How to Access YouTube in China on iPhone 8?

Brief Information of YouTube

YouTube is one of the most widely seen websites that is flooded with the different channels and different and exciting videos. The original intention was to facilitate the sharing of video clips among friends, which gradually became the memory repository and video publishing sites for netizens. This video-sharing platform is owed by Google and use VP9 video codec technology. Users can watch the videos directly without registering. Registered users can watch high quality of videos and upload unlimited number of videos. You can learn different culture from the videos from all over the world and make your own films. A third of the netizens in the world watch videos on YouTube. It is especially popular among the young because they can share their special life with others instantly. However, if you are located in China, you will be missing all these interesting videos.

Why YouTube is Blocked in China?

YouTube does not work in China as it is banned. One of the reason why YouTube is banned in China is YouTube belongs to Google while Google has been officially banned by the Chinese government. The GFW (Great Fire Wall) of China have not only blocked the Google and the websites that may cause problems with the society of the Chinese people, but they have blocked the most widely used website, video host, social sites and application. YouTube is also one such application which is not employed in China. It does not work on the browser or the phone application. You cannot use YouTube with the help of the Chinese servers.
YouTube is one of those applications that were deemed to be harmful during the 2009 riots in the China. Hence along with Facebook and other social media applications, YouTube is also banned in China. The government of the China stated that this application and the rest of the social media applications were the reason behind the increased tension in the 2009 riots. This is why it is blocked in China.

How to Access YouTube in China

If you are moving to China, be prepared for the strict Internet censorship. Many applications will not be working on the Chinese internet as the GFW have blocked them. The different Internet service providers will not be able to let you access YouTube in China. The good news is that there is one way that is quite fast and legal in China. As many educational and commercial sectors need it for their growth, people develop and use advanced technology to unblock YouTube. This way is using a VPN. It aims to give the services from the servers that are not located in China but outside China. What is a VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It creates an encrypted and secure connection between you and the website you are visiting. The VPN server plays the role of a middleman between you and the website that you are visiting. Given that the network traffic between you and websites is encrypted like a tunnel, the ISP will have no idea of your traffic emerges without signs of who you are or where you’re connecting from. The VPN server provides new IPs to replace your real IP. With the help of VPN, you will be able to watch YouTube any time when traveling in China.

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Before you read the steps, let us tell you something important. There VPN websites are filtered by the Chinese government almost every day, and hence there may be a possibility that some of these websites are not working anymore. So make sure that you have seen the updated VPN list before choosing one.

Here are some steps:
·First of all, you will need to go to the website of the particular VPN and register yourself there.
·Then you will need to buy the subscription package because no VPN in China is free of cost.
·Once you have purchased the package that will allow you with the different types of features, bandwidth, and data usage and so on, you must download the application for the desired device. You can select the desired sever either before downloading the application or after it a server that is allocated outside China but in the country near China should be chosen.

How to set up VPN on iOS
Below you can see simple instructions.
1. Click Settings > General > VPN
2. Tap Add VPN Configuration
3. Select L2TP VPN and enter you VPN account data. You will receive your VPN server, username and password in the e-mail
Server address must be exactly as in your account data (without http://, www or any other symbols).
4. Save your VPN configuration. Once you have created VPN connection you can switch it ON and OFF on the main settings screen
When you are connected to VPN you can access YouTube without any restrictions.
How to set up VPN on Android
To use YouTube on your Android device you need to make a VPN connection between you and VPN server. You do not need any additional software or applications. All you need is make a few simple steps:
1. Tap Settings
2. Select Wireless & Networks and tap on VPN
3. Add VPN Network
4. Input connection name, select the type of your VPN connection – PPTP VPN, input VPN server address from your account data.
Please be carefully – don’t use any additional symbols like spaces, http://, www, / …etc in the server address.
5. Input your Username and password that you received from VPN account service in e-mail.
Save it and tap Connect
For connection to vpn server:
1. Select Home > Menu > Settings
2. Tap Wireless & networks
3. Tap VPN settings
4. The VPN connections you have added are present in the list
5. Tap the VPN you wish to connect to
6. A dialog box will open asking for your credentials, enter them and click connect

When you are connected to VPN, you will see an ongoing notification in the Status bar on your Android device. If you are disconnected, you will receive a notification and an option to go back to the VPN settings section.

1. Always choose the server that is near China so that one can get the fastest possible results.
2. These VPNs are not free of cost hence ready to pay some affordable price to get the access to the Telegram and other blocked websites.
3. If you use VPN in China, make sure to get the updated list of the VPNs because most of the old VPNs have been banned by China.
4. Moreover, never search or do something that can be offensive to Chinese authorities something traceable by GFW.

Top 10+ Best VPN Services In The World

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Video shows you how to access YouTube in China on iPhone 8


YouTube is the most famous video-sharing platform. It has been a fashion way to watch and upload video on YouTube. It is a pity that users in China can’t access the amazing videos. If you are a fan of YouTube in China, we suggest you use VPN to bypass the censorship and overcome the powerful firewall. It hides your IP address to prevent other knowing your real location. As long as they do not know you are in China, they do not block your connection. Besides, it encrypts your online connection and stops the snoopers from intercepting your session. Your Internet privacy is protected from the ISPs and Carrier. With the advanced technology, it makes your connection to YouTube secure, stable and fast. You can open the website or the application of YouTube and enjoy the popular videos with high quality in China.

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