Feb 27, 2020

VPNArea Coupon Code: 70% + Extra 15% Off Discount Code in 2020

Before we start to learn how to redeem a VPNArea coupon code we had better know why we need it first. Do you feel like you are watched? Can you stand that your ISP can monitor every move of you on the Internet and sell your browsing histories to third parties without your permission? Surf the web with protection and say no to privacy invasion with VPNArea! Newest valid VPNArea coupon code will be applied to really reduce your cost on purchase. How to get the latest VPNArea promo code and how do you know if it is real? Mostly, coupon codes will help users cut the price down to a lower level, that is why coupon codes are so important for them. Currently, VPNArea is providing a special offer with an extra 15% off on any plan at the moment, you will get 50% + extra 15% off discount on 12 months plan. If you get the valid VPNArea coupon code from our website you get both 70% + extra 15% off discount on 36 months plan when you sign up this plan at a time. Choose your VPNArea membership plan: All plans include a risk-free 7-day money-back guarantee and no auto billing. VPNArea discount coupon works with all of the plans.

Let’s Learn About What is VPNArea Again

Before we learn what is VPNArea and how to get VPNArea coupon code, let’s talk about what is a VPN like. A VPN is used to spoof your address as one of the addresses from the place that you want to connect with i.e. UK, USA or anywhere for that case. There are several providers that provide you with a private network, and then you can easily transfer and connect to the servers and people out of your country. Also, this is important to note that not all VPN’s work always and it is necessary to check whether it is verified or not. VPNArea masks your IP address with a new one to prevent others from tracking your online activities. It also uses military-grade encryption to prevent hackers, ISP and even government from intercepting your online session or stealing sensitive information. You are totally safe even when you are using the public WiFi hotspot network. Besides, this VPN gives you excellent experience on the Internet. It allows you to connect to a large number of remote servers to help you get rid of government censorship, defeat aggressive geo-restriction and avoid ISP throttling. You can access restricted contents from anywhere at super fast speed. VPNArea is a great company which host their Headquarter servers and emails in Switzerland while they are actually based in Bulgaria which allows for their No Logs policy. Owned and operated by Offshore Security LTD, this VPN provider offers great service in online security and privacy industry. It provides secure and fast network connections with high encryption and global servers. With VPNArea, you are able to unblock any and all websites of your choosing irrespective of geographical location.

VPNArea’s Pricing & Plans

Like other VPN providers, VPNArea provides three plans, they are 1-month, 1-year and 3-year plans. You can select any plan to meet your need. All plans include a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and no auto billing. It has no risk to use this VPN service. You will not be billed after your order is expired until you renew it yourself. There is no need to worry cycle cost.

If you would like to keep your privacy safe, we suggest you purchase the 3-year plan because you can save much cash on its order. It is 70% off. They are offering over 50% off of the single month subscription costs when you buy 12 months at a time. It is the most popular plan. If you sign up 1-month plan, it costs $9.90 USD. The 1-year plan includes huge discount which costs $59.00 USD for one year. That means it is only $4.92 USD per month. It is 50% off. Extra discount is available with valid VPNArea coupon code. You are allowed to protect your online activities for whole year while spending less money. In addition, there is a special offer, the 3-year plan. VPNArea 3-year plan is 70% off after you use VPNArea coupon code. It only costs $91.49 USD for 36 months.

Sometimes, VPNArea provides coupon code to our users. With the code, you can save more money on its order. We will always pay close attention to promo information and provide the newest valid coupon code to help you save as much money as possible. Now, discount is available with discount code. With our exclusive coupon code you can get an extra 15% off on any plan. You only need to visit its website via link on this page for big discount.

Why People Choose VPNArea?

VPNArea is a VPN provider with superb reputation. It secures your connections to the Internet and protects your privacy with the highest encryption standard while it maintains high speed and reliability throughout the server network. This VPN provider further protects your data with a strict no logs policy, Bulgaria jurisdiction, and server hosting in Switzerland. No private information leak with VPN protections. It also provides global VPN servers to let you access the fastest connections and unblock geo-restriction. Besides, you are able to bypass government censorship for Internet freedom with this VPN. VPNArea offers discount and coupon code to reward users. You own the safest network with reasonable price. Below Let’s introduce its more features:

1. Encryption and Protocols

VPNArea encrypts all of your traffic with the unbreakable bank-grade encryption, keeping privacy intruders at bay. 256 bits AES encryption is the highest standard in VPN industry. The aggressive viruses, dangerous hackers, strict ISPs and government can’t intercept and record your online activities. Others only can see the encrypted connections. Just like water flows in a tunnel to the big and deep sea, others don’t know what it is (water or oil) and how fast it is and where it comes from. In other word, others do not know who and where you are with the VPN protection.

