AirVPN Coupon Code 2024: Save 35% and Extra 10% off Promo Code

Would you like to save money when purchasing AirVPN? You should apply AirVPN coupon code. During big holiday like Christmas and New Year, the provider releases coupon to reward their users. Usually, they provide regular discount on the official website. Every user can enjoy this kind of discount. If you use promotion link or apply coupon code, you get extra discount. This is why so many users search for AirVPN Coupon Code before they buy a plan. You get the same full-featured VPN package at less cost. We call you the smart consumers. At this time, you get extra 10% off when using AirVPN Coupon Code during the signup process. The provider does not tell when the coupon code will be expired. You should grab this special deal when the promotion is still valid. Why you need a VPN? More and more people use VPN to keep their online activities safe. Some may wonder if it is necessary to use VPN. We can tell you that a VPN plays an important role today. On one hand, it protects your privacy. As we know, the Congress allows the ISP to sell the record of your browsing activities without your permission. That means it is legal to sell your privacy for money. Others know exactly what you are doing on the Internet. When you use a VPN, it encrypts your traffics to stop other monitoring you. On the other hand, a VPN is able to bypass censorship and other restrictions to let you stream videos freely.

AirVPN Coupon Code: Save up to 35% and An Extra 10% OFF Promo Code 2019

What is AirVPN?

AirVPN is a reliable VPN service based in Italy and born in 2010. Back then, a group of activists, hacktivists and privacy lawyers joined forces after meeting at a Pirate Party festival in Rome. It has been committed to deliver technical tools to enhance and exercise the fundamental Right to Privacy. This VPN uses the highest encryption standard in the VPN industry to protect your online privacy. It provides advanced protocols, smart servers and shared IP addresses to develop private and safe network. It gives you Internet freedom so that you can browse anonymously and do whatever you like online without the risk of having trouble for downloading illegal content or visiting restricted sites. If you wish to achieve safety and security online, get AirVPN.

Pricing and Discount with Coupon Code

AirVPN is a great VPN with affordable price. It offers five different plans classified by trial term, three days, one month, three months, six months and one year plans. Any one of the five plans includes all AirVPN features. Regardless of which plan you choose, you can access the fully functions. Depending on your need, choose the proper plan. We suggest you purchase the one year plan because you can save the most money.

Currently, the three-month and six-month plans are 28 % off while the one year plan is 53 % off. With coupon code, you can get extra 10% off on each deal. All the prices are in Euro. The three days plan is 1 € and the one month plan is 7 €. These two plans don’t have discount. If you are about to sign up three-month or six-month plan, you can save 28%. It is 15 € for three months and 30 € for 6 months. It costs 5 € per month. The one year plan includes the biggest discount which is 35 % off. You only need to spend 54 € for 12 months. It is 4.5 € per month.

We are glad to tell you that you can save more with coupon code provided on this page. During the payment process, extra 10% off is available if you apply promo code. You even can get discount on order of the three-days or one-month trial. The code works with every trial. In this way, it is 0.9 € for three days, 6.3 € for one month, 13.5 € for three months, 27 € for six months, 48.6 € for one year. Get the best deal for the best private network.

How to get AirVPN coupon code? We always keep close attention to VPN promotion/discount and show the latest coupon code so as to let you get the biggest saving. You ought to note that some coupon codes do not last for long. Some last for several months while some works for few weeks. We will replace the old one with valid one in time. If you found the code was invalid, you are welcome to correct the code.

How to Use Coupon Code for AirVPN Deal?

1. Visit VPN provider via special link provided on this page.

2. Click on “Get AirVPN” on its homepage and you will be redirected to a page to select next page.

3. Click on “Create Account”. Fill up email and prefer username & password to finish register.

4. View and click the plan for your need. The one year plan is recommended as it is 35 % off.

5. Click on “I have a coupon to use” and then hit “Apply” after entering needed code.

6. The Total will be reduced automatically. You can save extra 5.4 € on its annual order.

7. Select payment type and click “Confirm My Order”
8. Fill up required information and complete order.
In this way, you get the biggest saving for the amazing VPN with coupon code.

Why AirVPN?

