TorGuard Promo Code: Get 50% Recurring Discount 2024

Be about to sign up a TorGuard plan? Search for TorGuard Promo Code & Discount Coupon first. As people realize their privacy has been badly invaded. They think it is worth to invest a VPN. You know what? You can get discount and spend less on the same VPN package. During holidays like Christmas and New Year, the provider releases coupon and promo codes to reward their users. On one hand, TorGuard is an affordable VPN. On the other hand, TorGuard offers sweet discount to let users reduce the budget. It won’t break the bank for using a solid VPN. At this time, you get TorGuard 50% coupon discount. Want more promotion information? Keep reading this article.

What is TorGuard? TorGuard is a high-quality VPN provider for both beginners and advanced users. To provide you the best experience, the VPN providers have added a lot of solid features and additions to their VPN over the years. It has been greater and greater. Most users choose it to encrypt Internet connections and protects privacy as TorGuard VPN offers AES-256 encryption and multiple protocols. Other users pick it to bypass the Great Firewall of China to access blocked websites and services from mainland China. Besides, TorGuard also is used to unblock Netflix & BBC and stream sport freely. There are more functions that wait to serve you. Get TorGuard with 50% recurring discount now.

Torguard Promo Code to Get 50% Recurring Discount 2019

TorGuard’s price is friendly, and it also provides discount for our users. It offers four different subscription plans based on the length of the subscription, including Anonymous Proxy, Quarterly Bundle, Monthly Bundle and Annual Bundle plan. It is $5.95 USD for Anonymous Proxy, $20.97 USD for Quarterly Bundle, $11.54 USD for Monthly Bundle and $64.00 USD for Annual Bundle.

You can subscribe for one month, three months, six months or one year. The longer your subscription period, the higher the discount. Take the Anonymous Proxy plan as an example, it is $5.95 USD for one month, $14.95 USD for three months, $29.95 USD for six months, $46.95 USD for one year.

We are glad to tell you that they are not the final price. Torguard is currently offering big discount for our users with promo code. With our special code, you can save up to 50% on TorGuard order. That means you can purchase Anonymous Proxy monthly plan with $2.97 USD! It only takes $23.47 USD for one year!

TorGuard Promotional Code: Get 50% Recurring Discount 2019!

Of course, you can purchase another plan, any plan you prefer. Our special Promotional Code works with all Torguard plans. Long term plan is suggested because you can more money on its order. It is ONLY $29.99 USD for one year! It is the best deal. Get 50% Torguard Recurring Discount when the Promo Code is still valid.

Besides, it provides special introductory offers. The VPN + Proxy Bundle plan is 40% off which is $11.54 per month. You can get 10% off discount with the VPN Router Promo plan.

Why TorGuard?

TorGuard boasts unlimited speeds and switching, unlimited bandwidth, as well as anonymous webmail service for absolute privacy and anonymity, which is impressive. You are free to switch between different IP addresses, servers and protocols without extra charge. It is possible to stream videos and play video games at lighting speed from anywhere with TorGuard VPN. It also offers some extra add-on services as a proxy, encrypted email, more licenses, DDOS protection, additional Viscosity licenses, and even dedicated IP addresses to ensure secure, fast and stable connections.

In addition, TorGuard provider does not reduce service from their core VPN as other VPN providers do. Stealth VPN and NAT firewall are included in Core VPN package. If you want to save as much money as possible while maintaining the safest and fastest network connections, TorGuard is recommended because it is providing reliable and fast VPN service, offering Promotional Code for 50% Recurring Discount. You can save half of the price. Get TorGuard with coupon code now!

3000+ VPN Servers

Torguard has a large server collection, providing 3000+ servers in 50+ countries for its anonymous VPN package. Lots of options are available to help you maintain your online privacy. The servers are all strategically distributed across the world. It ensures that you will have one close enough wherever even though you travel a lot. Fast and stable connections company you all the times as you always can connect to the near server.

Besides, the various servers enable you to access blocked websites and services all over the world. Different servers are needed by users who live in countries where the Internet censorship is strict. If there are many Internet limits or many games servers are not available in your country, you should get a VPN for Internet freedom. If you are using a service with geo-restriction and have to move to another country for some reason, TorGuard VPN lets you move to anywhere with all of your favorite websites and services.

It is worth to mention that TorGuard put servers in Australia and New Zealand because the two regions have been ignored by many VPN providers for too long. The large and growing number of VPN server locations of TorGuard is a guarantee that you will be able to access any king of restricted content with the fastest speed.