In terms of security protocols, VPNArea provides OpenVPN with blowfish encryption, L2TP with IPSec encryption and PPTP protocols. Both L2TP and OpenVPN have the capability to use 256 bit encryptions. PPTP protocol is not suggested. If your device does not support OpenVPN, you can download certain software from app store to make it work. Or, you can select L2TP.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth

VPNArea allows you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. In some countries, the ISPs and government control and slow down users’ bandwidth. When downloading big size of file or playing video games, the ISP throttles your connections. It even takes an hour to download a Hollywood movie or transfer a big file to your partner. That is awful.

Luckily, VPNArea enables you to avoid ISP throttling and does not limit your bandwidth. Besides, most of its servers are optimized for P2P, be so gaming or torrenting. That means there is zero throttle even after hours of streaming, downloading or playing online games. There is no need to worry about your data consumption. Get VPNArea now with 70% off for unlimited bandwidth.

3. Server Network

VPNArea has over 200 servers in 70 different countries around the world at the moment. It provides fast VPN servers from within the USA to Central and Eastern Europe around to Asia and Australasia to name just a few of the continents. What’s impressive, it has servers in China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran which is rare in the VPN industry. You can select the one which is nearer to your location for the fastest speed.

Its VPN server can also unlock restricted content on the website. The content may be blocked for government censorship or geo-restriction. If you live in a country with particularly restrictive laws regarding Internet access, you can connect to a VPN server outside your country, and breathe the free air of the public internet. Some services like Netflix and BBC only can be accessed with servers of their countries. VPNArea offers such servers to let you enjoy your favorite show anytime from anywhere. Journalists and political activists especially need this VPN. Take advantage of the vast high speed VPN infrastructure developed by VPNArea.

4. Privacy

VPNArea company’s privacy policy spells out explicitly that it has no log policy. They maintain no logs on its servers, nor on its DNS servers, let alone injecting ads into your web traffic. They will not share your data with the third parties for money or other reasons.

They also offer a built-in Anti-DNS Leak function. When it is enabled, it protects your connection from leaking the original DNS records after you’ve visited different websites.

VPNArea does not allow the snoopers or any other to view and share your privacy with the third parties. Your IP address also is hidden. The ISPs can’t see or sell your browsing histories though they are allowed to sell without your permission by the Congress. You have complete safe privacy. At the same time, it provides friendly price as well as big discount over 70% off with promo/coupon code. The price is cheap while its functions are powerful and advanced.

5. Kill Switch

VPNArea app has built-in kill switch, a useful setting which automatically closes down any web-based apps if the VPN disconnects. After adding a program to the Kill Switch list, this program will not be allowed to connect to the Internet if your VPN is not connected. This way you will never be unprotected when you go online. This feature comes in particularly useful when you are browsing the Internet and your VPN connection drops for any reason. The ISPs have no chance to glance at your connections and record related information. It keeps you safe from taking any unprotected risks.

6. Hiding IP Address

More and more users prefer to be anonymous on the Internet to prevent information leak. IP address is the commonest information you would like to hide as it is closely correlated to your actual location on the earth.

The good news is you are able to spoof your location with VPNArea. Your true IP address will be hidden behind the VPN server’s IP address. Others can’t view information related to your personal information, helping anonymize your Internet experience, and making it harder for advertisers to track your movement between websites. That also lets you escape from the flood of ads when connecting to the Internet.

VPNArea promises a free dedicated IP VPN server for each dedicated IP bought. If you want more, you can subscribe to its dedicated server that are further facilitated by adding the server’s IP in the Chameleon software. In this way, one will get authentication failed message if he/she tries to connect to the dedicated server.

The VPNArea Chameleon software comes with an Auto-IP Changer which is a great way to ensure online security. This function keeps changing your IP address after every few minutes. The best part is that you can specify the time duration after which your IP is to be changed if you activate the Auto-IP Changer. No one on the Internet can monitor if you activate the Auto-IP Changer.

7. Anti-DNS Leak

VPNArea has the Anti-DNS leak which is an advanced feature for veteran VPN users. Changing your DNS server will allow you to hide your Internet activity from your Internet Service Provider. If you specify a different DNS server, you are directed to your ISP’s DNS server. Your ISP is thereby able to track which web pages you are visiting. With VPNArea Anti-DNS leak feature, your ISP will have no idea what you are doing on the internet.

8. Six Simultaneous Connections

Each VPNArea subscription lets you protect up to six devices, one more than the average provided by other VPN services. Usually, some VPN providers allow five simultaneous connections. Some only allow three simultaneous connections. Account sharing is OK too. Get VPNArea, all of your devices and will be protected. If you don’t have 6 devices, your family’s device even can be covered. This VPN is 70% now, you can spend less money to secure more devices.

