Jun 18, 2019

Ivacy Promo Code: 100% Valid Coupon 2019

Are you searching for Ivacy coupon code or Ivacy promo code? Ivacy VPN is offering 100% guaranteed discount now! You come to the right place as you can get 87% discount plus extra 10% off promo code for the 5-Year plan with our exclusive codes. It costs $1.20/mo and is totally billed $72.00 USD instead of $80.00. And it is 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Why we need Ivacy VPN? VPNs have been very popular in those days. Actually, we use VPN for security, streaming TV, movies and music, watching sports, and much more. Internet has become a very important part in our life. We always are connected to the Internet via desktop computer or mobile device while hackers are waiting to a chance to attack you. Therefore, both business and private individuals are increasingly looking to VPN services to secure their devices. Ivacy VPN is reliable, secure, super fast and you can get special deal. The provider is offering big discounts on their products. Currently, the 5-year plan is 87% off, the 2-year plan is 77% off and the 1-year plan is 66% off. Ivacy starts from $1.33 USD per month. The 5-year plan is a great deal with the best value. This is a limited time offer. You are suggested to get deal during this promotion. Learn more below on how to get the latest Ivacy promo codes or coupon codes.

What is Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy is an advanced VPN service which was established in 2007. It has been very popular throughout the world due to its dedication towards providing outstanding and unique security and privacy features. It hides your IP address and encrypts your online sessions with the highest encryption standard and latest protocol. If others are trying to spy on you, they will not see your real geographic location and activities. The ISPs and government can’t monitor you. This VPN enables you to use services that are not available in your country. You can access your favorite videos on different video-sharing websites, follow your idols on foreign social media platforms, use more useful search engines and do much more things.

Ivacy Plans & Pricing

Before learning about where to get the Ivacy promo code to save 87% + an extra 10% Off discount, one should get more details about its pricing is very important, compare before you decide which plan you select and make you can get the biggest discount.

Ivacy VPN provides a 3-day free trial to enable you to try its services before you give it a shot. It offers four different pricing plans for the flexibility of users to choose one according to their need. There are 1-month, 1-year, 2-year and 5-year period plans. The price is very friendly. If you are looking for a plan with best value, the 5-year plan is recommended. You can have high VPN protection paying $1.33 USD per month only.

If you choose to sign up monthly, it costs $9.95 USD for one single month. No discount is available on this plan. If you sign up one year at a time, you get sweet discount. The 1-year plan is 66% off. It costs $3.33 USD per month, billed $40.00 USD annually. The best seller is the 2-year plan, which is only $2.25 USD per month. This is the best seller with 77% off discount. It only costs $54.00 USD for two years of VPN protection. If you are a heavy VPN user, the 5-year plan should be your first choice because it includes the biggest savings. This plan is 87% off. You only need to pay $80.00 USD for five years. It costs only $1.33 USD per month. First, the 1-month plan only comes with 7-day money back guarantee but now all plans come with 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a refund within the valid time period.

Ivacy Promo Code/Coupon Code

The final price is not settled by the discount mentioned above. You can save more money with coupon code/promo code. Ivacy VPN provider offers coupon code to our reader. The coupon code works with all plans.

Though no discount is available with 1-month plan on the official website, there is still a chance for you save money. To let user enjoy VPN protection at less cost, the provider offers coupon code for extra discount. After applying the Ivacy VPN coupon code, you get extra 10% off on any of the plans. Just pick any billing cycle you like, you always can save money. Please note that the discount and coupon code are limited-time offer. Want to save money? Get deal when the coupon is still valid.

Latest Updated: Would you like to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 from anywhere? Use Ivacy VPN to spoof your location and unblock channels and streaming websites. No matter where you are located during the world cup, you won’t miss any your favorite matches with Ivacy VPN. To let you cut down budget, Ivacy VPN provider releases special coupon code. This Ivacy VPN coupon code for our visitors allows an additional 20% off on all the subscription plans except monthly plan. Simply enter the valid code before you check out for extra discount. The price will be reduced automatically. Redeem Ivacy Coupon Code For ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Please note this coupon code will become invalid at 15th July. Get deal when coupon is still available.

New Update: Ivacy VPN provider extends promotion of Father’s Day to 30th June, 2019.You will get an additional 20% off on 1-year subscription by using the Father’s Day coupon code. Please note that this coupon code will be deleted at 30th June. Hence, get deal before the coupon code is invalid. Save extra 20% on Ivacy VPN order.

Why Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN is a black horse in VPN industry. In 2010, it launched Split Tunneling feature and became the first VPN company to provide such useful VPN feature. Its customers are able to decide what data requires VPN protection and what data does not so that it can run outside the VPN service. It has millions of satisfied customers around the globe because it offers robust protocols, top tier encryption, worldwide servers and affordable pricing plans, delivering excellent service with reliable security and privacy features.

