VPN.AC Promo Code & Coupon: 100% Guaranteed Deal 2024

What is VPN.AC promo code or coupon code? Where to get valid VPN.AC promotional code to reduce your costs as well as getting more savings? We have valid coupon code offered by the provider. Once they release coupon code, we display on our website immediately. You can get real promotional code and get extra 20% discount off here. And current best deal is 2-year plan, which is 62% off, only $3.75/month. Nowadays, more and more users choose VPN to reclaim their privacy. It is not easy to pick a right VPN for different locations and purposes. They have to consider the functions, privacy policy and more, such as where to get a better deal. So, keep reading this article if you want a VPN and prefer a coupon code or promo code to save cash on VPN order.

What is VPN.AC And Its Coupon?

VPN.AC is a Romanian-based private network service operated by Netsec Interactive Solutions. It commits on security and anonymity, offering cutting-edge features like adjustable encryption strength, high-security DNS lookups, and XOR VPN obfuscation for exceeding government privacy standards. You are safe and anonymous when browsing or transferring data. Smart VPN servers help you access geo-restricted content from where you are located. It protects your privacy from the third party as well as keeps no log of your connections. No one can steal or reveal your personal information.

Overview of VPN.AC Pricing And Discount

VPN.AC only offers one plan, divided into four subscription options. This means you receive the same encryption strength, features list, and unlimited bandwidth no matter what you choose. The subscription term is the only difference of each plan. The longer the subscription, the lesser you have to pay. It has 1-month, 3-monthS, 1-year and 2-year plans.

The provider itself offers a remarkable discount on three of its subscription plans.

It is $9.00 USD for 1-month plan. The 3-monthS plan is 11% off which costs $24.00 USD and is $8.00 USD per month. The 1-year plan is 46% off. With the discount, it is $4.80 USD per month. Among them, the 2-year plan is the best deal which has the biggest saving. You can get 62% off. You only need to spend $90.00 USD for 24 months. It is only $3.75 USD per month.

In fact, it is not the final total. You can use promo code for extra 10% off after you add a plan to the cart. That means it costs $8.10 USD for one month, $21.60 USD for 3 months and $52.20 USD for one year. It allows you to save $55.80 USD on 1-Year plan. Do not miss such a huge discount. Get deal when the promotion and code are still valid.

What is more, you can use our official promo code for extra 20% off on any plans. Then the price just $7.20 USD for one month, $19.20 USD for 3 months, $46.40 USD for one year and only $72 USD for two years. Get this special deal when the promotional code and promo sales are still available.

How to get the latest VPN.AC promo code? Coupon code/promo code is the key to extra discount for online shopping purchases. You can activate the savings by entering and applying the code. We are glad to tell you that you can get newest promo code for the biggest discount on this page. We always pay a close attention to the promotions and display them on this page soon so that you benefit from the big promotions. The extra 10% off is available on any plans all the time. The 20% coupons, vouchers or specials code can be expired and it may take a period of time for new discount. Hence, sign up when you are allowed to save more than half of the money.

How to Use VPN.AC Promo Code & Coupon Code?

To get discount, you need to confirm that the promo code is not expired. During the payment process, you will see the coupon field. Provide the code provided on this page and apply. The price will be reduced. Here is the step-by-step guide to use VPN.AC Promo Code.

Step1: Visit VPN.AC website via link given on this article.

Step2: Click on pricing and you can select any plan you need.

Step3: Click on “Get it Now.”

Step4: Click on Promotional code to enter code and hit validate code. Make sure that the code is correct. The best way is to copy and paste the code. You price will be reduced automatically.

Step5: Fill up needed information and select payment method to complete order.

Why Use VPN.AC?

Though VPN.AC service is new, Netsec has over one decade of experience in delivering security solutions to different organizations like banks and military installations. It provides high levels of anonymity, privacy and security. The company is even ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified which demonstrates its commitment towards quality and excellence. Why do we recommend it? It is because this VPN provides multiple protocols, zero log, 2TBs of bandwidth to use, P2P support, up to 6 simultaneous connections, access to 60 servers across 20+ countries, and unlimited server switching. You can own top-grade security for Wi-Fi sessions and are able to bypass surveillance and censorship from almost anywhere. The VPN provider offers its own VPN software and security solution works with almost all major operating systems and devices. You know what? This Great service comes at a decent price. Besides, it generously offers big discount for our users. Extra 10% off with coupon code is provided after 46% off discount.


