May 30, 2019

How to Access Twitter in China on Samsung S8?

If you live in China, you may notice that it is very difficult to access websites outside China. You can’t use the social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and Line etc. Only Wechat, QQ, Weibo and other China-based apps are available. It is because Twitter and other services are blocked by the Great Firewall of China. If you want to access them, you need to bypass the firewall and ISPs’ censorship.

Why can’t You Access Twitter in China?

Twitter is a free social networking microblogging service where users can send message to contact friends and post interesting things to share with friends instantly though they live far away from each other. Twitter is based in California, United States while it has lots of registered users all over the world. It is especially popular among the young who uses it to interact with frequently. The default settings for Twitter are public. You don’t need to approve social connections. Instead, you can track hundreds of interesting tweeters and read their content with a glance without being their friends. By following your favorite twitters, you can comment their tweets and retweet. It is an effective way to make friends with people who have the same hobby with you easily without going out. However, Twitter is not available in some countries and regions.

For example, Twitter has been blocked in China since February 2011. The Great Firewall of China has been created to prevent users in China to access it. According to one of the Chinese leader, Twitter, Facebook and Google etc. are and will always be blocked in China because they failed to follow its law and to serve the interests of the people. The Chinses authorities believe that those services are harmful to their unity due to its ability to spread rumors. They state that they follow the laws to manage the media. The media plays an important role in citizens’ lives and easily affect their thoughts. They insist all both foreign and Chinese services have to fall in the law of China so as to serve the interests of the people. It is because people can spread rumors and bias against China on Twitter which is harmful to development of China. The riot in 2009 was caused by a video on the western social media platform. They decided to block those services after learning a lesson. In the past, Arab Spring was a good example of how a developing country can be ruined from the uncontrolled misleading information on the Internet. However, they can’t control the foreign services. Therefore, they blocked Twitter and other services that are considered as a threat to their nation.

How to Access Twitter in China?

The Great Firewall of China is known as the golden shield which is the most advanced and powerful firewall in the world. It knows you are located in China according to your IP. When you try to access Twitter, it blocks your connection after it detects the IP. The Twitter website does not load with an error message. If you move to China and want to send a tweet to contact home and join the conversations happening on Twitter, we suggest you use a VPN. It allows you to utilize Internet connections from outside the country, which allows you to bypass the censorship system implemented by the government.What is a VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It creates an encrypted and secure connection between you and the website you are visiting. The VPN server plays the role of a middleman between you and the website that you are visiting. Given that the network traffic between you and websites is encrypted like a tunnel, the ISP will have no idea of your traffic emerges without signs of who you are or where you’re connecting from. The VPN server provides new IPs to replace your real IP. With the help of VPN, you will be able to safely access Twitter any time when traveling in China.

If you have any questions about how to safely access Twitter in China on Samsung S8, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Before you read the steps, let us tell you something important. Some VPN websites are filtered by the Chinese government almost every day, and hence there may be a possibility that some of these websites are not working anymore. So make sure that you have seen the updated VPN list before choosing one.

How to access Twitter on Samsung S8 in China
To use it on your Android device you need to make a VPN connection between you and VPN server. You do not need any additional software or applications. All you need is make a few simple steps:
1. Tap Settings
2. Select Wireless & Networks and tap on VPN
3. Add VPN Network
4. Input connection name, select the type of your VPN connection – PPTP VPN, input VPN server address from your account data.
Please be carefully – don’t use any additional symbols like spaces, http://, www, / …etc in the server address.
5. Input your Username and password that you received from VPN account service in e-mail.
Save it and tap Connect

How to safely access Twitter on iOS in China
Below you can see simple instructions how to access it in China.
1. Click Settings > General > VPN
2. Tap Add VPN Configuration
3. Select L2TP VPN and enter you VPN account data. You will receive your VPN server, username and password in the e-mail
Server address must be exactly as in your account data (without http://, www or any other symbols).
4. Save your VPN configuration. Once you have created VPN connection you can switch it ON and OFF on the main settings screen
When you are connected to VPN you can access Twitter without any restrictions.

For connection to vpn server:
1. Select Home > Menu > Settings
2. Tap Wireless & networks
3. Tap VPN settings
4. The VPN connections you have added are present in the list
5. Tap the VPN you wish to connect to
6. A dialog box will open asking for your credentials, enter them and click connect

When you are connected to VPN, you will see an ongoing notification in the Status bar on your Android device. If you are disconnected, you will receive a notification and an option to go back to the VPN settings section.

1. Always choose the server that is near China so that one can get the fastest possible results.
2. These VPNs are not free of cost hence ready to pay some affordable price to get the access to the Telegram and other blocked websites.
3. Moreover, never search or do something that can be offensive to Chinese authorities something traceable by GFW.

How VPN works while you are trying to access a website?

In order to let you know the functions of VPN, let’s talk about how it works in detail. You run VPN and click on link you want to visit. The browser sends encrypted your account & password and request to your VPN service first. Then, VPN service decrypts the communication and sends it to the targeted website. After the website receives data, it generates session cookie and send it to your VPN service. VPN encrypts the session data it received and then sends it back to your device. In this way, you can view the website you like after your browser received the session cookie. You may think that the process is too complicated and it will take a long time before you can access the targeted website. In fact, everything we mentioned above happens at an amazing and unbelievable speed. In the blink of an eye your request will be sent and everything will respond. Your Internet connection is secure, encrypted and extremely fast with VPN service.

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Video Shows How to Access Twitter in China


Twitter is and will always be blocked in China. However, many users still want to access it for daily and business use. Some of you may wonder if using Twitter is illegal in China. It is not illegal. Foreigners, who move or travel to China, need it to contact home and communicate with their teams. The Chinese people may need it to do business. Twitter can not be completely blocked. Though the Great Firewall of China is complicated and powerful, you can bypass it effectively. If you don’t know much about computer, that’s OK. The advanced VPN will help you. With the VPN, you will be shown as located from the country where Twitter is not blocked. Though you are living in China, you will be shown as coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, or wherever the VPN is based, and not from China. Besides, your Internet privacy is well protected as the VPN encrypts your connections. The snoopers, ISPs and government will not be able to monitor and steal precious information. You can access Twitter in China freely and safely.

Kindly Reminder: If you have any question regarding how to safely access Twitter in China on Samsung S8 and how to Set up VPN on your device, please live chat with YooCare online expert for help.

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