The VPN market has grown extremely competitive over the past several years. There are expensive, cheap and even free VPNs out there. How to choose the right VPN for you? If you purchase the wrong VPN, it slows down your network badly and is not able to secure your online activities. How to get the best VPN deal? We suggest you use AirVPN. It is one of the most advanced and customer-oriented of those presented on the Internet today. With AirVPN, you won’t be limited by local Internet censors/restrictions when travelling. It helps you unblock services like Netflix and Hulu and stop ISP throttling while using such services no matter where you are. This VPN keeps you safe by encrypting data while on a public Internet space like public Wifi. It also allows you to be anonymous by hiding your real IP address. You can browse on the Internet without anyone knowing what you’ve searched for.

This VPN offers the best servers optimized for fastest downloads. It unblocks streaming HD content and bypass pesky ISP throttling. It is possible to stream videos and upload big size of files quickly on any platform from anywhere. AirVPN offers great value with its extensive focus on security, no-logs policy, and variety of protocols. It is one of the few SSL VPNs that are completely transparent about all their services, advantages, technical aspects and reach. You can view detail information that are shown clearly on the website.

In addition, this VPN provider offers big discount to let you enjoy the secure network with lesser money. You can save up to 35% off plus 10% off based on the official discount when using coupon code. All the plans include full features. You don’t need to consider many aspects when selecting the plans. Simply pick one trial according to how long you need VPN protection.

Unbreakable Encryption

AirVPN applies the military-grade encryption to provide unbreakable protection, connecting you to its servers through SSL and SHL tunneling protocols, combined with OpenVPN encryption. When this works on your device, a 4096bit RSA key size encryption is used along with an AES-256CBC data channel that encrypts all online activities and URLs visited. Your online information will be completely inaudible. All protocols are allowed. It is free to choose OpenVPN, PPTP and even L2TP/IPsec. OpenVPN is suggested while the rest protocols are too insecure.

AirVPN provides OpenVPN on ports 80 TCP / UDP, 443 TCP / UDP and 53 TCP / UDP. It also supports OpenVPN over SSH, OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over Tor. It is worth to mention that the Perfect Forward Secrecy key exchange that effectively re-initiates your encryption key negotiation every 60 minutes. By the way, this value can be lowered if you think 60 minutes is too long. You get a multi-layered service of protection with AirVPN. You are completely safe even when you are using the public Internet.

Outstanding VPN Servers

AirVPN has multiple servers in 19 countries, including the most popular VPN server locations across the globe. You can access servers from popular countries like Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands and much more. Those global servers are used to get connected directly and avoid Internet censorship. Some services do not have servers in some countries and regions. If you move or travel to another country, you can’t continue to use your favorite services due to geo-restriction. When connecting to a VPN server, you are able to unblock streaming services no matter where you are located.

The VPN service also provides a tool that can route a specific address and ports to find the servers with the shortest and quickest routes available. Even though you travel a lot, it always lets you connect to the best server to gain the fastest connections. There is no issue when visiting domestic or foreign websites.

Integrated Unblocking Feature

AirVPN is widely used for steaming. On one hand, it does not put a speed limit on its servers and promotes the notion of unlimited speed. This service also guarantees that it provides a minimum bandwidth of 4Mbits/upload and 4Mbits/download to all its customers. At the same time, it assists you in avoid ISP throttling. The ISP does not know the connection content and speed because your online traffic is encrypted. Your connections will not be throttled when you try download or upload files in big size. You don’t have to wait long for video loading.

On the other hand, the smart VPN servers enable you to access geo-restricted media services and play video games even though they don’t have game server in country where you are living in. You are able to play video games smoothly and you even can’t notice the buffer. There are numberless services are not available in some countries due to government policy or geo-restriction.

In order to circumvent Internet censorship and avoid restriction fast and smoothly, AirVPN uses DNS routing system which double-hops your internet connection via an internal server allowing to access restricted content like Netflix or Hulu, even having connected to VPN servers outside the US.

AirVPN is great for users in China. It is well-known that the Internet censorship in mainland China is pretty strictest. Millions of websites and services are blocked by the most powerful firewall on the earth, the Great Firewall of China. You are not able to access Google and WhatsApp etc. with the help of the local ISPs. When connecting to the right VPN server, the firewall will not who you are and where you are located. It has no excuse to block connections that are not sent from mainland China. It effortlessly jumps over the Great Firewall of China. You can watch videos on YouTube, text messages via WhatsApp, share interesting videos and pictures on Instagram, search for useful information with the help of Google search and do many more things freely.