VPN.AC uses military grade AES-GCM 256-bit encryption with SHA512 HMAC and PFS for handshake and 4096-bit RSA authentication which is ten times stronger than traditional 2048-bit SSL. Your device and privacy is protected by the same encryption standard for military/governmental use, like securing NATO InfoSec, FIPS 140-2 Level 3, and Common Criteria EAL. With the strongest protection, the hackers will not be able to intercept your sessions and steal your valuable data when you perform important activities on the Internet. The ISPs will not be able to collect your browsing habits and other personal information, selling them to the government or other third party for profit.

This VPN provider use shared IP addresses to replace your real one to hide your online ID. Advertisers and snoopers can track you easily for precious information as your IP address shows clearly on the Internet. Once your connection is protected by VPN.AC, others only see the shared IP address. That makes it practically impossible for anyone to tell who is doing what online.

VPN Servers

VPN.AC server network is secure and fast which is spread across 20+ countries. It has over 80 servers spread across US, UK, Singapore, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Lithuania, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, France, Finland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia. Those servers are helpful for those who would like to unlock IP restricted content from these locations. They also make connections faster when using foreign websites. There is no limit and extra charge for switch between the given servers.

Unblock Websites

VPN.AC works effectively in unblocking geo-restricted websites and video streaming services. It encrypts your browser traffic as well as masks your IP address. Firewall, ISP and web server only see the information you want them to know. For example, you are located in Japan while you want other believe that you are in US. In this way, you can enjoy services that are only available in US. This enables you to visit geo-restricted websites and stream content by connecting to relevant servers.

Due to geo-restriction, only users in UK can access BBC and only users in US and Canada are allowed to watch Netflix. Besides, they also block VPN access which makes it very difficult to stream videos on the two platforms. Luckily, this VPN provides completely anonymity and spoof your IP address to mimic one from the US location. VPN connections will not be recognized which ensures you can easily access the US Netflix website and content that would not be available in another location.

To access BBC iPlayer, we suggest you connect to double hop London – Netherland servers. You will have an amazing and smooth streaming experience with this platform. Get VPN.AC deal to enjoy streaming HD movies/TV shows on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and some other streaming services.

Unlimited Speed

VPN.AC allows up to 1TB per month in bandwidth and don’t have a speed limit. You may suffer from terrible slow connections in mainland China after 8 PM. The ISPs throttle your connections to save bandwidth. You have to wait for a while to share torrent or load a video game. Get this VPN. You will receive remarkable speed and reliability. This VPN does not add any bandwidth limitations or data restrictions. It doesn’t block P2P. In fact, it has its own private DNS servers and is quite open to P2P/Torrent. The ISPs and governmental agencies can’t snoop on your torrent history. By the way, do not connect to UK or US servers because they do not support Torrent.

Except for UK and US servers, users can download/share torrents on all servers.

Advanced Protocols

You can get leverage innovative VPN encryption as VPN.AC provides pure TLS with the browser add-on, PPTP, IPSec (L2TP and IKEv2), and OpenVPN protocols. Among them, OpenVPN protocol is recommended because of the highest encryption standard. In terms of reliability, OpenVPN connections have been running for up to 3 days without disconnecting during the VPN test. Some devices may not have OpenVPN option. In this case, you can download OVPN config files from app store. Here is the protocol information detail.

PPTP: 128-bit MPPE. This protocol is not suggested because its encryption is weak.

L2TP/IPSec: 256-bit AES and RSA-2048. Maximum Strength Encryption is enabled in manual setup

OpenVPN: OpenVPN 128-bit BF, OpenVPN 128-bit AES, OpenVPN 256-bit, OpenVPN ECC and OpenVPN XOR.

  • 128-bit BF-CBC for data channel, RSA 2048 for keys and SHA1 HMAC
  • 128-bit AES-CBC for data channel, RSA 4096 for keys and SHA256 HMAC
  • 256-bit AES-CBC for data channel, RSA 4096 for keys and SHA512 HMAC
  • 128-bit AES-CBC for data channel, Elliptic Curve using curve secp256k1 for keys and SHA512 HMAC
  • 128-bit AES-CBC for data channel, RSA 4096 for keys and SHA512 HMAC
  • Double-hop

    VPN.AC offers 18 double-hop VPN server configurations. The double-hop feature routes your traffic through two servers that located in different jurisdictions. When it works, traffic from your device is routed to a server and will be channeled to the second server. Your connections are encrypts two times. This is why we call it double-hop. It is a further protection to your privacy.


    VPN.AC’s privacy and security is generally great. The most advanced encryption and protocols have been applied to keep your privacy safe. On one hand, it keeps snoopers, ISPs and even governmental agencies from spying on you. On the other hand, it does not keep traffic logs and DNS requests. Shared IP addresses are provided. The provider only keeps connection logs for a day. After that, they will be erased completely. The provider has no the capability to share them with the third party as they themselves don’t have the logs at all. This service also does not use any third-party tracking services on their website to avoid using Google Analytics.