Why do you need this VPN? It is necessary to know that the hackers are always hunting their prey to steal confidential information. By exploiting information related to your online identity, they are able to grab many useful information and valuable data, such as your bank account details, your credit card information etc. That can cause serious financial loss and mental stress. Besides, some of you may fail to access the famous websites due to government policy or other restriction. You need a VPN to help bypass those restrictions for Internet freedom. The VPN website is surely secure. When you purchase the plan, your entire session is encrypted by an SSL certificate. Therefore, we recommend Ivacy VPN.

Encryption Standard

Ivacy VPN transfers Internet data you send or receive in an encrypted and unreadable tunnel. It utilizes an AES-256-CBC cipher in combination with a standard RSA-2048 key for OpenVPN connections. 256-bit encryption is considered as the strongest available on the VPN market today. The government agencies and the cream of the crop security companies use the same encryption standard. Even if a hacker tries to access some of your data, they would not be able to read because it is encrypted. You are protected from the spying and prying eyes of snoopers and other cyber criminals. With this VPN, you can always browse safely and anonymously.

Popular Servers across the Globe

Ivacy VPN has a great collection of 1000+ servers across 100+ locations in 100+ countries. The VPN servers are allocated in 4 continents. For every country, you get an average of 2.5 hosts. There is no extra charge to switch between different servers. Choose any server to access any service you like. The worldwide servers are particularly welcomed by the video gamers, fans of super start and many more similar groups.

If you play video game, you may notice that some games do not have severs in some countries and regions. You can’t enjoy the game without needed servers though it is very popular and many of your friends can play it without any limit in other countries. That is awful. When your idols frequently share interesting moments on a media platform, you may not be able to view them due to government ban or geo-restriction. Fans probably can’t stand it. Luckily, you can anonymously use blocked services and geo-restricted websites with the help of the huge number of IP addresses and servers of Ivacy VPN.

Fast VPN Connections

Ivacy VPN allows you to get the best speed on any location at any time. No matter you are visiting domestic or foreign websites, you almost can’t tell the difference. The connections all are at blazing-fast speed. It overcomes throttling and port blocking with IP addresses and servers from different locations. You are able to get past the poor connection speeds.

Wide Protocols Support

Ivacy VPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, Stealth and IKEv security protocols. When you run the VPN, OpenVPN is set as the default option. OpenVPN is highly configurable and easily bypasses firewalls. It is the best one if you want completely encrypted. L2TP creates a tunnel while it does not work on encryption. You are suggested to use L2TP along with IPSec to achieve tunnel with high encryption. PPTP has been used since the mid-1990s. You may not want this one as it does not encrypt either. Last but not least, IKEv2 is an IPSec-based protocol which reestablishes a VPN connection if you temporarily lose Internet connection. The multiple protocols flexibly fix your need. To bypass Internet restriction or encrypted online traffics, it’s up to you.

Optimized P2P File-sharing Servers

Ivacy VPN has no limit on data transfer and speed which is perfect for P2P sharing. Its strong and sustainable servers enable you to do file sharing with unlimited bandwidth and 100% anonymity for the unbeatable protection and privacy shelter which keeps you secure even when you are sharing files on crowded and insecure networks. The optimized servers for VPN are located in countries that don’t require VPN services to store metadata of their users or have strict copyright infringement laws. The VPN also disguises your IP address, so you are untraceable. You won’t get trouble for P2P file sharing. Just stream, browse, download, upload and share as much as you want absolutely securely.

Ivacy VPN Streaming TV & Movies

Ivacy VPN is a great way to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. As we know, many streaming services come with geo-restriction. Media content libraries vary from location to location, and different streaming applications have different regulations. Especially when you are living in a country which has high Internet censorship, you only can stream videos on domestic websites. This VPN can hide your IP address and spoof location. Your online activity will be safe and private. In this way, you can simply enjoy your TV show or movie no matter where you actually are.

Automatic Wi-Fi Protection

The hackers and spammers create open network like free WiFi hotspot to look for any loophole in your security and privacy parameter. They can attack your device and take advantage of your private and confidential information and sensitive data for money. Ivacy VPN is able to detect malicious network and keep cyber criminals away from your private activities when using public network at hotel, coffee house or airport. Besides, NAT firewall is an additional protection layer that blocks all unrequested traffic that could harm your device after filtering your connection.

Ivacy VPN Netflix

Netflix offers various content libraries, attracting users around the world. However, you will not be able to watch video on this website outside US and Canada. What’s worse, some of the VPNs have been banned by the web servers. To unblock Netflix from anywhere, get Ivacy VPN and it will allow you to choose specific servers for Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and more. Like Netflix, BBC iPlayer only can be accessed with a UK IP address. Simply use this VPN. You will be able to access millions of restricted services.

