep your log.

This VPN has a Kill Switch feature. It can be configured to shut down all web connections when your VPN connection drops. The snoopers can’t view your activities even when your device is not protected temporarily. No privacy leaks as no activities have been conducted. If you want the Kill Switch feature, activate it from the Settings menu.

Customer Support

VyprVPN offer excellent support in the form of a live chat service which operates 365 days of the year. You will speak to a real person instead of a robot. The support agents are really professional and usually work hard to solve the issue within a few minutes. They keep talking you through friendly and patiently until the problem is fixed. Feel free to contact them for support.


VyprVPN is based in Switzerland which is a perfect jurisdiction for privacy. It is a country known for strong privacy policies and is highly independent. It is not a member of the EU or the infamous 5 Eyes or 14 Eyes mass surveillance alliances. In this country, the data protection legislation is incorporated into the national legal structure. That means all customer data are under data protection laws. VyprVPN contributes a lot to digital privacy and an open Internet which is an excellent choice if you seek for privacy protection.

How to Get VyprVPN?

1. Visit provider here.
2. Click on “Get Started” button.
3. Select plan.
4. Enter your user details including name, email address, location, and billing information.
After completing registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided.
1. Download VyprVPN .exe file
2. The installation setup will appear; select Next
3. When prompted with the license agreement, select I Agree
4. Choose components to install and hit Next
5. Select an installation location and hit Next
6. Installation will begin
7. If prompted to install device software, hit Install
8. Hit Finish. Done!

Learn How to Set up VyprVPN and Get Coupon Code

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If you have read the VyprVPN review above, you must understand VyprVPN is a fast and reliable service which provides reliability, performance and security with robust list of servers and excellent security features. The most advanced encryption has been utilized to secure all your connections to the Internet. The hackers or government can’t break the protection. It is safe to use public network at station and coffee house. The hides your IP address and connects you to remote servers to access all content with geo-restriction government ban. It increases privacy while streaming The multiple servers guarantee that you will always get the fastest connection though you travel a lot. Technology is used to defeat VPN to unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer from wherever you live. This VPN is smart in blocking the list of domains that are known to spread malware. Your device and data are safe from threat. Also, it is a very transparent company. Detailed information on its products, resources, support, history, policies, and terms of service all are offered on its websites. What’s more, it provides affordable prices with high-quality of VPN and good reputation. With all discounts, it can be as cheap as $2.50 USD per month on 2-year plan. Get deal now.

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