    Simultaneous Connections & Cross-Platform Software

    VPN.AC allows up to six simultaneous connections. That means six of your devices will be protected with one single plan. Taking the yearly plan as an example, it only costs only $52.20 USD to secure connections on six devices for the whole year. By the way, it provides clients for cross-platforms with built-in support for Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, auto-start and auto-connect. In addition, it has a free encrypted proxy extension that goes by the name “SecureProxy”, which can be installed on numerous popular web browsers.

    Though the VPN is very powerful, it is not difficult to use. Setup can be done within minutes. No complicated computer knowledge is required. You can follow the step-by-step guide to make it work for you without any problem. But please remember to redeem a valid VPN.AC promo code to get extra discount before purchasing a plan, that is the way for you to save more money on purchase.

    Step-by-Step Setup Guide for Windows

    VPN.AC client is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Windows editions.

    1. Download the VPN Client Software: installer (version 4.0.1, skip steps 2 and 3) or zip archive)
    2. Extract it to a folder.
    3. Eventually create a shortcut on Desktop or pin it to taskbar.
    4. It will detect if your PC has the TUN/TAP driver installed (needed by OpenVPN) when you run it for the first time. You will be asked to install it if it is not already present. To install it manually, open the “data\Tap\” subfolder where the driver installation kit is located.
    5. Insert the VPN credentials received from VPN provider, select the location, protocol and port from the drop-down menus and connect.
    There you are. VPN.AC protects your devices right away.


    VPN.AC provides live chat, ticket, email and Skype support for its users. During the test, we got quick technical support providing in-depth answers. If text is not clear to describe your issue, simply give them a call on Skype. On its website, it has one of the best FAQs which answers most common questions in enough detail to give clarity to everyone. They also have a range of tutorials that can help you with setup and many common issues that you may have.

    Refund Policy

    VPN.AC has refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the VPN service, you can receive a full refund 7 days after your account activation. It is risk free. Why don’t get it with big discount?


    VPN.AC is based in Romania which appears to be a solid jurisdiction when it comes to privacy. It is not a member of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, or a close ally of any major spying regimes. Therefore, the EU Data retention law doesn’t apply to Romania. In this country, tracking citizen activity is considered as a violation of constitutional rights. Therefore, your information is in safe hands.

    Payment Method

    VPN.AC accepts various payments, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards, region-based payments like SEPA Direct Debit, WebMoney, iDeal, UnionPay, AliPay, and over a 100 prepaid voucher cards like altcoins and Perfect money. You can choose to make payment via PayPal, prepaid card or Bitcoin to stay anonymous. So far, it is almost impossible to track money after they ae paid via Bitcoin. You don’t need to provide your credit card detail or other information revealing your ID.

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    Conclusion of VPN.AC Coupon: Up to 62% Off Discount + Extra 20% Off

    As a smart consumer, you should always search for VPN.AC coupon code before you get deal. Coupon helps you cut down the price while you still get the same amazing VPN package. Isn’t it great? To sum up, VPN.AC is a very advanced and impressive VPN service which is built on amazing network of dedicated servers, providing you both security and high performance. The security, speed, privacy and compatibility are top notch. The price is also affordable and with all the features provided. Promotion and discount are given now and then. It is of high value. Despite being a lesser-known VPN service, VPN.AC is an excellent choice for privacy and security-focused users. This VPN utilizes multiple VPN protocols & encryption types and offers Innovative Elliptic Curve Cryptography, AES-GCM and obfuscation support to give you unbreakable protection. It masks your IP address, offers SecureProxy browser add-on & secure DNS services, and has no activity logs policy to ensure your privacy won’t be invaded. VPN.AC offers worldwide servers to assist you to unblock restricted contents. The provider offers multiple speed optimizations and does not limit your speed. You can enjoy great speed when streaming, downloading or browsing. The provider offers VPN clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and allows six simultaneous connections. You can protect all of your devices. It is very easy to install and set up this VPN. If you have any problem, simply contact the customer support. They are happy to help you. Do not hesitate. It is worth to give it a try. If you purchase a plan now, you will get another 20% off with promo code validated before you submit an order. For the 1 year plan, it is possible to save $11.60 USD in total, you get 46% discount + extra 20%. And you can get 62% discount + extra 20% off VPN.AC promo code on 2-year plan, $72.00 USD biennially. Get this 100% guaranteed deal now!

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