Jun 15, 2017

Pop up says system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery – unlock guide

Today I opened google chrome to find out the best place for my vocation, but a window with a warning appeared saying that my browser was hacked by 4 viruses and I needed to download a piece of software to get rid of it. It also said my battery would be damaged due to the 4 detected viruses. I didn´t have any choice so I close it, but now my battery is really a mess. Every single minute it discharges 1% of it. Should I purchase and install the software to save my phone? Please help me out! I don´t know what to do.

Brief information of “system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery” alert

Do you see “system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery” alert on your device? Is it real that there are 4 viruses on your device? We can tell you that this virus alert is not trusted. There is no virus which is able to damage your battery. It is a bogus alert which is trying to trick user into purchasing questionable software. Its developers issue misleading notification with the help of adware and malicious websites. This fake alert usually appears after you download or visit suspicious websites. The alert is able to hijack your browser, urging you to install software to remove the virus. We suggest you ignore the alert and remove the malicious files from your device manually. Do not install the software. It will be too bad if the software creates more problems on your device.

How does the Fake Alert Virus Sneak into Your Device?

In those days, the malware and virus are very rampant and aggressive. The criminals develop them very well to grab every chance to swindle money from innocent users. The malicious code can be bundled with the unknown free software. It will act as adware or plugin once the software is installed. Some victims get this virus alert after clicking on link that was posted by their friends on Facebook or Twitter. Be careful. If your friends’ accounts have been hacked, fishing link is posted automatically while your friends don’t notice that at all. Besides, most people see this battery virus alert on corrupted websites or legit websites that have been compromised. They can be adult sites, online computer game sites or even shopping sites. Adware and plugin can be installed while you are browsing those websites. In this way, it is able to display “system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery” alert to scare you.

How Does the Fake Battery Virus Alert Work?

Once the malicious software sneaks and malicious code into your device, it alters browser and system settings without your approval to protect itself. It uses Java-Script codes to inject malicious ads and display false notification on your browser. Ads, error and alert pop up frequently. However, the antivirus will not be able to block them. Sometimes, it does not allow you to close the alert page and occupies the screen. It tells that your battery is badly damaged by 4 viruses or your browser is corrupted. Beside it, there is a “Remove” or “OK” button. Sometimes, the warning does not go away though you tap the button. Sometime, it redirects you to app store or a website to download a piece of certain software. Though it may redirect you to Google app store, do not trust it. The alert is still fake even though it takes you to famous app store or website. That does not help you get rid of the fake battery virus alert. What’s worse, more and more error and ads will show up on your device.
In several days after seeing the fake battery virus alert, you may find that it runs out of battery soon and takes longer time to charge. The charging speed is slower than the consuming speed when you use the device and plug in the charger at the same time. You may start to believe that there are 4 viruses on your device. However, we have to tell you that the so-called “4 viruses” do not exist. In fact, the malware that brings you “system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery” warning installs power-hungry plugin on your device to make the alert authentic. This kind of program consumes power very fast. The speed even can be faster than the speed the device charges. Besides, this malware can be more aggressive. It is strong enough to block the whole system and you will not be able to access your home screen. It lies that you can download app in google app store to fix the problem, providing a link. Do not click on the link casually as it can redirect you to malicious websites. Sometimes, it asks you to pay after tapping “Remove”. Do not fall for it because that will not help. It only wants to grab money from you.

Since installing the so-called software can’t help you get rid of “system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery” message, manual removal is an effective solution for this. Just delete the rogue software behind this fake warning manually. Processing manual removal is supposed to have a certain level of tech skill. If you are not sure how to start and are afraid of making any critical mistakes damaging the cellphone, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Pop up says system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery – unlock guide
1. Turn on airplane mode on the infected device.
2. Locate malicious files related to fake battery virus warning.
3. Remove them one by one.
5. Restart the device and turn off airplane mode.


There is no doubt that “system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery” warning is a scam. Apart from the malicious program which supports this fake alert, there are no viruses damaging your battery. The real threat installs plug-in, add-ons and other helpers to consume your battery at an impressive speed. That will create an illusion that your battery is really damaged. Do not be fooled by this trick. We do not suggest you install the software. On one hand, there are no the so-called 4 viruses on your device. On the other hand, the software it redirects you to install is not capable to remove the virus at all. The fact is your browser is corrupted by some malicious codes. Unlike the ransomware, it does not block the whole system and demands a fee to unblock. It tricks users into purchasing unreliable tool or install unknown free software. It is not helping but misleading you. You need to figure out which one is the real threat and remove it soon. Though there are no 4 viruses on your device, the power-hungry programs will really affect your battery if it keeps consuming the battery at such a speed. Other malware can be installed to damage your system further. Therefore, take actions right now. Get rid of “system has detected (4) virus causing damage to battery” warning once for all.

Suggestion: Manual removal is a skillful and risky job, if any mistakes are made during the removal process, you may damage your phone immediately. If you are not sure how to start, please contact YooCare PC experts 24/7 online for help right now.

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