Also, it has been confirmed that this VPN has no issues with accessing BBC iPlayer. Though BBC iPlayer is only allowed with UK servers, you don’t have to move to UK for watch videos on it. This VPN helps in spoofing your real location to let you use BBC iPlayer outside UK. It has been put use in bypassing censorship and any other network barriers, exchanging info with observing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Want Internet freedom? Get deal with coupon code to get up to 35 % off and additional 10% off discount.


AirVPN defends your privacy by hiding your IP address &DNS, encrypting connections to the Internet, promising no log policy and network lock. It replaces your IP address with new one so that no one can uncover your identity. No censoring software is able to identify the type of information and websites that you are viewing which means you can do what you like on the Internet, leaving your IP unknown and untraceable and preventing DNS leak. They only see information given by VPN provider.
Advanced protocols are used to secure your online activities. Even the hackers, ISPs and government can’t intercept your sessions. They can’t monitor you or selling browsing histories to the third party for revenue.

This VPN company doesn’t store any logs whole some VPN providers keep user logs. As AirVPN doesn’t record your online activities, the company will have no information to give the court system or other third party, even if the court requests information. That means it keeps every bit of your identifying information safe as it only knows you as a dynamic IP address and time stamp.

Network Lock feature is useful if you don’t want any traffic leaking outside of the VPN. It disconnects your Internet when the VPN fails to prevent snoopers from viewing your connection when it is not protected. It also is called the network kill-switch. It’s useful to prevent standard Internet usage outside of the VPN. There is no need to worry about privacy leak.

P2P is Allowed

AirVPN openly welcomes torrent and P2P which is restricted by most VPN services that lack the security department. All P2P usage is allowed. The port forwarding and DDNS for optimization of P2P file transfer speeds works wonderfully. You are allowed to download torrents and P2P on all AirVPN servers without limitation. Want to download Hollywood movies within minutes? Sign up one plan with coupon code/promo code now.

AirVPN Add-ons

AirVPN has worked out several essential additional features that are developed to perfect your experience when connecting to VPN. Why do you use additional extensions? It is because they make the customers more advantageous while using VPN service. You can find and download the useful add-ons on its official website.

Device Compatibility

AirVPN has an extensive range of support across many devices. It allows you to connect securely from multiple devices such as Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, DD-WRT, AsusWRT, Tomato, pfSense, TOR, SSL Tunnel and SSH Tunnel. Free software is available. The software is fantastic, functional and easy-to-use. No matter which operating system you prefer, it can secure your device. You also are able to configure a router or firewall to send all traffic through a VPN tunnel, with support for routers running DD-WRT and Tomato open-source router firmware and the FreeBSD-based pfSense firewall. It is precious in VPN industry.

Besides, AirVPN allows up to 3 simultaneous connections per account! With one single plan, you can prevent DDoS attacks while gaming online, to watch Netflix on laptops, to escape from government censorship and to securely conduct an online transaction on mobile at the same time.

Customer Support

AirVPN provides a useful FAQ list where you can get answers to the most commonly problems. It does not provide live chat support. You still can contact the team via email from the online support form and get help for any and all problems and questions about the apps and services you may meet. The forum is a good place too. Useful knowledge is presented on its forum. All articles and points about VPN are written plainly. It is possible to understand even for non-techy VPN customers. Its websites provide you with in depth information on everything which is considerable.

AirVPN Coupon Code: Save up to 35% and An Extra 10% OFF Promo Code 2018

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AirVPN Coupon Code: Save up to 35% and An Extra 10% OFF Promo Code 2024

Overall, AirVPN is one of the best European based VPN services. It provides an amazing service with fast speeds across a global network. The company built a strong foundation around net neutrality, security and privacy, arguably making them trustworthy of handling your encrypted traffic. It uses the most advanced technology in VPN industry to provide the most secure network. Its privacy policy is one of the strongest and most transparent. The client software is both excellent and very easy to use. The VPN connections are steadily and rarely drop. This VPN Service provider accepts Bitcoins which enables you to be completely anonymous. Others can’t track you according to detail provided during payment. If you need a VPN, we suggest you get AirVPN. It is reliable and affordable. The one-year plan is 35 % off. The three-month and six-month plans are 28 % off. Apply coupon code, and you will get additional discount for another 10% off. Get the fully functioned VPN as well as getting 35% off discount and An Extra 10% Off coupon code to save money now.

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