9. Free Client

VPNArea has client for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. It has developed its own Windows client called Chameleon. It is full of great features and seeing this variety in one place is rare. No matter you prefer Apple or Samsung, it is always ready to work for you. It allows to download client on its official website and app store for free.

Powerful settings available for the advanced users with easy-to use user interface while it is not hard for beginner to use at all. The apps are made with ease of use in mind. The VPN provider also kindly considers that some users may want to control the “Settings” tabs, thus providing plenty of options. There is no complex operation. Setup can be done quickly without no problem. When using VPNArea, you will be informed by a sound each time you connect or disconnect.

10. Payment Methods

VPNArea accepts PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, VISA, and Mastercard payment. VISA is the commonest method for International payment. PayPal also is widely used. Bitcoin is the recommended payment because it keeps your payment detail secrete. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency which allows you to purchase online anonymously. No one including VANArea provider can track you according to the information you provide during the payment.

11. Jurisdiction

The VPNArea computer systems and hosting for the company are physically based in Switzerland where “customer data” is processed. Switzerland is a very secure country for data security and privacy in general. Users’ privacy is highly respected. The company has no obligation to provide users’ information to any government. Millions of users choose VPNArea for its jurisdiction.

12. Customer Service

VPNArea customer service is 24/7 available. You can contact the customer service via live chat or email. The live chat provides good technical information. If it is not an emergency, an official e-mail based report is suggested as this live chat is a major holdup. Of course, you can choose any way for your convenience. Next to these, VPNArea also has social media presence of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and even its own forum. Another interesting service is the Skype chat option. Besides, customer service can be enjoyed through remote desktop as well. Contact them any time if you have problem in payment process or using VPN. They will help you fix the issue in time.

Does It Work with Netflix?

Netflix is a very popular video-sharing platform with a huge number of users though it is only available in US and Canada. Many users who moved to another country still want access to this website. Some of them use VPN to unblock it. However, streaming services often block VPN use. Netflix and Hulu are in this case. Lots of VPNs fail to defeat VPN block.

We are glad to tell you that VPNArea has servers specifically for accessing Netflix and Hulu outside US. It has been tested that this VPN allows user to stream video on Netflix and Hulu smoothly.

Besides, you are allowed to watch video on BBC with this amazing VPN. BBC is a great service which only can be accessed within the UK. When connecting to UK-based server of VPNArea, you still can use BBC though you are not in UK. With it, you can travel with all of your favorite shows.

How to Use VPNArea Coupon Code To Get 70% + Extra 15% Off Discount?

Step 1: Click on any red buttons on this article to open VPNArea webpage, then scroll down to the pricing screen. Click on “Get 3 Year” button to go ahead as it will save 70% off.

Step 2: Enter your details to sign up for one VPNArea service plan.

Step 3: Select your payment method and click on “have coupon” option if you got a coupon to get more discount. Usually it says No Promotions at the moment. But may be sometimes you are lucky to get a coupon code. Now you can get the valid coupon code from our site and you will save extra 15% off on any plan.

In a word, after you select and add a plan to your cart, you will be asked to enter your detail. At the end of the page, it has a button saying “Got coupon?”. Click on it and enter VPNArea coupon code in the Promotional Code Box and click Apply. The coupon/deals discount will readjust your order total. With coupon code, you can get a particular amount of deal or discount on every coupon code you have. It’s better to check the expiration date and use it earlier. You will miss the big discount if you don’t use it when it is still valid.

Learn More How to Use VPNArea From This Short Video:

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Summary of VPNArea Coupon Code, Promo Code: 70% Off Discount. VPNArea is a prime quality VPN provider with a state of the art set of features with plenty of security options and software solutions to run the service. It encrypts your online sessions and keep snoopers, hackers, ISPs and government from spying on you. You even can check your balance or business email without any concern when connecting to public WiFi network at coffee house or airport. With this VPN, the cyber criminals are able to view or steal precious data when transferring confidential document to your boss. It allows you to browse freely and safely without speed, bandwidth, and geo limits. Netflix, Hulu and BBC etc. are available in any country with this VPN. You can play famous video game even it has no server in your country. Surprisingly, VPNArea is working well in China in which country has the most powerful firewall. You can visit its website via link on our website directly. It lets you circumvent the firewall and bypass government censorship. This VPN also masks your IP address to hide your online ID. You can’t be tracked by others. We suggest you purchase VPNArea when the 70% off discount is still available. Up to now, you understand the 12 months plan is over 50% which costs $59.0 USD for one year ($4.92/mo). It is just $50.15/yr and only $4.18 USD per month after applying with our verified coupon code. The 36 months plan is 70% off and costs $91.49 USD with coupon code applied. You can either choose the most popular 1-Year plan on $50.15 USD or the best value 3-Year plan on $91.49 USD to protect six of your devices. Protect privacy and break barriers.

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