Mar 27, 2017

How to Access FB in China?

Hey. I can’t access FB in China. I think FB is amazing for users. I can use it to lots of things. Just don’t understand why it’s blocked in China. I love ling in China, but I really need FB here. Please tell me how to access FB in China. Thank you.

Why FB is Blocked & How to Access FB in China?

In the face of affluent technology, the internet security in China is very strict to the rest of the world. To save “cyberspace sovereignty,” China has put up a national internet security or internet filter called the Great Firewall of China. This firewall is more effective in the proper cities and has censored and restricted certain foreign websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, New York Times, Twitter and many other websites of the west.

Launched in 2004, Facebook has crossed one billion users. With a Facebook account, you can virtually connect to you family, friends and people you may know and share posts, pictures, and videos. You can interact with them through reactions, commenting, chatting and the newer versions also allow voice and video calling. However, for an internet user in China, Facebook is unavailable directly. You cannot access Facebook’s website or the official app on your mobile device in a traditional way.
For people moving or traveling to China, it is really hard to deal with the ban of such an important way of communication. It becomes a tough situation when you’re not able to keep in touch with the updates of others and missing out say important live events. Thanks to the tech geniuses, you can still access Facebook from China; all you need is a network to cross the Great Firewall of China. These are the ways through which you can access Facebook in China:
When we use Virtual Private Network or VPN to access a website, at first, you connect to the VPN server, and that brings the contents of the website to you. The internet traffic is encoded, and you can go incognito which will no longer block any one of you connections.
• Find a VPN that caters to your needs. VPNs are not free; they are available as monthly or yearly plans, check if it works in China and purchases the one fulfilling your needs.
• VPN client is provided with a VPN server, and you need to install that on your PC. Download and install the required software.
• To connect your VPN, run the client and enter the login details in you OS’s connection settings.
• Once the VPN is connected, visit Facebook If the VPN is successfully configured the site will be enabled to use.
It is a free network which keeps you secret or anonymous when you browse through this browser. Tor helps you to avoid firewalls and restrictions in the connection. The connection is very slow.
• Tor is an independent software which doesn’t need an installation process.
• Tor shares a lot of similar interface with Firefox. The traffic sent by Tor browser remains anonymous, so you cannot hide your other browsers by using Tor.
Check that you are connected
Once the program window opens, you ought to see a page affirming that you are effectively associated with Tor. You ought to now have the capacity to get to locales that were already blocked. Shutting the program window will prevent Tor from running
While the information in the Tor system is scrambled, it can’t unscramble information leaving the Tor to organize. That implies that any safe exchanges that you have to make are similarly as helpless as they are on the standard web. Just give out individual data to destinations with SSL empowered. However, a VPN provides a steady and secure Network connection for you. You can access FB in China anytime you want with the right VPN.

If you have any questions about VPNs, please live chat with YooCare Expert now.

Important things you need to keep in mind about a VPN service

How to Use a VPN?
First of all, you need to find out a reliable VPN server and sign up a plan. Next, you have to set up VPN on your device and connect your device to the VPN server. Before you purchase a VPN, you ought to figure to which one is reliable and what kind of VPN you need.
Once you get a good VPN, you should learn how to make it work. Some VPN servers provide guides about how to use VPN on different devices while some do not. Therefore, you can setup the VPN connection step by step by yourself on your device by following the provided setup guides. Or, you can download and install a VPN app off the Internet on your device instead. VPN apps are available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. After you run the VPN app, you need to choose the VPN server you would like to connect to. Once the VPN connection is established, all your traffic is encrypted. Also, your IP address is hidden and you are anonymity online with a VPN. In this way, you will be able to access websites and play games that are not available in US.

How VPN works while you are trying to access a website?
In order to let you know the functions of VPN, let’s talk about how it works in detail. You run VPN and click on link you want to visit. The browser sends encrypted your account & password and request to your VPN service first. Then, VPN service decrypts the communication and sends it to the targeted website. After the website receives data, it generates session cookie and send it to your VPN service. VPN encrypts the session data it received and then sends it back to your device. In this way, you can view the website you like after your browser received the session cookie. You may think that the process is too complicated and it will take a long time before you can access the targeted website. In fact, everything we mentioned above happens at an amazing and unbelievable speed. In the blink of an eye your request will be sent and everything will respond. Your Internet connection is secure, encrypted and extremely fast with VPN service.