Ivacy VPN Sports

If you are football or basketball fan, you probably want to watch sport live at the first time. It’s a problem if that sport is not available in your country. The lucrative nature of sports licensing means that television channels are forbidden from showing games that are outside of their region or license. Luckily, Ivacy VPN helps you access sport channel easily and safely at high-quality and top speed.

Money Back Guarantee and Payment Types

Ivacy VPN provider offers 30 days money back guarantee on all plans. If you are not satisfied with the VPN service, you can get a refund within 30 days. Here is how the money back guarantee actually works.

1) You demand a refund within 30 days of your subscription date.
2) Your account has not already been suspended by Ivacy for breach of any clause mentioned in the terms of service.
3) You have not used more than 7GB of bandwidth, which includes both upload and download activity when connecting to this VPN; or you have not exceeded 30 sessions i.e. the number of times you using its services, whichever occurs first.
4) You previously have not claimed a refund under this policy before.
5) You have not used BitCoin or Paymentwall as your payment method.

The VPN provider accepts payments via PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, AliPay, Yandex, Ukash, CashU, Giropay, Necard, Mercado Pago, MyCard Wallet and more. Bitcoin, Paypal and prepaid card are popular as they allow users to sign up without providing information which reveals your identification. You won’t be tracked for making payment.

Zero Log Policy

Ivacy VPN provider has a strict no-logging policy. The connection logs automatically expire after 48 hours. The company doesn’t log or monitor your online activities, or hold any session data. They are unable to connect a specific activity with a particular user. Only your email address is recorded for customer service, but it isn’t shared, sold or rented to others. Besides, inactive accounts are removed after 12 months. This policy ensures your privacy is surely secure.

Supported Devices

Ivacy VPN has software clients for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The later version of software also works Smart TVs, PS3, PS4, Xbox as well as various routers. It is an easy job to install and set up VPN on your device regardless of your knowledge on technology. You can get finished within minutes. If you still are not confident in it, the provider also has lots of detail and clear set-up guides for consoles, routers, and other devices. Some examples include Xbox One, Roku, Kodi, and Linux. You surely can make it.

Customer Support

If you have any tech issue or payment questions on Ivacy VPN, you will receive instant customer support soon after you contact them. They are helpful and friendly.

  • Live chat, you need to login to access live chat option
  • Email ticketing.
  • Knowledge based Articles and FAQs
  • Phone and Skype call for instant solution
  • Active social media accounts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube for Users’ concern

How to Use Ivacy Coupon Code, Promo Code to Get Biggest Discount?

Step 1: In this article please click on the red button “Get 87% Discount + Extra 10% Off Ivacy Coupon Code, Promo Code Now”, then you will be able to reach on Ivacy webpage, just wait a moment as it will pops up a window telling you can get an amazing deal. Just click on “Get This Amazing Deal” to continue.

Step 2: When you get up to the screen shown as below, just click on “Buy Now”.

Step 3: You are now required to create an Ivacy VPN account by selecting your preferred payment method. (There are many ways available for you. You can pay with Paypal or pay with cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, JCB and Dinners Club. You still can pay with Alipay, Bitpay, Coin Payments, PerfectMoney or Paymentwall.)

Step 4: Choose one payment method, Paypal for example. Uncheck Nat fireall option to avoid another charge, then click on “Enter Promo Code” to input the Ivacy coupon code. here you can see the price is still $80.00 USD.

Step 5: Please get coupon code from YooCare blog content and input it then click on “Apply” button. After that it says “Your Coupon has been redeemed please proceed continue to avail this discount”, and you can find out that it is billed $72.00 USD instead of $80.00 USD. Move on to fill up payment detail to finish the order. Up to now you have successfully gotten this amazing deal for only $1.20/mo instead of $1.33/mo.

Video Guide For Ivacy Promo Code: Get 100% Guaranteed Discount Coupon

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Summary of Ivacy coupon: Everyone can get 100% guaranteed discount with our exclusive coupon code. Ivacy VPN is a great provider with many amazing security and privacy features to deliver high-quality of secure network. It boosts your online security and privacy barrier with the most advanced technology to keep the hackers, spammers and all the snoopers away from you. Military-grade encryption means unbreakable protection. No one can intercept your sessions. Smart servers from 100+ locations around the world let you enjoy the Internet without restrictions by helping you bypass many constraints and censorships over the web. If you live in a country where Internet censorship exists, such as China and Turkey, Ivacy also comes in handy. You are able to access all your favorite content from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a VPN, get Ivacy VPN deal now. It 1-year plan is 66% off, the 2-year plan is 77% off and the 5-year plan is up to 87% off. By using coupon code that we provide, extra 10% is available. Finally, it is only $1.20 USD per month when purchasing 5-year plan. If you don’t want long period, the rest annually plans also are affordable. Have a look at the pricing and grab the best deal before coupon is still valid. Applied with Ivacy coupon code, promo code on 5-Year plan and ONLY $1.33/mo to enjoy the great VPN service must be your best choice, don’t miss this amazing deal!

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