Strong VPN Encryption

TorGuard VPN secures your privacy online sessions with the strongest encryption. It provides multiple ciphers AES128/AES256 and OpenVPN. Though OpenVPN is only native in Windows and OS X. On IOS, you still can use it on Android by installing third-party OpenVPN software which is available on Google Play Store. The good news is the third-party OpenVPN software is free, secure and very easy to install.

Fast Speed

Fast Internet speed is very needed as users would like to share and view videos anytime and anywhere. It particularly requires high speed when playing certain video games and streaming HD videos. Otherwise, you have to wait for a long time to get things done and get stuck frequently. Sometimes, you even can’t load the site when your connection is bad. It has something to do with the ISPs. Your ISP can capture your personal IP address and Internet usage when you browse or up and download. Your connections are always throttled by the ISP. In order to avoid throttling for unlimited speed, you need TorGuard VPN to encrypt your connections. The ISP will not be able to see and control your bandwidth any more. TorGuard anonymous VPN provides access to 1600+ Servers in over 50+ countries with just the click of a button. Downloading and browsing at lighting speed is possible.

Dedicated IP Address

Many users want to hide their IP address for different reasons. Some may want to hide their real locations because they can’t access certain websites in their country. Others may want to prevent people from tracking them and their activities on the Internet. TorGuard VPN provides lots of IP addresses in 50+ countries.

TorGuard VPN provides free shared IP addresses and paid dedicated one. You are the only owner of the dedicated IP address. No else can use it.

This is one solid solution to regional restrictions and a guarantees to ensure more stable connection that still puts you somewhere else in the world and keeps your real identity masked. Also, this feature lets you quickly access Netflix.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All TorGuard VPN plans offers unlimited speeds and bandwidth. On one hand, TorGuard VPN helps you avoid ISP throttling. On the other hand, it does not limit your bandwidth. You can get as much bandwidth as it provides. There is no need to worry that the bandwidth is not enough to use. Take the unlimited bandwidth by purchasing with TorGuard VPN Promo Code to save 50% now!

Anonymous Proxy

TorGuard VPN offers an anonymous proxy service as a complement to their main VPN. It’s another layer on its anonymous features. A proxy is different from a VPN since it doesn’t encrypt all of your Internet traffic. Instead, a proxy only encrypts connections through a torrent application or Internet browser. Luckily, you can have both of them with TorGuard. To get a proxy, simply download the extension and enter your login information. It immediately works for you. It’s an excellent alternative to VPN for Chromebooks.


TorGuard VPN is reliable in protecting users’ privacy. It stops the third parties from snooping into your online activities. In addition, it has zero log policy.

When using TorGuard VPN, it is easy to configure and select the ASE type when you want to configure the encryption of data. Few clicks are ok. It also allows you to use other VPN protocols and be me more lenient when it comes to encrypting data for other apps.

TorGuard comes with a free anonymous email. It is a piece of good news for users who prefer a more secure email service separate from Google’s email service because Google track user data and use it for advertising. This feature can keep your online correspondences secure and private.

The Internet kill switch function is available in the desktop app. It prevents your computer and its applications from connecting to the web when the VPN isn’t engaged just yet. That makes sure that your device won’t make the rookie mistake of unintentionally sending out your information to the data vultures on the websites. The third parties have not any chance to access your unprotected connections.

Though TorGuard headquarters are based in the United States, TorGuard is a provider with lots of respect to user privacy. Your privacy with TorGuard VPN is safe.

P2P File Sharing

P2P file sharing and torrent are popular among Internet users. However, they do not please the ISPs and have been restrained in most countries for some reasons. Fortunately, TorGuard has Netherlands servers which allows P2P file sharing and torrent. Want to download a movie within minutes? Get TorGuard VPN with our Promotional Code now. You can get 50% off discount!

TorGuard Promo: Get 50% Recurring Discount 2019!

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

When selecting a VPN, you probably consider the speed and reliability. If you choose the wrong VPN, your connections can be slower and unstable after being rerouted with VPN. It is a waste of money for such kind of VPN. You are suggested to get a VPN that offers high quality connections just like TorGuard VPN. it is a secure VPN that can provide you with 99.9% uptime with no caps on the bandwidth or the speed. It is always working to protect your privacy on the Internet.

Secure DNS Servers

TorGuard VPN offers secure DNS servers to ensure your own safety while torrenting or if you’re in China. Many users got email from ISPs for torrent. Some users got trouble after they developed something which does not please the Chinese government. TorGuard VPN helps you fix the problem. It has DNS leak protection to make sure that a DNS leak doesn’t give away your real IP Address.