Problems that you may meet while using VPN service
Problem 1: I can connection VPN service via 4G mobile data on my phone, but I can’t connect it via WiFi hotspot? I saw WIFi signal bar there while it still used my mobile data.
The problem may be that WiFi hotspot sets limits on VPN connection. NAT of VPN, namely PPTP/L2TP has been limited. WiFi hotspot refuses to transfer your data to the VPN service.
Problem 2: I failed to visit some regular websites after I turned off VPN. I could access those websites before I first used VPN. I am a Chinese user and I use VPN service to access Dropbox, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and watch Youtube. Now, I can’t visit my favorite Chinese websites in a normal way. I have to run VPN so that I can access them.
Firstly, there may be something wrong with your routing tables. Check your default route and VPN gateway.
Secondly, your DNS may have been hijacked. Check your DNS and scan your computer for malicious programs
Thirdly, it may be the mechanism network problem or Internet proxy. Check your Internet settings.
Fourthly, it may be caused by non-normal exit. Next time, remember quit it in a normal way.
Problem 3: I can’t access local area network after I connect to VPN.
It may be caused by IP address conflict. Check your network line and correct the settings. Find your original gateway address via command.
Problems 4: Why I have blue screen after I run VPN?
Probably, your drive is not compatible with the VPN service you use. Besides, some anti-virus programs, game protection drive and bank security controls will bring blue screen when you use VPN.

Best VPNs to allow you to access FB in China 2017
Nowadays, there is a large number of VPN services from different countries and regions on the market. In order to figure out the best VPNs to allow you to use FB in China on iPhone, our experts spend several years in China and tested many VPNs. Here is the best VPNs to let use FB in China 2017 review.

NO.1: ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN offers a world-leading service for mobile devices and computers. It has been voted as the best VPN for Windows due to its impressive speed and excellent encryption. Though it is powerful, it is pretty simple to use. You can follow easy guides to set up ExpressVPN on your devices no matter it is a computer, tablet or phone. Once you use ExpressVPN, it encrypts your network connection, protecting your real IP address and data you share with your partners. Besides, you can access FB and watch videos on Youtube or other videos from anywhere at an amazing speed. It definitely is worth the money.

NO.2: VyprVPN. VyprVPN connection is one of the fastest VPN service with its outstanding infrastructure. It unlocks your favorite websites, such as FB, Twitter or google websites and bypasses the Great Firewall easily. You can enjoy your browsing activities without restriction. Wall-escaping is its most obvious character. It will protect you against China’s cybersecurity laws. However, please keep in mind that it is illegal to post or watch child porn on the Internet in many countries. You may violate the international laws with improper actions. Do not use it to do illegal things. In addition, VyprVPN works for Windows, Mac, Android and your router. One of its disadvantages is that it does not accept Bitcoin.

NO.3: NordVPN. It helps you get instant access to FB, Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky, RaiTV and other websites that are not available for users in China. NordVPN also unlock some social websites and share legit resources freely and securely. You can enjoy amazing videos on Vimeo, Youtube, post interesting things on Facebook and Twitter and store important files on Google or Dropbox. Besides, you can check your bank accounts or other confidential information without worrying about information leak and cyber hack at public hotspots when using NordVPN. No one can spy on your meetings with your trade partners. Your communications are highly encrypted.

Video Guide Show You How to Access Facebook in China

Another incredible function that includes a VPN service is the extra security function that permits private and confidential web practices. All VPNs use a file encryption system that to keep all lines of interactions impenetrable by third-parties.


In a word, VPN is the best way to access FB in China. It creates an encrypted tunnel between you and website you are visiting. You have a new ID on the Internet. If you are connected to the US server, you are a US user. The Great Firewall will not know you are in China and block your connection. As we said, the network will be pretty slow if you choose the wrong tool to help you access FB in China. A VPN makes your connection so fast and allow you to enjoy the amazing speed you never have with other network. If you are not good at computer and have difficult in selecting the right VPN, you can contact computer experts for help. They will you learn what you need and analyse which one is the best for you. Can’t stand the life without Facebook any more? Get a VPN to help you access Facebook in China now.

Kindly Reminder: If you have any question regarding how to Set up VPN on your device, please live chat with YooCare online expert for help.

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