Unblock Censorship and Geo-Restriction

In our globalization society, there are still many limits in accessing websites and services from different countries. The most classic example is the block of millions of websites in China. Google, YouTube and Facebook etc. are banned in China. Requests to those websites from mainland China are blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Besides, some websites are only available in their countries. Users in other countries can’t access them due to geo-restriction. Netflix and BBC are this kind of services. TorGuard VPN enables you to overcome the government censorship and geo-restriction. You are allowed to unblock Netflix outside US and Canada, watch video on BBC from outside UK and play the most popular games that do not have servers in your country.


To provide the best network, TorGuard VPN provides PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, SSTP, iKEV2 and OpenVPN protocol. You are allowed to only use OpenVPN protocol which is both the fastest and the most secure one. Also, it supports both TCP and UDP protocols as well as all standard encryption protocols – AES-256-CBC, AES-128-CBC and BF-CBC. Select any one to suit your network.

Ad and Malware Blocker

Ads are very crazy as the e-commerce springs up. Especially when adware and malware are installed on your computer, you will suffer from a flood of ads after connecting to Internet. The annoying ads interrupt your job badly. Besides, the malware can disable your security program, slow down performance and even steal personal information on compromised device. Luckily, TorGuard includes HotSpot Shield Elite that block ads and malware at the network level. It keeps annoying ads and harmful malware away from your device.

No Logs

TorGuard VPN providers do not log or save your online activities. They do not access your connections or record data to sell to the third party for profits and other purposes. Your private is secured.

Stealth VPN

TorGuard VPN provides free Stealth VPN services and a complementary Stealth Proxy inside the primary VPN package. When these two security features work together, the VPN tunnel through even the strictest DPI firewalls in countries like China or UAE. Your VPN becomes invisible making your Internet traffic look like regular HTTP traffic. The VPN connections will not attract ISP and government’s attention. It’s perfect for users in censored countries.

Five Simultaneous Connections

TorGuard allows five simultaneous connections. It has an extensive platform support: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, DD-WRT supported routers. That means one single plan can secure all of your devices.

Easy Setup

TorGuard mobile app supports easy VPN install on Google Play or App Store. No complicated install or setup. It only takes minutes to set up TorGuard VPN on any system like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome etc. It automatically updates newest TorGuard Servers. You don’t need to worry about anything.


TorGuard VPN is also one of the few VPN provider companies that actually ships and sold pre-flashed DDWRT VPN routers. These routers are a great way to extend your VPN network from your computer to every one of your Internet as long as they are compatible devices.


TorGuard VPN has extensive support area with FAQ, knowledge base, troubleshooting, tutorials, forum and a support ticket system.
It is true that all the questions we asked were responded in a professional and customer focused manner when contacting TorGuard VPN tech support.

It is very easy to contact them. When you visit its websites, live chat window pops up at the lower right corner. The customer care team is helpful, polite and friendly and 24/7 available. You can contact them for help any time you need. It allows you to chat with real person and get satisfied answer immediately.

TorGuard VPN also has a knowledge base, video guides, community forums as well as email support. TorGuard’s blog post covers the topic extensively which is another useful source of support material.

Payment TorGuard Promo Code: Get 50% Recurring Discount 2019!

TorGuard VPN accepts over 80 payments, such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Discover, Alipay, Altcoins, CashU, PaySafeCard, gift cards, bitcoin ad more. Bitcoin is recommended because cryptocurrency allows you make payment anonymously.

How to Use TorGuard Promotional Code (Coupon Code) for 50% Recurring Discount?

First of all, visit TorGuard VPN page via links on our page.

Secondly, click on BUY NOW and you will redirect to the pricing page.

Thirdly, pick the plan, one month, three months, six months or one year plan. Yearly plan is recommended as you can save more money.

Fourthly, click on Order Now and select Billing Cycle option in the next page. Then, click on Add to Cart & Checkout.

Fifthly, enter Promotional Code we provide and click on Go.

Finally, fill up your detail and click on Complete Order. The TorGuard Promo Code works to save 50%!

Video Guide on How to Set Up TorGuard VPN

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(TorGuard Promo Code: Get 50% Recurring Discount 2024!)
TorGuard is one of the most reliable global VPN services. The military grade encryption and proxy service ensures your personal privacy totally safe and invisible on the Internet. It has zero logs privacy policy to promise that they will not log and provide any of your information to the third parties. The large number of VPN servers in 50+ countries helps you browse the Internet safely without limited. This VPN has excellent support staff, superb guides, sells a flashed router, and provides a no quibbles money-back guarantee. Most importantly, TorGuard now is providing big discounts. You can get 50% off on its order with our special Promotional Code. With Coupon Code, the Anonymous Proxy monthly plan is only $2.97 USD! With $23.47 USD, you can secure all of your devices for the whole 2019. Get TorGuard Promo Code to save 50% off discount now.

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